CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #352 (08/18/2012) 
Recapped: 08/19/2012

Match 1: Stuka Jr. vs Namajague in a lightning match
Arena Coliseo, 08/12/2012

Winner: Stuka
Match Time: 4:38
Rating: incomplete, eh
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra

Stuka is hyper to get going and shoves Namajague from behind. Namajague can't believe the nerve of this guy. Lockup. Break. Dory Dixon is in the crowd, the announcers quickly note. Namajague shoots for takedown, but Stuka keeps getting away. Namajague gets a kick and a front facelock, but can't get any more and gets annoyed. Back up to the kick. Whip, reversed, Namajague slides out, hitting the ropes on the way out. Stuka takes a look and slides out after him. Stuka crawls back on the apron, but Namajague kicks him. Namajague walks in place, runs, and tope con giros Stuka. Replay shows Namajague really did not get much air on that. Both back in, Namajague stomps Stuka. Namajague takes off his rope belt and whips Stuka with it! Bestia Negra takes it away! No fair, how he's going to keep his pants up? Namajague covers, one two NO. Namajague smacks Stuka in the head. Crowd chants for El Stuka. Whip, hiptoss, Off the ropes, dropkick right on the side of the head. That one was well aimed. Namajague puts both feet on either side of Stuka's head, and twists. I've seen that, but not for a long time. One two NO. Chop fight, won by Namajague kicks and eyepoke (thru the visor!) Whip, Stuka clothesline misses as Namajague slides down, Stuka dropkicks him out anwyay. Stuka runs, tope sends Namajague bouncing off a front row fan and down in the aisle. Replay. Stuka in, but Namajague is slow up. Namajague crawls to the apron, hits the side of the ring, falls down, and the ref gets to 20! Stuka stomps Namajague as he comes back and picks him up, but Bestia Negra is trying to break it up the whole time. Stuka talks to him to try and talk him out of the finish, but Bestia Negra raise his arm anyway. Stuka is most unhappy to have won.

Namajague takes a look, and slowly faints on the mat. He's breathing very hard. Stuka argues about his win some more, than Namajague finally recovers to argue himself. Stuka kicks Namajague, and throws him out of the ring. Into the post! Namajague takes great bumps off the post, so Stuka runs him into another one. Bestia Negra tries to break it up, but Stuka won't be stopped – suplex on the ramp! Stuka poses, then walks into the crowd to give someone a hug. I have no idea. Replay of the count out. Announcers wonder if maybe Namajague didn't understand the count.

Match 2: Hijo del Fantasma, Marco Corleone ©, Super Porky vs Rey Escorpión, Terrible ©, Tiger
Arena Coliseo, 08/12/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 16:54
Rating: okay
Notes: Referee is Tiger Hispano. Marco has a jacket! I'm covering all the important details. Comandate is with the rudos.

1: Fantasma sends Scary Mask Tiger out with a single jumping snap mare. Porky is oddly wet. Escorpion is just shinny. Sumo spots go the way you'd think. Porky hiptosses Rey Escorpion a couple times and hipchecks him in the face. Marco and Terrible go punch vs open hand slap. Terrible wins via kick. Shoulderblocks knocks Marco over, and Terrible mocks his dance. Marco puts his head down too soon on the next whip, and Marco kicks it, then kicks him as he gets up. Terrible wipes out Fantasma and Porky on the apron, kicks at Marco again – and Marco ducks under and cradles him! One two three. Rudos were too surprised to break it up.

2: Fantasma headscissors Tiger out. Comandante grabs him, but Terrible slaps her by accident. Fantasma enziguris Terrible, and superkicks Escorpion off the apron. Fantasma runs for a tope, and the rudos run out of the way. Terrible and Comadante argue on the outside. Escorpion tries to break it apart, and convinces them to hug and yell at the fans. Tiger tries to go chop versus punch with Marco. It goes worse for him then it did Terrible. Tiger still nails Marco with a superkick as Marco charges at him. Stomps. Tiger backs up, charges, Marco flips him to the apron and punches off the apron, then pulls him back up and punches him off again, then pulls him back up and punches him off again, then punches Rey Escorpion! Harsh! Terrible wants no pat of him, so Marco does his dance to Tigre Hispano, who's not amused. Fans chant for Porky, so Escorpion just attacks him from behind. Rudos run over the técnicos for the beatdown. Kicks for everyone leading to a catapult hold/legdrop combo for the fall.

3: Escorpion tries biting Marco, as Miguel talks about hold versus hold. Rudos hold Marco for an inside thigh kick, leaving him unable to dance. Crowd reacts to something with Marco we don't see right away – Marco falls on a few girl's laps, and they grab on to him and try to keep Rey Escorpion away! Terrible knocks Porky out of the ring. Tiger holds Fantasma in the ropes for a running kick to the chest and keeps him there for a dropkick. Rudos keep working over Fantasma, but just him tag in Marco, and Marco kicks and punches Escorpion. Escorpion gets in one kick and brings in the rest of the rudos for Marco's leapfrog run. Plancha on the lesser rudos, who gets up and accidentally chop their captains. Rudos lean out of the ring and talk to Terrible, missing Fantasma running in behind them and landing a tope con giro on their captain. Other four in, rudos offense backfires, técnicos wrap it up easily.

