CMLL on Televisa #1130 (12/01/2012) 
Recapped: 12/01/2012

Match 1: Ángel Azteca Jr., Pegasso ©, Starman vs Hijo del Signo, Hooligan, Virus ©
Arena Mexico, 11/23/2012

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  2. técnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:34
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Edgar.

1: Azteca annoys Hooligan with many armdrags. Starman and Signo, both wearing white masks with silver features, go back and forth next. Pegasso and Virus have some nifty counters – Pegasso's knee must be feeling well if he's flipping out monkey flips – and a headscissors and a casadora armdrags the rudo out. Signo trips Pegasso up with a dropkick to the knee and another to the head. Starman gives Signo a sunset flip roll thru splash and a wheel kick. Hooligan just shoulderblocks Starman out. Angel Azteca just springboard dropkicks Hooligan and armdrags him out. Azteca straddles the top rope, then leaps up to it for a moonsault to the floor. Virus knocks Pegasso down, but runs into Starman's forearm. Signo takes Pegasso down and comes in, but goes right out to a Starman armdrag. Técnicos work together on Virus, Starman dropping him in position for Pegaso's 450 splash (!) for the fall. Pegasso is very thrilled with the win.

2: Tecnicos remain rolling. Hooligan misses a charge on Starman, takes a crazy bump to the floor, and Starman adds one more with an overhead headscissors. Starman poses. Azteca powerslams Signo for a near fall then push off headscissors him out. Pegasso out smarts Virus with armdrags and dropkick. Signo planchas Pegasso, flips him to the apron, and dropkicks him off. Signo runs for a dive, but Starman stops that via quebradora and clotheslines Signo out. Tope to the camera side. Azteca goes back to amdragging Hooligan, but Hooligan stops his fun with a harsh clothesline. Azteca charges Hooligan in the corner; lucky for him this isn't another Tuareg member, because Hooligan only spinebusters him. Hooligan celebrates, which Virus uses to tag himself in and pin Azteca with a nudo. Hooligan is very unhappy.

Hooligan is so unhappy that he steps in and kicks Virus as he's celebrating! Pegasso headscissors Hooligan, but Virus eventually fireman's carries him. Arm trap half crab, , but Hooligan breaks up the hold. Virus and Hooligan have it out in the middle of the ring with chops, Starman and Pegasso inside cradle them one two three.

Tecnicos have no problem winning that way. Hooligan and Virus resume fighting, Hooligan getting the better of it before they go to replays.

CMLL Cartela: Sunday @ Arena Coliseo, Terrible © vs Sombra for the Heavyweight title!

Match 2: Máscara Dorada vs Mr. Águila in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 11/23/2012

Winner: Mr. Aguila
Match Time: 8:07
Rating: good
Notes: Referee Terrro Chino.

Aguila tries to keep Dorada on the ground, but Dorada is actually able to reverse holds, and it's Aguila who has to get to he ropes on a kneebar. Dorada spectacularly leaps over a trip, Aguila elbows him in the gut a couple times and snap mares him over, Dorada flips out of that, Aguila spinning kick misses, Dorada slide under and lands a springboard plancha for two. Aguila headscissors sends Dorada out by the corner, and Aguila can't resist doing his old corner tope con giro onto him. Aguila comes in first, Dorada kicks him away and springboard headscissors in, then runs and leaps to corner, nearly losses his balance, and leaps off for a big plancha on Aguila. Dorada throws Aguila in first, fights Aguila back and springboards in with a sunset flip, but Aguila rolls thru and kicks him. Aguila kicks again, Dorada catches, Aguila backflips out of it and dropkick Dorada in one motion. Cover for two. Back suplex into a faceslam, still two. Dorada slapped into the ropes. Whip, Dorada handspring over, Aguila avoids and tires his heel kick, Dorada avoids and dropkicks him down, Dorada charges, Aguila monkey flips Dorada to the ramp, Dorada lands on his feet and slaps Aguila away. Dorada casually walks up the ramp, more concerned with pulling of some wrist tape, then runs back in for the floating headscissors. Dorada seems frustrated, but heads up again. Five minute mark.

