CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #359 (10/06/2012) 
Recapped: 10/13/12

Match 1: Dalis la Caribeña ©, Lady Afrodita, Marcela vs La Comandante, La Seductora, Lady Apache ©
Arena Coliseo, 09/30/2012

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Winner: técnicas
Match Time: 12:31
Rating: poor
Notes: Referee is Pompin.

1: Afrodita is wearing white and blank this week, looking like Lady Pentagon II. Apache pulls her around the mat, and occasional gets put in armbars. Lady Apache pulls Afrodita's leg around her own head, and stands Afrodita on her head in the process. That doesn't work, but it's an amusing visual. Push off headscissors sends Apache out and Afrodita into a cartwheeling. Marcela stretches Seductora around, leaning far back on a half crab and another leg hold. Seductora gets free because Marcela lets her free. Seductora does fight back, but takes armdrags, a torture rack gutbuster, and the cartwheeling double knee drop. Comandante and Dallys have a chop fight before Dallys starts with her armdrags and yelling. Both are fearsome. Dallys is caught on a plancha, dropped, and Comandante adds a running splash. Comandante pulls Dallys up and tags in Apache, who's all happy about attacking someone's who's already down. Dallys gets back up and kicks within seconds, and Apache wants to tag out. No luck. Dallys gets in headscissors, the rudos briefly overwhelm her so Dalis can go two for one, armdrag and headscissors on two rudas, bad dropkick to Seductora on the apron. Dallys' silla gets the focus as Afrodita submits Apache and Marcela does something to Comandante

2: Chop fight between Apache and Afrodita leads into some really bad shoulderblocks. A shoulderblock is a hard thing to mess up, but Afrodita achieves it by stopping before impact and just leaning her shoulder into Apache. It's absurd, and Apache takes a silly bump on the third. Armdrags and headscissors sends Apache out. Comandante/Marcela slap battle ends with Comandante pulling an Ultimo Guerrero, ducking a chop and chokeslaming Marcela. Marcela tries to get out, but the rudas pulls her back and Lady Apache helps boot her out. Rudas take over. Apache frontcracker on Dallys. Seductora almost loses Afrodita on a sidewalk slam. Afrodita almost forgets to duck down a clothesline; Comandante shoves her down hard in response, then Lady Apache comes in to help double powerbomb Afrodita. Rudas clear up there, with Apache celebrating even before the fall is over. I guess he's probably supposed to do something to Afrodita, but deices not to bother.

3: Comandante easily giant swings Afrodita four times, and almost throws her out of the ring on the release. Marcela flips out of a double hiptoss and clotheslines the two smaller rudas for the start of the a comeback, then Dallys runs towards each ruda to be grabbed so Comandante can mistakenly hit there. Dallys wasn't really trying anything but to get caught, how silly. Dallys sends Comandante with a push off headscissors, but then kicks Marcela by mistake. Apache headbutts Dallys to the ropes, Afrodita in, Apache easily grabs her and gives her a crucifix airplane spin. Dallys back up, Apache slaps her and front suplexes her. Comandante to the top, splash, one two three.

Match 2: Diamante, Hijo del Fantasma ©, Stuka Jr. vs Namajague, Shigeo Okumura, Taichi ©
Arena Coliseo, 09/30/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:28
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Fantasma and Okumura start as the fans chant Stuka until he waves to them. Okumura likes doing the Ric Flair bridge spot of late, though he can't quite get it to work here. Taichi walks away from the ring to avoid Stuka, so Namajague and Diamante instead battle on basic mat holds. Diamante armdrags Namajague away, then sets up to lock up again, but puts his hand up where Namajague can't reach. Namajague is not amused, not even when Diamante does it a second time, and kicks him in the shin. Snap mare, crucifix for two. Quick pins, and tags. Stuka in, but the rudos have to discussion before Taichi can come in. Stuka sent in the ropes, flipping run, but Okumura kicks him in the back on the next try, and Taichi smacks the other tecnicos. Stomps and elbows to Stuka. Taichi stands on his throat, and tags in Namajague. Namajague double chop is loud. Corner whip, Stuka avoids Namajague, Taichi superkicks him anyway, Namajague German suplex one two three.

Taichi and Namajague celebrate, but I Diamante loudly dropkicks Namajague. No problem, Okumura kicks Michinoku Driver. Taichi cuts off Fantasma, and the Japanese take the fall.

