CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #368 (12/08/2012) 
Recapped: 12/11/2012

The pre-existing open has been replaced by short edecan promos. The old edecan fall announcements have been replaced by new ones as well. Can't wait to see these a million times.

Match 1: Ángel de Oro ©, Hijo del Fantasma, Stuka Jr. vs Bobby Zavala, Cancerbero, Raziel ©
Arena Coliseo, 12/02/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 13:00
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Zavala starts with Fantasma, and lasts a little while before taking a jumping snap mare out. Raziel kicks Stuka while he runs the ropes, helping out Cancerbero. Cancerbero pounds Stuka, sends him into more kicks, and smacks the other técnicos. Double boot for Stuka. Fantasma and Oro both try attacking, but the rudos out number them and strike them down. Fantamsa's held in an armbar a lot and cheap shotted by the other rudos. Corner charges for Fantasma end with a Zavala dropkick. Raziel forces Angel de Oro down to the mat with a sleeper, but the referee rules it a choke and forces him to let go. Angel takes the Cancerbero rolling senton, and is thrown out. Corner charges for Stuka, including a hard splash by Zavala. Rudos set up Raziel for a wheelbarrow move, leave to pose, and Stuka revers to a cradle for the fall.

Everyone keeps fighting, though the rudos seem to get the better of the fight anyway.

2: Rudos do remain in control. Fantasma takes a double spinebuster and dropkicks him out. Zavala offers a handshake to Angel de Oro, and then the crowd when he doesn't accept. That doesn't work, so Zavala switches to kissing Oro's boos to get in a cheap shot. Big chop, followed by a hand bite. Referee has to break that up. Oro turns around a Cancerbero whip, but can't quite get him up right for a quebradora and just sort of drops him. Raziel kicks Oro before he can do more, but Stuka sees his way in. Zavala get in a shot from behind to subdue him. Rudos miss a double chop on Stuka, and Stuka gets free to springboard armdrag out. Rudos sort of help Stuka into a massive tope onto Raziel, but then submits the other two técnicos without a problem.

3: Raziel slides out on a Stuka whip and is very proud of himself for that for some reason. Angel de Oro does the Angel de Oro sequence with Zavala, then adds a quebradora to the floor. Fantasma monkey flips Cancerbero and celebrates by taking off his shirt. Raziel and Stuka barely keep it together on a rope bounce armdrag, which kicks off everyone knocking out everyone else. Zavala avoids a Fantasma dropkick to tend it, but throws himself out trying to run after Fantasma. The técnico follows with a tope con giro. Oro superkicks Cancerbero, then slowly runs for a tope, but still this Fantasma and not Zavala. Timing was off there, but the técnicos were supposed to be doomed. Stuka drops Cancerbero in the center of the ring and goes up for a tope, but Raziel trips him up. Rudos suddenly decide they'd rather stomp Stuka rather than win the match. . Rudos shove the rudos a few times which seems like a setup for the DQ, but Angel de Oro distracts him by coming back in too soon. Bestia Negra finally gets to Stuka's arm to give him the fall. Rudos take Stuka's mask.

Match 2: Atlantis ©, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Psicosis ©
Arena Coliseo, 12/02/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: Psicosis (2-1)
Match Time: 7:06
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra. Mije is with the rudos.

1: Delta is trapped by Aguila for a while, but armdrags him away. Maya slides out on Kraneo and is absolutely crushed by a tope. Psicosis and Atlantis in, Atlantis quick casadora cradle and that's the fall. Finish came out of nowhere, Delta was so surprised he didn't cut off Mr. Aguila from beraking it up until after the three count.

2: Aguila kicks around Atlantis, Atlantis armdrags and quebradoras him. Maya misses a dropkick to Kraneo, and Kraneo chops him in the corner before doing the Gangman style dance. Maya avoids his charge and chops him back. Evasion, and Maya powerslams the massive rudo for two. Armdrags sends Kraneo out. Delta and Psicosis have a chop fighting interrupted by Mije. Delta turns Mije around, kicks him his backside, and sends him away. Psicosis shoves Mije back to the rudo corner, and resumes taking armdrags. Psicosis reverse a corner charge in to his layout front cracker, and Delta is pinned. Aguila gives Maya the jumping spinning heel kick, Kraneo tags in, then crushes Maya with an over the shoulder piledriver for three. Announcers are definitely sure that should be a DQ .

Referee and the doctor check on Guerrero Maya, who's not moving. After replays, they try to stretcher Guerrero Maya out, but Kraneo has to attack him first.

3: Rudos are in control, and have a 3 (+ Mije) versus 2 advantage. Delta's hung upside down for an Alebrije running corner hip check. Atlantis is slammed, and Psicosis sentons him for the fall.

Psicosis says his guys are much better than Atlantis' guys – they've ripped his mask up here. Psicosis demands the fans agree his guys deserve a shot at the trios titles. Aguila says much the same things.

