CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #351 (08/11/2012) 
Recapped: 08/12/12

Match 1: La Sombra ©, Máximo, Super Porky vs Averno ©, Black Warrior, Terrible 
Arena Mexico, 08/05/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:49
Rating: ok
Notes: Ref is Maya.

1: Averno starts with Máximo, but quickly demands Sombra face him instead. They battle to a quick stalemate, then Averno resumes looking at the crowd. Sombra headscissors him out just after he turns around. Warrior knocks Sombra around with elbows, but misses the corner splash. Warrior flips Sombra to the apron, Sombra jumps over his charge, warrior pulls him off instead. Warrior back in, Máximo runs the ropes like he does and sends Warrior out with a spinning armdrag. Terrible runs Máximo over, but that's not going to work with Porky. Porky knocks Terrible out with his gut and runs for a tope, but the rudos save him by tripping him up. Double spinebuster, Averno headbutts, Warrior legdrop, Terrible top rope splash for the pin. Avernos sets up Máximo for the Terrible middle rope legdrop, and they're done here.

2: Averno treats Sombra to a tree of woe dropkick. Right to the head on that one. Averno covers, but pulls Sombra up too. Warrior in for a clothesline and missed tag spots. Porky tries to make the case it's a legal tag if he has his foot on the buckle. Somehow, no. Máximo kicked in the backside. Triple boot for Plata. Sombra escapes a rebound double hiptoss and the rudos chop Averno out to start the comeback. Flying armdrag by Máximo, Plata belly bump for Terrible. Averno returns to slap Porky and take a springboard headscissors from Sombra, then get speared into the barricade by a Sombra tope. Porky beats Terrible with the help of a sunset flip a bop on the top of the head, and Máximo wins in his usual fashion.

3: Porky and Máximo quickly go thru their sets with the rudos. Averno bails rather than face Sombra. Rudos stall, Warrior comes in, Sombra looks at him and Averno attacks Sombra from behind. Warrior gets in a low blow headbutt before Sombra leaves. Averno screams at Sombra, runs, and boots him in the head. Stop to pose. Sombra off the ropes, back with a headscissors, back with an armdrag. Averno goes out, Sombra slings to the apron and lands an Asai off there. Other four in, Terrible tries the sunset flip on Porky again, but moves in time this time. Máximo breaks free from Warrior and breaks up that pin. Warrior cradles him, but Porky breaks up. Terrible scoops up Porky, but the slam fails and Porky lands on top. Warrior breaks that up. Time killing submissions all around as Averno and Sombra come back in, but Averno and Sombra breaks them up rather than fight. Averno and Sombra face off while Terrible slaps around Porky a bit. Sombra powerslam, springboard double moonsault, rudos rush to break up that pin. Porky belly bumps Terrible out for the third time this fall, and falls on top of him with a plancha. Warrior takes the knee bump out, and Máximo topes him. Back to the captains. Crowd into it. Evasiveness, Sombra rope bounce headscissors, 'rana – no, Averno foul, Averno mask pull. Ref saw it all the way, so that's how the match ends.

Averno poses with the mask a bit. Sombra covers up, and Warrior tries kicking him over. Replay. Sombra, covering his face with his shirt, and challenges Averno to a singles match next week. Averno kicks around Sombra's mask while telling him to prepare to lose in straight falls next week. Sombra says he'll win and take averno's hair next.

Match 2: Marcela vs Tiffany, hair vs hair
Arena Mexico, 08/05/2012

  1. Tiffany BucaStorm (5:03)

  2. Marcela reversed cradle with hand on the rope (5:48)
  3. Marcela super Michinoku Driver (9:18)

Winner: Marcela
Match Time: 20:09
Rating: eh
Notes: Luchadors get fireworks. Kraneo is Tiffany's second, Astral is Marcela's. Referee is Tigre Hispano. Tiffany attacks Marcela with a white pipe in the aisle, no idea where it came from or what it is. Tiffany smacks Marcela repeatedly. Referee does not leave the ring to break it up, Tiffany just decides to return.

1: Marcela staggers to the ring, where Tiffany sit her down and punches her hand in the head. Corner whip, corner clothesline, hair pulling bulldog out. Dropkick. Tiffany drop toe hold and multiple dropkicks to the side. Tiffany pins Marcela, but pulls her up anyway. Armwringing! Choking! Tiffany spinebuster, cover, one count. Tiffany's mom is shown in the crowd. Tiffany short powerbomb, one two NO. Tiffany argues a bit. Whip, Marcela springboards and dropkick Tiffany. Snap mare, off the ropes, double knee drop, and a second. Two count. Tiffany clothesline misses, Marcela inside cradle, Tiffany around into a double armbar but they're right next to the ropes. Tiffany switches to a hairpull and then a choke, and won't let go until Marcela actually keeps her foot on the ropes. Corner whip, charge in, no one home, and Tiffany spears the post before gently falling to the floor. Marcela pescado just barely works, she had trouble getting over the top rope and kicked her feet on them. Marcela angrily kicks Tiffany, though tit seem her fault. Replays. Tiffany back in, Marcela missile dropkick one two NO. Marcela off the ropes, casadora turned into a Buca Storm, one two three.

