AAA Fusion #9 (12/05/2012) 
Recapped: 12/11/2012

Perro Aguayo Jr., Cibernético, Cuervo, Silver King, Texano, Daga, Halloween all talk about how it doesn't matter if they're rudos or técnicos, or what promotion they're from, they come together because they're part of the same lucha libre family. Halloween seems especially broken up talking about Hector Garza. More words about Hector Garza follow from the same group, cut in between a Garza highlight video and his music.

Open, where the video of Extreme Tiger has been replaced by Texano Jr.

Perro Aguayo Jr. tells Hector Garza (well, the camera) that this show is for him, everyone coming together for him. Perro implores Garza to win one more time and return to the ring.

Graphic for the main event.

Match 1: Impulso, Terremoto Negro, Tornado vs Belial, Fly Metalik, Mr. Leo
Plan Sexenal, DF, 11/24/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 9:18
Rating: great or awful or both
Notes: XMW match, which essentially means random DF indy guys because it's not like XMW runs shows more than once every two months. Mr. Leo wears yellow gear and a white shirt. Belial is in white, black and blue. I believe this is the NWA Belial and not the IWS one. Fly Metalik is black and red with mask mohawk. They feuded for about one show. Impulso is doing Chapulin Colorado character. Terremoto is heavy set though not fat and all in black. Tornado is a red and black, no sleeves on his shirt. Everyone is wearing different and distinct gear, always a help when you're mostly unknown. Teddy is referee.

Belial and Terremoto start off, and the match immediately looks like one they've worked thru many times leading up the match, going from spot to spot like a checklist (and Terremoto not being quite as fast at it.) Impulso and Metalik whip them out, then Metalik shows off with a dropkick to the backside and a double bounce rope flip moonsault. Martinete reversals end with a layout front cracker by the técnico. Tornado spinning enziguris Metalik out so Mr. Leo can have his turn and they can do big moves on each other too. Tornado shining wizard, Mr. Leo jumping DDT, Tornado sort of slipping Spanish Fly and an another shining wizard, spots and a lot of hurrying in between. Maybe it's not even that they prepared the match, but they prepared a 15 minute and just got it cut to 11. A lot of spots that do look good in the moment then get forgotten in the next. Terremoto pulls off a springboard chestbreaker, Belial helpful falling in the corner a running boot to the face and Diamante Azul's corner senton. Mr. Leo uses the double knee smash to Terremoto's back, which looked hard but harder might have been Terremoto's face into the buckle on that one. That starts off a move, pin, break up, my move series. Mr. Leo takes a big bump on Impulso's frontcracker. Tornado gives Belial a Volador Spiral and no one breaks up that pin. In a way too convolved spot, Tornado is reverse wheelbarrow flipped into a sort of shooting star press onto Impulso. Belial wipes out Impulso with a tope, Mr. Leo skies on a tope con giro onto Tornado, Fly Metalik moonsaults on to those two while the crowd sees Terremoto dive out the other way. Fly Metalik and Impulso make it back in. Devil's Wings by Metalik for two. Impulso pumphandle powerbomb for two. Terremoto gets belly to belly supelxes into the corner by the much small Belial and lands harshly. Tornado headscissors Belial off the apron and to the floor. There's smoke in the build now, and I really don't know why. Tornado and Impulso, who didn't get to dives during the big dive sequence, get in their dives here because it's just that kind of match. I'm ready to move on. Terremoto running powerslams Fly Metalik into the corner with a running powerslam, and that's the finish.

The longer version of messages from the top of the show from Cuervo and Cibernético are shown appear here.

Match 2: Cibernético, Cuervo, Joe Lider vs Chessman, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Psicosis
Plan Sexenal, DF, 11/24/2012

Winner: Perros
Match Time: 19:45
Rating: eh (usual)
Notes: On the YouTube version, they show the Perros entrance, then go to a black screen for a while, then show their entrance all over again. Psicosis is unmasked this week. Referee is Teddy. Perros jump the técnicos and brawl around ringside with them.

Nicho & Lider getting crossed up on some elaborate chair bit is my early highlight. Lots of chair shots and such. Usual Perro beatdown. Crowd is loud for the Perros early on, but they wear the fans down. At the six minute mark, Cibernético reverses a whip and his partners crotch him on the post to start the técnico comeback. Brawling revenge for a while. Nicho has to talk Perro down from attacking a woman in the front row, which allows everyone to stall for a while, and then they have the break right when it seems like they might resume.

Sound is gone when they return. Tecnico showcase is earlier to ignore when there's no sound, though Chessman and Lider manage to mess up a kick to the head somehow. Cuervo torques Nicho's head into the ground on a backspin DDT, and everyone just stops for 20 seconds to take all in. Perro and Cibernético did get in time together, Perro getting clotheslined around and leaving. Nicho randomly gives Lider a Destroyer and, because pi a man is not enough, takes him out to the apron. Lider of course recovers and death valley drivers him thru chairs for the fourth or fifth time. Perro cracks Cibernético in the head with a chair, but Cibernético miraculously recovers before Perro can double stomp the chair on him. Chessman and Cibernético teases finishes before Cibernético gives Chessman the stunner. Cuervo dropkicks him, and topes Chessman into the crowd. Cibernético and Perro resume fighting, Cibernético spears Perro, then grabs him for the chokeslam. Perro breaks loose, fouls him, and the ref – distracted by Halloween – turns around int me to count the three.

Nicho is stretchered out. Sound never returns, including in the post match promos.