CMLL on CadenaTres #262 (12/08/2012) 
Recapped: 12/12/12

Announcers welcome to the show. Rey Bucanero is back, and standing!

Match 1: Bengala & Höruz vs Camorra & Inquisidor
Arena Mexico, 12/04/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:40
Rating: bleh
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Höruz and the very neon Bengala have a short-ish opening segment, but Höruz and Inquisidor are in even quicker before the finish. Finishing submission is totally obscured by a graphic.

2: Höruz gets more of a showcase here versus Inquisidor. Inquisidor does not look in bodybuilding shape. Camorra blocks a clothesline, then armdrags Bengala into a submission with no setup. Höruz clears him out and knocks around Inquisidor for a while, but ends up slapped on the top rope and pulled off for the valagueza frontcracker Polvora's also been doing.

3: Rudos dropkick the técnicos around. Höruz takes a hiptoss to the ramp and Camorra messes around with him, ignoring Bengala dropkicking his partner out. Inquisidor finally wises up and slowly returns to the ring for a very undramatic pose off. Inquisidor ends up kicking Bengala out, and Höruz returns to missile dropkick Inquisidor out – and then waits around for Inquisidor to come back. OK, this one needs to go away.

Match 2: Leono, Molotov, Tigre Blanco © vs Bobby Zavala, Disturbio, Hijo del Signo
Arena Mexico, 12/04/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:49
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Pairs are Signo/Molotov, and then Disturbio/Blanco in chain wrestling. Zavala breaks up Blanco's holds, which causes Leono to come in, but Zavala chops him down too and a six man riot breaks out. Unmasked guys roll around on the mat fighting with no clear edge, while Signo clears Molotov out of the ring. Luchadors restore order among themselves, Tiger Hispano ineffectually counting. Leono and Zavala come back in and argue their way into a chop fight. Zavala misses a charge and Leono puts him in a time killing hold, but Disturbio reverses a jumping snap mare into a front backbreaker. That's a good counter to have! Disturbio gets the pin as Signo breaks up Zavala's hold. Blanco is the captain, so it's all over.

2: Rudos remain in control. Zavala has a nice backdrop/dropkick for Molotov, racing to get there as quick as possible. Blanco is stomped by everyone. Molotov is stomped by everyone. Rudos are tripped up going for a triple dropkick, and Molotov takes care of Signo left alone. Step over leg drop into an inverted backslide – Molotov seems pinned here, but only Signo's pin is counted, and Signo is the captain. Other four guys fight on the outside before the técnicos get their arms raised.

3: Blanco runs Disturbio over with shoulderblocks for a couple of near falls, then sends the young rudo out with a casadora armdrag. Roll over the top headscissors, Delta style, looks better than when Delta does it. Leono armdrags Zavala around, looking very flashy. Zavala spins around on the outside and asks for a timeout. Signo takes the ugliest monkey flip I've seen in some time from Molotov before Molotov bodyscissors them both out. Other four left in, rudos whipped into each other and knocked down. Tecnicos try to fire up the crowd for another, but the crowd isn't really that much into it. Rudos hold up and stop this time, then separately foul both técnicos. It all happens right in front of Tiger Hispano , who pulls the rudos out and gives it to the rudos.

Rudos argue a bit, then beat up the técnicos a bit and pose. Signo demands an explanation form the referee and doesn’t like what he sees.

Match 3: Dalis la Caribeña, Dark Angel, Luna Mágica vs Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit, Tiffany
Arena Mexico, 12/04/2012

  1. técnicas

  2. rudas
  3. rudas

Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 17:49
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Director prefers shots of Dark Angel over Luna Mágica and Tiffany wrestling on the mask. I'm not objecting, just observing. Those two go nearly 3 and half minutes anyway, so we still see plenty of them. Everyone very happy to see Dark Angel in the ring, except for Princesa Sugheit. The Ladies de Polanco have curly hear this week. I'm thinking Sugheit took Blanca out to the salon to help her feel better after the sadness with Estrellita. Dark Angel succeeds with armdrags and arm holds, but Sugheit flips her over her hip and wallops her with a kick to the chest. Dark Angel rebounds and quebradoras Sugheit, then push off dropkicks Sugheit out of the ring. Dalis headscissors Blanca out to end their bit. Luna gives Tiffany a low missile dropkick. Tiffany reacts like Dalis forgot a spot before it – Dalis did fling herself to the apron for no obvious reason right before, just to set up silla to the floor.

