CMLL on CadenaTres #264 (12/22/2012) 
Recapped: 12/24/12

Announcers welcome us to the show.

Match 1: Leono, Sensei, Tigre Blanco vs Bobby Zavala, Disturbio, Skándalo
Arena Mexico, 12/18/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 14:32
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Tiger Hispano

1: Zavala tags out whenever Tigre Blanco tags in, and tags in whenever Tigre Blanco tags out, so this takes a while to get going. Tigre chases Zavala halfway up the stage and they still can't get this settled. Skándalo and Sensei finally do chain wrestling so something can happen. Well, some people can wrestle, nothing really happens, and then Zavala and Tigre are tagged in and fight anyway. Blanco knocks Zavala down and goes for punches, and Disturbio breaks that up with an elbow to the head. Zavala attacks Leono while they're at it, tossing him off the apron. Blanco is punched around and out. Back elbow, backdrop, and strong legdrop on Zavala. Skándalo gets in the low blow dropkick on Sensei. Rudos all stomp Blanco nearly to the point of disqualification. Disturbio dumps Leono in the center of the ring, and Zavala adds a top rope splash for three. Tigre Blanco is late breaking it up. The rudos attack him, but do not just beat him. Sensei comes back in for the Skándalo Driver. Rudos beat up Blanco outside after the fall.

2: Rudos torture Blanco, including Zavala biting his hand. Rudos nearly get disqualified again stomping Leono. Karla practices her english, spurred on by the mention of English Teacher Skándalo. Sensei takes another low blow dropkick. Leono turns a boost into a headscissors on Disturbio and superkicks Zavala. Blanco backbreakers Disturbio and goes for his hair, while Leono goes after Zavala. Sensei charges Skándalo just give himself something to do too. Lots of rudos backing down from técnicos. Skándalo and Sensei do a counter sequence to end with the Sensei lock, and that's it for the fall.

3: Sensei and Skándalo do some tricky evasion before Sense land a pump kick. Sensei tricks Zavala into coming in, then tags in Leono – who rolls right into a Zavala chop. Zavala attacks the other técnicos and stares at the crowd. Leono fights back with a flipping armdrag, but Disturbio comes into stomp him. Tiger Blanco helps his side, rushing in with punches. Disturbio and Leono grab each other and roll out, while Zavala just slide out toe scape. Blanco grabs him and kicks him around anyway. Zavala's call for a timeout goes unheeded. They come back to the ring, where Sensei land his revenge low blow dropkick on Skandalo, kicks him out of the ring, and follows with a tope. Leono and Disturbio in, chop fight, Leono evades a low blow mule kick, Disturbio gets Leono's back for a reverse roll up, Leono pulls Disturbio down so they're both pinned, one two three.

Both stop to get an explanation from the referee, even though Disturbio seems to know what happened right away. They stop listening and start chopping each other, but Tigre and Disturbio send them out. Blanco is all fired up. Dropkick – misses, Bobby moving out of the way in time. Corner whip, Zavala charges into Tigre kicks, Tigre sunset flip, one two NO. Blanco casadora cradle blocked with a sit down – Zavala very obviously grabbing the ropes, but Tigre Hispano manages to miss it – one two three. Disturbio helped hold Blanco down there. Announcers and técnicos go crazy.

Tigre tries to yell at the young rudos. Skándalo dancing on the ramp is great. Tigre demands a hair match with Zavala and asks the fans if they want it, which causes Zavala to walk off. Tigre calls Zavala scared. Disturbio screams into the microphone, calls Leono a mannequin, and makes fun of Blanco's hair – it's not long like Disturbio. Zavala yells at the people, and says he'll only accept the match with Disturbio as his partner – kiss! That aside, they're kind of putting this on Leono to accept, so Leono steps up to accept, and reminds Disturbio he beat him once in Arena Neza and can again. Leono does his own howl, which really is just as annoying. Leono's booed as well.

Match 2: La Máscara ©, Máscara Dorada, Tritón vs Mephisto ©, Pólvora, Rey Escorpión
Arena Mexico, 12/18/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:21
Rating: okay/good
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Pairs are Triton/Pólvora, Dorada/Escorpion, Mascara/Mephisto. Crowd reacts loudest to Bane-phisto, though there's a lot of female cheers when Mascara removes his shirt, much earlier than usual. The other exchanges are técnico focused, but Máscara just demolishes the rudos. Roll thru dropkick for two, flipped to the apron but swing kicking Mephisto anyway, superkicking Rey Escorpion just for being in his way (Pólvora backs off), flying armdrag, ducks the clothesline, one more superkick, and the casadora cradle. That was easy. Dorada cuts off Pólvora, who isn't going to really try anything anyway.

2: Dorada takes a crazy spin off a Escorpion clothesline, then they have trouble with the springboard casadora spot. Rey Bucanero calls armdrags “suplexes”, which is just weird. Rudos take over with a Mephisto kick to Mascara's face. Pólvora with a catapult hold, and Rey Escorpion top rope leg drop thru Mascara for the pin. Rudos beat up técnicos on the outside between falls.

