CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #346 (07/07/2012) 
Recapped: 07/08/2012

No guest announcer.

Match 1: Delta vs Tiger in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 07/01/2012

Winner: Delta
Match Time: 8:25
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Terror Chino.

Dueling armdrags to start. Tiger gets on Delta's back for a sleeper, Delta throws him off and puts on an arm hold. Delta has another new outfit here; when he finally broke down and bought new gear, he bought in bulk. Zero count exchange. Test of strength leads to a jumping snap mare form Delta. Casadora, Tiger tosses Delta behind his back, Delta rolls, Tiger dropkick him in the backside. Delta out, Tiger Tornillo follows. Tornillo looks slower than used to be. Tiger back in first, wandering around the ring waiting for Delta. Chops to Delta as he gets on the apron tis blocked, delta knocks him away, springboard – into a Tiger superkick one two NO. Tiger argues the count as we see a replay. Kick caught Delta in the midsection. It was not HBK/Shelton, no., but okay. Delta evasion includes the Delta backwards flip into a roll over Tiger's back. Headscissors sends Tiger out, Delta follows with a slingshot moonsault. Delta back in, dropkicking Tiger off the apron, but his cartwheel roll over the top rope meets jumping Tiger kick. Tiger does not have especially good kicks for someone who's offense is so kick based of late. Tiger brings Delta back in, sets him on the top rope, pulls him in the tree of woe, backs up all the way, and follows with a dropkick. Cover for two. Tiger puts up another argument. Whip, Delta back with a headscissors, two count. Whip, evasion, Delta handsprings into Tiger's backcracker. Delta rolls near the ropes (Tiger lets him) one two Delta gets his foot on the bottom rope. Seven minutes. Tiger lifts Delta on his shoulders, crucifix powerbomb, one two NO. That runs in the family. Tiger stomps Delta, walks to the corner, slaps the top buckle, looks at the crowd, climbs up, and misses a tope con giro. Delta to the apron, springboard splash one two NO. Tiger chops and kicks Tiger, off the ropes, Delta kicks him, Tiger hangs in the ropes then follows down, Delta runs up the corner, springboard moonsault. One two three.

Delta unsnaps his mask and checks his mouth immediately. Dunno.

Match 2: Hijo del Fantasma, Shocker ©, Titán vs Mephisto ©, Niebla Roja, Pólvora
Arena Mexico, 07/01/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 14:06
Rating: eh
Notes: Hey, Shocker and Titan are partners! (No one remembers that, and it was only like 8 months ago.) Fantasma wears Angel wings to the ring, which means as much as his DF belt. I wonder if he just bought them off Niebla Roja. Though I don't know why a Niebla Roja would have Angel wings. Ref is Tigre Hispano.

1: Pairs are Niebla Roja & Hijo del Fantasma, Titan & Mephisto and Shocker & Pólvora. Titan armdrags Mephisto into submission. Pólvora makes Shocker looks speedy. Shocker clotheslines Pólvora and tags in Fantasma for a plancha. Pólvora sees it coming and moves out of the way (not slow there!) Chops and taints to Shocker. Shocker threatens to come in, ref makes him back out, and Pólvora cheap shots him off the apron the first shot he gets. Corner whip, reversed, Fantasma jumping clothesline, celebration, and beheaded by a Mephisto clothesline. Fantasma comes back with a sunset flip roll thru dropkick. Mephisto kicks him off going for a leg submission, Fantasma tags in Titan, Titan springboards in with a plancha. Whip, reversed, Titan headstands to the apron, stunner over the ropes, headstand moonsault one two three. Técnicos cut of the other rudos. Shocker trips and kicks Niebla Roja, then (slowly) chases Pólvora away.

2: Fantasma evades Mephisto, gets a kick to the head. Niebla Roja mocks the fans. Fantasma comes back with monkey flips. Titan and Palacio Negro battle over slaps. Titan handwalk backflip headscissors sends Pólvora out. Niebla Roja comes in, missing on a chop, and Titan pulls of a five bounce headscissors on Niebla Roja. Mephisto and Shocker in, as JCR reminds us Shocker took Kahoz's mask a long time ago. Shocker hiptosses Mephisto and bounces off the ropes for more, but Pólvora kicks and distracts the técnico and Niebla Roja missile dropkicks him. Devil's Wings, one two three.

3: Roja yanks Fantasma around by his mask and his arm, but does it close enough to his corner than Fantasma can still tag in Shocker. Tigre Hispano allows it, which greatly confused Niebla Roja. Mephisto has to come in to help even the numbers, and even then Niebla Roja is slow to graph that Shocker is the legal man. Choke in the corner. Kick to the head. Punches. This is not what Niebla Roja was planning on doing. Niebla Roja tags in Shocker who kicks the thigh. Titan in, taking the flapjack kick from Niebla Roja. Fantasma ducks a shot and enziguris Niebla Roja. Suplex, holding on over the top to pin him for two. Niebla Roja reverses out of an armbar fir his cristo slam, though it takes a couple times to get Fantasma up. One two no. Fantasma claps to get the crowd into it, but they're not coming. Pólvora slaps Fantasma around. Whip, sit down flapjack, dropkick, but Fantasma moves outs of the way of a senton. Pólvora flips Fantasma to the apron, Fantasma slaps him away, stands around, then walks and jogs up the stage. Pólvora helpfully slowly recovers, and Niebla Roja just back elbows Fantasma when he he gets closer. Fantasma was a dummy there. Shocker flips Pólvora the apron and Titan pulls him off. Mephisto kicks Shocker down, Titan gets him with a springboard headscissors, runs, slingshot to the apron and does a rope flip moonsaults to the floor. Shocker with a stunner for Pólvora, Niebla Roja kicks him, Fantasma really comes up short on the the Phantom Lariat, then gets up and cradles Niebla Roja anyway. Shocker uses his cradle, and that's it.

