CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #360 (10/13/2012) 
Recapped: 10/15-16/12

Match 1: Triton vs Ephesto in a lightning match
Arena Coliseo, 10/07/2012

Winner: Ephesto
Match Time: 6:21
Rating: eh
Notes: Why is this airing? This did not go well. Referee is Maya.

Lockup leads to battling armbars and armdrags. Ephesto slows Triton down by shoving him into the ropes. Whip, Ephesto sunset flip, Triton rolls thru and jacknife bridges for tow. Corner whip, reversed, Triton charges into a kick, and Ephesto runs out to clothesline him. Ephesto in no hurry. Off the ropes, splash, Triton gets his feet up, but Ephesto misses them on the splash, and lands where Triton isn't. You could almost work that as evasion if Ephesto wasn't holding his ribs as if he was kicked. Both up, Ephesto misses a clothesline and Triton headscissors him out. Triton runs, but slide out as Ephesto runs around the ring back in. Triton in, felled by one punch. Ephesto take his time, covers, can't get the count because Triton has a leg under the ropes, pulls the offending leg out, and gets two count. Fisherman suplex, float around cover, two count. Both up, Triton slaps Ephesto, small package, one two no. Whip, Triton flipping run, back to up, running up the ropes – and slipping off back in the ring, and Ephesto chops him into the corner. Ephesto takes Triton out to the apron, and smashes him into the post. Punch blocked, Triton slaps him back, springboard headscissors in. One two NO. Triton off the ropes, handspring dive fake gets boos. Crowd thought they were getting there. Triton starts running again, Valiente Special gets no distance, and Triton comes down about face first on the apron. Ephesto rued over to catch, but could not do much. Replay from a more painful angle. Ephesto in first, Triton springboard dropkick, standing moonsault one two NO. Ephesto checks his face after he kicks out. Triton dumps Ephesto in the center of the ring, long way to go, senton con giro lands but Triton elbows Ephesto in the face on the way down. Ephesto grabs his face in obvious pain, one two Ephesto still kicks out. Replay, which doesn't show the elbow as well. Triton and Ephesto up and exchanging chops. Clothesline knocks Triton down. Triton back up on his own while Ephesto stands there waiting. Ephesto clothesline misses, Triton takedown, look at the crowd, Ephesto roll one two three. JCR says Ephesto is “infinitely better on this occasion” and Triton was very nervous.

Match 2: Astral, Fantasy ©, Último Dragoncito vs Mercurio ©, Pequeño Violencia, Pequeño Warrior
Arena Coliseo, 10/07/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:20
Rating: angle
Notes: Entrances. Fantasy's X-Files remix is so weird. Dragoncito is wearing his painted Chivas jersey. Mercurio comes thru the crowd, and dropkicks Fantasy out of the ring. Dragoncito just stand and watches as Mercurio topes his partner. Pequeño Warrior inexplicably has his Mini Psicosis mask on. Maybe he knows where Mini Psicosis went! Rudos kick Fantasy up the ramp. Referee is Terror Chino.

1: Mercurio brings Fantasy back to the ring for kicks. Flapjack, dropkick. Mercurio slaps Fantasy back in to his corner. Stomps. Warrior snaps Fantasy's neck over the top rope from the outside, then adds his slingshot elbow drop. Corner whip, clothesline, corner whip, Fantasy moves, Mercurio hits the corner, and Fantasy superkicks him. Fantasy stomps Mercurio as the crowd boos; much more rudo friendly in Coliseo than usual. Fantasy quebradoras Mercurio and goes for the mask, but the other rudos break it up. Backdrop, and everyone kicks Mercurio on the mat until Terror Chino calls for the DQ.