2: Tiffany chokes and kicks Marcela in the head. JCR says Marcela's mom is a big lucha libre fan but too nervous to watch her daughter in this match. Tiffany resumes kicking around Marcela, then distracts the ref so Kraneo can yank around Marcela by the hair. Crowd does not approve. Camel clutch right next to the ropes. Marcela just puts her arm up to grab them, so Tiffany tries pulling the arm out. Tiffany argues with Tigre Hispano about when she has to let go. Replay of between the falls – Tiffany slapped Astral! I'm sure he had it coming. Tiffany whips Marcela, Marcela clotheslines Tiffany a couple times. That came out of nowhere. Marcela yanks Tiffany around by her hair. Marcela stops to talk with the ref, and Tiffany rolls out to argue whit the fans and wander around. Marcela finally decides to chase her around. Marcela rams Tiffany into the post, but Tiffany is slapping Marcela back a few seconds later. Tiffany pulls Marcela around by the hair while arguing with the ref over the count. Whip, reversed, Marcela puts here head down too soon, Tiffany talks to her and turns her over, cover one two no. Tiffany screams. Tiffany pulls Marcela up by the hair, then starts a Marcela chant. Marcela clotheslines Tiffany,c charges and Tiffany flips Marcela to the apron. Marcela up top, plancha, Tiffany rolls thru, one two NO. Tiffany grabs Marcela, but can't get the suplex or whatever she wants. Knees instead, and a whip. Powerbomb, Marcela doing a lot of the work,a and Tiffany covering with a foot on the ropes, one tow ref stops the count for a foot. Tiffany adjust and covers, one two Marcela gets her foot on the ropes and the count is stopped again. Tiffany argues this whole thing, and Hispano threatens the DQ. Back to the suplex try, which doesn't go smoothly but does get Marcela on the top rope. Tiffany punches and climbs up, Marcela slaps her back, shoves Tiffany off, and lands a double stomp. Marcela cover, one kickout – what? Michinoku Driver, loose reversal into a cradle, Marcela reversed it one of her own, one two Marcela hand on the ropes three.

Kraneo rushes in and argues right away, demonstrating what he just saw. Tigre Hispano isn't doing anything, so Kraneo rushes to Rambo, at ringside as the announcer. Tiffany yells at swings at Tigre Hispano. Whatever they decided, Tigre Hispano waves his finger no at Rambo and raises Marcela's arm.

3: Rudos and Tigre Hispano are still arguing, but it looks like Rambo is sending Tigre Hispano off. He's very angry at the whole thing, giving Tiffany a piece of his mind as he leaves. Tiffany is overjoyed about the turn of events. Rafa el Maya jogs out after a pause, and is at the ring just in time to see Marcela dropkick Tiffany around. Running kneelift, set up for another, but Tiffany reverses the whip. Marcela tries to springboard, but slips, Tiffany slaps her on the back and Marcela tumbles to the floor hard. Tiffany knocks her over with a tope con giro. Replay. Back live, Tiffany chokes Tiffany while holding onto the ropes. Off the ropes, waved by, Marcela rolls thru dropkick one two NO. Loud boos. Marcela sets Tiffany up and goes up top – big top rope splash, one two NO. Marcela tries again, one two Tiffany reverse it to her own cradle one two NO. Whip, iffy looking short powerbomb by Tiffany, and a running senton to land on top. One two – Tiffany gives up covering before Marcela actually kicks up. Tiffany kicks Marcela around in the head. Tiffany puts on a rolling reverse bodyscissors and an armtrap armbar from there. Marcela is trapped, bu turns her whole body around to get to the ropes. Tiffany stays on top and chokes Marcela a bit. Maya breaks it up, Tiffany shoves him, Maya goes for the DQ lift, but Marcela is in first with inside cradle on Tiffany one two no, but Marcela holds onto the leg and puts on a kneebar. Tiffany is stuck in the middle of the ring, but crawls slowly to the ropes. It helps that she keeps looking back at Marcela and yelling at her, I bet. Marcela on Tiffany with kicks and a kneedrop. Tiffany off the ropes, spinebuster, crab. Marcela's not giving up to that. Tiffany slaps Marcela, runs to the ropes, and Marcela out runs he to get in a kneelfit. Off the ropes, double kneedrop. Marcela goes for another, and lands it again, but Tiffany rolls out. Marcela climbs up top, tope con giro wipes out Kraneo! He pushed Tiffany out of the way just in time. Back in the ring, Tiffany turns a casadora into a face first powerbomb. Tiffany cover,s but ref checks to see if Marcela is actually pinned, one two NO. Tiffany covers again, knee on Marcela's throat, but can't get the three. Tiffany argues with the ref a little more. Tiffany screams. Marcela clotheslines Tiffany, heads up, Marcela slaps him, stands on the bottom rope, and drops her with a inverted crucifix powerbomb. Sitting on top pin, one two NO. Tiffany tries covering again, gets two again. Crowd shot, and then suddenly Marcela gives Tiffany a Michinoku Driver one two NO. Tiffany sets Marcela up on the top rope, but turns to argue and grab Maya by the shirt. That leads to more arguments. Tiffany trusts Marcela, Marcela kicks her, Tiffany ignores it and climbs up all the way to grab Marcela by the hair. Marcela slaps her, super Michinoku Driver of a sort one two three. Crowd is a lot louder reacting than I remember it being live.

Post match fireworks and confetti, though not as much as in other matches. Replays. Clip to Diabolica coming in the ring to console her daughter and cutting the first bit of Tiffany's hair, though both are crying their way thru it. She hands it to Marcela. Tiffany shaves her head as JCC makes a Britney Spears joke! We learn that Tiffany can pull off short hair, it looks a lot better than the long dyed look.