CMLL on Televisa #1122 (10/06/2012) 
Recapped: 10/09/2012

Match 1: Acero, Fantasy ©, Shockercito vs Mercurio, Pequeño Violencia, Pequeño Warrior ©
Arena Mexico, 09/28/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:08
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Pompin. This is the first Pequeño Estrellas match on this show in five months.

1: Edited right off the bat, or Shockercito and Warrior are being very strange doing one arm deadlift spots to start. (It's edited.) More mat wrestling between the two follow, with a higher degree of difficulty than usual. Shockercito headscissors the rudo out after two and a half minutes. Acero has new chrome gear, but seems to be morphing into Pequeño Höruz. Violencia chops him around, Acero comes back with robotic armdrags and dropkicks. Violencia flapjacks Acero onto his face to send him out; not sure if Violencia means to be doing that, but it keeps happening. Fantasy in, but Violencia throws himself into a big sit down clothesline. Fantasy recovers to monkey flip Violencia out, but Mercurio kicks the ropes out from under him on the Asai moonsault attempt. Mercurio slide dropkick Fantasy to the floor. Other rudo in, Warrior barely catches Shockercito's plancha and kind of powerslams him by accident. They set up the catch again so Shockercito can reverse it into a headscissors cradle, while Acero slowly finishes a ranita.

Fantasy complains about the finish, then throws Fantasy around unimpeded.

Leyenda de Azul promo

CMLL Cartela: Sunday: Shocker, Diamante Azul, Rush vs Rey Bucanero, Averno, Volador

2: Mercurio unties Fantasy's mask, but Fantasy gets free and spinning armdrags him. Fantasy charges again, and Mercurio backdrops him to the stage. Fantasy kicks Fantasy off the stage. Rudos have a celebration fail, which involves Warrior accidentally high tening Violencia off the apron. Crowd does not react. Violencia dropkick Acero, who slides out and falls on a ringside person. Layout flapjack for Shockercito. Mercurio shot to Shockercito's back, then flapjack and dropkick to the face. Warrior comes in with a slingshot elbow drop. Warrior lets Shockercito close enough to his corner to tag Acero, but the ref won't allow it. Warrior powerbombs Shockercito, then runs the ropes many times before a legdrop. Fantasy casually sidesteps a corner charge to start the comeback. Warrior throws himself out hard, headscissors for Violencia. Fantasy trios Mercurio, but flips over him rather than going anywhere with it. Mercurio back up and taking a headscissors out. Violencia kicks Fantasy out and he and Warrior set up Acero for Violencia's top rope senton. That lands without issue. Warrior gives Shockercito the running powerbomb into the corner, then pins him while posing.

3: Shockercito and Violencia start goofy, end up with a rebound bounce into what's supposed to be a double headscissors. They get it,but almost loose it along the way. Acero has along set up to one flipping armdrag, and a lesser set up to monkey flips. Warrior headstand headscissors Acero out, and Violencia holds Acero for Warrior's guillotine legdrop. Violencia miss a corner charge back inside, cradle Shockercito pulls him in a reinera for a submission.

Mercurio kicks Shockercito down hard, but whips him into a tope into an armdrag on Warrior. Mercurio and Fantasy have a nifty exchange, Fantasy off the ropes, Violencia grabs his foot, ref turns to stop him, Fantasy pulls Mercurio's mask and cradles him for three.

After a break, the two say they're going to beat each other in their mask match. Crowd gets on Mercurio.

Match 2: Prince Devitt vs Dragón Rojo Jr. for the NWA World Middleweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 09/28/2012

  1. Prince Devitt top rope double stomp (3:18)

  2. Dragon Rojo Dragon Bomb (2:47)
  3. Dragon Rojo reversed 'rana (7:55)

Winner: Dragon Rojo (2-1)
Match Time: 14:00
Rating: ok
Notes: Dragon Rojo has a half mask that's half Dragon Rojo and half elf, with pointy ear. He's back to usual by the start of the mask. Seconds are Mascara Dorada and, oddly, Tony Salazar. Referee is Tirantes.

