CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #358 (09/29/2012) 
Recapped: 09/29/2012

Match 1: Fuego vs Sangre Azteca in a lightning match
Arena Coliseo, 09/23/2012

Winner: Fuego
Match Time: 7:57
Rating: ok
Notes: Entrances! Must not be long matches if we're getting entrances for the lightning matches. Referee is Terror Chino. Sangre's blue tights nicely contract Fuego's usual colors: it's ice vs fire!

Mat wrestling to start, with Sangre getting near fall after a bow and arrow and dueling leg holds. Sangre is a bit more adventurous, and is the first to chop very hard. They go back and forth on suasticas until Sangre turns into a short pin. Back to battling leg locks. Fans have got excited for no particular reason. Fuego stops Sangre with multiple quebradoras con giro. Sangre holds up on a corner charge, Fuego looks, then charges in for his fake flip out headscissors. They seem in slow motion on the next bit too, a Sangre flapjack followed by dropkick to the face. Looks like someone forget where they were in the match but I'm not sure. Sangre backs Fuego into the corner, and slaps him in the chest hard. Corner whip, Sangre charges in, and lands a running corner DDT. Where has that been? He could've used it for the entirety of the técnico run, it's that sort of move. Two count. Sangre kicks and turnbuckle smashes Fuego, then drops him in front of the corner. Middle rope senton con giro misses. Fuego shakes some life in his head, and covers.

Five minute mark. Fuego backdrop escape armdrag, and Sangre goes out. Fuego runs, springboard plancha looks good, doesn't quite land on. Referee count them both out. Sangre makes it back in first, but his turnbuckle smash is bocked like always. Fuego top rope plancha meets counter dropkick. One two NO. Fuego was supposed to reach the ropes with his hand, couldn't, just kicked out anyway. Replay of the dropkick. Chop fight. Fuego ducks a clothesline, 'rana turned into a sit down powerbomb, one two NO. Sangre deep armdrags, dropkick misses, Fuego up on Sangre's shoulders, forward roll, sangre reveres on top one two NO. Fuego waves to the crowd for support. Crowd has been into it despite it pretty well all considering. Sangre off the ropes, 'rana (?), Fuego rolls thru one two NO. Sangre is running oddly. Fuego punch blocked by Sangre, Sangre goes to the middle rope, to the top rope. Top rope splash meets knee. Fuego covers one two three. Wait, that actually worked, that never works.

Fuego is very thrilled with the win. Far more than eh should be about beating Sangre Azteca, all things considered.

Match 2: Aereo, Fantasy, Shockercito © vs Demus 3:16, Mercurio, Pierrothito ©
Arena Coliseo, 09/23/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:44
Rating: OK/good
Notes: Referee is Pompin.

1: Demus armdrags Aereo around for fun. Aereo finally gets in a helicopter headscissors from the mat, and thanks that's enough to chase Demus around the ring. Pierrothito and Shockercito have a good back and forth, but are playing set up to the feuding pair. Mercurio quickly clotheslines Fantasy and kicks him on the mat. Scream at the crowd. Whip, dropkick to knee. Mercurio backs up before running for a senton, Fantasy has just enough time to move. The técnico pops up, dropkicks Mercurio, and starts pounding him with punches on the canvas. Whip, clothesline misses, Mercurio headscissors Fantasy out by surprise, slings to the apron and follows with a springboard tornillo. Rudos catch Shockercito's top rope plancha, but Aereo knocks them over with his own. No problem for the rudos, who just wait for the rudos to run into them and flatten them with power moves.

2: Mercurio beats Fantasy up and rips his mask. Pierrothito continues his dropkick, but Fantasy is able to roll out and Shockercito picks up with slaps. Rope running counter send with a Pierrothito drop toe hold and elbow tot the back. Slap to the back, punch to the gut, lift, and Gori Bomb! Shockercito is well beat, but Pierrothito tags in Demus for his own long running dropkick. Aero flies in, but Demus just moves and Aero crashes and burns. Demus pulls off a neat press into a shoulder powerslam, then goes up top – top rope splash connects, one two kickout! Demus just laughs at it only being two Demus slaps Aereo out of the ring, celebrates, and takes a dropkick to the back from Fantasy. Fantasy in, running, but Pierrothito runs into clothesline him. Pierrothito tags in Mercurio for slaps. Corner whip, Pierrothito misses the charge and big, Fantasy headscissors Mercurio out. Demus back in, running, and slides out on his stomach. Fantasy to the apron, Asai moonsault onto Demus. Mercurio grabs Fantasy and monkey flips him to the ramp, while Aereo does a slingshot senton con giro (or elbow drop) onto Demus almost at the same time. Cameras only saw one. Captains back in, Shocker escapes Pierrothito's slam (awkwardly), jumps over his kick, and pulls him into the reinera for the win. Shockercito spins him a few times before letting him go.

