CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #367 (12/01/2012) 
Recapped: 12/01/12

Match 1: Fuego ©, Hombre Bala Jr., Super Halcón Jr. vs Sangre Azteca, Skándalo, Virus ©
Arena Coliseo, 11/25/2012

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:54
Rating: ok
Notes: Cancerberos and Tuareg, we're doomed. Actually, Sangre is doomed, the rest of us are along for the ride. Referee is Edgar. Isis is with Skándalo, and described as “enigmatic and dangerous.”

1: Virus rolls Halcón around on the mat for about three minutes to start the fall, though Halcón doesn't look totally silly. Bala and Skándalo look much clumsier. Fuego gets chopped down by survives to armdrag Sangre out. Virus drops Fuego on his stomach and puts on a leg hold, but Skándalo rushes into attack him and chop Virus out of the ring. Not even waiting around, I see. Fuego quebrada has no effect on Skándalo, but the quebradora works. Skándalo figures out he should run into another and Fuego puts in a time killing hold (one that actually works!) as Halcón planchas Sangre. Halcon's finish takes a moment to set up, but this match isn't going anywhere. Bala charges out after Virus for no reason, and Virus is more interested in Skándalo. Virus shoves Skándalo, and Skándalo chops him around. Skándalo crotches Virus on the post for good measure.

2: Tecnicos resume on offense, with Fuego getting in his kip up lean out and in headscissors, and the back bend clothesline escape. Sangre angrily stomps Halcón for a while. Halcón's comeback includes some awkward hesitation moments, and a torture rack escape headscissors. Virus takes Bala's double knee smash to the back for a near fall, but reverses to put Bala in a hold. Skándalo again breaks it up, and knocks Virus around around the ring. Skándalo takes over on Bala, even suckering him into the Skándalo Driver, but the other técnicos break that up. Raziel comes running in, careful to hit Fuego and Halcón before breaking up the pin – he really just wants to attack Skándalo, but might as well get the DQ on the right team while he's at it.

Cancebreos rip up up Skandalo's shirt and stomp and punch him for a while. Sangre is befuddled but does not appear to take sides. Sangre approaches to fight to find out what's going on, Virus talks him back towards the corner while Raziel relieves Skándalo of his mask. Tecnicos get their arms raised and leave. Isis yells but does not get in the ring. Cancerberos stop, then hit Skándalo a bit more. Virus stalks Isis outside and grabs her by her hair, but Sangre Azteca hurries over and talks Virus down. Virus relents, and goes back inside.

Match 2: Felino, Mr. Niebla ©, Negro Casas vs Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther ©, Rey Cometa
Arena Coliseo, 11/25/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:50
Rating: ok
Notes: Zacarias is with the rudos. Referee is Maya, who's hugged by Negro and Felino for his birthday. He seems to prefer not being hugged, has little choice in the matter.

1: Loud Niebla chant as Cometa and Felino start. They get in Niebla quick, facing Angel de Oro. Or dancing and being silly with Oro also involved. JCR talks about Niebla having a horrible knee. Niebla knocks Oro down with a shoulderblock, hen slaps down the técnicos just because. Big powerbomb on Oro. Casas tags in and covers, but pulls Oro up. Negro puts Oro in a hold, then they both move it towards the corner so Panther can tag in. Not exactly subtle. Hold for hold leaves Negro in an ankle lock. Negro seems like he's going to reverse to his own, but Felino rushes in to break it up. Negro kicks Panther about the mat, and throws him in the corner for all the rudos to beat. (Zacarias backs off.) Panther sent out, Felino runs Cometa around and knocks him down. Crucifix pin gets that pin, and Negro submits Angel de Oro. Zacarias slaps around Panther inside and out. Negro seems to go low on Oro in between falls, but we're not shown much of it.

2: Panther takes Niebla's armpit. Niebla and Cometa have trouble on a flapjack, so Niebla just slaps Cometa and tags in Felino to help. Corner clotheslines. Double suplex on Cometa with Niebla doing none of the work (or maybe just a Negro suplex with Niebla standing nearby.) Oro is attacked for a bit. Niebla slaps Panther good, and Felino shoves him out. Cometa escapes a double armdrag, and leads the brothers into a double chop n on Niebla. Angle de Oro is slightly late and almost short on his plancha, but still connects with Felino and then superkicks Niebla. Panther faceslams the brothers and boots Cometa into a dropkick on them. Younger guys tope Felino & Negro. Niebla clotheslines Panther and does his dance. Spit – is barely caught. Niebla turns around, fujiwara, done.

