CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #355 (09/08/2012) 
Recapped: 09/08/12

Match 1: Estrellita vs Lady Apache in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 09/02/2012

Winner: Estrellita
Match Time: 8:13
Rating: okay, good by Estrellita standards.
Notes: Referee is Pompin.

Battle of armdrags to start, Estrellita getting the best of it. Next sequence is even. Lady Apache knocks Estrellita down with a shoulderblock the first time off the ropes. Estrellita pulls her down by the hair and dances the next try. Estrellita trademark loose headscissors sends Apache into the corner. She reverses a corner whip, but Estrellita gives her a climbing armdrag. Apache charges, and Estrellita dumps her to the floor. Estrellita runs, and connects on her tope. Unusual for them to do it on the near side. Replays. Estrellita in first, but Apache pulls her down by her hair. Lady Apache in with a flying sunset flip one two NO. Apache hits Estrellita in the face as she gets up (sort of), runs her corner to corner for clotheslines, and finishes with a bulldog. Elbow drop, scream, elbow drop, one two NO. Apache throws Estrellita around by her hair. Either the clock started early, or they cut out a lot of time of Estrellita and Lady Apache recovering outside the ring. Lady Apache covers with one foot, does not win. Estrellita off the ropes, into a hair takedown. Apache thinks about covering, but stops to pin instead. One two no. Faceslam, one two NO. This has been all Lady Apache for about 3 minutes. Whip, Apache lifts Estrellita up, but Estrellita comes down with a DDT and follows with a dropkick to the head. Estrellita kicks Apache, whip, quick reverse, Apache clothesline misses, Apache springboard planchas misses, Estrellita slow casita escapes, Apache casita is work to get Estrellita over but does so for two. O'Conner roll, one two NO. Both are yelling at the referee now. Estrellita turns a clothesline into a backslide for two. Estrellita with a sort of bodyscissors cradle for two. Estrellita casadora – no, Apache escapes and jumps back at Estrellita with an elbow smash. Apache Devil's Wings! One two NO. That was a slow count for real. Apache smacks Estrellita, hurries to the apron,s top to pose, goes up top, and drops into Estrellita's boot. Star Cross, Apache gives.

Match 2: Blue Panther ©, Brazo de Plata, La Sombra vs Ephesto ©, Euforia, Tiger
Arena Mexico, 09/02/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:05
Rating: okay
Notes: Referee is Terror Chino. Monito is with the técnicos.

1: First pair is Euforia & Sombra, and seems edited. Panther and Ephesto are next. The rudos rush in to break up the action when Panther puts on a chinlock, and it takes a while for action to resume. Ephesto looks completely gassed, and he hasn't done that much. Ephesto traps Panther in a ground headscissors, referee stops the técnicos from running in, and Panther headstands to get himself free anyway. Panther puts on a hold, rudos rush in and stomp him a lot. Panther sneaks a tag to Porky, both técnicos whip Ephesto, Ephesto runs into Porky's stomach and Porky splashes him for a sure victory. Rudos break it up again. Corner clotheslines for Porky. Edit? Ephesto blocks a armdrag with a takedown, Sombra rolls thru, and hooks on a submission. Rudos break it up before Sombra's even figured it out. Rudos all come in to whip Sombra, but Sombra goes limb on them. Whip, into a double back elbow, lift for the triple faceslam, but the other rudo than distracted and Sombra rolls up Ephesto. Sombra looses Ephesto, scoots around to put Ephesto back on the mat, and gets the three.

2: Tecnicos try to end Euforia via Porky corner splash. Euforia slide out after, then helpfully rolls back in under the bottom rope so Panther can cover and get it broken up. Ephesto breaks it up, Panther fights him, Euforia sneaks in in an inside cradle, Panther goes for the Yes (or No) Lock, Ephesto prevents the copyright violation from happening. Panther tries to fight the rudos in the wrong and out of it, which goes poorly. Ephesto knocks Panther down in an neutral corner. Corner whip, Panther springboard plancha, but no pin. Panther backs Ephesto into the rudo corner, chops Titan, then does a low kip and over on a charge. Panther rolls Ephesto back, and Sombra get in a missile dropkick. Tiger and Sombra evade, Sombra wins via dropkick. Sombra runs up the corner, but it's the rudo one, and Euforia trips him up into the tree of woe. Tiger immediately takes advantage with a dropkick. Euforia slams Super Porky and almost collapses himself. Tiger adds a senton to send him out. Panther in, and this time the rudo keep it together for a triple powerbomb. Tiger adds a senton one two three.