2: Mercurio continues to beat up Fantasy. Rudos spread out to beat up the other tecnicos as well. Warrior lays on the floor and holds Astral as if he's stretching him out of the ring, except Astral doesn't seem to be hurt in the least. Elbow drop on the floor follows, as does a low blow headbutt. Mercurio and Fantasy make it back to the ring, but are in no hurry. Fantasy reverses a whip, and turns a headscissors into a powerbomb, but the other rudos break it up and hold him for more Mercurio shots. Fantasy tossed out, which lets someone else come in! Astral tossed in, corner dropkick for him, Warrior corner clothesline. Astral slide dropkicked out. Dragoncito held up for dropkicks from both sides. Rudos have run out of people to beat for the moment. Fantasy back in, slapped around. Warrior and Violencia goof around, and Warrior misses a dropkick on Fantasy. Mercurio grabs Fantasy, and Violencia dropkick his fellow rudo by mistake. Fantasy headscissors Violencia out, and Astral follows with a corner tope con giro. Warrior dropkick Fantasy out, but Dragoncito planchas him. Corner evasion bits, by Warrior, but Dragoncito still puts him a standing octopus. The other two in, Fantasy planchas Mercurio, both up, Fantasy kick block mask pull not blocked. Ref saw it, that's it.

Mercurio poses with Fantasy's mask on his head. Fantasy and Mercurio say they're taking each other's mask next week.

Match 3: Diamante Azul, Rush, Shocker © vs Averno, Rey Bucanero, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Coliseo, 10/07/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:47
Rating: ok/good
Notes: Entrances, since they have all the time in the world after the first two matches. Show is finally half over as Rush enters. Shocker is wearing his Guapo overalls. Volador has an awesome Averno fused match. This is a match of some supremely confident people (and Rey Bucanero.) Ref is Maya.

1: Averno takes down Shocker and holds him in a knee bar for a moment. His weakness! They scramble on the mat or holds rather strongly. Shocker pulls off a headscissors from the mat. Volador is busy playing to the crowd. Battling armdrags go Shocker's way. Averno rolls out and yells at the ring. Volador and Diamante Azul in, crowd has a favorite. Volador circles, points to the crowd, and just tags Bucanero in. Poor Bucanero. Diamante Azul is unhappy but pointing. They have an aborted scramble on the mat, then Azul puts on a time killing hold and Volador breaks it up with a kick. Azul glares at Volador while Rush comes in to protest to the referee. Azul and Bucanero resume, Azul gets Bucanero down right away, and Volador is running into break the hold before Azul has it applied. Volador rolls right out the other side of the ring, but that does not stop Azul from stalking him. Rush is egging his buddy on, but nothing happens. Bucanero and Azul in, whip, Azul slaps Volador on the apron and chases him out. Volador gets in a kick first, and the three rudos warm Volador. Técnicos rush over, but the rudos get the better of them too. Volador takes Azul to the ramp, and supelxes him there. Averno posts Bucanero and yells sat the fans. Bucanero chokes Shocker to kill some time. Rudos bring Azul back in, Averno puts him on the top rope, and Volador rips at the mask. Azul brought down, and whipped into an Averno kick. Volador switches to untying the mask. Tecnicos protest from the apron. Volador pulls Azul's mask completely off, and there's a long crowd shot. When they come back, Volador is away from Azul, who's struggling to put his mask back on without exposing his face. Not sure how Maya missed the mask pull – he pretty much could not have, only could've ignored it because it wasn't the finish. Volador spits at Rush, who charges in the ring ready to kill and kicks at Volador, but Volador catches the boot and the other rudos come in to help attack Azul. Bucanero grabs Rush in a chinlock, pulls him over the top rope, and holds him in a chinlock and a bodyscissors on the floor. How strange. Azul's rolled out to fix his mask , so the other rudos give Shocker a double back elbow, double armbar spot almost finishes Shocker, but doesn’t for some reason. Instead, Devil's Wings and Volador plancha to do it. Bucanero kept choking out Rush on the outside the entire time.

