CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #322 (10/06/2012) 
Recapped: 10/07/12

Rey Bucanero is guest announcer this week.

Match 1: Blue Panther ©, Máscara Dorada, Rey Cometa vs Puma King ©, Sangre Azteca, Vangelis
Arena Mexico, 09/28/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 15:21
Rating: excellent
Notes: Cometa is still wearing his mask to the ring. His music video seems to entirely consistent of highlights versus Puma King, because why not. Dorada is wearing his open face mask. Panther's changed his music. Referee is Terror Chino. Monito si with the técnicos.

1: Everyone faces off before the match, and the técnicos successfully rush the rudos. Cometa headscissors Puma out and immediately lands his Brillo tornillo. Other técnicos surprises the other rudos with finishes and take the fall in seconds. Fall is over before the edecanes have made it back stage. Cometa throws Puma around on the stage.

2: Puma begs off from Rey Cometa. Panther yanks Sangre around on the mat, but Sangre gets in a kick to the leg to stop him and tags in Vangelis. Panther fights a Vangelis corner whip for a while, but ends up taking it and being clotheslined anyway. Vangelis put on an armbar too close to the técnico corner, Dorada charges in, Panther shoulderblock, Dorada running senton con giro, one two NO. Dorada under a Vangelis clothesline, springboard - into a Vangelis counter dropkick one two NO. Replay of the dropkick, spot looked good. JCR tries to drum up a Vangelis vs Rey Bucanero title match, but Bucanero says they're both rudos and they wouldn't want to fight. Bucanero is scared of Vangelis, I see. Puma tags in and kicks and chops Dorada. Puma whip, clothesline misses, Dorada back with a Sling Blade. One two NO. Dorada kicks Puma in the upper back, pushes him in the ropes, and slaps him hard. Whip, legdrop, backwards roll, and Puma dropkicks him in the backside. Puma is lax in holding Dorada back, and Dorada is able to slip a tag to Cometa, Cometa off the top rope, 'rana is blocked, then unblocked, but still only two. Brief moment of confusion before they start going again. Cometa escapes a hiptoss and flips Cometa out with a hard clothesline. Puma clotheslines Cometa into the ropes, whip, Cometa up and over sunset flip one two rudo break that up, then kick Dorada he comes in. Sangre slaps Panther out of the ring, while Puma is busy stomping Cometa. Sangre slaps Cometa hard in the corner. Corner whip, Cometa rebounds out into Puma's superkick. That one looked great too. Dorada in, Puma begs off, Dorada is confused, Sangre kicks him down. Whip, Puma big backdrop, flashy elbow drop. Tag to Vangelis, who ponds Dorada in the back. Whip, flapjack, dropkick to the back. Vangelis poses. Dorada tries to make a tag, but the rudos are quick enough to stop the rudos here. Whip, clothesline, one foot pose double bicep one two NO. Tag to Sangre Azteca, whip, Sangre tosses Dorada to Vangelis for the Northern lights suplex for one pin. Puma spinebusters Panther and holds him – a bit too far away from the corner. Sangre's up there anyway so he'll try it, but the low blow dropkick comes up a little short and Sangre actually gets a face first of Panther's feet when Puma let's go too soon. Puma covers anyway and gets the pin.

Rudos grab Monito, sets him in the center of the ring, Sangre Azteca low blow dropkicks him! Harsh.

3: Sangre goes after Panther's left arm. Sangre misses a charge, but puma grabs Panther before he can tag out and smashes his knee into the mat. Vangelis takes over with stomps, chops, and the occasional elbow drop. Sangre comes in and puts an armbar back on. Panther is just short of making the tag. Whip-, Panther turns it around to a quebradora, fires up, and makes the tag to Dorada. Dorada springboard dropkick in. Puma rushes in, enziguri for him – but Vangelis puts Dorada down with a big clothesline. Rudos all in, corner whip on Dorada, Puma Dorada flips Puma to the apron (Cometa pulls him off), Sangre misses the corner charge Dorada dropkick to Vangelis, and Dorada moves out of the way of Sangre's dropkick. On the outside, Cometa whips Puma into the barricade, then slingshots him into the the post. Dorada goes after Sangre's mask in the ring, and holds him for Monito to get in a low blow dropkick. Fans are very amused. Sangre whips Dorada, Dorada leaps to the apron, slaps Sangre away, and comes back in with the floating headscissors. Sangre flips Dorada to the apron, Dorada forearms him back, springboard plancha. Dorada thrown off into the rudo corner, rudos trip him up and hold him, Sangre Azteca low blow dropkick. Panther rushes Sangre and monkey flips him the other way. Panther sets up for more, but Vangelis is sneaking in behind him. Vangelis shoves Panther, which actually also causes Panther to shove Sangre out. Vangelis spear on Panther, one two NO. Vangelis stomps and chops Panther in the corner. Vangelis backs up, 3 points stance, charge, Panther moves in time, then charges himself. Vangelis puts him in the middle rope, but Panther just comes off with a headscissors. Panther fires up, but Puma kicks him hard in the leg. Panther off the ropes, over, into a Puma superkick. Puma fires up one two NO. Replay of that superkick, which nailed Panther around the throat. Puma going for another pin one two NO. Cometa disrupts the count form the outside. Puma argues, then turns back to Panther – fujiwara! Vangelis stomps Pather in the head to break it up. Puma kicks Panther in the rib. Corner whip, Puma charges into Panther's boot, tag to Rey Cometa, Cometa of the top rope to headscissors Panther out. Cometa runs, slide out after Panther, ducks a clothesline and gives him a 'rana – no, blocked and Cometa gets smashed into the guardrail. Other four all in, rudos getting the edge. Panther whipped at Dorada, but Dorada lets him up and pushes him off into a headscissors on Vangelis . Sangre dropkick on Panther misses, whip, reversed, and Panther turns it into a tope on Vangelis! Mascara Dorada double springboard into a casadora cradle one two NO. Dorada corner whip, reversed, Sangre charges, no one home, Sangre takes the hip bump out. Dorada runs, Brillo Dorada crushes Dorada. Dorada went from 0 to 60 there amazingly fast. Cometa and Puma in once again. Cometa charge, Puma leaps over, Cometa casadora, Puma blocks, Cometa reinera (!! - kind of more like a Zayclone), Puma inside cradle escapes, corner whip, Puma charge, Rey sets him on top and chops him hard. Cometa fired up, climbs up, Puma punches him, Puma press turned into a nice snap 'rana! One two NO! Cometa dropkick Puma out, up to the middle rope , diving headscissors almost ends both of them. Panther and Vangelis in, Vangelis grabs onto Panther, but panther dumps him in the corner. Dorada tornillo senton one two three. Fujiwara on Sangre, and técnicos have won!

