AAA Fusion #6 (11/14/2012) 
Recapped: 11/17/2012

I wonder how long Extreme Tiger will still be in the opener here. Probably forever.

The shots of the crowd before the start of the show include Daga, returning from his match, posting for photos. Oops.

Graphic: Mesías, Joe Lider vs Daga, Chessman.

Mesías and Joe Lider, with their belts, talk about how great they are. Catchphrase are said.

Graphic: Dark Dragon vs Drago vs Fenix vs Toscano in the Fusion tournament.

Video package: those four talk about how great it is to be in this tournament. Well, three of them are thrilled, Toscano is not impressed. Toscano reminds us he was the first guy of Consejo to appear in AAA, and is very unhappy that Silver King is somehow running things now. Hey, Toscano and I think a lot alike, that's very worrisome for Toscano. Highlights are very cool.

Match 1: Fenix vs DragoToscanoDark Dragon in the AAA FUSION tournament
Arena Neza, 11/03/2012

Winner: Fenix
Match Time: 14:44
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Pepe Casas.

Everyone eyeballs each other, then attacks everyone. Drago and Dragon (not at all tough to type) are the last two left standing, Dragon pulling the rudo down by the back of his head. Drago with a modified Skayde special, broken up by Fenix. I don't know why we're breaking up pins again. Fenix flips over Drago to the ramp, slaps Drago away, backs up, signs for Drago to get up a couple times, and runs back in with a springboard armdrag. Fenix swing thru the ropes to the apron, springboard sunset flip in, and double stomp for good measure. Corer, but Toscano breaks it up rudely. Toscano slaps Fenix a few times. Toscano is just going to wrestle in a hoodie this week, I see. Whip, clothesline misses, Fenix waistlock, Toscano tries to break free with elbows, Fenix hooks an under armhold, Toscano steps over and flips free, then headscissors free. Toscano off the ropes, casadora, bulldog by Toscano, though he didn't hold onto the head much. Dark Dragon breaks up that pin, and he and Toscano exchange chops. Dragon needs to work on his. Whip, Sling Blade. Whip, heel kick by Dragon, Dragon Gori special takes some work to set up, Gori Bomb! (“Kudo Driver” probably also works.) Fenix kicks Dragon in the head to break it up, and now he and Drago each take a rudo. Whips, powerbombs, Dragon lifted up in a Gori Special for Fenix's splash drop and legdrop bit. Rudos recover and kick Drago out, then Dark Dragon suggests they team up. Toscano offers a handshake, but Dark Dragon isn't willing to go that far. Fenix is chopped by both. Corner whip, Toscano leaping clothesline, and Fenix spits out mist for the third time this match already. Toscano sits Fenix up, and boosts Dragon into a low blow dropkick to the backside. Dragon covers, but Drago breaks it up with kicks on both. At least this break up make sense, since Drago wouldn't want to face the rudos 1 on 2 when they're getting along. Dragon kicks Drago down, picks up Fenix in a Gori Stretch, and pulls Drago into a package piledriver. Fenix is proud but stunned, then Toscano ends their partnership with a dropkick to the face. Toscano sets Fenix in the corner, carefully pulls down his long sleeves, and slaps Fenix hard. Corner whip, reverses, Fenix boots Toscano in the face, then lifts him up and full speed runs him into the other opposite buckle for a super powerslam. Fenix goes up top, Dark Dragon climbs up with him and they position themselves on the ropes for a moment. Dragon slips underneath Drago, and Toscano sneaks under Drago. This ends up as a Toscano powerbomb on Dragon, a Dragon electric chair suplex on Dark Dragon and a Fenix flipping neckbreaker on Dragon, who lands right on his left shoulder then has Drago land on him. Toscano's the only one who come out standing, and kicks Drago as he tries to crawl on top for a pin. Dragon gets up for a chop fight. That turns into a forearm fight. Fenix and Dragon break it up by attacking both. Fenix and Drago counter, and a Fenix handspring meets a Dragon dropkick to the face. Fenix out, Dark Dragon out after him with a tope con giro, taking him over the rail in and into the front row. Dragon and Toscano in, evasion, Drago dropkick sends Toscano out. Drago goes so far on his tope giro in that Toscano can barely hold on to him, but does and dumps Drago in the front row, then stomps him punches him around. Dragon and Toscano kick each other on the outside, and Toscano teases throwing Dragon into the fans. Drago thrown in instead. Match pauses, waiting for Drago and Dark Dragon to get back in and up. Dark Dragon is moving really slow. Drago lands a spinning DDT, then a sliding flatliner. Fenix breaks up the pin. Fenix miss a clothesline, Dragon heel kicks him a few times, flipping DDT, Drago covers, then gets up when Toscano comes in. Toscano bodyscissors cradle, out into his bridging pin, both guys look down, two count anyway. This is a long run until the first elimination. Hasn't dragged quite yet. Drago kicks, Toscano hooks the leg and cradle supelexes him, one two no. Toscano punches Drago in the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Drago charges in, Toscano puts him on the top rope, Drago slaps him away, then jumps off for a flying front cracker. Dragon with an armbar trap armbar rolled around into a head trap hammerlock. Toscano is trapped, no save on the way, so he gives.