Match 3: Terrible vs La Sombra for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
Arena Coliseo, 12/02/2012

  1. Sombra springboard moonsault (2:49)

  2. Terrible cavernaria (2:04)
  3. Terrible Schwein (9:16)

Winner: Terrible
Match Time: 14:09
Rating: good
Notes: No entrances for this one either. Seconds are Skándalo and Stuka (wearing another one of Sombra's 3M shirts). Referee is Maya.

1: A Terrible chant gets outlasted by a Sombra one. Lockup turns into a Sombra armdrag to zero trips, Sombra definitely faster. Fans chant for Sombra, and the rudos fans are stuck adding a naughty word after. Test of strength, Terrible forces Sombra all the way down and gets on top, Sombra is forced down for a set of one counts. Sombra pushes off into a casadora armdrag, and out goes Terrible. Terrible off the ropes, over a dropdown, around a half hearted leapfrog, avoiding a dropkick and kicking Sombra in the head while hes' down. Terrible off the ropes, senton misses, Sombra goes for the double moonsault, Terrible doesn't move, Sombra lands on his feet and jumps forward for a double stomp instead, then goes right back to the ropes. Springboard moonsault, this time Terrible rolls as if he's going to land on his feet, Sombra's legs hit him anyway, and he holds onto the pin. That was not exactly to plan. Referee checks both men, and the doctor comes in instead. Replay.

2: Terrible shoulderblock drops Sombra, Sombra kips up and leapfrogs him, Terrible rolls him with another shoulderblock. They get into a chop fight in the corner, and Terrible wins with a face slam. Corner whip, Sombra kips up and over to escape, then off the ropes, under a clothesline, and back with a headscissors. Terrible out, Sombra tope con giro connects easily. He celebrate, then drops to his knees to recover. Both in after replays. Terrible kick misses, Sombra's superkick does not. Sombra off the ropes, right into a hard Terrible dropkick. Terrible grabs Sombra off the mat by the collar of his shirt and pulls him back – cavernaria! It's the second fall, so it can actually finish a man, and it does so here.

3: Sombra and Terrible fight over face slaps, and Terrible wins that. Terrible yells something, maybe about how he always win that, before punching Sombra in the face. Corner whip, Terrible charge in, Sombra double boot. Terrible charge in again, Sombra moves, Terrible hits the corner. Sombra runs in for the boot, but Terrible is too far away. Sombra slaps him into the corner, then tries again, and gets a flip to the apron. Slap knocks Terrible away, and Sombra springboard dropkicks Terrible out. Sombra rolls to the ropes, slings top the apron, and an Asia moonsault there, landing on his feet but stumbling into the front row. Replay of that nice looking moonsault. Both are still recovering when they return. Maya argues with Skándalo over something. Stuka helps walk Sombra to the ring, then stomps as soon as he's caught. Terrible throws Sombra down, and climbs back in himself. Sombra meets Terrible on the apron with a forearm, then springboards in to – a Terrible powerbomb! Sombra grabs his head as Terrible pins him, one two kickout. Crowd loud for Sombra, much louder than the anti-chant, though both die down before they can get going again. Terrible first, suplex and float around cover, one two NO. Whip, clothesline misses, another clothesline misses, Sombra knocks him over with a leaping back elbow. Both slow up. Sombra bodyscissors cradle one two NO. Sombra 'rana one two NO. Sombra and Terrible up around the same time, but Terrible's clothesline connects first for a two count. Crowd behind Sombra. Corner whip, Sombra kips up and out over ah charge, slam in the corner and Sombra's going up. Sombra rope flip moonsault connects with Terrible's knees. They make such an effort to hide it's coming that it's not clear why Sombra is selling in the moment. Terrible small package, one two NO. Both down and recovering. Chop fight leads Sombra to take off his shirt, much to the approval of the girls in the crowd. Long face slap battle won by Terrible headbutt. Terrible slams Sombra, cuts his throat, and says he's going up. Skándalo does not like this idea AT ALL. Terrible is very slow up, and Sombra is able to super armdrag him off one two NO. Girls are screaming on every near fall. Sombra drops Terrible in the corner of the ring, goes up top. I think he wants a top rope double moonsault, but Terrible again does not roll, and Sombra just ends up moonsault stomping him low. Terrible is in so much pain. Sombra figures good enough, and covers him, but only gets two. Replay of the moonsault stomp. Both slow up. Chop fight. Sombra drops Terrible in the center and goes to the ropes. Sombra seems uncertain about this, as does Stuka, but Terrible actually rolls (!!) and Sombra can land the double moonsault, one two NO! Sombra can't believe it. You need a non moonsaulting plan! Chop fight, Sombra slaps Terrible in the face, Terrible and answers back and forth. Sombra goes for one too many, left slap, right slap, Sombra runs into the Schwein one two three.

Terrible shakes off the match and gets his belt back on. Replays.