CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #312 (07/28/2012) 
Recapped: 08/03/2011

Rey Bucanero joins the announcers.

Match 1: Ángel de Oro, Máscara Dorada ©, Valiente vs Kráneo, Morphosis, Psicosis ©
Arena Mexico, 07/20/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:50
Rating: good
Notes: Monito is with the técnicos, Mije is with the Invasors, including the returning Morphosis. The announcers mention during the match that he's been in the US. Ref is Terror Chino.

1: Cascading pairs, starting with Valiente and Kraneo, then introducing Morphosis, Dorada, Psicosis and Oro in that order. Valiente ends up on the wrong side of a shoving battle, but is able to trip Kraneo up an armdrag him a few times. The sequences peed up a lot after the first to argue out, ending with Angel de Oro barely being in before capturing Psicosis in a mecedora. Tecnicos dropkick the other rudos, and Psicosis submits.

2: Invasors go after the técnicos to start the fall, including Psicosis dropkicking Monito and Mije diving off the stairs on Angel de Oro. After everyone returns to their corners, Kraneo gives Dorada huge side suplex. Double hiptoss, and triple snap kick by the rudos on Dorada. Kraneo waives Mije in, Mije bounces of the ropes and gets tossed into the big splash. Mije covers, one two Dorada throws Mije out (and almost of out of the ring.) Angel de Oro has a nice drop down, kip up, superkick bit for Kraneo, quebradora for Morphosis and a dropkick for Psicosis, but Kraneo stops his celebration with a dropkick. Angel de Oro seemed to notice there where as a crowd he was wrestling in front, of which is a change of pace. Swinging gate bomb for him. Valiente comes in and challenges Kraneo. Kraneo points behind Valiente, Valiente looks, and Kraneo kicks him. Corner whip, corner sliding thru the ropes dropkicks for Valiente by the smaller Invasors, and they kick him out into a Kraneo spear. Rudos drag Valiente to the corner, so Mije can add a low blow headbutt. Kranoe covers after a moment, one two NO. Kraneo small package, one two no. Valiente rolls out, and Dorada steps in, but Kraneo just chops him down. Whip, reversed, Dorada dropkick to the knee, cover one two NO. Dorada ducks a clothesline, reverse casadora into a sunset flip one Morphosis breaks it up. Tecnicos keep getting glimmers of hope. Whip, double clothesline misses, casadora blocked into a full nelson, Morphosis holds up the feet, and Psicosis adds his senton for the fall. Tecnicos complain about the rudos having too many people in.

3: Rudos still beating up the técnicos. Angel de Oro is thrown into the barricade a few times. Rudos go after Monito, so Valiente takes him to safety, then goes after Kraneo. Morphosis attacks Valiente to stop, and kicks him down in the enter of the ring. Morphosis drags Valiente back to the rudo corner by his mask, and holds him for a Psicosis kick. Whip, double boot. Psicosis slide dropkicks Dorada. Announcers talk about possible anniversary matches – Rush vs Terrible, Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero and Mr. Niebla vs Volador. Morphosis missile dropkick for Dorada, Kraneo lifts, and a Psicosis missile dropkick with a Kraneo back suplex added in. Double drop toe hold for Angel de Oro, sat up, and double dropkicked. Valiente swings and slaps at Kraneo, but Kraneo knocks him down with a chop and leaves again. Other two in, double spinebuster, Kraneo covers one two and he lets up. Kraneo elbow drop. Mije in waiting – off the ropes, over Valiente, off the ropes, over Valiente again, over Valiente a third time, press slam splash – into Valiente's boots! Kraneo rams Valiente out, Dorada springboards in to headscissors him out, then immediately climbs the top rope for a moonsault to the floor. Oro springboards in and avoids Morphosis dropkick. Mecedora, only for Psicosis to break it up. Psicosis tosses Angel de Oro into a Morphosis powerbomb, and the técnicos is done for three. Valiente and Psicosis seem lost for a second, then a corner whip sets up Psicosis's layout frontcracker, one two three. Seems like an upset there.

Mije is strechered out. Monito chase after him and tries to knock him off.

Match 2: Dragón Rojo Jr. vs Titán for the CMLL World Middleweight Championship 
Arena Mexico, 07/20/2012

  1. Dragon Bomb (5:05)

  2. Titan springboard rope flip moonsault (2:24)
  3. Dragon's Teeth armbar (8:16)

Winner: Dragon Rojo
Match Time: 15:45
Rating: okay
Notes: Rambo is commissioner. Seconds are Höruz and Skándalo for who knows what reason. Referee is Babe Richard. Weights are not announced.