Dark Dragon in, Drago works him over with kicks. Dragon grabs one, and turns into a pumphandle powerbomb one two three. Well, not so long until the second pin.

Fenix and Dark Dragon to finish it. Fenix misses a charge, Dark kicks him, double pumphandle powerbomb. Two count. Fenix whipped, Dragon flips Fenix in the air and powerbombs him hard. One two NO. Fenix corner whipped, Dragon charge and flips to the apron, Fenix slips out and slaps Dragon as he climbs the ropes. Both up top, Fenix pulls Dragon off with a top rope 'rana. Dragon stumbles to his feet quickly, Fenix jumps on his shoulders, inverted 'rana drops Dragon on his head. Fenix holds one two three. Crowd, which hasn't made much noise all match, does cheer big for the win.

Toscano returns to the ring to glare at Fenix. Dragon tries to congratulate Fenix, which annoys Toscano, both the both help up. Fenix tries to get handshake from Dark Dragon, and settles for everyone raising each other's arm up. Money thrown in the ring! Guys take a while to pick it up, with Toscano seeming to grab the most. The other guys are busier selling.

Bernado talks to Chessman & Daga. Chessman has no pants on, how weird. Chessman says Lider & Mesías are good wrestlers because they're champions, but he and Mesías have each beaten each other many times, and Joe Lider is abysmal. Who Chessman would really like to talk about is Vampiro, “anti-professional” for not being here tonight in Neza. Vampiro will pay the consequences. Chessman is very worked up about this. Daga is happy to team with a luchador he respects in Chessman, and while he didn't beat Ricky & Crazy, he put his maximum effort like they're going to do today. Bernado informs Daga he'll be in the Fusion tournament match, and Daga says it's a great honor to get a chance at that title, especially since he still can't seem to get a shot at Juvi and his cruiserweight title (brought up by name!) Daga makes it clear he still wants that title.

Match 2: El Mesías & Joe Lider vs Chessman & Daga
Arena Neza, 11/03/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 15:05
Rating: okay
Notes: Copetes is referee.

Daga and Mesías mat wrestling is fun. Not too entertaining for Copetes and a cameraman, who are informed by the people in the back to look at something in the crowd. We don't get to see it. Daga gets put in Mesías hold for an extended time, Chessman breaks it up, Lider elbows him, and Daga gives Lider a flashy enziguri. Chessman knocks Mesías down for good measure, and the rudos take the ring. Brawling beatdown for a while. Break.

Chessman and Mesías are competing for reactions when they return. The beatdown seems over, but Chessman gets the better of Mesías in kicks and chops, so maybe not. Mesías rallies with armdrags, Chessman pulls up on one and kicks him in the face. Mesías comes back with a headscissors, but this time Daga attacks him from behind. Daga doesn't get as much offense in, Mesías faceslamming him before long. Mesías gives Daga 10 punches. Daga charges into a boot, then takes a bulldog and running shove to the back. Rudos regroup. Daga stands up to Mesías, gets headbutted, chopped, then Mesías rips off his shirt so he can chop Daga harder. Daga's chest is already read, Mesías makes makes it redder, then nearly wins on a backslide. Chessman has to stop the count there. Mesías has no problem with Daga until Daga gets a run of side kicks. It doesn't last long, Daga misses a charge and is shoves into the post. Mesías tries a German suplex, Daga blocks it, elbows free, and superkicks Mesías. This would be really good if it was about 40% faster. Daga climbs up, but Mesías pulls him off for a frontcracker. Chessman breaks it up. It feels like forever since Joe Lider's been in this match, but he sneaks in to inside cradle Chessman for two and nearly three. Chessman misses a charge, Lider inside cradle for two again. Lider argues the count and a while to get turn around. Chessman spear, one two three. Three? Way to go, Joe Lider. What a weird match.

Chessman pulls Daga in by his hair to get his arm raised. Chessman gets a microphone. He says Daga is a good luchador, and Chessman is better than tag team champion Lider. Chessman gives credit to 'Ricky' for showing up as Vampiro's replacement, and says Vampiro is a mediocre anti-professional luchador. Chessman says Vampiro has no respect, for the ring or the fans, but he does. Chessman says he'll terminate Vampiro.