CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #348 (07/21/2012) 
Recapped: 07/22/2012

Nuevo Místico promo.

Match 1: Aereo vs Pequeño Nitro for the mask
Arena Mexico, 07/15/2012

  1. Aereo reverse armscissors (2:17)

  2. Pequeño Nitro hammerlock backcracker (2:44)
  3. Pequeño Nitro mounted reverse armscissors (5:41)

Winner: Pequeño Nitro
Match Time: 10:52
Rating: ok
Notes: Aereo decides to confront Nitro on the stage. That fails, and sends with Aereo taking a giant backdrop into the ring. Skándalo & Arkangel are with Nitro, Astral is with Aereo. Ref is Terror Chino. The lightning match clock is running, but they do not draw any attention to it.

1: Aereo comes back immediately with a jumping shoulderblock and kick to the midsection. Clothesline misses, Nitro spears him and goes for the mask. You're going to get it anyway, why are you ripping it up? Nitro slaps Aereo around. Whip, clothesline misses, Aereo springboard casadora armdrag sends the rudo out. Aereo runs to the corner, slip ups on the way climbs up, very slowly climbs up, and Nitro just comes back in and shoves him off. Aereo gets to his feet, and Nitro planchas him. Replay. Both back in, Nitro dumps Aereo in front of the corner, goes up, and jumps into Aereo's feet. Aereo slowly picks Nitro up to his knees, DDTs him, and sort of puts on an armbar for the submission. I guess that was an armbar. Replays are unhelpful. Maybe a reverse armscissors?

2: Aereo drops Nitro with a bulldog. Standing moonsault is obscured by a bad camera angle, one two NO. Aereo slaps Nitro and fires up. No one cares. Whip, reversed, Aereo 'rana turned into a Nitro powerbomb. Nitro with a double knee drop, then a running double stomp. Crowd is slightly aware a match is going on. Nitro goes after the mask again. There are TWO Aereo fans in the crowd, which is one more than you thought there'd be. Aereo turns a whip into a double rotation headscissors, barely holding on, then goes out to tope con giro Nitro, smashing him. The Aereo fans are happy. Nitro gets in, charge Aereo, and gets sloppily kicked away. Aero springboard plancha, Nitro rolls thru, one two NO. Aereo clothesline and pulled into the hammerlock backcracker one two three.

3: Both try dropkick, both miss. They fight on the ground, but it's impossible to see behind the giant graphic. Whip, reversed, Aereo spinebuster Nitro. Aereo signals for something,a and that something is to be kicked off going for a leg hold. Aereo bounces off the ropes and dropkicks Nitro anyway, then barely crawls on top. It's been a grueling six minute match! They only had two rest periods. Aereo whips Nitro into the ropes, Nitro kicks Aereo in the chest, one two NO. Nitro grabs Aero by his mask and stalls, Aero frees himself and cradles him so they're both pinned, one two NO. Nitro slaps down Aereo, who sprawls out on the mat. Whip, Aereo grabs the ropes, Nitro dropkick air, Aereo elbow drops him. Aereo throws a fit and tries to get support from the crowd. Crowd is not in a giving mood. Corner whip, reversed, Aereo gets his feet up, Nitro spins him around in the ropes and pulls him off in backbreaker. Nitro says that's it, and sits on top with both knees, one two NO. Whip, clothesline misses, Nitro miss a clothesline, Aereo back with a flipping armdrag into a fujiwara – not a Mistica but in the same family. Nitro spins free, and barely grabs to the bottom rope. Aereo waves for support, and the crowd starts chanting Nitro! Aereo is so sad. Chop fight, Nitro wins via headbutt. Nitro winds up for a punch, but Aereo comes back with his own. They go back and forth, then knock each other out with a punch at the same time. Both nearly counted down and slow up. Both off the ropes, clotheslines, arm over each other one two NO. Why is Astral wearing a hoodie in July? Nitro shoulderblocks Aereo out, off the ropes, charge, and into an Aereo kick. Aereo crawls on the apron to the turnbuckle, right in front of the Tuareg, who do back away. Aereo climbs so slowly up the ropes, flying headscissors turned into a powerbomb, then Nitro puts on a mounted reverse armscissors. Aereo's arm goes in a crazy direction, and he gives up.

