CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #328 (11/17/2012) 
Recapped: 11/21/2012

Announcers hype the matches. JCR says Astral is in the opener. Hmm. Guess they could've recored this before the show, but wouldn't they have known well in advance Astral wasn't going to wrestle? Felino turns up as guest announcer.

Match 1: Acero, Fantasy, Último Dragoncito © vs Demus 3:16, Pequeño Olímpico ©, Pierrothito
Arena Mexico, 11/09/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:26
Rating: ok
Notes: Demus, perhaps channeling some American wrestler, has a giant black scarf. Pierrothito has a gorilla mask for whatever reason. Referee is Edgar.

1: JCR does mention Acero is replacing Astral here. Cascading entries – Acero & Olímpico start, with Pierrothito, Dragoncito, Demus and Fantasy coming in turn. The parts with Dragoncito are the best. Fantasy dropkicks Demus out, Pierrothito dropkicks him, but Mesías follows up and gets caught in the ropes. Fantasy tries his moonsault, Pierrothito slide out of the way, slingshot back in on, and puts on a half crab for the submission. Acero tries a submission on Olímpico, but is caught in a cradle for the fall.

2: Demus flattens Acero with a shoulder powerslam. Olímpico hammers Fantasy with a clothesline and tosses him out of the corner in a huge flapjack. Fantasy manages to reverse a back suplex to a front slam, and tag in Dragoncito for his offense. Not real comeback, Dragoncito just starts doing moves. Olímpico his headscissored out, but Pierrothito takes him out with a clothesline. Announcers talking about triangle match with Dragoncito, Pierrothito and Olímpico as usual. Dragoncito catches Pierrothito with a 'rana, Demus reaches to break it up and sure seems to, but Edgar counts three as Demus is being pulled back. It doesn't matter, everyone's finishing anyway.

3: Dragoncito has a big multiple rotation spinning headscissors with Demus, then one into a spinning armdrag to send the rudo out. Acero and Pierrothito have a chop battle – JCR keeps calling him Aereo because CMLL is confusing – and then Pierrothito throws himself all over the place for Acero's armdrags. Fantasy fights Olímpico, superkick Demus off the ropes, and uses a wristlock on Olímpico to climb to the top rope for a moonsault onto the ramp on Demus, only Demus kicks him in the face as he flies over. Acero bumps Olímpico and tries to slingshot out into a headscissors on Demus, but Demus powerbombs him on the 'ramp too. Don't mess with Demus on the ramp! Olímpico only has Dragoncito to worry about, gives him a rolling off the shoulder drop, and and Pierrothito puts on his hold to win.

Match 2: Guerrero Maya Jr., La Sombra ©, Titán vs Averno ©, Niebla Roja, Pólvora
Arena Mexico, 11/09/2012

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  2. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:30
Rating: good
Notes: Monito is with the técnicos. Titan is back to the black long robe, but now his hood has a version of his mask on it for him to dramatically pull off. Niebla Roja has switched to Ultimo Guerrero's music. Titan faces off with Averno on the ramp for some reason. It goes very badly for him. Referee is Babe Richard.

1: Rudos jump the other técnicos too. Averno just destroys Titan for a while. Pólvora takes out Maya and Monito himself. Rudos assemble back in their corner. Double elbow drop for Maya. Averno corner forearm and Niebla jumping back elbow on Sombra, and Niebla gets in a flapjack kick. Titan is just stomped down by everyone. Averno rips up Titan's mask, enlarging the eye holes. Averno knocks Titan around some more, Maya complains, so Averno shoves Titan out and gives Maya a free shot. Maya gets in one kick before Niebla Roja gets him. Roja hits Maya with the frontflip double heel kick, and Maya sells this hilariously. Sombra gets a triple powerbomb on his turn, and the rudos have taken the fall.

2: Pólvora fells Maya with a mighty chop. Big flapjack too. Titan rushes in the ring to attack the rudos, and it again goes bad. He might want to come up with a plan at some point. Averno sends him into the ropes, and Titan gets in a headscissors. Other rudos give Titan no time to breath, kicking him down. Averno punished Titan himself, then lets Pólvora go after him. Inverted crucifix powerbomb, and some important yelling at the crowd. The latter gives Titan enough time to tag to Sombra in. Pólvora is concerned, Niebla comes in to help, Sombra evades both of them until he's backed into the rudo corner. Averno takes over for a testicular claw. Whip, Sombra rope flipped back elbow to Niebla, Pólvora misses a senton. Maya in and headscissoring Averno out to continue the comeback. Niebla Roja misses a dropkick to set himself on all fours for Titan's step up springboard, but Titan loses it on the ropes and falls out of control to the floor. He hits the floor hard, but a relatively safe landing all considered. Maya rolls over Roja to armdrag him out the other way, then poses as Sombra overshoots Niebla Roja with hit tope con giro. Maya's the only dive to work right, his thru the topes tope con giro on target. Averno pulls himself back in, Titan up on the apron. Swing kick. Titan yells, springboards in, and headscissors Averno tot he corner. Titan charges, Averno flips him, Titan stunner over the ropes, headstand rope flip moonsault for the three - well, no, Pólvora broke up the finish. Isn't that your second fall finish? Guess not! Maya evades Pólvora and dropkicks Roja, then jumping armdrags Averno out. Niebla Roja up again and grabbing Maya. Pólvora runs to kick, Maya moves, and Pólvora this Niebla Roja. Problems! Maya this Pólvora, but he's too busy helping Roja out. Rudos get it together to kick Maya, then swing him up to a double Atlantida drop. Averno rushes into cover, ref waits for everyone else to leave to count, and that's the weird pin.

Everyone thinks this is over – which is better than me, who thought it was over two minutes ago – but Maya's not the captain, Sombra is. Everyone includes the director, missing Sombra springboarding back in to dropkick Pólvora. Sombra battle back against the other two, including a rope bounce headscissors on Averno and a regular one on Niebla Roja. Sombra leaps to the top rope – moonsault tot eh floor is flawless. Titan and Pólvora back in, Pólvora awkwardly clotheslines Titan. Averno comes in to help. Clothesline misses, Titan boost dropkick sends Averno to the apron. Pólvora and Titan evade, Titan handwalk backflip headscissors cradle one tow three.

Titan is all fired up, and Averno slowly comes back in. Titan off the ropes, torito, one two NO. Maya yells advice from outside. Titan backs Averno in the corner and slaps him. Corner whip, reversed, Averno changes in, Titan sets him up on top. Titan backs all the way up, charges, rolls, leaps, and gets jabbed in the midsection. Averno hooks both arms – super Devil's Wings. No let up on that one. One two three. Sombra is too late to come back in.

Replays and break. Averno makes the title challenge, and says he'll be champion once again next week. JCC oddly states Averno is a middleweight, and JCR says Averno will be hitting the gym to lose those extra pounds. Titan angrily accepts with one condition – it happens in Arena Mexico, in front of these people. A fine demand for a técnico.