Match 2: Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Místico © vs Euforia, Rey Escorpión, Último Guerrero ©
Arena Mexico, 09/28/2012

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  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:28
Rating: ok
Notes: Guerreros enter together, appear to be getting along. Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Atlantis and Rey Escorpion battle on the ground. It briefly turns into Atlantis yanking Rey Escorpion's head, and Rey Escorpion asking him to cut it out. Euforia seems to get the better of Diamante Azul on the mat at first, though Azul can be fast. Euforia gives him a huge fireman's drop near the end of their bit. Místico hops in the ring, but UG shoves him out of the ring before he can even start posing. Rudos take out the técnicos as UG preses Místico onto the barricade. UG comes back in, Escorpion clotheslines Diamante Azul, UG lands the senton de la muerte. Euforia elbow drops Atlantis, and slaps and kicks him as he gets up. Whip, UG dropkick to the knee, Escorpion elbow drop. A kick sends Atlantis out. Rey Escorpion slaps Azul into the corner and clotheslines him in the opposite one. Escorpion pulls Azul out, and the Guerreros get in the flying sit there. Replay. Back live, UG crushes Místico with a superbomb one two three. Escorpion gives UG a look as he's celebrating. That can't bode well.

2: Euforia unties Mistico's mask. Rudos continue beat up the técnicos, hanging in together when they'd like. Whip, flapjack, kick to the midsection. Místico sidesteps a corner charge and backflips over a double clothesline to start the comeback. Azul destroys Escorpion and UG with a double clothesline, and Atlantis forearms Euforia. Euforia sidesteps a dropkick, but misses a big boot and throws himself out. Atlantis topes him, and his young partner get their submissions.

3: Euforia misses a corner charge but boots Atlantis anyway. Euforia runs into a backdrop to fix that, and Atlantis dropkicks him out. Rey Escorpion comes in, can't quite get over the ropes on a monkey flip. Atlantis slaps him out anyway. JCR calls Atlantis vs Ultimo as “El Clasisco” - topical! Atlantis monkey roll sends UG out, and Atlantis stop to pose. Místico in next. Crowd noise is mixed for Místico. Místico over, under, waved by, Místico flips off Rey Escorpion's chest, spinning headscissors into an armdrag. Euforia and UG put Místico down with a double kick. Whip, double clothesline misses, Místico boosted into a headscissors on Euforia. Face off, Guerrero and Místico. Místico bumps right into UG's head, but UG wait to grab him. Corner whip, reverses, UG up to the middle rope, Místico climbs up to 'rana him off, something goes wrong, they go both fall off, and Místico turns over to nearly lands on his head. Both are down, ref counts them both down, UG gets a shoulder up after two, Místico doesn't move. UG carefully helps him up. Whip, Místico back with a headscissors that seems to miss the head, but that he's up and trying is a bit amazing. Místico poses to boos. Announcers are talking about how Místico is lucky to be in one piece. Diamante takes over, giving Euforia the big armdrag and Rey Escorpion a powerslam. Escorpion fights back with chops and kicks, but Azul sets him in the tree of woe and smashes him with his corner senton. UG shouderblocks UG out, Místico misses a dropkick. Corner whip, reversed, UG takes the knee bump out, Místico springboard shooting star press to the floor, Azul apron tope con giro on Escorpion. Atlantis and Euforia in, Atlantis quebradora, Atlantis quebradora one two NO. Atlantis clothesline blocked, Euforia Special! Euforia doesn't cover, instead of going for a caverneria, I think, but Rey Escorpion shoves him off. UG comes in and shoves Rey Escorpion, they shove each other more, UG shoulderblocks Rey Escorpion out and looks out after him, Atlantis backside one two three. Euforia looks at Rey Escorpion and Azul German suplexes him. That's it.

Replays. Back live to see Euforia and Ultimo Guerrero stomping down Rey Escorpion. He did cost Euforia a nice win.