AAA on Televisa #1073 (12/01/2012) 
Recapped: 12/07/2012

Previously: Rockers, Clowns, and a title match challenge. Also, various hair match challenges with Chessman, Cibernético and Perro Aguayo Jr.

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Match 1: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Silver King, Toscano
Arena Naucalpan, 11/15/2012

Winner: Psycho Circus by DQ
Match Time: 15:12
Rating: eh
Notes: Changuito (with guns!) is with Consejo, Mini Clown is with the Circus. Piero is referee. I'm watching the regional version, which is significantly longer than the national one.

Toscano/Monster have an equal battle to start. Piero tries to get them shake once they're done (???), and Toscano is willing to do it, which annoys Silver King. Fans are busy chanting Psycho and don't care, but Silver jumps the técnicos to start the beatdown. Mascara breaks out a bicycle kick into Psycho. Changutio beats up Mini Clown, splashing him from the middle rope. A lot of brawling beatdown, then some corner charges, including a Toscano boost dropkick, clothesline, and pose. Psycho takes a double flapjack onto the top rope, and a missile dropkick. Double tapatía and Toscano kick for Murder. Andres starts talking about Chicharito when grasping for things to say. Psycho ducks a double clothesline to tope Toscano and start the comeback. Other técnicos spear the other rudos. Monster splashes Silver from Murder's shoulders. Boosted sit onto Mascara, and kicks for Changuito. This switches into a Monster showcase, which is actually also an occasion for Toscano and Silver to bump on each other and Silver to pull out his partner and shove him into the barricade. Máscara tries to keep the peace. Mascara and Murder have a big man battle the crowd doesn't seem into it. Mascara's clotheslines have no affect and Monster slams him. Toscano's plancha is caught, but he avoids corner splash that sends Monster out instead. Psychos stomps and kicks everyone, monkey included. Toscano leaps into a Psycho dropkick. Mascara bicycles him in turn, but stand around instead of following up, then charge to a flip tot eh apron. Psycho gets knocked back but dropkick Mascara out. Clowns throws Mini clown on Consejo, who are supposed to catch him but have a surprisingly hard time. Monster topes Toscano & Máscara, then Psycho helps Murder to the top roe for plancha onto everyone. Silver and Psycho left in, but they're both distracted by the Infierno Rockers music. Chair shots and sticks. Soul kicks at Silver, who decides to keep his distances. Mini Clown tries to run into help, but he's fought off, and the Rockers beat up the others as they come in. Piero calls the DQ as the attack continues.

Murder is the last Clown standing, and faces off with Uro Rocker, but Uro picks him up and very carefully slams him. Clowns are lined up and stomped. Uro goes up, with a lot of help from his friends. Top rope splash onto the pile to finish it.

LA Park and Dr. Wagner Jr. have a face to face confrontation over what will go down in Guadalajara.

Match 2: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs LA Park
Arena Naucalpan, 11/15/2012

Winner: LA Park
Match Time: 12:42
Rating: great

Notes: Wagner enters second, and takes his usual long trip around ringside for posing with fans. Park, perhaps to have something to do, sets a Wagner towel on fire in the middle of the ring. Wagner notices, points it out, and goes on about his business. The fire is still burning when Wagner comes in the ring and rushes into a Park boot. Well then. Park takes Wagner outside to brawl. Piero belatedly arrives as the referee, but hangs in the ring taking care of the fire as Park kicks Wagner around ringside. Piero and a ringside guy just drop the mostly burn out chair on the outside, but it hasn't totally stopped burning when Park finds it, and hits Wagner with it! It was as safe as you're going to see a chair shot when the chair is on fire, but it was a chair on fire! Park tosses the smoldering chair in, and hits Wagner with it. Piero checks to make sure Wagner isn't burned. Snap mare by Park. Crowd boos him. Park still hasn't bothered to take off his jacket, but looks around before ripping up Wagner's mask. Park hands off his jacket and goes back to the chair, poking the charred side into Wagner's head, which sends him tumbling out.

