CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #366 (11/24/2012) 
Recapped: 11/24/2012

Match 1: Fuego vs Namajague in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 11/18/2012

Winner: Fuego
Match Time: 5:49
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Edgar. Edgar on a Sunday?

Brief mat work goes nowhere, but Fuego is able to knock down Namajague with a running tope and a flying armdrag. Monkey flip, and Namajague really would like Fuego to stop. Fuego leaping over Namajague armdrag can't have gone as it was planned. Fuego dropkicks Namajague out and goes for the dive, but Namajague surprises him by coming back in and kicking the técnico out. Tope con giro Namajague! Replay. Namajague whips Fuego into the barricade, then goes in to walk around. Fuego joins him, not in the walking around. Double chop isn't as loud this week, but gets Namajague a two count. Chop. Whip, Fuego over, into Namajague's back elbow. Whip, backdrop, still two. Namajague stomps on Fuego, looks at the ref, and gestures at the fans. Namajague grabs Fuego by the neck and says this is it. Suplex! One two no. It was not it. Namajague demands a a faster count. Whip, Fuego casadora is blocked, held, and turns it into a faceslam. It was like Namajague isn't sure he could not get Fuego over for the wheelbarrow suplex so he went the other way. Corner whip, Namajague charge in, Fuego moves, Namajague hits so hard that Fuego seems taken aback for a moment. Then Fuego gets over it and slaps him. Fuego puts Namajague on top, forearms him in the head a bunch, top rope 'rana, one two NO. Namajague battles to his feet, kicks caught, Fuego drops him in the splits and dropkicks him over one two NO. Fuego picks Namajague up, Namajague small package. Namajague stomps Fuego, but seems frustrated. Scoop, slam. Namajague roars, cuts his throat, and heads up top the top buckle. Fuego is moving, and Namajague jumps into a- well, worst possible angle to tell, but looked like a cutter. One two three.

The Fuego fan is very happy. Replays are much better than live shot.

Match 2: Blue Panther ©, Hijo del Fantasma, Rey Cometa vs Kráneo, Mr. Águila ©, Olímpico
Arena Mexico, 11/18/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:37
Rating: good
Notes: Mije is with the rudos, Monito with the técnicos. Pompin is referee.

1: Panther and Olímpico are fast on the mat, though it doesn’t work in Panther's favor. Panther tags in Olímpico, who sends Olímpico back and forth on the rope and dropkicks him. Rudos desperately try to tag an overwhelmed Olímpico, with Mr. Aguila tipping over the top rope twice about saving himself from falling on his face. Cometa has no problem tagging in Fantasma, who armdrags Olímpico all around. Fantasma gives Olímpico a quebradora, celebrates, and has to lunge at Olímpico to stop him from making tag. Olímpico breaks free, but Fantasma tackles him from behind and drags him back towards the técnico corner. Tag to Panther, but the rudos have had enough and attack Panther. Stomp down. Cometa tries to help and is dispatched via one kick. Fantasma dropkick misses, and Kraneo takes over stomping him. Fat legdrop, one two Kraneo pulls Fantasma up. Chokeslam, but Kraneo pulls Fantasma up again. Aguila legdrops Fantasma in the back of the head, and leaves him down for three.

Panther takes Aguila down and punches him. Kraneo attacks Panther to break it up, but Panther just ignores him and and picks up Aguila. Aguila kicks Panther into the rudo corner, where Olímpico takes over. One submission is all it takes.

Olímpico drags Monito out of the corner, sits down, and puts on a front facelock. Kraneo does the same – mini double suplex, mini Mije slash to the face. Monito rolls to safety.

2: Aguila brings Fantasma in to kick him out. Mije crawls Fantasma from behind, and Aguila pays him back by holding Fantasma down for Mije's middle rope headbutt drop. Olímpico kicks and Clothesline Fantasma repeatedly before teasing his dance. Kraneo dropkicks Cometa from behind. Triple boot for Cometa, and the swinging gate bomb. Olímpico covers, Pompin counts one, Pompin stops his count because Kraneo has dared to put a hand on the pin, Pompin restarts his count for three.