1: Basic chain wrestling to start, some headlocks and wristlock until Dragon Rojo gets on a moderately difficulty armscissors and Titan slowly turns it into a crossface. They're working title match style, and the crowd starts to get wrestlers about 3 minutes in. First near fall is Titan turning a backdrop into a sunset flip. Crowd whistles as Dragon Rojo spreads Titan's legs for a submission. Titan should probably try that move on the guy who's head a groin injury for about six months. Titan headlock, shot off, back with a shoulderblock, Dragon Rojo doesn't go down. Titan off the ropes, over, under a clothesline, under a leapfrog, handwalking over a roll, backflip headscissors sends Dragon Rojo out to the ramp. Titan runs, and dive rolls to the ramp, then runs back at Rojo. Rojo flips him in and pulls Titan down by his mask. Titan kips back to his feet and backflip kicks Dragon Rojo, then runs up the ropes, falls down, jumps back up, and headscissors Dragon Rojo on the ramp. Babe Richard counts both out, but Titan throws Rojo in the ring in plenty of time. Springboard plancha, charge, 'rana turned into the Dragon Bomb one two three.

Místico vignette

2: Dragon Rojo boots Titan in the face and covers him, but only gets two. Step over double armbar keeps Titan seated on the mat. Dragon Rojo puts it on one way, lets go, and puts it on facing the other way. He's just so talented. Titan gets free, Dragon Rojo whips him, Titan lands a handspring jumping kick to the chest. Rojo chop blocked, Titan grabs it, four bounce springboard headscissors sends Rojo out, and Titan rolls with a big tope con giro. Replays. Titan up first, but Rojo yanks him off the apron. Rojo in, Titan knees on the apron, turnbuckle smash is blocked. Titan slap, stunner over the ropes, springboard rope flip moonsault one two three. A quick second fall! I can only guess who put this together.

3: Titan goes to the handwalk right away, but Dragon Rojo dropkicks him before he can flip. Cover, only two. Rojo grabs Titan, lifts him up, sets him down, lifts him up again, powerbomb reversed into a 'rana, one two NO. Titan ducks a clothesline, shoulderblock, off the ropes, cartwheel into a jump onto Rojo's shoulders, and pulls a 'rana off. Titan dropkicks Dragon Rojo out, takes a look, runs, and dives thru the ropes to tope Dragon Rojo into the barricade. Replay of that. Titan crawls on the apron, but Rojo yanks him back and gets in first. Titan springboards in, but right into Dragon Rojo dropkick. Dragon Rojo reaches over to cover, Titan small package one two NO. Crowd more into it. Titan casadora cradle, two count. Inside cradle, two count. Titan tries a clothesline, but Dragon Rojo hits him hard with one of his own, and falls down in the process. That was odd. Rojo about falls on top, so he just rolls over to cover for two. Titan rests in the corner, charges, Dragon Rojo moves, Titan flips himself to the apron and knocks Dragon Rojo down. Corner headstand – and Dragon Rojo shoves him off the to the floor. Dragon Rojo plancha to the floor! Didn't think we'd get a Dragon Rojo dive on this. Replay shows he landed on Titan perfectly. Rojo in first, kick miss, and Dragon Rojo swing kicks him form the apron. Titan in with a springboard frog splash, Dragon Rojo moves, then Oklahoma Rolls Titan, one two NO. Höruz trying to fire up the crowd. Dragon Rojo pounces Titan in the head with forearms. Titan off the ropes, dropkick, down goes Dragon Rojo. Off the ropes, 'rana, blocked into the Dragon Bomb! One two NO. Not a huge reaction on that. Announcers are turned up way loud, or the crowd are turned down low. Corner whips end up with Dragon Rojo sitting on the middle rope and calling Titan on (hmm), Titan jumps up face him, Dragon Rojo shoves him away, Titan just flips like that was the plan, Dragon Rojo middle rope 'rana easily turned into a powerbomb, one two NO. Titan stomps Dragon Rojo, picks him up, and Rojo gets in the Blue Panther quick fujiwara armbar. Rojo cranks, but Titan rolls over to put his feet on the bottom rope. Titan retreats to the corner, Rojo charge, Titan flips out, stunner over the ropes, headstand rope flip moonsaults, no one home, Titan lands on his feet and backflips, headscissors sends Dragon Rojo out, Titan to the apron, Asai top rope tornillo is sort of caught by Dragon Rojo. Rojo was scared to death of getting a foot to the jaw, as the replay shows. I would've been too, that only could've been tougher to cheat if Titan was still wearing the spiked wristbands. Titan in first, but Dragon Rojo banks him into the turnbuckle. Titan bends over, and Dragon Rojo top rope double stomps his back. Dragon Rojo forward rolls – into this Dragon's Teeth submission. Titan is done.

Replays, Místico vignette, and they're done.