The doctor checks on Aereo, who destroyed himself and can't even get a replay

3: Pierrothito shoulderblocks Aereo out, but Aereo comes back with flipping and spinning armdrags. Aereo wipes out Pierrothito with a big tope con giro. Fantasy slaps down Mercurio, then takes a while to set up a whip. Bad quebradora, but Fantasy is now in perfect position to unmask Mercurio. Mercurio's face is exposed completely for a split second. Mercurio's clothesline caught into a submission, but Demus breaks that up with a dropkick. Demus tries to slingshot in, but catches his leg over the top rope on the way in and falls down badly. Crowd shoots. Demus picks Shockercito up and slaps him a few times. Shocker fights back with a double – no triple rotation headscissors! Shockercito fixes his pants, goes up top, and launches off with a headscissors to the floor. That was a man who would like to prove something. Pierrothito and Aereo back in, Aereo scoops up for the inverted powerslam again, hold him up there as if waiting for something, then slam him down anyone. One two three.

Fantasy dropkicks Pierrothito, Mercurio clotheslines him. Whip, reversed, Mercurio back with a spinning headscissors but Fantasy turns it into the powerbomb. Ref is busy talking to Shockercito, so Fantasy lets go – and Mercurio fouls him. Now the ref pays attention, but far too late for Fantasy. One two three.

Fantasy declares he's sick of Mercurio's tricks and demands a mask vs mask match.

Triple rotation headscissors in the third fall.

Match 3: Diamante Azul, Marco Corleone, Prince Devitt © vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Coliseo, 09/23/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:51
Rating: ok
Notes: Entrances. Ring announcer confuses which NWA championship Devitt has. Terrible can pull off the shaved head look. No Mije! No Comandante, while I think about it. Volador is wearing his ski mask, perhaps because he's about to commit a crime. In usual random fashion, they use one version of Personal Jesus when Volador enters and another version when they're listing him as captain in the match. Ref is Maya.

1: Terrible and Azul quickly wrestle on the mat. Bucanero and Devitt start there, though Volador pokes in and stomps a Devitt hold. Bucanero consults Volador before continuing. Devitt tries a front facelock, can't get Bucanero to sit still, and Volador rushes in and breaks up the non-set hold anyway. Volador hurries back to the apron and claims innocent when confronting. One more rudo huddle. Devitt's left thigh is wrapped, though he's significantly better at finding matching wrap then Dragon Rojo. It helps to be very white, for sure. Devitt headlock, shot of, and back to forearm Volador off the apron. Brawling on the floor goes badly because it's in the rudo side. Big Diamante Azul does grab Bucanero before the rudos get in under control. Marco starts jumping one very punch Terrible gives him, which is something. Volador traps Devitt's leg in a chair and starts kicking it. Devitt begs for Volador to let him off, and then can't get free. Bucanero brings Azul in clothesline him. Bucanero holds Azul for Terrible to slap round. Volador frees Devitt to stomp him on the floor. Marco chopped around. Spinebuster spinebuster hold, Volador legdrop, Terrible holds on for the pin. Bucanero's move sets up Volador's pin for the fall. Rudos torment Devitt after the fact, running him crotch first into the spot. That's not a DQ this week.

2: Rudos attack Devitt's left leg with kicks and knee drops. Bucanero holds on a half crab, Devitt scoots to his corner, Bucanero tries a STF, Devitt keeps moving, Bucanero pulls him back to the rudos corner and tags in Volador. Volador stomps, pauses to acknowledge a chant, and slowly puts on a tapatía. Volador can't manage to grab both arms at the same time. Bucanero kills some time by running cross ring to hit the big men on the apron. Volador finally gets Devitt up, Devitt shakes his head no, Terrible runs in and slaps him in the face! That was great. Volador gives Terrible credit for fine work, then rudos discuss. Corner whip, corner clothesline, corner clothesline, Bucanero goes to all fours, and of course Devitt boosts out into a dropkick on Volador. The rudos must stop doing that! Everyone hits everyone, until Marco punches Terrible into the Azul German suplex and top rope clotheslines Bucanero. That does it.

3: Marco blocks a Bucanero sunset flip with his dance, but Terrible punches him and dances instead. Everyone loves to do Marco's dance. Bucanero tries to chop Marco and keeps hitting Terrible until Marco tells him to stop so he can hit Terrible himself. Bucanero chops Marco a few times, Marco shrugs it off and punches Bucanero around the ring, Bucanero's swinging flying all over the place as he's propelled backwards. Marco comes off the ropes for more, but Bucanero collapses and Marco can only celebrate. Volador tries a double rotation headscissors on Azul, Azul throws him off, crowd shot, Azul press slams Volador onto Bucanero. Be nice if I could remember what was cut. Bucanero in and taking a corner to corner monkey flip. Back the other way. Terrible takes a Azul headscissors, and a corner rolling senton. Replay of that – Terrible leans way back to protect himself. Volador and Devitt in, Volador flipping run and back with a headscissors. Devitt out. Volador fixes his knee pads, off the ropes, Devitt back in, Volador misses a clothesline and Devitt dropkicks him out. Devitt up top – awkward angle top rope plancha onto Volador. He kind of scooted on the ropes and twisted to land right. Other four in, rudos clothesline, técnicos don't move. Rudos decided to switch opponents, but the clotheslines still don't work. Terrible and Bucanero try again, but Marco and Azul just thrown them out. Azul tope one way, Marco apron clothesline the other. Captains back in, and motioning at each other. Devitt clothesline misses, Volador superkick, big kick ducks, Devitt spinning kick to the head, Bloody Sunday – no, Volador escapes, blatant foul kick. Unlike the last match, this one is seen. Maya waves it off, tells of Volador, and raises Devitt's arm. Bucanero tries to claim it was a fair kick. Volador just doesn't care.