Aereo is unmasked as Victor Gonzalo Barragan Hernandez from Mexico City.

Nuevo Místico Vignette 3.

Match 2: Rey Bucanero, Terrible ©, Tiger vs Blue Panther ©, Guerrero Maya Jr., Valiente
Arena Mexico, 07/15/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:44
Rating: eh
Notes: Tiger Hispano is ref. Monito is with the técnicos.

1: Panther/Terrible mat wrestling to start includes Terrible rolling thru a inside cradle to put on an armbar, and Panther being warned for biting Terrible's boot. Panther holds Terrible in an armbar just short of making a tag for quite a while. Tags where Rey and Tiger are standing on the ropes or too far from the corner are ruled as illegal, but it's totally fine when Terrible tags in both men at the same time later on. Panther lifts Valiente on his shoulder for a splash and a two count. Valiente puts his head into an inverted tope and also holds him short of the corner. Maya drops Terrible with a big plancha and amazingly pulls him over for a 'rana, but can only get two. Maya gets two off a spinebuster too. Terrible finally fells Maya with a slap, tags in both rudos, and all the técnicos come in too. Fine job there, Tigre Hispano. Bucanero and Tiger are instantly shoulderblocks out, and the lesser técnicos tope them. Terrible knocks over Panther, kicks him on the around a bit and covers for two. Terrible picks Panther up, Panther grabs his arm, fujiwara. That was an odd fall.

2: Valiente gives Tiger a quebradora. Bucanero, perhaps bored from barely in this match, rushes in and takes out the técnicos to start the beatdown. All three rudos beat up Maya, doing Tiger boosting Rey into the usual flying sit. It's so odd how the first fall built around the rudos not being able to come in in when they want, and now they're all hanging out in the ring. Triple powerbomb for Valiente, and held back up so Tiger can slide in and add his backcracker. No pin. Giant swing, drop, then kick to the head on Panther. Rolling senton seems like it should finish Maya, but he kicks out at 2.99 and tags in Valiente. Valiente whipped into the corner, but sidesteps the charge and Terrible takes himself out. Clothesline for the other rudos, and Valiente Special to the floor. Tiger dropkicks Maya thru the ropes. Bucanero evades the armbar and puts on the crossface to submit Panther, and it's suddenly over.

3: Maya/Terrible slap fight ends badly for Maya. Maya fights back with slaps to the faces, and goes down when Terrible this him again. Tiger sit down powerbomb on Maya for two, Valiente making the save. Maya avoids Tiger, dropkicks him in the knee, and splashes him for two. Terrible breaks up that pin, then hands him off to Bucanero. Bucanero slam, rolling senton, Valiente moves (Panther comes in to break it up anyway?), Panther covers, one two Terrible starts to break up then doesn't. I don't know. Corner whip, reversed, Panther plancha, rolls thru, Bucanero no top one two no. Tormenta Bucanero, two count. Panther wristlock, banging Bucaneor's arm into the mat, and Terrible has to break that up. So many crowd shots. Valiente is in when they pause, and he and Terrible and have a long slap fight before a loose headscissors sends Terrible out. Tiger gets in his fast dropkick to the chest, and that's enough to eliminate Valiente.

Maya clothesline Tiger, and lifts him over for a Northern lights suplex, but Terrible breaks that up. Terrible is moving slow this week. Chop fight. Terrible with the left and right slap setup, Air Raid Crash one two three.