2: Rudos hit Fantasma while he tries to rally the crowd. Rudos put him out with a double boot. Okumura with corner to corner clotheslines on Diamante. Taichi puts Diamante on the top rope and unties his mask. Namajague helps hold while Okumura keeps the ref back. Diamante barely keep sit on. Rudos dump him to the mat anyway. Corner charges on Diamante, Taichi last with a slap, sort of Misterioso like. Taichi fan club! Namajague back elbows Stuka out. Fantasma ducks a double clothesline, and Diamante springboard dropkicks Taichi out. Stuka and Fantasma dive on people, while Diamante gives Namajague a quebradora and his jumping armscissors for the submission. Okumura brought back in for Stuka's splash and the fall.

3: Everyone likes Fantasma's hard loud chop to Taichi except Taichi. Taichi fights back with kicks, but goes for one too many and is enziguri-ing out of the ring. Diamante drops Namajague into splits but doesn't take advantage, preferring to springboard into a casadora armdrag. Big tope con giro wipes out the demon. Okumura gives Stuka a quebradora, and clotheslines him as he backs up. Whip, reversed, Stuka dropkicks him out and follows with the Asai. Fantasma and Taichi back in, Fantasma flipped to the apron but back with a spin kick and a plancha. Taichi up, Fantasma misses a corner splash, slap, Taichi gets swing kick of his own, Gedo clutch one two three.

Fantasma sells the cradle like he's been dead, but maybe its' more for the kick that preceded it.

Blurb: fine enough midcard match, without the Taichi mishaps which have plagued other matches. There's nothing much to note about this one, like there wasn't really much to note about Taichi's stint. Diamante is still stuck in the mode where he knows how to do his usual sets of move but can't take advantage of other opportunities presented to him.

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Match 3: Rey Bucanero, Tiger, Volador Jr. © vs Blue Panther, La Máscara ©, Valiente
Arena Coliseo, 09/30/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:36
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Tiger has a new mask! This never happens. He starts with Panther on the mat and manages to live. Mascara takes down Volador with a headscissors, then goes right for his mask. Mije goes for Máscara, but Mascara wastes no time spinning him around. Mascara headscissors cradle, rudos break that up and attack the other técnicos. Whip, drop toe hold, double elbow drop, Tiger running kick to the face. Volador covers after a moment, more to keep Mascara from tagging out then in hops of a win. Pro/anti-Mascara chants face off. Volador tags in Tiger, who just stops Mascara in time form tagging out. Tiger armbar, Bucanero axhandle to the arm. Mascara tries to again, so Bucanero just attacks the técnicos, and brings in Panther. Tiger and Volador set up Panther for the rolling senton, and Tiger covers for the pin. Volador superkicks Valiente as he come sin, and Tiger throws Mije on top. Ref won't count until Mije gets off, booo.

2: Rudos pull of the flying sit on Mascara, with Tiger elected to do the flying. Volador covers, still only 2. Volador switches tactics and unties the mask. Tecnicos protest, rudos stomp down Mascara as the referee is busy with the wrong person. Rudos get bored with Mascara and run Panther into the post. Tiger holds Valiente for Volador to kick, but Volador has already left the ring. Tiger knees Valiente himself. Double clothesline misses, Mascara boosted into a headscissors on Tiger, then a casadora campana on Volador, finishing him before Bucanero figures out what's going on.

Panther posts Tiger on the outside while Mascara goes for Volador's mask.

3: Valiente, who has barely been in this match, chops Bucanero for second before being dropkicked out. Panther quebradoras Bucanero, but Tiger breaks up the cover with a kick. Tiger chops Panther around, but Panther easily trips him and pounds him in the face. Tiger recovers, misses a kick, and takes a trip of a kick all the way out. Volador in, so brings in Mascara. Crowd loud for Mascara, louder when he takes off his hoodie. Volador flipping run, Máscara clothesline misses, Volador headscissors sends Mascara to the ropes. Volador charges, Mascara flips him to the apron, Volador forearms him twice and then turns to yell at the rowdy técnico fans. Volador turns back to Máscara and tries to send him in the buckle, but Máscara swing kicks him. Mije in, and again Máscara ain't playing around with him. Mascara scoops Mije and tosses him right out, Volador just barely catches him. Volador taps Mije in the chin after he sets him down, then turns to take a tope from mascara. Bucanero clothesline and kicks Valiente, then puts on a sharpshooter with an armbar. That's the end of Valiente!

Tormenta Bucanero on Panther, but only for two. Bucanero grabs Panther by the head, Panther pulls him into the Fujiwara armbar. Tiger rushes into breaking it up, but leaves and Bucanero is slides out. Tiger charges in, dropkick misses, Panther charges, Tiger backdrops him into a pescado in the area of Bucanero. Tiger adds his own tornillo, and also almost misses. Mascara and Volador in, announcers busy making up voices for Mije. Volador land the superkick, poses, backcracker. That silences the Mascara chant even before the three count is finished.

Volador makes belt motions. So does Mije. Replays. Cut to Volador taking Mije away, and they're done.