2: Averno chokes Rush on the outside and spits at him. Inside, Azul runs after Volador and grabs at his mask, even while Bucanero is attacking him from behind. Azul keeps a hammerlock for a while when he should be selling. Corner whip, Volador corner clothesline, Whip – no, Volador short clothesline. Volador poses and is in no hurry. Azul tries to escape, but Volador stand on his ankle. Averno in to help split the legs. Rudos all corner whip Azul, Volador whipped in, flipped to the apron, Rush superkicks him off there while Azul clotheslines the other two. Azul runs, and knocks Volador down with a tope. Rush back suplex and senton on Bucanero, Shocker cradle on Averno.

Diamante Azul grabs Volador by the head on the outside, then stands him up and cocks back his arm like he's going to punch Volador in the face for real. Volador bolts, Azul chases and grabs him. They grab each other by the head, and Volador pulls off Azul's mask while keeping his own on. Azul goes down to cover up, and Volador tosses his mask into the crowd. Rush is immediately out and attacking Volador with punches. Volador into the post, but since the post is right next to Azul, Volador stops and drops a knee on Azul's face! Miguel says Volador is not disqualified because it's between falls. Riiiiight.

3: Rey and Shocker fight. Azul's has gotten his mask back, and he and Rush discuss something on the apron. That cannot be good for Volador. Bucanero dropkicks Shocker. Whip, roll over, Shocker back with a shoulderblock and hiptoss into a sit down powerbomb. Volador in, Shocker gives him a stunner, and holds him in the path of an Averno dropkick. Quebradoras – three! - for Averno, who then faints over. Crowd is amused. Volador in, and Diamante Azul charges in. Volador points to the crowd a bit, then tags in Bucanero. Bucanero gives Volador a hug. Azul tags in Rush, Volador tags in, Rush tells Azul to go kill Volador. Volador for a handshake, and gets pit in the face. Rush is so happy. Volador shakes his head. Off the ropes, over, waved by, double rotation headscissors sends with Azul just shoving Volador awkwardly to the mat. Hmm. Kick, press slam, and throw hard into Averno. Averno takes a look at Volador as he gets up, then avoids Azul's clothesline and kicks him. Averno's charge misses, and Azul monkey flips him across the ring. Averno freaks out and leaves. Bucanero in, he and Azul have a second of conversation, then Bucanero takes the monkey flip. Azul runs, turns towards Volador, and Volador gets off the apron his own. Bucanero and Rush andshoving. Bucanero's chops have no effect on Rush. Rush unzips Bucanero's jacket (that has a zipper??) and knocks him down with chops. Punches, and spit in Volador's direction. Whip, reversed, evasion, Rush elbow smash (Bucanero waiting for it). Averno misses a dropkick, Rush gut punches him into a corner. Rush takes time to yell at Maya for no reason. Rush back to Averno kneelifts and kicks. Corner whip, pause, charge, and Averno kicks Rush as he comes in. Spit back at Rush. Charge, and Averno runs right into the belly to belly suplex. Dropkick to the head sends Averno out. Volador in. evasion, Rush powerslam, and stomp. Rush saves the other rudos in so he can hit them too, and his Volador. Rush shoulderblocks to Averno, off the ropes, and into a triple powerbomb. Averno does the honors, and gets the pin.

Shocker big boots Averno out, but Bucanero grabs his boot and clothesline Shocker out. Bucanero pescado after, elbowing Shocker on the way down. Volador and Azul in, Volador looking tentative. Averno helps out by attacking Azul from behind. Whip, double clothesline missed, boosted dropkick sends Volador out. Azul misses a clothesline, reversed, Averno tires to slide under, Azul catches him and German suplexes one two three.

Volador in, Azul grabs him. Whip, Volador handspring caught by Azul for the German, Volador back supelxes free, Azul press lams him, Volador pulls of the mask a third time, yanks Azul down by his neck, and covers. Maya, busy with Bucanero, turns around to count. One two three. Volador demands he get his hand raised before Maya can change his mind.

Replays. Azul angrily challenges for a singles match next week, then throws the microphone at Volador. Volador says he's the only real star, then calls Azul a bad copy. AZUL ANGRY. Volador makes sure he's walking away when he says that. Volador accepts, because he's much better. Rush comes back to the ring to accuse more trouble, but that's it.