3: Sombra tries his handspring backflip, and it meets Tiger's dropkick like always. Tiger high gives Euforia in celebration, and they can't decide if that's a tag or not. They both come in (after a repay), but Sombra flips Tiger to he apron, avoids Euforia's charge, and superkicks Ephesto for good measure. Euforia back elbows Sombra to stop that (then does the same to Super Porky for no reason) and taunts the fans. Off the rope evasion leads to a Sombra 'rana. Euforia sends Sombra to the apron, and Sombra springboards back in with a plancha. Sombra drops Euforia in front of the corner, leaps to the top rope and lands his rope flip moonsault (mostly on Euforia's legs.) Rudos rush to break up the pin. Sombra slow up and slower swinging at Ephesto, Ephesto ducks, and Euforia smacks Sombra in the back. Ephesto tags in, smacks Ephesto's right shoulder, then gives him the big shoulderbreaker. Panther and Porky make the save. Panther stays int help with a double team, Sombra sunset flipping Ephesto into a Panther clothesline. Tiger's turn to break up the pin. Panther pumphandle submission, but Tiger breaks it up and puts on his own tirabuzón cradle for two. Whip, reversed, Tiger sunset flip, one two Porky pulls Tiger onto this back and splashes him. Tiger thrown out, Ephesto in. Chop fight is a good idea,t here's a lot of Porky to hit. Dropping down on a whip, very poor idea, lot of Porky to land on you. Porky belly bumps Ephesto out, then crushes him with a plancha off the apron. Other four in, but the rudos get the edge. Corner whip, Sombra is whipped into Panther to knock him from the ring, but Euforia dropkicks Tiger down. Sombra powerslams Euforia, double moonsault lands correctly! One two three. Nudo Lagunero on Tiger to end it.

Match 3: Negro Casas vs Ángel de Oro for the NWA World Welterweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 09/02/2012

  1. Angel de Oro mecedora (4:08)

  2. Negro Casas casita (4:33)
  3. Negro Casas casita (7:27)

Winner: Negro Casas (2-1)
Match Time: 16:08
Rating: great
Notes: Zacarias is with Negro, his official second in this match. Stuka is with Angel de Oro. Referee is Tiger Hispano, boooo.

1: Angel de Oro quickly sneaks behind Negro Casas for an armdrag. Pause, circle. Zacarias shows off his belt as Angel de Oro and Negro Casas battle for control on the mat. Oro gets a short armscissors, but can't extend it. Negro rolls him over on his shoulders for a pinfall, but uses the ropes to do it so that's not going to work. Angel de Oro rolls him back for a one count, then Negro rolls free to a facelock and gets his foot on the ropes. UP and circling. Stuka encourages the crowd to cheer for Angel de Oro, though I don’t know that's going to work here. Oro scissors a leg and takes down Negro, but Negro kicks him away with his free leg. Oro ties up one leg or a tapatía, ties up another, but Nero crawls to the ropes to save himself before Oro can get the arms. Angel de Oro hits Negro in the side, but he refuses to put his arms back. Negro crawls, Stuka pulls the rope back, referee kicks the rope to get Stuka's hand off it, and Negro grabs the bottom rope. Angel de Oro tires to pull Negro back, but Negro holds on. Crowd shot. Circle, low five for Zacarias. Lockup, Negro side headlock, cranking it and walking Oro around for a bit. Oro revers to ons his own. Oro smacks him in the midsection. Shot off, back, over, waved by, flipping run, clothesline misses, Oro headscissors send Negro out. Oro runs, and puts his shoulder into a tope! Zacarias waves his towel for Negro as Oro goes right back in. Replay. Oro swings at Negro, but Negro shoulders him away. Top rope turning plancha, no cover, Oro casadora, mecedora, Negro gives.

Zacaris waves his towel to Negro, then lifts him on his shoulder and dumps him in the corner. Negro doesn't like how Zacarias drops him, but Zacarias goes right to work with his towel waving.

