CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #330 (12/01/2012) 
Recapped: 12/01/2012

Announcers welcome us to the show. Tiffany joins the announcers for the matches.

Match 1: Ángel de Oro ©, Hijo del Fantasma, Rey Cometa vs Misterioso Jr. ©, Namajague, Shigeo Okumura
Arena Mexico, 11/23/2012

  1. técnicos

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 17:11
Rating: eh
Notes: Mima, who hasn't been around much, reappears here to carry the Japanese flag out for the rudos. Pompin is referee. Monito sis with the técnicos.

1: Okumura and Hijo del Fantasma start on the mat while the conversation some how ends with Kung Fu. They sped it up themselves, and Fantasma tags in Oro for plancha after Okumura runs into his boots. Okumura and Oro exchange hiptosses before Okumura brings in Namajague. Zero trip exchange is highlights by Angel de Oro trying to splash Namajague while he's down and missing by a lot. Namajague tags in Misterioso, who bites Angel de Oro's hand. Oro complains greatly. Announcers agree Namajague is going to be a big star in Japan. Oro reverses to his own armbar and tags in Cometa for his tornillo armdrag. Flipping run by Cometa gets him superkicked. Corner whip, Cometa run up the ropes plancha, Misterioso rolls thru, Fantasma breaks up the pin. Misterioso argues, Cometa rolls him up for two. Springboard headscissors Misterioso out, and Fantasma topes him hard into the barricade. Oro dumps Namajague for Cometa's 450 splash and takes care of Okumura himself.

2: Fantasma gets the enziguri on Okumura, and the required quebradora con giro on the floor. Cometa headscissors Namajague out, gets boosted to the apron, flips over him, and superkicks Namajague on the floor. Angel de Oro does his same sequence of spots as ever with Misterioso, then adds in a double rotation headscissors. Cometa tries to dive off the apron into a headscissors on him, but Cometa blocks it and powerbombs him into the post! Rudos take over after that, as they should. Oro tries to help out his partner and gets beat by all three rudos. Fantasma argues inside the ring, but accomplishes little. Misterioso goes after Monito too. Fantasma takes the Gori Special/double dropkick combo for the pin. Oro remembers he's captain and grabs Okumura, which allows Okumura to do a standing switch, slaps Oro's back, and pull him over for a German suplex.

Misterioso throws Monito to Okumura, who doesn't catch him.

3: Misterioso and Namajague give Cometa the double inverted death valley driver. Okumura adds a dropkick, but they keep Cometa in to slap around some. Okumura clotheslines Cometa from corner to corner as Tiffany talks about seeing Sayama in Arena Coliseo Monterrey. Double boot sends Cometa out. Fantasma is armbarred around. JCR mentions Misterioso took Pantera's mask as Misterioso misses a corner charge and Fantasma monkey flips him away. Namajague immediately knocks down Fantasma with a back elbow. Oro comes in, but doesn't accomplish anything at first. He does mange to whip Namajague and quebradora him, but it's Okumura's turn to stop the técnico with a kick. Slow DDT for a two count. Rudos all come in for a wheelbarrow faceslam/bulldog, and a running kick to the chest. Namajague covers but can only get two. Oro tags Fantasma while Namajague argues the count. Fantasma puts on a half crab, but the rudos break it up and boot out Fantasma. Triple pose by the rudos, but they turn away from the técnicos while doing it and Cometa easily dropkicks two of them. Namajague runs into another quebradora, but match slows right back down for chops. Cometa slides out no a reversed whip, slides in when Namajague goes out, and lands the tornillo. Other four in, rudos miss charges, Angel de Oro does the kip under superkick, then holds the rudo for a double Phantom lariat. Rudos go out the other way, and técnicos moonsault them from the middle buckle. Monito splashes Misterioso for good measure. Cometa and Namajague return, and Namajague fouls Cometa for no particular reason. Pompin calls it, but Namajague shoves him down to keep stomping. Pompin finally get in to call the DQ.

Fantasma checks on Cometa, but he and Angel de Oro are happy to celebrate while Cometa is still rolling on the mat.

Match 2: Marco Corleone ©, Máximo, Super Porky vs Averno ©, Ephesto, Mephisto
Arena Mexico, 11/23/2012

  1. Avernos

  2. técnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:30
Rating: ok
Notes: Avernos enter as a group. Tirantes is ref

1: Averno reacts wildly to getting stomped on his head in the opening fall, and they use a big CMLL graphic to cover up the replay. That's how it's going to go. Máximo teases kissing Mephisto for a while, despite his mouth being covered an all. Rudos start the beatdown there. It seems like they submit Porky with a double armbar, but I guess they let go too soon because he keeps going. Mephisto chokes out Marco for so long that Marco should have died from the lack of air while the other two work over the Brazos. Rudos jump into corner clotheslines on Marco, then Averno cradles him for the fall. Averno is very happy with his win.

2: Testicular claw, which Tiffany argues is not a foul. Máximo and Porky are kicked around. Marco ducks a double clothesline and lands one of his own to start his comeback and Máximo finishes it right away.

3: Super Porky stands around while Mephisto bumps around. JCR is now crediting Mephisto for putting Místico out of action. He tricked him into blowing his shooting star press! JCR asks Tiffany if she can remember anyone with a body like Marco. Tiffany says Latin Lover. Announcers change the subject to Dory Dixon. Marco punches out Ephesto and lets Averno hit Mephisto by mistake many times. Averno's chops have no effect on Marco, and Marco chases Averno up the steps. Máximo double jump springboards Averno out, Ephesto knocks Maxim out of the ring, Porky shoves Ephesto out of the ring, Máximo boots Porky into gently falling out back, Marco punches Mephisto out and calls for his dive, but Averno circles around and trips him up. Averno corner charge gets him flipped to the apron and punched off. Máximo topes him, Marco and Porky in for Marco's leapfrogs and Porky's splash.