1: They're fighting before production gets to showing the ring, of course, but nothing of note. Quick back and forth off an armbar leads to Rojo backing off in a corner and Devitt posing. Rojo tries a wristlock, but Devitt is able to slip free and trip Rojo onto his stomach. Legs tied up too. Devitt switched to a standing over wristlock. Rojo get up, so headlock and headlock takedown. Rojo is able to roll Devitt over to his shoulders for a zero count. Rojo switches to his own headlock. Shot off, Rojo back with a shoulders. Off the rope, under, waved by, under, Rojo backwards rolls (sort of) and Devitt dropkicks him in the head. Devitt up top, double stomp to the upper back – Rojo collapses and and Devitt falls on top of him – one two three.

2: Rojo misses a clothesline, but connects well on a spear. Replay of that. Corner whip, Rojo corner low blow dropkick. Step over double armbar, but Devitt gets loose enough to get to the ropes. Devitt avoids a corner charge, Rojo misses a clothesline, and Devitt dropkicks him out. Devitt whips his feet on the ramp, backs up, charges, and goes out with a top con giro. Replay. Devitt goes up more than out on those. Devitt throws Rojo in, Rojo rests in the corner, Devitt poses and lands his own corner dropkick, hits to the head. Crowd is somewhat behind Rojo, and Devitt is subtly playing a heel here. Bloody Sunday – no, Dragon Rojo blocks, ducks a short clothesline, Rojo charges, Dragon Bomb is nearly blown with Rojo almost losing Devitt after the rope bounce (Devitt's back not hitting the ropes as expected), resting Devitt on the mat, and picking him back up, and nearly slipping on the sit down powerbomb. There was some impressive power in getting Devitt back up again, but it was surrounded by some clumsiness. Enough for the pin, anyway.

3: Rojo whip ends with a Devitt dropkick. Devitt stands over Rojo and elbow smashes him in the chest. Maybe he went after his mask too, but we saw it from the wrong angle. Rojo fights him off and chops Devitt into the corner. Corner whip, Rojo clothesline, back the other way, clothesline back, back the third way, clothesline again. Rojo backs up, and his three straight clotheslines aren't enough to stop Devitt from running out of the corner to dropkick Rojo. Replay of that dropkick. Rojo set up on the top rope, and and Devitt elbow smashes him in the shoulders and neck. Rojo quickly elbows him away, but Devitt swing kicks him in the back, to knock him. Rojo down into the tree of woe, and adds another dropkick. Brainbuster, one two NO. Devitt climbs up top, Rojo knocks him off to the floor, and follows with a Silver King style springboard plancha to the floor. Clip. Rojo throws Devitt in and heads up. Not his game. Rojo poses, top rope splash meets knees. Devitt points to his head, goes after Dragon Rojo, Rojo 'surprisingly' cradles him for two. Devitt and Rojo up and clotheslining each other. Devitt rests in the corner, Rojo charges, Devitt hosp out to the apron. Devitt blocks Rojo's clothesline, but Rojo blocks Devitt's swing kick and swing kicks him instead. Rojo out to the ramp, backs up, and charges to missile dropkick Devitt on the floor. Both down on the floor, Devitt in worse condition. Devitt turns around a whip, sending Rojo into the side of the ramp, then walks away to the other side. Devitt runs up the steps and jumps off for another double stomp to the back. Devitt tosses Rojo into the ring and shoves him towards the corner. Devitt up top, top rope double stomp doesn't hit flat but close enough one two NO. Devitt gives us shock. Rojo to the apron, Devitt slaps him and tries to suplex him in, Rojo blocks, knees him and punches him in the midsection, and smashes him into the buckle. Rojo up top, double stomp of his own to he back, Oklahoma roll, one two NO. Dragon Rojo clothesline blocked, and Devitt gives him a standing spinning toe kick to the head. Bloody Sunday – blocked again, Dragon Rojo dropkick to the knee, casita, shoved off, Devitt charges, Dragon Bomb reverses to a 'rana, Rojo rolls thru one two three.

Dragon Rojo gets his belt put on while Dorada and Devitt watch. Replays include hype of Mercurio/Fantasy.