Match 3: Marco Corleone ©, Máximo, Rush vs Kráneo, Olímpico, Psicosis © for the CMLL World Trios Championship
Arena Mexico, 07/01/2012

  1. Invasors

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 15:28
Rating: good
Notes: No intro for the title match. Ref is Maya. Mije is with the Invasors.

1: Psicosis and Máximo start on the mat, seriously. Máximo armdrags Psicosis away. Psicosis talks with his partners, but Máximo rudely interrupts by shoving him in the back. Máximo and Psicosis continue exchanging armdrags, though it doesn’t go all that well now. More hold back and forth. Máximo sends Psicosis away with a headscissors off the mat. Still weirded out when the announcers are obviously referencing something from luchawiki; JCR's count of most title defenses for the title is using the luchawiki numbers (which are probably missing quite a few.) Olímpico and Rush conspire to blow an armdrag, Rush quickly covering up by going for a hold but this match isn't much so far. Rush does a standing surfboard for a moment. Olímpico has quite the light blue eye shadow going on. Kraneo and Marco are last. Marco shoulderblocks Kraneo for two. Kraneo breaks free and knees and slaps Marco into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Marco charges into a Kraneo back elbow, misses a clothesline, Marco springboard clothesline one two NO. Kraneo fires up with slaps , Marco fights back with left hand punches. Marco off the ropes, Psicosis kick to the back, Olímpico shoves him into a Kraneo sit down chokeslam one two three!

2: Psicosis suplexes Máximo for a near fall, then cradles him for another. Crowd not making a lot of noise, bu then there's not a lout of crowd. Máximo tries to make a tag to Rush, actually touches his hand, but Rush is standing on the bottom rope so it doesn't count. Mije and Kraneo stomps Máximo, then team up for the triple legdrop. Two count. Kraneo demands silence. Kick, tag to Olímpico. Olímpico wrings Maixmo's arm, and chops him close enough to the técnico corner to tag in Rush. Rush has his feet on the ropes again, but Maya allows it this time. Who can say what's legal anymore. Rush decides to fight everyone at once. This almost works for him, but it also gets him stomped by everyone. Marco comes in with out a tag, Maya having given up on this whole thing. Corner whip, charge in, Olímpico clothesline, Kraneo clothesline, Psicosis back elbow. Marco tries to roll out, but Psicosis throws him to the apron instead. Olímpico stomps him, Rush attacks Olímpico, Kraneo headbutts Rush and smacks him around. Mije walks over to supervise. Psicosis book chokes Máximo in the ring. Crowd is making little noise. Mije climbs up the steps, and leaps off them to plancha Marco. Rudos all come back to towards the ring, where Máximo gets in a double springboard headscissors on Psicosis, then ducks a double clothesline and topes the rudo. Rush and Marco get up on the apron, and do a double Aereo Italiano – Rush goes with a tope con giro on Olímpico, actually. Three count, tied up.

3: Olímpico stands on the ropes to get away from Marco, but Marco can still jump up and high five him. Olímpico plancha, Marco catches him, sets him down, and smacks him good. Rush comes in to help ram Olímpico backwards. Corner whip, Rush clothesline, drop down to all fours so Marco can go over him for a corner plancha. Máximo adds a kiss. Rush dropkick Psicosis in the corner. Gut punches and chops. Whip, rush eventually belly y to belly suplexes Psicosis and kicks him in the back of the head. Mije tries kicks, Rush fakes him out and trips him up. Psicosis frees himself before Máximo can get in a kick, but Máximo still gets in the springboard butt bump. Marco slingshot into a Rush fireman's carry – powerbomb, I guess, he sort of lost him. Técnicos lift Maximo onto t he top rope, Máximo plancha one two Kraneo breaks him up. Kraneo short power on Máximo. Olímpico springboard plancha, one two no. Mije in, Kraneo tosses him on top Psicosis covers, Marco and Rush break it up. Marco suplexes Psicosis, Rush directs Psicosis to turn around (!) and Rush lands a middle rope senton. Máximo covers, Olímpico and Kraneo try to break it up, Marco and Rush sunset flip them, one two no. Kraneo kicks Rush out, Máximo headscissors Kraneo out, tope there to take out the big guy. Rush and Psicosis disappear. Olímpico takes out Máximo whit a slingshot tope con giro. Marco flaps his wings. Off the ropes, Aereo Italiano to the floor. Rush dropkicks Psicosis slopply, stomps him, kicks him, and kicks the ropes. Rush fireman's drop, stomp for Psicosis, Rush huge senton misses. Psicosis senton does not miss one two three. Psicosis was lifting Rush's shoulders off the mat, oh well.

Unlike last week, Rush is not the captain. Marco is in. Psicosis is slow to realize this. Máximo sneaks in, spins Psicosis for a kiss, Aero Italiano one two three. That's it.