AAA on Televisa (Regional) #59 (12/23/2012) 
Recapped: 12/25/2012

Skipping the matches which have appeared on other shows...

Psycho Circus and Reina del Ring say Feliz Navidad.

Match 2: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker
Auditorio Benito Juarez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 12/02/2012

Winner: Psycho Circus
Match Time: 7:25
Rating: ok
Notes: Rockers have a flaming guitar. Tirantes is ref. The Clowns are preceded by jugglers and people on stilts, and Mini Clown is with them. Everyone on both teams is extremely hyper. Maybe not Murder Clown, but everyone else is bringing up the average. Camera misses – and almost gets hit by – a Machine Rocker onto Murder.

Rockers take over in the ring with a triple faceslam onto Monster, and stomp him in the corner. Machine slaps Psycho down, bounces him off the ropes with help, and clotheslines him down. Psycho's held for a dropkick to the backside. Murder is dropkicked down to size. Mini Clown comes in hitting everyone, which works for about a second. Machine is rebound hiptoss splashed on to him. Rockers set up for a low blow dropkick, but Psycho and Monster pull Machine out, and Murder clotheslines the other two. Clowns hold Machine for a Murder dropkick to the backside. Psychos run around the inside of the ring. Clip? Soul and Monster continue, Monster getting a near fall off a hiptoss. Devil breaks it up, and gives Monster an unimpressive stunner. Psycho crazy stomps Devil before he can even cover the pin, then chases Tirantes around. Devil and Psycho then screw up the riming on a backwards roll into a dropkick, Psycho landing on top of Devil instead. That wasn't good, but crowd was okay. Psycho puts on a figure four (??) and Machine comes in to break that up. Machine reverses a whip into a grounded octopus, more or less, and Murder breaks that up. Murder splashes Machine in the corner, and then sends him cross ring to land another. Murder puts Machine on top, climbs up with him, everyone else quickly climbs in, stacked up superplex. Some pins are made, no one ever wins from that so no one does here. One Rocker rolls out, the smallest two are pulled out after a chop fight by Murder, and Monster and Psycho tope them. Mini Clown celebrates on the apron, which seem a bad idea. Machine flips Murder with a dropkick to the knee. Shots of anywhere but the ring, and then back to see Machine setting up a table. Guess that look a while. Machine feeds himself into a Murders tilt-a-whirl slam. Murder looks hurting, but is going up for a top rope splash. Machine is standing before Murder is up top, and crotches Murder on the buckle. Monster runs in, but is waved right into buckle. Machine goes for the rolling German – which would mean a German suplex thru the table (!) - but Psycho cuts in at the last second to grab Machine and pull him into a front cracker. Psycho Circus quickly pull the table to the center of the ring, lift Machine to murder, and help him superbombs Machine thru the table. The table actually breaks! Murder and Psycho pile on top, referee unconcerned with the table being broken or the shoulders being actually down, one two three.

Quick cut to Uro Rocker walking to the ring. Where where you before? Other clowns leave Murder on his own, not sure why. Soul and Devil run in and gets tossed around by Murder, but it distracts Murder around for Uro to attack from behind. Uro scoops up Murder, slam him, and the smaller Rockers keep the Clown out and help Uro to the top rope for a splash on Murder Clown. Play the Psychos music!

Hype video. They've given up trying to show Chessman's bump off the last cage. So sad, but also hilarious.

Match 4: Cibernético vs VampiroDr. Wagner Jr.LA Parkel Hijo del Perro AguayoChessman in a cage of the death match
Auditorio Benito Juarez, Zapopan, Jalisco, 12/02/2012

Loser: Vampiro
Match Time: 11:57
Rating: ok
Notes: There are all sort of weapons in the cage, because being in a cage is never enough. Hijo de Tirantes walks out with LA Park. LA Park has people in native dress, and dances with a sombrero. Dr. Wagner has light fireworks. His entrance is very obviously clipped, but they surely don’t take out the part where he poses with Marisela Pena. Cibernético has his wacky mask, but no backup. He is wearing a vest from the Teleton motorcycle charity ride. Everyone has a weapon by the time he gets there, but Vampiro makes sure Cibernético can get in safe and get his own chair. Perro is accompanied by dogs who clearly want to be anywhere but where they're supposed to be – this is almost the scene with Dragon Rojo in the CMLL Non-Violence PSA. Perro is last in, and generously is allowed to pose before someone throws a chair at him. LA Park also takes a backdrop into a table set up in the corner in the first two seconds. They brawl while the ring announcing is just finishing up.