Regional: Park takes Wagner over to the steps, and knees him repeatedly. Over to the side of the grandstands, Wagner sent in head first. Wagner smashed head first into an audio trunk, and Park smacks him with a drink container. Park goes and finds another one, and cracks Wagner with it again. Wagner tumbled into the crowd there, and camera people rush over to get a shot of Wagner being laid out on the floor. Park shoes them away, tells the fans to move, and waits for Wagner to get up. Wagner does, and Park throws the drink container at him. Park goes amidst the people and argues with them. Someone – a bald guy who looks sort of like Fresero Jr. in 20 years – goes past the barricade and stands near the ring. Park slaps that man in the face and shoves him down. Wagner thrown back in the ring. Park punches him down, but is distracted by the Wagner chant. Park shakes his finger no, no that's happening. Hard shot to the head, and Wagner tumbles out again.

Wagner is already bleeding. Park gets a vendor's plastic drink platter from who knows where, and throws it off the apron onto Wagner. Crowd loudly chants for Wagner.

Regional: Park poses on the outside, and gets into an argument with a front row fan. Park tosses the drink tray back in as Wagner uses the ringpost to stand, then gets into an another argument. Crowd chants loudly for Wagner. Park grabs Wagner by the back of the head, tells the fans to clear out, and tosses Wagner over the barricade. Park crossed over himself. Fans are keeping a safe distance for the moment. (There's security going with them, as well.) Park and Wagner go into the darkness, and the camera people can't catch up with them at first, then they're cut off by the fans. (No surprise you'd cut this section out.) Park and's head can be seen amidst the other people, hitting Wagner with something. Finally, they get a good angle, just as Park is throwing Wagner back in, and throwing throwing another weapon back I with him. Wagner's set up hanging from the apron, and Park repeatedly kicks him in the head. Crowd starts up the Wagner chant again, as much taunting LA Park as cheering Wagner. Park drags Wagner around, standing him to the corner of the barricade for punches. A fan in a yellow shirt pounds his chest, points in Park's face, and talks tough. Park steps towards him, the fan decides to step back (and puts another person in between him and Park!) Park rams Wagner into the ringpost, and finally a LA Park chant has started.

Park brings Wagner in, then starts to struts before he realizes the fans have turned on him and are cheering for Wagner. Park grabs a metal drink bucket and spikes it on the mat angrily. Charred chair to the gut. Wagner's white mask is quickly turning red. Corner whip, Wagner bounces out and slides under a kick, then catches the next kick and gives Park the Twister. Wagner fires up, grabs the leg again, and gives Park the Twister again. Wagner grabs the metal drink bucket, and cracks Park in the head with it. Crowd is loud. Wagner asks them if they want to see him pull Park's mask off – watch the photographers run! - and teases it a while before getting to work. Crowd is so loud for Wagner here. Chair shot (the charred chair) directly to the head. Something here cut out? Deafening Wagner chant.

Loud Wagner chant. Wagner and park are quickly over by the barricade, Park on the floor on the crowd side of of it, and Wagner ripping his mask up again. Park's head into the trunk. Wagner stands on top of the trunk, waves and does the Wagner pose. Wagner gets off, and knocks park thru the side exist, then reaches thru and pulls Park back out. Wagner drags Park to the steps, yells for people move, and a dozen people fly as Park gets suplexed. Wagner kicks Park, then pulls back the top of Park's mask to exposed his bleeding forehead and poses. Crowd loudly cheers for Wagner. Wagner makes sure everyone had photo, and headbutts Park before dragging him back towards the ring. Park thrown in. Wagner grabs the chair, and the crowd is screaming for a hard hit. Wagner hits Park in the back a couple times, not so hard actually. Choke with the point of the chair. Piero shoves Wagner to break it up, and Wagner threatens to break Piero up. Wagner kicks Park in the chest. Park bets off and crawls to the corner.