Anniversary promo (Cometa/Puma)

2: Lockup, Negro headlock, switching arms repeatedly. Angel de Oro reverses to a front facelock. Negro rolls back to dump him, but Oro back up with a headlock. They battle for head control on the mat, going back and forth. Negro creatively turns Angel de Oro's foot to try and force him to break a headscissors. Angel de Oro complains, then does the same thing. Negro still gets out enough, they both grab kneebars and kick each other in the head. Both break, look at each other and check their faces. Negro heel kick, cravate, snap mare, chinlock. Negro yells at lot and keeps changing his grip, but holds Angel de Oro for a moment. Back up to the cravates. Oro breaks free, whips Negro in the corner, Negro moves, and heel kicks Oro after he hits the turnbuckle. Snap snap mare, Oro with his own snap mare, Dragon Sleeper, Negro immediately escapes, and holds Angel de Oro in own Dragon sleeper. Oro reaches out with his feet, but can't get the ropes with his feet. Negro drops him with a reverse DDT, one two Negro pulls him up. Still in the hold. Angel de Oro reaches up, punches off the ropes, and ruse it to reverse into his own Dragon sleeper, and his own reverse DDT one two NO. Oro covers again one two NO. A few people booing Angel de Oro for not being Negro Casas. Whip, quick reverse into a Negro sleeper, and Angel de Oro dropped to the floor. Negro lets go to wallop Oro with a kick to the chest. Negro taunts an off screen Stuka, sits up Oro back up, kicks again, Oro back bends under, kips up to his feet, and superkicks Negro down. Whip, quick reverse into a Negro heel kick, strong kneelift, casita one two three! That was a professional sequence there.

Zacarias starts singing “We are the champions!” and massages Negro's leg. Negro does not like when he gets too close.

Anniversary promo (Rush/Terrible)

3: Joined (?) with Negro Casas down in the corner, and Angel de Oro giving him a running boot to the face. Stuka blatantly pulls Negr's hair from outside the ring, but is caught immediately. Negro up and expecting a chest slap with Angel de Oro. This turns into a forearm fight. Oro fies up, but it doesn't help. Negro just fakes him out on a forearm and kicks him in the leg. Snap mare, Negro gos up, too slow, Oro dropkicks him off to the floor and drops on him with his second rope corner moonsault. Replay of that. Both back in, Oro 'rana, one two NO. Stuka wants a faster count. Angel de Oro headscissors cradle, one two NO. Negro waves no. Stuka telling Oro to follow up. He picks up Negro,but a bit too leisurely, and Negro turns into an armbar, twisting the arm around and elbowing it. Swinging neckbreaker, glare at Stuka. Second swinging neckbreaker! One two NO. Zacarias arguing the count now. Negro tirabuzón, elbow to Oro's midsection. Step over version, now Oro's really in trouble, and not just because Negro decides to spank Oro. Oro won't give though. Whip, kneelift, scream, Negro teaks hi time, and Oro puts the hold on himself. Angel de Oro reaches for the heel, and fights to pull Negro into a suastica. Negro elbows free, but Oro still falls backwards into a pinfall. One count, Negro gets his shoulder up as Oro ties up the legs to force him down. Negro has to get his shoulders up again, and then grabs the ropes to get free. Oro has Negro still down, and goes for the tapatía again. Two legs hooked, one arm hoods, Negro holds out his left arm to keep it free, and Oro has to Negro quite a few times to get it back. Oro finally grabs the armbar, and pulls Negro up in the tapatía. After all that work, Oro lets go of the armbars really quick. Oro points and refuses to submit. , then turns his way enough to fall out of the hold. Oro charge Negro for a monkey flip, Negro throws him off, Negro runs, Oro trips him up, Negro clothesline miss, Angel del Oro flips to the apron, Negro slaps him there, Angel de Oro slaps him back. Negro swings, Angel de Oro reaches to block, Negro kicks him again. Negro pulls Angel between the ropes and batters him with kicks to the chest. Negro has Oro hurt, but backs off for a second and his leg is caught. Dragon screw thru the ropes, Negro not moving much but in pain. Oro pulls Negro thru the ropes for kicks to the chest, Casas style. Elbow to the back of the head, and superkick to knock Negro down. Angel de Oro near the ropes. Stuka does not like this idea – outside in moonsault lands, one two kickout. Negro throwing Oro out. Both tired, but Negro looks in better shape. Crowd rallying. Zacarias leads Negro chants. Negro up and pointing. Oro clothesline misses, Negro clothesline misses, both clothesline each other, neither goes down, Oro sides steps Negro's heel kick, casadora, Negro crawls away and waves his finger no again. Negro drop toe hold, casita – no, Oro gets free and waves his finger no. What's it going to be. Negro shoulderblock, Oro runs, rolls, casadora, Negro kicks him away and kicks him in the back of the knee. Casita, Oro shoves him off, dropkick the knee, casita in, no, Negro rolls thru, Negro casita, one two three!

Negro Casas celebrates being Negro Casas for one more day. Negro and Zacarias celebrate, Negro blowing kisses to the crowd. Angel de Oro sadly stares at the mat. Post match fun with the belt not really shown, just Negro holding it up and let kids hold it.

Anniversary promo 3.