3: Dorada takes his required high flapjack, while Mascara is kicked in the tree of woe. Dorada later takes a high backdrop. Máscara is stomped down by everyone, but duck a double clothesline and Mephisto goes down. Rudos kick him down, other técnicos headscissors them out. Tope con giros out to both. Mascara and Mephisto back in to finish it, though Mephisto stalls as long as possible. Clotheslines misses, casadora, campana, but Mephisto crawls away. Máscara drop toe hold, casita one two Escorpion stops the count. Escorpion small packages Mascara, Dorada's turn to break it up. Dorada ranita, Pólvora breaks it up. Pólvora flapjack, dropkick to the head, and Triton breaks it up with a top rope dropkick. Triton vertical suplex powerbomb one two kickout. A kickout! Triton slams Pólvora and heads up. Moonsault eats feet one two Mascara breaks it up with a kick. Mascara cups his ear to the crowd, which gets actually more male boos than female cheers (which was there already). Chop battle with Pólvora ends with a a Pólvora kick, and a spinning headscissors. Máscara follows out with a tope. Dorada in with his frog splash plancha onto Mephisto. Mephisto sends him into the corner, Dorada plants him on top, backs up, charge, and Escorpion boost him to Mephisto. Mephisto jabs, sets up for the Devil's Wings, waits for Escorpion to powerbomb Triton twice, and then finally delivers it.

Match 3: Dragón Rojo Jr. vs Euforia
Arena Mexico, 12/18/2012

  1. Euforia armtrap armscissors (3:08)

  2. DQ Dragon Rojo (7:34)

Winner: Euforia (2-1)
Match Time: 10:42
Rating: eh
Notes: Entrances. Euforia waits for Dragon Rojo to show up, only for Dragon Rojo to attack Euforia from behind. The edences scatters as Rojo knocks Euforia up towards the stage. Tirantes is ref.

1: Rojo throws Euforia back into the ring. Whip, back elbow, clumsy clothesline, high kick. Rojo destroys another mask Euforia surely worked hard on. Rojo chops Euforia around. Corner whip, corner clothesline, back the other way for a corner clothesline, back again for a low blow dropkick. Rojo knocks Euforia out of the ring, then pulls off a ramp running missile dropkick. That move is going to end him. Both take a while to recover. Rojo throws Euforia in, yells at the camera, goes up, top rope plancha. One two NO. I bet he's going to take the whole fall and get nothing out of it because CMLL is very predicable. Rojo misses a clothesline, Euforia misses a clothesline, Dragon Rojo inside cradle, Euforia rolls thru for the arm trap armbar – I didn't expect it to happen on the next move! - and Rojo gives. Surprise?

Rojo gets right up and dropkicks Euforia out.

2: Dragon Rojo throws Euforia into the barricade a couple times. Despite being the rudo of the two, he's cleared by the ringside fans who enjoy violence. Suplex on the ramp. Rojo clotheslines Euforia in. Dragon Rojo Jr. not in any hurry. He climbs up to the middle rope just to pose, dropping back down to get to work. The top half of Euforia's mask is totally ripped off, he's basically got Robin's mask now. Rojo drops Euforia with a spinebuster that's clearly not going to beat Euforia, but pulls him up anyway. Corner whip, corner clothesline, back up, a corner clothesline, back up further, Euforia boots Dragon Rojo away. Euforia quebradora, and a clothesline to send Dragon Rojo out. Euforia huge tope out. Euforia is just so much better than Dragon Rojo. Euforia throws Dragon Rojo in, snap mares him, and rips up his mask. Euforia walks around, and so Dragon Rojo is up able to chop him when he gets to it. Euforia still chops him down. Long slow chop battle, with Euforia getting in the better of the shots, and part of Rojo's mask flying off on a chop. The top part of Rojo's mask is history. Rojo kicks at Euforia, but bends over, and Euforia forearms Rojo in his pimpled back. Euforia kicks Rojo, sends him into the corner (Rojo limping?) and clotheslines him there. Rojo lingers near the ropes, Euforia charges, Dragon Bomb! One two NO. Dragon Rojo is walking painfully; guessing it's a problem with the perpetually wrapped up hamstring. Rojo slowly goes for a leg lock, but gets small packaged for two. Rojo up and limping over to the corner. Euforia flips him to the apron,s laps him there, and Rojo barley hangs on to the ropes. Euforia tries to suplex him in, it doesn't take, Rojo outright blocks the second try and punches Euforia away. Rojo up top, double stomp is off target and crazy out of control. Rojo's mask also nearly comes off. One two NO. Euforia 'rana, Dragon blocks and tries the Dragon Bomb, Euforia reverses and finishes the hold, one two NO. Rojo pulls himself up in the corner, charges (slowly), Euforia moves, slowest ever Nirvanalock (not sure if it's because Rojo is hurt or has no idea what to do), Euforia gets something close to the sleepers on – and Rey Escorpion and Pólvora are in. Rudos get Euforia's mask before Tirantes can raise his arm. Revolucionarios stomp down Euforia.

