CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #327 (11/10/2012) 
Recapped: 11/16/2012

Announcers welcome us to the show. New graphics this week. Edecans have half painted faces for Dia de la Muertos. Amapola is this week's guest announcer.

Match 1: Ángel de Oro, Blue Panther ©, Titán vs Averno ©, Mephisto, Pólvora
Arena Mexico, 11/02/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:55
Rating: ok
Notes: Titan's continuing wardrobe changes means he's got a WCW-era Jerich like shiny blue vest to match his pants this week. Avernos enter together. They still haven't updated Averno's video. They never will. Referee is Babe Richard.

1: Averno and Blue Panther have a good mat battle, except for cutting away everyone time Averno tries to forearm Panther in the side of the face. Averno is shook up by slaps. Rudos break up holds and run away repeatedly. Pólvora takes Averno's place as guy being put in a hold by Panther and needing save. Panther slips in a DDT, and crawls on his knees to tag in Titan. Titan takes Panther's place as guy nearly winning but for the rudos breaking things up. Five bounce headscissors sends Titan out and Mephisto blows up Titan with a shoulderblock. Oro's turn to come in for his moves. I am so tired of Oro doing the same run of spots in everyone match that I start yelling at my TV when Oro gets flipped to the apron, but it's just a set up for Mephisto to knock him to the floor, and the rudos rule the ring. Panther takes a triple bomb, then a second, and Averno holds on for the pin.

2: Rudos beat up on Panther for a while, then Averno unties Titan's mask a bit. Mephisto helpfully slide out and beats up Angle de Oro on the floor to give him a reason not to be involved. Averno pulls off the shoulder powerslam into the corner on Titan, though it doesn't look as painful as Halcon's. Titan takes the triple bomb once, but reveres it to a 'rana the second time. Mephisto and Pólvora are busy trying to keep the técnicos out, and caught off guard when the técnicos grab them, so Titan is not stopped from winning the fall.

3: Rudos take control back long enough for Panther to avoid a corner charge and send two of them out. Mephisto still is able to clothesline him and pose for a while, but Panther traps Mephisto in the farmer's roll and Pólvora has to bail his partner out. Panther gives Mephisto a flying rana, then stomps his feet and starts to untie his trunks. I have no idea. Averno gives him a fireman's carry into a cutter – he's in an odd mood – and Pólvora adds a legdrop. Two count. Pólvora chops Panther around, but Panther sneaks in a tag for Angel de Oro, setting up the usual superkick and outside in moonsault. Rudos break up the pin. Oro flipping armdrag takes care of Averno, kip under quebradora drops Pólvora. Titan in, back to the 'rana, but Averno saves Pólvora. Pólvora tags out to Averno – Mephisto's spent a lot of time here occupying, and Averno oddly dives at Titan's leg. Based on what they do next, that was supposed to be a drop down, only Titan wasn't running. Evasion sets up a Titan handwalk back flip headscissors. Mephisto in, but only flipping Titan to the appron to set up for his top rope springboard moonsault. Other four in, técnicos cradles for one. Oro dropkicks Pólvora out,and Panther pushes Oro away and oddly runs the ropes for a tope. He seemed to hit the ropes weird but the top was fine. Mephisto flips Oro to the apron, Oro springboard back in, and headscissors him out the other wide, then follows with his usual dive. Averno and Titan back in, Titan swing kicks Averno anyway and springboard headscissors in. Titan back bends under an Averno clothesline, blocks a kick, and Averno grabs pulls his mask off. Referee was standing inches away, sot hat's not going to work. Averno is disqualified.

Averno celebrates with his new mask. Amapola defends Averno.

Match 2: Atlantis ©, La Sombra, Rush vs Tama Tonga, Terrible ©, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 11/02/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:25
Rating: ok
Notes: Monito is with the técnicos, Comandante with the rudos. Referee is Maya.

1: Atlantis tries to wrestle Tonga on the mat, but Tonga pulls him into a striking battle and gets the better of that. Someone jumps in the rudo corner and starts tightening up the ropes while the match is going, which looks tremendously low rent. Tiger doesn't last long with Sombra. Rush and Terrible have another yelling chop fight, won by Terrible kicks. Rush reverses a corner whip, charges, stops, slaps Terrible in the face, and laughs. Terrible dropkick him out, then knocks him back with a tope. Rudos rush Sombra, Atlantis flips him to safety and kicks them away. Sombra springboard planchas them both, Atlantis splashes them both, técnicos try finishes and it works out of them.

2: Tiger tries to chop with Sombra, and Sombra ends up forearming him in the face and knees him to his knees. Terrible bails out his partner, as usual. Sombra makes the 1 on 2 run, headscissors for Tiger, drop down to cause Terrible to fly out, pose. Rush brushes off Tiger and demands to face Terrible. Rush gives Tiger a few free shots, then knocks him down with one chop and spits at Terrible. Rush mauls Terrible for a while, nearly getting himself disqualified, but still sending Tiger out with the running elbow. Terrible faces him now, and they go forehead to forehead before swinging. Lots of shots to the face, Rush dicking one and slapping Terrible down. Terrible battered with kicks to the chest, and Rush swings at Tama for good measure. Terrible takes the belly to belly and spine kick. Rush does his invisible kick pose. Rudos bumble at hit each other when Atlantis comes in – Amapola feels for her friend Comandante when Terrible kicks her. Everyone hitting everyone but ends with Tiger missing a senton and getting his head kicked off by a Rush superkick. Sombra and Rush tope Tiger & Terrible, but Tama surprises all with his DDT variation – I believe that's the Headshrinkier. Tama pins the captain and gets the fall.

3: Rudos work over the técnicos, and Terrible make sure to kick Monito off the apron. Mostly individual fighting, with Terrible and Tiger doing the rare teamwork beat. Tama headbutts Rush int the collar a few times, but Rush reverses his Tonga's finish into a suplex. Terrible knocks Rush down and gets ride of him before Rush can do anymore. Atlantis turns the tide on a corner whip, and it's back to everyone hitting everyone again. Sombra is last, headscissoring Tiger out. Tama tope con giros him, while Sombra Asai moonsaults Tiger. Tonga and Atlantis in one more time, Chop fight, Atlantis turns a whip into a plancha and gets a long two count. Tonga off the ropes, boot knocks Atlantis down. Tonga takes a while to taunt, then runs into backdrop, turning over to the very last second. Atlantis dropkicks Tonga out, holds up a the ropes, and Tonga pulls him out. Whip, reversed, and Tonga head into the barricade. Sombra back in, and Tiger and Terrible bumble, but Sombra backflips into into Tiger's dropkick again – that's how Tiger beats him, every time. Terrible wins a chop fight with Rush, Rush lunges, leaps, and does it so hard that Terrible can't hold on for his finish, Rush tumbling over instead. Terrible picks him up back up and drops him with a fireman's carry bomb instead.