Dorada walks the ropes, almost losing it again, but still landing the moonsault to the floor, and landing on his feet! Aguila back in first, Dorada springboard plancha, Aguila rolls thru, one two NO. Aguila headbutts Dorada into the ropes, whip, clothesline misses, both try planchas and both collide. Ref counts them both down, both get a shoulder up at 2. Aguila lays on top of Dorada, still two. Dorada clothesline misses, Aguila turns him around and flapjacks him for two. Corner whip, Dorada rebounds back slowly into a – whoa, like a reverse powerslam into a facecrusher. One two NO. Seven minutes. Dorada to the corner, Aguila charges, Dorada sets up him on top and punches him. Crowd shot as Dorada climbs up, covering up something that happened there. Aguila pushes Dorada way, Dorada backflips away. Aguila headscissors Dorada from there. Both up, Dorada pulls Aguila down by the hair and tries to sit on top for the pin, but Aguila reverse to a cradle one two NO. Dorada off the ropes, something doesn't go right, Aguila sets Dorada down, then gives him a Destroyer. One two three.

Match 3: Atlantis ©, La Sombra, Shocker vs Tama Tonga, Terrible ©, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 11/23/2012

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  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 18:23
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Babe Richard. Comandante is with the rudos wearing a TRT hoodie.

1: Terrible and Shocker's exchange is highlights by Terrible offering to take it outside, and just laughing at Shocker from inside the ring as Shocker leaves. Tonga and Atlantis battle over holds on the mat, Atlantis seeming a litter fiercer than usual with Tonga. Shocker grabs Tonga by the hair before he leaves. Sombra wants Terrible but Tiger comes in to face him instead. Tiger wins the chop fight with kneelifts and a forearm to he back. Sombra waits for Tiger to go to the ropes, then rushes him with a kneelift. Sombra easily escapes Tiger's attacks and headscissors him. Sombra bounces off or no real reasons, but it gives him a chance for Terrible to hit him. Terrible comes in for more, but dropkicks Tiger by mistake. Faceslam stops Sombra's run, and Terrible tacks on a running kick to the face. Running senton comes up empty, Sombra double moonsault connects, técnicos cut off the other rudos and Sombra gets the pin.

2: Shocker gets the early edge on Terrible, but Terrible is able to kick him down and tag in Tonga. Shocker pulls Tonga around by the hair, then givers Terrible a bulldog. Tiger tries, but take the double chop and a catapult out. Shocker chases him there, Tiger backing down all the way. Terrible chops around Atlantis, but Atlantis comes back with armdrags, dropkicks, and Terrible hitting his partners by mistake. Terrible gets everyone, including Comandante. Atlantis quebradoras the other two and teases a dive. Sombra evades terrible, Terrible flips him on his head with a clothesline, and Terrible clears the técnicos off the apron to start the rudo section. Rudos all come in to beat Sombra, do not get counted out. They do leave after a moment, and Sombra gets enough room that he can flip into a dropkick in his usual style. Tonga clotheslines and supelexes Atlantis for a near fall, and Terrible finishes Atlantis after a catapult/legdrop. Tiger kicks Shocker around, and adds a superkick to finish, but Babe Richard points out the fall is over. Atlantis was the captain.

3: Rudos stay in charge. Terrible unties Sombra's mask., then kicks him out. Tiger yanks Atlantis' mask, then hands him off to Atlantis for a slam and an elbow drop. Shocker breaks up the pin and yells at Tonga. Tonga goes crazy on Atlantis with chops to send him out. Shocker storms in to face Tonga, but Tiger blindsides him with chops and yanks on his face for the photographers. Sombra tries fighting everyone, but is grabbed an whipped – where he rolls under a double clothesline and dropkicks Tiger. Terrible slaps Tonga by mistake again, and Sombra spears Terrible and punches him a lot. That looked good. Atlantis throws Tiger in to barricade a few times while Shocker and Tonga fight on the ropes. Sombra punches Terrible around, and Terrible finally gets him to back off with a slap. Whip, Sombra casadora cradle one two NO. Sombra springboard plancha caught, dropped and Terrible slaps Sombra down. Terrible poses and mocks the fans. Corner whip, Terrible charges in, Sombra moves, then fireman's drops him in the corner. Rope flip moonsault, one two rudos break it up. Técnicos are in after them and take Tama and Tiger to opposite corners. Corner whips, one reversal, Shocker's sent into Tiger and Atlantis and Tiger kick their rivals out. Tiger misses a kick on Atlantis, Atlantis clothesline him out, then gets out of way for Sombra and Terrible. Sombra rips off his shirt. Both miss corner charges, Sombra's clothesline doesn’t budge Terrible, Terrible's clothesline misses, Terrible plancha rolled under, Sombra dropkicks him out, slap to the apron, and Asai moonsault form there. Tonga and Shocker back in, Tonga knocks down Shocker hard. Shocker fires up, Terrible caught blocked and turned into Shocker's tirabuzón cradle for three. Tiger runs right into Atlantida, and he's done too.