Rojo starts to talk on the microphone, but gives up. Rey Escorpion says Rojo is never alone – he's with the Revolucionarios! Rey Escorpion wants Euforia to warn his man Ultimo Guerrero about all off this. Rojo takes the microphone again and declares himself otra nivel. Rudos try to pull Euforia's hand off his face, but it doesn't take.

The preview for this match airs after this match. Okay.

History Capsule: Medico Asesino Jr.

Stellar Moments

Llave: Bam Bam tapatía on Pequeño Olímpico

Triunfo: Amapola backcracker Estrellita

Combination: Triton & Titan springboard moonsaults to the outside and Valiente beat Negro Casas

Tecnico: Mascara Dorada ramp diving headscissors

Admirable: Shocker puts Ultimo Guerrero in the reinera

Match 4: Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas vs Atlantis, Guerrero Maya Jr., Máximo
Arena Mexico, 12/18/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:14
Rating: ok
Notes: Máximo demands kisses. Peste Negra – at least everyone but Negro – is in Christmas Gear. Zacarias even has a red mask with white fur. Referee is Maya.

1: Niebla starts the match by nearly falling off the apron, so we're in for one of those matches. Máximo and Niebla do their comedy. Maya and Negro go the other way, start with holds until Negro ambushes Maya with a forearm to the face. Maya chops back, ducks Negro, poses and goes for a heel kick, Negro trips him down and punches Maya in the face. Maya turns it over for his own punches and Felino decides now is the time to get involved and hit everyone. Rudo beatdown. Negro chokes Maya while his partners clear up the other two. Negro clotheslines Maya and leaves him to Felino, who holds Maya over the top rope for Negro's kicks. Maya's slapped around, then drops in a spinebuster and submitted by Negro. Atlantis comes in, and is knocked down for Niebla's top rope splash, and so ends the fall. Zacarias threatens Máximo.

2: Negro unties Maya's mask, then headbutts him out of the ring. Atlantis is kicked and shoved out of the ring. Felino tosses his hat in the air to distract Máximo from a Niebla attack form behind. Niebla spanks Máximo – he doesn't like it this week. Máximo jumps to the middle rope on a corner whip, and Niebla runs into his backslide to start the comeback. Armdrags, dropkicks, and a Maya tope onto Negro. Máximo kisses Niebla into an Atlantis cradle, then blocks a casadora cradle on Niebla.

3: Atlantis opens the fall by monkey flipping and quebradora-ing the Santa Clauses. They recover enough to kiss, but are soon disposed off. Atlantis taunts Negro in, and tags Maya. Negro Casas is taken aback, but not scared. Maya is fired up, the kicks in the chest. Chop fight. Forearm fight. Negro off the ropes, clothesline blocked, Maya headlock,s hot off, back with a shoulderblock. Cover for zero. Maya off the ropes, sliding under, but staying down too long and Negro kicks him in the head. Corner whip, reversed, Negro is too quick and moves out of the way, but Maya armdrags him. Spinning armdrag sends Negro out, but Felino cuts off the dive with a clothesline. Máximo in, Felino not really happy with this. Crowd chants for a kiss, so Felino rubs his armpit juices on his mouth. Máximo doesn't want a kiss now. Máximo hiptoss, pausing shoulderblock sort of, waved back and around for a spinning armdrag. Niebla end, and slapping Máximo around. Niebla pulls down the straps, Máximo screams, pulls it up, turns it around and forces a kiss on Niebla. Máximo leaves him to go the apron, and leaps onto Felino from there. Niebla knocks down Atlantis, and does the SMS dance. Spit is caught., but Atlantis dropkicks him out. Atlantis runs, and topes Niebla. Negro and Maya in again. Both excited Maya misses a dropkick, Negro connects on his, Maya shoves off the casita, Negro punches Maya in the gut. Negro goes for another, Maya grabs it, hooks the arm, punches Negro in the side when he tries to fight out, and finishes him with the Sacrificia Maya. One two three.

Tecnicos celebrate. Zacarias is very unhappy. Maya requests the microphone. Maya starts talking at Negro, who's busy walking off. Maya says he's beat Negro twice, and wants a title shot. Negro returns to the ring. Negro blames Maya for all the Apocalypse talk, but if the commission will make the match, he'll accept the challenge. Rudos walk off, forgetting Zacarias behind, and he's trapped by Máximo. Zacarias is trapped in the corner, and Máximo tries to move up the beak to kiss Zacarias. No touching the beak! Máximo leaves him alone and Zacarias leaves.

Announcers, without Karla, wrap up the show.