Brawling and interior redecorating. Park goes from being put thru a table to setting up chairs and powerbombing Wagner thru them in a minute. LA Park and Perro have a big chop fight, won by LA Park chair shot. Vampiro realizes everyone's forgotten him and starts to climb, but Chessman brings him back. Fighting slows down and turns into mostly feud versus feud. Wagner & Park would be the most obviously pair going for blood if it weren't for Perro and Cibernético. Crowd starts and stops a Wagner chant out of nowhere. Park throws Perro thru what's left of the table. Tecnicos seem to be avoiding técnicos, and Perro and Chessman haven't really had a chance to fight each other. LA Park is being LA Park. Announcers call a Wagner tornado DDT “Wagner Drive!” Whatever. Wanter decides to leave – there doesn't appear to be any time limit here – but Park throws a chair halfway up the cage to nail him. That was a nice shot. Cibernético grabs Park for Wagner cardboard shot to the head, but Park ducks and Cibernético takes it. It was a big thing of cardboard, what did he expect? Park and Perro both try leaving. Perro is stopped, though it sounds like his trunks get pulled down by crowd reaction. Park and Wagner climb up on top of the cage and punch each other back and forth, just throwing arms and neither really selling. They tease falling off the cage, and then just both climb down, together as always. Crowd boos.

Park and Wagner brawl outside some more. It's only been six minutes, they might have not gotten a good sweat yet. Hijo de Tirantes is in the background of this shot, talking to someone in the ring and then passing them something as they cut away. Break.

Karen Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett rush to the ring. Jeff hides, while Karen confronts and yells at Park. LA Park is totally confused to see her (join the club) and she successfully lures him around the ring almost far enough to get to Jeff. LA Park grabs her just short, so Jeff has to leave his holding place, forearm LA Park, and crack him with a guitar. That looked deadly. LA Park should be out, so Karen sits LA Park up to slap him and take his mask. How did his mask come off so easy? I missed something. Jarrett are done. Back in the ring, the match goes on, and Cibernético escapes.

Cibernético climbs down right next to where they're checking on LA Park. Chessman is keeping Vampiro from climbing out. Los Perros del Mal – Psicosis has taken off his mask now – rush out and attack Cibernético. Against all odds, the foursome of Taya, Halloween, Nicho and Daga are enough to actually hold Cibernético at bay. Perro climbs up to join him, and something is clipped out here – another trunks pull? In the meantime, Cuervo has shown up to run off the Perros, though Tirantes is getting in the middle of it. Perro is also now climbing out free, though we have no idea how that happened. Cage match is about 10 minutes old.

Chessman tries to escape, but Vampiro pulls him off. Los Perros are leaving, except Taya has oddly decided to stay behind. Fabi Apaches rush out and attacks Taya, including a kick to the back of the leg which causes Taya to jump high in the hair. Taya ends up crawling away as Fabi goes to look for Cuervo. Cuervo's been tied to the cage? When did that happen? Back in the ring, Vampiro smacks Chessman in the head with a chair. Vampiro drops the chair, and grabs Chessman y his hair. Chessman may be bleeding, ti's tough to tell with him. Vampiro headbutts Chessman, grabbing his own head. Crowd shot. Vampiro wanders. Vampiro rests on the ropes. Vampiro thinks about climbing. Dorian Roldan, who's materializes out of nowhere, sprays a fire extinguisher in Vampiro's face. Chessman springs back too life, , climbs up to the ropes, and sort of spears Vampiro off if we want to all it that. Rolling hug might have worked. Chessman adds a middle rope senton, then runs to the cage, latches on, slips twice, and then gets over completely fine. Well then.

Texano walks out. Daga, Perro, and Uro Rocker are behind him. The Jarrett turns up to pose with the group well. Tirantes sneaks in to the photo innocently as confetti goes off. Vampiro appears to be arguing something in the ring, not that he's been focused on since the match ending. Cut to Dorian, and the sound not matching up with a video. Dorian goes over the wins tonight – somehow Perro beating Cibernético is on the last – and talks about the New Generation of Dorian Roldan. Oh, they're doing this in front of the Penas, they should be making that clear. Konnan explains he's repeating 1996, using that year, taking all the luchadors and leaving. Joaquin Roldan comes out to respond, though they find time for a quick shot of the ring – Vampiro is obviously having his hair cut, but the people in the ring are (accidentally, I really think) screening us from seeing it. Joaquin says Konnan can't leave legally, and he's got one more surprise for him - the AAA guys form the undercard all run out to chase the rudos all the way around the ring. This is turns into a slow speed chase, sending the rudos to the back. Thanks for taking off your hat, Jack. Tecnicos pose.

Backstage: the Jarretts are upset about LA Park – just in general about 'bruja', not for anything that seemed to happen here – and Karen, Dorian and Konnan talk about Jeff needing defend her honor. Jeff and Karen, when not pointing out how fat LA Park is, mention taking his mask and retiring him forever. This seems like the set up to a hair vs mask challenge, but it's never actually said before the Jarrett's walk off. After they leave, Konnan and Dorian talk, and it seems like they're setting the Jarretts up for something.