2: Luna gets in her offense on Tiffany. Dark Angel does not, randomly tripped up by the princesses and kicked around. Dalys is thrown around by her hair. Lots of drop toe holds and na dropkick in this beatdown. Sugheit hangs Dalis on the top rope for a kick because I guess it makes it hurt more somehow? Casadora kick to the chest on the same principal, though Dalis actually fell somewhat hard that time. Tiffany and Luna conspire for a poor finish.

3: Rudas start doing corner charges on Dark Angel, and then just stop and hit her instead. Blanca amusingly begs off from Luna to setup some Sugheit kicks. Triple faceslam for Luna. Dalis takes a corner clothesline, then immediately grabs the ropes for no real reason on the next whip and kicks Tiffany around. Other rudas stand at the other corner while Luna gives Tiffany a horrible bulldog. Tiffany decides to ignore this, hit Luna, and hand her off to the princesses for more beating. A flying sit is broken up by Dalis pulling out Tiffany, and I'm more than ready for this one to go home. Luna tries a silla off the apron but gets her partner. The princesses were already stomping Dark Angel, but they're now they're free to toss her up and kicker her, and Blanca submits Dark Angel to the inverted figure four. That's it.

Match 4: La Máscara, Marco Corleone, Valiente vs Tama Tonga, Terrible, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 12/04/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:03
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Tirantes. Comandante is with the rudos.

1: Announcers make fun of Bucnaero for losing his spot to Tama Tonga. Bucanero says he's got to recover soon, or else! Pairs are Tiger/Bucanero and Terrible/Mascara (Mascara starts to get in headscissors, Terrible punches him rihgt in the face.) Tama takes over on Mascara without really tag, going for the kick, headbutt, punch, stomp flurry. The corner splash looks good, as always. Tiger hangs Mascara for some kicks. Marco seems very concerned, but Tiger keeps Máscara form making a tag. Mascara lifted up for a Tama dropkick. He's finally able to roll out, and Marco comes in to confront Terrible. No one helps Terrible when he begs off, but he recovers enough to back Marco into the corner for a group beating. Corner charges, and a Tiger superkick. Terrible top rope splash finishes him.

Terrible giant swings Valiente into a Tiger dropkick. Tiger covers, Tirantes won't count, Terrible covers, Tirantes counts for three.

2: Tiger has an off timed superkick for Mascara. Tiger's superkicks have not gone well in this match so far. Comandante holds Mascara on the outside for punches, without a problem. Terrible runs Mascara into the barricade. Double boot for Marco and shoulderblocked to the ramp. That's a poor idea. Valiente sidesteps corner charge and quebradoras Tiger. Tama dropkicks him, Mascara springboard armdrags Tama, Terrible misses a clothesline and Mascara superkicks him. Rudos elbow drop themselves in to position, Mascara and Valiente splash them, then pick them up for Aero Italiana. Tecnicos help cover, and Tirantes decides this is okay for a pin.

3: Tiger wins a chop fight with Valiente via kick to the leg, but Valiente fights back and sends him out with a springboard armdrag. Springboard tope gets Tama, but Terrible fells Valiente with one punch. Terrible stops to taunt Marco here, which seems like the main issue as much as there is any one (which there's not really.) Valiente finally is able to slap Terrible away and send him out with a top rope headscissors. Mascara takes off his shirt and superkicks Tama. Headscissors out for Terrible, and Mascara chases him so Terrible can accidentally slap Comandante like always. Terrible's partners are upset with him. Rudos reset, and Marco mocks Terrible's chops. Marco blocks every Terrible shot and knocks him down with a punch. Tiger chops Marco into the corner (?) and mocks his dance, but just gets punched repeatedly for it. Springboard clothesline for Marco. Terrible dropkicks Marco out, Tiger just barely gets there on a tornillo. Valiente plancha on Terrible is caught and dropped. Tonga adds his elbow drop and covers, but Tirantes won't count. Doesn't matter, Mascara breaks it up anyway. Terrible dropkicks Tama by mistake, and the técnicos immediately beat the rudos.

Mascara challenges Terrible for a tag title shot. Terrible gives the crowd the option, and it's tough to make out their reaction. Terrible say they're professionals, so they'll give them the match. Tama yells tranquillo. Tecnicos look mildly confused. Marco reacts more mocking Tama.