3: Felino and Niebla fool around. Crowd loud for Negro, who wins a chop fight with Cometa by heel kick. Cometa fights back with a quebradora, but Felino back elbows him down. Zacarias comes in to fight and argues with Felino. Cometa shrugs Zacarias off and gives him an enziguri! Top rope tornillo armdrag for Felino. Niebla clotheslines Cometa and does a new wacky dance. Niebla stops Cometa on the run to dance again, and he also takes the enziguri. Niebla recovers and catches his spit again, but Panther knocks him down. Angel de Oro superkicks Negro out only to be attacked by the others, and they do the 'chop me, I'll chop your friend' bit. Felino and Mr. Niebla almost come to blows, but kisses instead. Boost dropkick sends Felino out for Cometa's tornillo, and Oro does his own Asai moonsault onto Niebla, ignoring Negro easily putting Panther into the scorpion. Negro drags Panther to the center of the ring, but Panther gives up before he does. Easy win for Negro.

Zacarias get to dance with a woman after the match. It's a good day for him.

Match 3: La Máscara, La Sombra ©, Titán vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpión, Terrible ©
Arena Coliseo, 11/25/2012

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Winner: tencicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:13
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano. No Comandante.

1: Sombra and Dragon Rojo don't get far before Terrible punches Sombra in the face to break up a hold. Sombra chase after Terrible, but gets attacked from behind by Escorpion and destroyed on the floor. Rudos all jump the técnicos, Dragon Rojo hitting Titan around the ring while the other four fighting outside. Terrible brings Sombra back in and goes for his mask., but doesn’t get too far on it. Rudos clear out everyone, but brightly colored Mascara comes in to be kicked around helpfully. Rey Escorpion beats Mascara with a scorpion – why did that take so long to happen? (Of course, on the same show someone just used it because CMLL.) Titan is tripped as he comes in, Terrible suplexes him and Dragon Rojo splashes him for the fall.

2: Rudos remain in control. Corner charges end with Sombra dong the Devitt springboard dropkick for the comeback, then tope con giros Terrible. Máscara quickly casita Rey Escorpion, while Titan wins with a springboard sunset flip because it's best not to try too much with Dragon Rojo. Sombra brings Terrible back in and demands a fight, but Terrible begs off.

3: Ingoring what I just aid, Titan pulls of the back flip handwalk headscissors on Dragon Rojo. Handspring spinning DDT on Rey Escorpion looks good as well. Rey Escorpion is able to slap Titan down, but Titan just pops back up and springboard DDTs him on the apron. That looked unfun. Sombra and Dragon in, but Sombra wants Terrible. Terrible agrees to come in, circles around, and leaves. Sombra is unhappy and tags in Mascara. Girls like Mascara. Rojo back elbows Máscara and stomps him on the mat. Whip, head down too soon, Mascara kicks it, Rojo clothesline misses, Mascara superkicks him out. Escorpion in for a chop fight, Máscara stops to take off his shirt, Escorpion misses the clothesline and Máscara headscissors him around. Flipping armdrag, Escorpion stops him with a shoulderblock, but runs just enough in to a dropkick. Máscara calls Terrible in, then lets tags in Sombra. Terrible freaks out. Crowd in to Sombra, but Dragon Rojo attacks him from behind. Terrible stomps and kicks Sombra on the mat, and Dragon Rojo smacks Titan off the apron before taking over. Rey Escorpion comes in to help. Whip, double clothesline misses, Sombra fights them both off with a push off headscissors and a springboard backspin one. Terrible in, clothesline the first time, but Terrible spins around and nails Sombra on the next pass. Terrible cackles and smiles. Terrible shoves Sombra into the corner and punches him in the side of the head. Corner whip, Terrible charges in, Sombra kicks him, Sombra clothesline, Terrible wont' go down, Terrible clothesline misses, Sombra ducks under Terrible's plancha and dropkicks him out. Escorpion kicks Sombra down, but Mascara hops in to face off with him. Escorpion tilt-a-whirl is escaped, he kicks Mascara down anyway, Mascara flips him all the way to the floor, then smacks him up the aisle with a tope. Titan kicks Dragon Rojo away from the ropes and springboard headscissors him, then leaps to the apron for a rope flip moonsault to the floor. Terrible and Sombra in one more time to finish it. Sombra 'rana one two NO. Sombra casadora – no, blocked into a face slam, one two NO. Terrible's frustrated with the count. Terrible shoves Sombra into the corner, punches him, sends him across the ring, and misses the charge. Sombra drops Terrible right next to the corner, climbs up, rope flip moonsault eats knees. Terrible cuts his throat, grabs Sombra's legs, leans over, and is pull into small package, one two three.

Sombra gets the microphone immediately and ask for a shot at the heavyweight title next week. Terrible says the titles are meant to be exposed, so he accepts the challenge to prove he's a professional. Replays.