AAA on Televisa #1072 (11/25/2012) 
Recapped: 11/28/2012

Previously: Rockers & Clowns won, Octagon trained Samuray, Texano wanted a title shot.

Noti AAA

Jesus Zuniga recaps the Apache love rhombus, then sets up a Mesías/Texano face to face interview. Mesias' caveman beard is so weird. Texano brings his lasso to the meeting, of course. Mesías is dramatic, Texano is calm and confident. Texano's case is Mesías is the top star in AAA, but his era is over and it's now his time. Mesías focuses on reminding us what the date of the show is and what the name is.

Jesus Zuniga recaps Consejo attacking Octagon at TripleMania – or actually just shows it for the first time on this version of the show. Octagon turning down Parka's help is not shown here, with them skipping ahead to Parka introducing Octagon to training Samuray, and then to the next taping to show Samuray giving Octagon the Octagon Jr. mask. They hype it up as something to see next week, but not sure why they give it away here.

Back to TripleMania again to see Vampiro very slightly shove Chessman off into the darkness. Chessman attacked Vampiro's knee at some point, and that leads into the announcement of the main event (though Jesus makes it sound like three singles match.) A Chessman promo high in reverb repeats that he's the abnormal one and he'll have Vampiro's hair. Jesus hypes up GdT, and tonight's main event.

ZORRO IS TALKING TO A PSYCHIATRIST AGAIN. I'm not sure I can do this. Zorro's dealing with his multiple personalities – oh no, he has the mask. Sometimes watching AAA is like watching a tape on a loop. Anyway, his Psychiatrists leaves the room to give Konnan the update, which seems very unethical, but we do find out Zorro does has multiple personalities and is not really that much in control of them. Zorro is gone by the time the psychiatrist is back, but the mask is still there.

Match 1: Cuervo & Fabi Apache vs Gran Apache & Mari Apache
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 11/09/2012

Winner: Apaches
Match Time: 10:10
Rating: ok
Notes: Halloween walks out with the Apaches and the doctor, grabbing his ribs. Gran Apache tells Halloween not to worry, he'll take care of it. Hijo de Tirantes with them. Halloween gets the microphone to explain his injury and announce Maestro de Maestro to take his place. Halloween also apologizes to Mari and tells her he has all of his support and love. Tirantes says Halloween is the champ, Halloween's not wrestling, so this is no longer a title match. Cuervo has a right arm/shoulder sleeve going.

Men start out. Women go faster. Fabi, in a new outfit, puts Mari in an inverted figure four only for Tirantes to pull her hair to break it up. Fabi goes after her, and Gran Apache slaps everyone. Fabi takes the worst of it, heavy on the slaps and head kicks. Mari does her running senton con giro onto Cuervo. Cuervo reverses Mari into a Gran Apache slap to turn the tide. Crowd is into Gran Apache begging off from the técnicos, less impressed by their dropkick offense. Cuervo's offense on Apache is just okay, he just doesn’t seem to have much interesting to do, or isn't interested in doing it with Gran Apache. Fabi is all armdrags and headscissors on her sister. Gran Apache trips up her up from outside, but Fabi recovers and casadora armdrags Tirantes. Diving headscissors onto Mari end her run. Men back in, Gran Apache begs off more, then armdrags and dropkick Cuervo out. Big plancha to the floor, crazy old man. Back inside, Fabi gives Mari an exploder suplex, but Mari blocks the armscissors and powerbombs Fabi. Mari drags Fabi towards the corner, not too close and goes up for the senton con giro. She actually this in cleanly, but Cuervo rushes in and kicks her. Gran Apache drops Cuervo in the corner and goes for his own move, but crotches him self climbing the ropes. Crowd is very amused. Cuervo superplexes Gran Apache, Tirantes counts, Halloween pulls him away at two. Halloween's been in the back, but ran out in time. Halloween holds a chair in front of his face so Cuervo can dropkick it, but Gran Apache smacks Cuervo with a title belt and covers him for the win.