Match 3: Mr. Niebla vs Volador Jr.
Arena Mexico, 07/15/2012

  1. Volador backcracker (2:15)

  2. Nieblina (2:02)
  3. Mr. Niebla foul punch (5:08)

Winner: Mr. Niebla (2-1)
Match Time: 9:25
Rating: good
Notes: Volador's entrance skipped? Or he just sneaks out. Zacarias and Niebla dance out with the trash can. Niebla leaves it at the base of the stairs and dances down the ramp away from Zac. Volador comes running in from the right side of the stage and kicks down Zac form behind, then takes the garbage can and smacks Niebla in the side of the head with it, then smashes it on him one more time. Yoda Mije is already in the ring. Volador is in his Darth Maul get up. Ref is Maya, who is losing his mind at this foreign object usage. Whistle hasn't blown yet, so Volador smacks Niebla in the head one more time.

1: Volador walks back to ramp, where Zac hasn't moved, picks him up, spins him in the air and slams him down. That looked harsh. Kids look concerned. Volador goes back in the ring, and kicks Niebla. Volador stops to pose and blow kisses. One girl yells right into the camera. Volador kicks Niebla out, then rams him into the barricade. Niebla is still taking off his entrance gear as he's down. Volador in no hurry., stopping to point at the crowd. Kick to Niebla's leg as he stands. Volador throws Niebla back in. Volador sits Niebla on the top rope, and goes after his mask. Niebla rips at it, but can't get it to break much. Volador takes Niebla down to the mat and still can't get it to do much. That's some good strength. Whip, reversed, Niebla clothesline, Volador grabs the ropes, kick duck backcracker, pose pin, one two three. Zac is moving, but Volador is after him. Replays.

2: Niebla is far in the crowd for some reason, but it does give the shot of the crowd rooting him on all around him. Meanwhile, Volador whips Zacarias into the barricade. He kicks Niebla as he comes back in, and shoves him in the ring. Yoda is in the ring. Volador snap mares Niebla, then throws Yoda on top for the usual press slam splash. Maya can't believe these shenanigans. Replay of the Yoda splash. Crowd behind Niebla, and Niebla firing up. Volador telling the crowd to cal down. Corner whip, Volador charges, splash, no one home. Volador slaps Niebla in the chest, Volador dances, repeat, Volador slap ducks, Niebla slaps him down. Niebla clotheslines Volador, SMS dance, spit is caught, Niebla takedown, La Nieblina.

3: Niebla rips up Volador's mask, and has no problem doing it. I guess you know who to buy mask from! Volador crawls to the ropes, and Zac nails him with a 619. No holding up on that one. Replay of that. Back live, Zacarias lands a middle rope sit on Volador as Niebla tosses Yoda into the crowd. Clip in here. Volador headscissors Niebla out, and smacks him with a tope. Crowd is actually booing Volador, amazing. Replay of the dive. Back live. Yoda bounces off the ropes, but right into a Zacarias takedown and punches. Mije's plan is poor here. Niebla in. Volador springboards into a powerbomb, one two NO. Niebla goes up top – MOONSAULT CONNECTS. One two NO! Volador tricks Niebla into dropkicking the rope (?) and land the guillotine legdrop, but only for two. Volador charges Niebla, Niebla powerbomb feet on the ropes, one two NO. Niebla argues the count, Volador inside cradle and grabs the bottom rope, one two NO. Volador's bodypaint is slipping away, as the announcers note. The match is slipping away from Volador too. Niebla slams Volador and goes up, Volador catches up to him and just shoves him off the ropes, Niebla taking a hip bounce off the apron and going to the floor. That did not look right. Niebla smacks him with a tope on the short side, which you don't see too often nowadays. Zacarias and Mije (unmasked!) fight again, with Zacarias getting in a spear and running off Mije. Zacarias goes to the apron for a dive – but falls off to the floor. Mije can't believe it. Volador and Niebla back in, Volador torito blocked, no, not blocked and over one two NO. The top half of Volador's mask is not hanging on. Niebla off the ropes, Volador reverse waistlock roll up, bridge, Niebla's rolls to his side to get free and slips in a foul punch. One two three!

Foul punch is not very visible on the original angle, but more so on the second angle in the replays (and Volador reacts as such.)

Replays and Místico Vignette #4 to end