Wagner puts Park on the top buckle. Park's hair is spilling from his mask. Wagner pulls park down into the tree of woe, but Park falls to the mat before Wagner can do whatever he might have been planning. Wagner looks around, in no hurry. The top of Park's mask is ripped of, and he's bleeding all over his white outfit. Wagner tells Park to get up and come at him. Park gets up, but wants Wagner to make the first move, and spends some time adjusting his mask. Crowd is LOUD for Wagner. Park charges, Wagner trips him into the buckle. Wagner charges Park, Park tosses him into the top buckle. Park struts away, charges, and runs right into Wagner's boot. Park gathers himself, charges, and takes the boot again. Park wanders around, Wagner charges, and Park powerslams him for two.

Park starts to throw Wagner out, then traps him in the ropes instead for punches. Park backs all the way up, runs and kicks Wagner in the face, knocking him to the floor. Park to the apron, waiting for Wagner to get up, and running him over with a flying knee smash! Both crawl back in, LA Park first. Wagner charges LA Park, LA Park grabs him...

Reverse facelock elbow driver by Park, one two NO.

Crowd loud for Wagner. Park off the ropes, clothesline caught and spun into a giant jumping Wagner DDT. Wagner covers, two count.

Park backs into the corner, and Wagner chops him a few times. Corner whip, reversed, Wagner flips Park to the ropes and kicks him as he tries to come back thru. Frontcracker thru the ropes, laving Park balancing on the middle rope while at. Wagner hangs Park off the top rope, hanging DDT one two NO. Wagner powerbombs Park, one two NO. Piero insists to someone outside that it's a two count. Wagner up slightly faster, and enziguri-ing Park. Park rolls out slowly, Wagner with much more energy as he hurries to the apron. Park slowly walks away, checks his head, and turns around to be surprised by Wagner's apron tope con giro.

Wagner makes it in first, but Park slams his head into the buckle a couple times from the apron. Park holds on and climbs up, Wagner climbing up with him. Wagner chant is met by boots the time. Both stand on the top rope – top rope superplex! Wagner crawls back on top, one two NO. Wagner and Park both stagger to their feet, Wagner again waiting for Park to turn around so he can a battle him with left and right hand punches. Piero finally puts a stop to that, hooking Wagner's arm and pulling him away. They argue about it, Park grabs a chair, swings, and wipes out Piero. He took that one hard. Park goes after Wagner again, but Wagner dropkick it into him. Wagner pulls down the straps. Michinoku Driver, cover, but no ref – oh, here's Tirantes one two and he holds up. WHY DID YOU COME DOWN TO DO THAT? Wagner threatens to kill Tirantes, not sure why he's stopping at threatening. Garbage being thrown at the ring while the doctor checks on Piero. Park knocks Tirantes down with a shoulderblock (Tirantes taking an oddly angles bump), Park tosses Wagner up, and fouls him on the way down. Wagner goes into seizures, Hijo de Tirantes fast count three, and that's it.

Tirantes raises Park's arm happily a couple of times. Park gets to his feet with Wagner still down. LA Park gets the microphone, hilariously mocks Dr. Wagner Junior's usual speeches while calling him a clown and talks to Marisela – he wants a mask match with Dr. Wagner. More demands it, actually. Wagner says he's beat many in AAA – Mesías, Electroshock, “Robin Dam” and more – not to mention winning a mask at the recent TripleMania. LA Park made a challenge, so Wagner will – not get to finish this without Joaquin Roldan interrupting. LA Park takes the microphone to demand the mask match directly. LA Park gets a chant here. Joaquin announces the six way cage match. Crowd hilariously boos and hollers when he announces Chessman and Vampiro in the cage! They all know the deal, they will not get what they want out of that match. A Wagner chant overpowers it.

Chessman and Vampiro face to face. This one is very more obviously edited.

One more GdT promo for the cage match and the mega title match.