Match 3: La Sombra vs Averno
Arena Coliseo, 08/12/2012

  1. Averno's Devil Wings (1:49)

  2. Brillante Bomb (3:54)
  3. Sombra low angle German suplex (11:59)

Winner: Sombra (2-1)
Match Time: 17:42
Rating: good
Notes: Averno pulls an UG, shoves Sombra down the ramp. Stomps on the floor, into the post for Sombra before they can finish the announcement. Averno rants to the world. Referee is Maya.

1: Averno rolls Sombra back in, then rips up Sombra's left pants leg. I don't know why. Whip, Averno back elbow, Sombra rolls out to get his breath, but Averno is right with him. Devil's Wings on the ramp! He's done for sure! Averno poses and rants. Rudos fans are very happy. Averno throw Sombra back in, cuts his throat, Devil's Wings again, Sombra rolled over and Averno psoes with one foot on his chest. One two three. A rare case where calling for the finish actually worked!

2: Sombra recovers on the apron, but Averno grabs him and tosses him in by his mask. Averno sets Sombra on the top rope, lets everyone know he's going after the mask, and goes after the mask. Maya and Averno argue, Averno letting go of the mask and resuming to break the five count. Sombra hung in the Tree of Woe, Averno adds a dropkick. Crowd loudly chants for Sombra. Averno starts to rip up Sombra's mask, but Maya warns him again. Sombra rolls out to the apron while Averno rants. Averno charges, Sombra jump back elbows him, then springboards in with a headscissors. Averno out, and Sombra blows him up with a tope. Fans nicely pat Averno on the back to help him recover. Replay shows Sombra shoving Averno a long way. Pro/anti-Sombra chants. Both back in, Averno charges, Sombra tosses him face first in the corner, then grabs him – Brillante Bomb. One two three.

3: Sombra sends Averno out with a flipping armdrag right away, then pulls off his flip to the apron into a headscissors to the floor. Replay. Both back in, Sombra casadora cradle one two NO. Sombra 'rana, one two NO. Sombra off the ropes, headscissors turned into an Averno face first powerbomb, one two NO. Both up slow, Averno up first and slapping Sombra in the back of the head. Off the ropes, into a Sombra kneelift. Whip, reversed, Sombra slides out, Averno slides out after him, Sombra charge back at Averno, Averno tosses him to the apron, Averno sweeps his arm, Sombra leaps over, Averno does it with his other arm and falls Sombra off the apron hard. Averno very proud of his self. Averno circles around and comes in, while Sombra pulls himself up on the apron. Averno charges, Sombra shoulder his. Sombra springboard sunset flip in Averno rolls thru and puts on an STF! Sombra is stuck in the center of the ring. Crowd doesn't believe this is it. Sombra's stuck for a while, than turns his body around, but still isn’t anywhere near the ropes. He's stuck for a while longer, starts to crawl, Averno goes after the mask, and Sombra grabs the bottom rope. Both slow up . Averno open hand slap. Whip, Sombra handspring – into an Averno dropkick. One two NO. Averno off the roes, Sombra captures him with a 'rana, Averno rolls out, Sombra nearly flies over him on a tope con giro. Replay. Sombra up first, but taking his time getting in. Sombra wait for Averno to get up, off the ropes, ranita one two NO. Sombra smacks the mat, upset about not finishing this. Sombra up and point at the crowd, and waiting for Averno to get up. Averno charges, Sombra moves and knocks him into the corner, Brillante Bomb, no, Averno turns it into a small package one two th-NO! Crowd thought that might be it. Averno landed on Maya in the kick out, and Maya grabs his left shin. Crowd is far more for Sombra, but there are still some rudo fans. Averno puts Sombra on top, climbs up with him, Averno jab, yell at the fans, super Devil's Wings! Averno yells, and crawls on his knees. Cover, one two NO. Averno doesn't seem concerned at first, but then angrily yells a word at the mat. Both up, Averno kicks Sombra into the ropes, charges, Sombra tosses him to the floor, leaps to the top rope, and moonsaults from there. Sombra lands on his feet, almost DDTing Averno to the floor in the process. Sombra in first, Averno sneaks behind him for the cavernaria, Averno pulls the mask and is warned yet again, Sombra breaks free. Averno slams Sombra and says he's going up. I don't like this idea. Averno takes his time, posing on the top rope. Senton con giro, no one's home. Sombra is too tired to cover right away, then rolls right next to Averno. Maya counts them both down, one two both up. Averno rolls on top of Sombra, one two NO. Sombra says this is it. Double moonsault, Averno outsmarts Sombra by rolling forward (!!!) , Sombra is confused, Averno charges, Sombra drop toe hold, casita, Averno blocks and puts on his own, one two th-! This time, Sombra kicks Maya in the head on the kickout. Maya is shook. He's up before the other two, but checking out his neck. Corner whip, reversed, Averno corner clothesline, charge, Sombra flips Averno to the apron, Averno forearms Sombra back, Sombra stops and chops him. Sombra climbs up top, both up to the very top rope, Sombra top rope 'rana fails – Sombra just loses hold of Averno. Averno falls on the side of his head, which looks not fun but different from what I thought out saw on Terra. Both are down, and Maya checks on both. Sombra rolls over near Averno's face, and puts two hands on top to cover. One two no. They have a visible conversations they get up. Averno Devil's Wings blocked once, blocked twice, Sombra gets behind, lifts Averno on his shoulders, and drops him forward and then back for the German suplex one two three.

Sombra tells Averno he beat him in front of the people of Arena Coliseo, and demands a match for Averno's ugly hair. Averno accepts – if he can beat Averno again. Replay of the finish. That’s the show.