CMLL History – Blue Demon's debut in Mexico City, feud with Santo, and time in the movies

Stellar Moments

Admirable: Apocalispis submits Leono – that's not that admirable, it's Leono

Alevoso: Super Comando fouls Metálico

Espectacular: Rey Cometa tornillo on Puma King

Doloroso: Rey Cometa top rope headscissors to the apron on Puma King

Tecnico: Mascara defeats Olímpico in Copa Junior

Match 5: Niebla Roja & Último Guerrero vs Pólvora & Rey Escorpión
Arena Mexico, 12/04/2012

  1. Revolucionarios

  2. Revolucionarios

Winner: Team Rey Escorpion
Match Time: 9:50
Rating: good
Notes: Rey Escorpion shoves Niebla Roja down the stairs! He's learned! Pólvora also runs up to beat up the Guerreros. No sombreros, all business. Referee is Maya.

1: Escorpion throws Guerrero around on the outside, while Pólvora goes for Niebla Roja's mask on the inside. Escorpion brings Guerrero inside to do the same, then both go out to go into the barricade. Escorpion beats Guerrero up with his own kilt again. Everyone goes to the corners, and Roja is isolated in the ring and beat for a while. Niebla Roja takes a catapult into Polvora's dropkick. Escorpion and Pólvora kick down Guerrero, but get distracted by the fans. UG's mask is untied, and almost comes off as the rudos drag him around. Drop toe hold, dropkick to the face for him. Roja avoids a Escorpion corner charge and headscissors Pólvora to hold off the opposition. Guerrero throws Escorpion down by his hair and high tens his charge, but Pólvora gets in a dropkick and the rudos take right back over. Two man faceslam on Roja, Escorpion covers for three.

They set up the same on Ultimo Guerrero, but he reverses to a casadora cradle for three, and Escorpion is late to realize it.

Maya tries to get Pólvora to leave, and misses Rey Escorpion yanking UG's mask and cradling him for the fall. They blurred UG's face this time.

Niebla Roja protests, but the rudos just shove him out, hit UG a few more time and get their arms raised. UG grabs Maya by the collar to attack, and the rudos helpfully make the save for him. Brawl continues on the outside and thru the replays.

2: Guerreros threaten to walk out, but return. The match is finally settled down enough for one one ones. UG hammers Pólvora with a clothesline, Pólvora fights back with chops, UG can out chop him too. UG chops Escorpion down too, but that leaves him open for a Pólvora dropkick. Escorpion comes in to get in stomps, and to taunt Niebla Roja. Escorpion expected Maya to stop Roja from getting in, but Maya has decide he's not getting involved. UG makes his own comeback on a corner whip, and flips Pólvora to the apron for Niebla Roja's shiranu. Pólvora has no idea how to take it.) Escorpion missile dropkick UG in turn, and Niebla Roja faces off with him. Chop fight, Escorpion wins via kick. Escorpion yells at the crowd, then spins Roja out with a shoulderblock. Escorpion spits in UG's direction. Escorpion off the ropes, but lifted into the Roja flapjack dropkick. Pólvora in, wildly missing a corner charge and taking a monkey flip across the ring. Roja nails Pólvora with the front flip double heel kick, Pólvora barely getting a hand up in time. All four wander in, Niebla Roja boost dropkicking Pólvora out and UG hiptoss Escorpion all the way to the floor. Roja's assisted tornillo gets Pólvora, but Escorpion comes in to face off against UG before he can dive. Escorpion shot off, ducks chop, kicks UG, and set up for the double underhook piledriver – but Euforia runs into break it up. Everyone stomps Escorpion. Pólvora rushes in for the save, but the rudos beat him too. Maya can't stop them, and can't quite get in to raise anyone's arm, but the match is over.

Ultimo Guerero challenges Rey Escorpion to bring himself, Dragon Rojo and Pólvora in a trios match next week. The way he says it makes it sound like 3 v 3 is a unique match. Anyway, the Guerreros are going to prove they're on a otra nivel. UG gives Escorpion the final word. Escorpion stumbles to his feet, as Niebla Roja reminds UG that's it time they pose together. Escorpion says the Guerreros luck is going to run out, and he accepts the match and the war. UG kicks him down thru the ropes, and the rudos stomp him for criticizing La Laguna. Escorpion goes hard into the barricade. Niebla Roja takes Polvora's mask. Guerreros pose. Pólvora gets another mask, so the rudos take that one too as they leave. Replays. Pólvora puts an Ultimo Guerrero mask on to cover himself, and Rey Escorpion nearly punches him before Pólvora talks him down. They kill a lot of time before going to the back.

Announcers wrap up.