Cometa rolls out, but towards the rudos, so Aguila stomps him a couple times. Olímpico trips up Fantasma and stomps him a bit. Kraneo elbow drops Fantasma, then tosses Mije on top. Kraneo pull up on the pin again, and gets distracted. Olímpico kicks at Panther, Aguila stomps on Fantasma, Fantasma cradles Aguila, Monito spears Mije (!)and Fantasma holds on for the pin. Aguila is the captains, so that's it.

Tecnicos recover, then decide to start attacking the rudos. This is slowed down by Olímpico bailing and us seeing replays instead of the fight.

3: Monito sentons Mije. Olímpico pulls his buddy, but dumps him back in at Rey Cometa's feet. Mije flees before this goes worse for him. Cometa's offense includes a headscissors to the floor on Olímpico. Kraneo knocks down Panther and lays him out with a legdrop but Fantasma breaks that up and boost dropkicks Kraneo down. Aguila breaks up that pin, then goes for one of his own with a jumping heel kick. Cometa kicks Cometa hard to break that up. Panther trips Aguila into a Fantasma kick, then Fantasma superkicks Aguila on his own. Fantasma headscissors Aguila out, Cometa planchas Olímpico, Olímpico kicks Kraneo by mistake, but then kicks the younger técnicos on purpose. Whip for Fantasma tuns into a tope con giro on Kraneo. Cometa kicks Olímpico and takes him out with a quebrada. Aguila kicks Panther down in the battle of the captains, but picks him up and is yanked into the armbar. Aguila is done and so is this match.

Match 3: La Sombra ©, Marco Corleone, Máscara Dorada vs Tama Tonga, Terrible ©, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 11/18/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:28
Rating: ok
Notes: Sombra's askew baseball cap is a perfect addition. I feel like I'm hearing Tama Tonga's music every hour of late, and it's not that far off. Referee is Terror Chino. No Comandante.

1: Dorada and Tiger ends with a high flying Dorada armdrag. Tama punches Marco many times. Marco punches Tonga one time. Marco wins. Terrible chooses shoulderblock, but chooses to shoulderblock Marco to the ramp. Sombra dropkicks Terrible out and tope con giros him (or over him, as he seems to be doing of late.) Dorada returns, avoids a Dorada dropkick, and miss a clothesline in time to take the Aero Italiano. Dorada and Tiger conspire for a slow sunset flip to end the brief fall.

2: Dorada headscissors Tonga into the ropes and out. Tiger is able to clothesline Dorada, a big achievement, but he and Terrible fail the next time thru and Dorada boost headscissors out the heavyweight champ. Tiger tosses Dorada into the ropes and Dorada instantly springboards back for an armdrag. Tiger and Marco have a pose off. Tiger actually gets the jump on Marco here, still tries sunset flip. Tiger gets the Marco LOL sell and stone punched repeatedly. Terrible tries to stop the fun, and nails Tiger by himself. Terrible ducks the punch, ducks the punch, and gets punched. Tama tries his luck, clotheslines Marco, celebrates, and is and punched out. Sombra and Tonga have a chop fight, Tonga wins by kicking. Dropkick sends Sombra in the corner, and Tonga lands his corner splash. Sombra blocks Tonga's suplex and suplexes Tama instead. Clothesline, shoulderblock, dropkick, Tonga is out. Tiger urns into the powerslam. Terrible kicks Sombra into the ropes, but misses charge and flings himself to the floor. Sombra teases the dive but rope flip poses instead. It's all going right for the técnicos. Terrible works over Dorada, Dorada comes back against Tiger, Dorada tries a ramp running springboard and eats a dropkick for the pin.

Marco clears house, but Tiger superkicks him right in position for Terrible's splash. Rudos turned it around quick.

3: Rudos beat up the técnicos at ringside, including a Tiger groin claw on Marco. Tonga slams and elbow drops Mascara Dorada. Tiger gives Dorada his usual hanging kicks. Terrible spinebuster and splashes Marco. Tonga adds another elbow drop for a two count. Marco tags in Sombra, who's cornered and dropped, but pulls off the Devitt like boost dropkick to start the comeback. Everyone this everyone, Marco clotheslining Tonga out at the end and clotheslining him again from the apron. Dorada skies on a tope con giro. Captains left in again, Terrible not wanting to see Sombra, but then beheading him with a clothesline. Terrible off the ropes, senton misses, Sombra double moonsault lands, one two three.