On the Regional show, Halloween congratulates Gran Apache and hugs him. Halloween asks to hug Mari Apache too and he and Gran Apache try to get the crowd to chant for it. Mari bails while they're working on it. Halloween goes back to work to trying to calling Gran Apache 'father-in-law', though he still prefers Maestro de Maestro.

AAA Upcoming Shows

12/01: Zapopan
12/21: Acapulco

Infierno Rockers promo introduce Uro Rocker (on this show.) This version has more wacky editing than the Fusion one.

Match 2: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Silver King, Toscano
Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla, 11/09/2012

Winner: Psycho Circus
Match Time: 11:23
Rating: good
Notes: Mascara carries out Changuito and shows off the Teleton patch on his vest. Changuito dances! Mini Clown is with the Clowns. Monster Clown steals a child with a Monster Clown mask. Silver King grabs the microphone before the match to yell at Toscano for wearing a bandana instead of a cowboy hat, for wearing a long sleeve hoodie shirt under his t-shirt, and for wearing a blue shirt last week. Silver says this is Toscano's last warning! Toscano tells Silver King he doesn’t plan on changing his hat and is ready to throw down. Mascara gets in the middle of them, which doesn’t seem to solve the argument, then Silver and Mascara rush the Clowns to start the match. Mascara smartly jumped Mini Clown, a fight he can win. Referee is Tirantes.

Consejo clear the ring, but Toscano and Silver King are still having words. A corner whip on Murder goes wrong, and he clears the rings with clotheslines and kick. Other clowns come back into help, including a quebradora and belt slap to Silver. Murder leaves and press Mascara of the dropkick spot. Toscano slaps everyone, técnicos slap him down then give him a nice double team deadweight powerbomb. Psycho adds the low blow headbutt, which is enough for Tirantes to argue for a foul. Clown build up the flying sit spot before Murder does it. Toscano. Clowns are talked into going into their corner. Monster does a fireman's carry into a half crab. Silver makes the save and makes sure Toscano knows he does. Silver gets in forearms and actually death valley drivers Monster Clown. Psycho stomps to break that up and to attack everyone else. Tirantes runs and begs off before Psycho calms down. Psycho powerslams Silver for a two count, Mascara breaks it up and mocks Psycho's taunt. Toscano now has the hoodie up on the apron. Mascara spinebuster Psycho and starts for a submission, but gives it up when he sees Murder come in. Máscara faces off, charges, and takes a backdrop. Changuito grabs Murder's leg. Murder tries to shake him off that doesn't work, the monkey lets go on his own, Murder picks him up and puts him on the middle rope. Changuito is so scared, he's shaky, and Murder relents, only to turn into a Mascara pump kick. Changuito adds a splash and crawls away. Murder covers and clothesline himself and Máscara out. Monster in, Silver dropkicks him, Psycho wheel kicks him, Toscano clothesline him. Everyone slaps everyone else, and the rudos panic. Chop fight doesn't seem to be working, so Silver tells Toscano so switch and try Psycho. That doesn't go well, so Silver orders a switch back. Toscano is annoyed at this point, and isn't help when Psycho shoves Silver into him. Monster dropkicks Silver out, and the clowns tope Consejo. Mascara and Murder in, Mascara runs into a slow quebradora. Rudos fail at breaking up the hold, everyone splashes Consejo and Murder adds the top rope splash onto everyone. Psycho Circus celebrate, do not try to win the match. Crowd chants for another splash. Consejo try to leave, but Silver tosses Toscano back in, and Murder powerbombs him. Psycho frog splash one two three.

Infierno Rocker rushes in and attack the Circus with chairs. All four clowns are laid out in no time. Lights go out. Lights go back on. Murder Clown is now standing, but Uro Rocker is standing behind him. Murder slams one Rocker, then turns to face off Uro Rocker. Before anything can happen, Machine hits Murder with a chair. Uro scoops Murder up, and falls while powerslamming him. I think that was the idea. Machine adds a top rope frog splash, then hammers Murder's right leg and foot with a chair.

On the regional show, Psycho Clown is strechered out.

Show recap – this week, they have the Inferino Rockers match even thoguh they were last week – and that's it.