CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #308 (06/30/2012) 
Recapped: 07/03/2012

Announcers are JCR, JCC and Rey Bucanero.

Match 1: Rey Cometa, Starman, Stuka Jr. ©  vs Puma King, Sangre Azteca ©, Virus
Arena Mexico, 06/22/2012

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 20:10
Rating: okay
Notes: Sangre's last out, and Stuka confronts him on the ramp. Sangre indicates he's not trying to start any trouble, but Stuka throws his entrance coat at him. Sangre hists him back, but it goes no farther. Sangre tries to get a high five from Virus, who looks the other way and talks to Puma. Tough being Sangre. Ref is Bestia Negra.

1: Stuka tries to get at Sangre again, but Stuka ain't biting. Virus and Starman start instead. Their mat wrestling isn't as interesting as I'd expect. Comet and Puma are next, Puma shoving Cometa down right away. Cometa gets up, misses a dropkick, and Puma engages in a chop battle. Headlock, shot off, evasion, Rey Cometa flipping run meets Puma dropkick. Nicely timed, right when he was upside down. Replay of that. Pegasso comes back with a springboard backspin headscissors. Cometa handsprings, Puma chases and slides out, Cometa tries to slingshot to the apron but gets caught going over. Cometa kicks Puma, and does a headscissors off the apron instead. Stuka in, Sangre stuck facing him. Stuka flipping run, monkey flip shrugged off, Sangre Azteca trip, and running wheel kick. Out goes Sangre, in comes Cometa with a flying armdrag. Puma gets with a plancha, but Cometa takes off his head with a superkick. Cometa chops Puma int the corner, whips him in to each other way, Puma gets in a heel kick, goes out, and back in with a springboard front cracker. Starman in with a flying headscissors on Puma, Virus in with a dropkick on Starman, Stuka in with – no, Virus avoids the clothesline and catches Stuka in a powerslam from for two. Stuka chopped into the rudo corner, whipped the other way, Starman flips his partner to safety, Virus knocks down Starman with a shoulderblock, Starman trips him up on the run and Virus goes flying out. Starman teases a dive, holds up, catches a Sangre Aztec clothesline and fireman's drops him in the center the ring. Stuka up, looking out, looking in, and deciding on the torpedo splash on Sangre Azteca. It lands, and it's enough for the fall.

2: Cometa chases after Puma, who wants nothing to do with him. Starman and Virus, the only two guys who definitely want to fight each other, get in a slap fight. Virus start to bail after a really hard Starman one, but comes back for more. They run the ropes, Starman gets in an armdrag, then comes back from being flipped to the apron with a flying armdrag. Virus out, Starman chases him out for the required quebradora con giro on the floor. Sangre drops Stuka with a single open hand slap, but Stuka returns the a favorite with a knee edge chop. Sangre trips up Sangre and stomps him on the mat all the way across the ring, then jumps on his m with both feet until he's pulled off. Sangre throws a fit in the center of the ring. Stuka crawls around, but not out. Stuka flips to the apron on a corner whip, knocks Sangre away, goes up, and off with a top rope headscissors. Stuka runs, Sangre ducks down, Stuka slides out, then gets in a high speed apron bounce headscissors. Looked nice. Crowd still boos. Rey Cometa takes Puma down and punches for a moment, they exchange chops, and Cometa gets in a back elbow. Whip, clothesline flips Cometa out. Chop knocks the spit out of Cometa. Puma high speed trip, dropkick to the shoulder, and down goes Cometa. Starman tries to come in, but th ref won't let him since Cometa is still technically in the ring. Dead, but in the ring. Puma's job is done, so it's left to Sangre to come in, put Cometa in an armbar, and walk him over to the técnico corner for a tag. Sangre thinks the tag don't actually count, and is confused when it does. Match freezes for a second, then Sangre just starts chopping Starman. Backdrop. Sangre squeezes in position for something, something that doesn’t happen. Sangre backs up Starman to the técnico corner, Stuka clearly makes the tag, Sangre whips Starman in the rudo corner and throws Stuka out as he comes in, then get sin the low low dropkick. Stuka in, no legally, but clipped and dropkciked in the head by Virus. Gori Bomb almost breaks Stuka's neck. He's captain, so the fall is done, but Puma still pin Cometa. Tags are important to keep regulated, pinfalls are not.

3: Starman sunset flips Virus for two,. Virus slows it down with a toe hold, then picks up Starman and clothespins him. Cometa tags in, as does Sangre. Sangre holds Cometa in the rudo corner for some cheap shots from Puma, then agues with the referee for a bit . Whip, Cometa up with a 'rana, one two NO. Puma kicks Cometa, flapjacks him, and buzzsaw kicks him. Two count. Stuka in, and so is Sangre again. Sangre slips in a chop as Stuka's posing, then takes his time in the corner. Stuka evades a corner charge, Stuka flips around the corner, then flips across the ring on Stuka's monkey flip. Puma in and missing a dropkick on Stuka, landing in position for a Starman splash. He'd been hanging out on the top rope waiting for that one. Starman and Puma do some slow sunset flip reversal to set up a Cometa flying headscissors. Cometa. Cometa springboard leaps backwards over Virus on the run, but Virus just bounces off the ropes and nails him with a clothesline for two. Virus picks up Cometa by his mask. Whip is turned into a Cometa armdrag. Cometa jumps on Virus shoulder, buts Virus throws him off into to the ropes, gets in a few kicks, and his trademark hanging dropkick. Cometa flies huge back in the ring, and Circus put on a half crab. Starman rushes into break it up, but Virus directly pulls him into a fujiwara. That was smooth. Stuka makes the save with a dropkick to the face. Whip reverse, Stuka casadora looks off, but Virus easily turns into a revers roll up, sitting on top for a cradle, one two NO. Virus and Stuka have a moment of looking at each other before chopping, and Virus connects on the fake out punch. Virus of the ropes, Starman trips him up, Virus turns to argue, Stuka inside cradle, one two three. Did Stuka have his feet on the ropes there? I think he did, though it was tough to tell from that angle.

Match continues. Sangre misses a dropkick on Starman, Starman casadora cradle one two NO. Starman 'rana turned into a Sangre powerbomb one two NO. Sangre argues the count, he was sure he had it. Sangre reaches down, pulled into a small package, one tow NO. Starman slaps Sangre into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Sangre charges in, Starman flips him up, pulls him over, Air Raid Crash, one two NO. Rey Bucanero says that is a very painful hold – his partner Terrible knows. Both guys miss corner charges, Starman sets up Sangre on top, headbutts him, but still get shoved up. Sangre up all the way, flying low blow dropkick, one two three.

Next pin wins. Puma and Stuka evade until Stuka finally gets in a back elbow. Chops. Corner whip, Sangre flips Puma to the apron, misses his own clothesline, and runs into the a Sangre hiptoss. Stuka charges Sangre, Sangre flips him to the ramp, and Puma superkicks him there. Cometa in, Sangre miss at charge and takes his hip bounce out. Meanwhile, Puma monkey flips Stuka – but into a tope con giro onto Sangre. Bad plan, Puma. Puma head up, but Cometa misses him with a chop, tope rope 'rana. One two NO. Cometa of the ropes, 'rana - no, blocked, Puma powerbomb is escaped, Puma fouls is not. Puma doesn't are, punching Cometa until he's pulled off to raise Cometa's arm. Stuka and Starman both yell at Puma, who still does not care.

Replay shows Stuka definitely had a foot over the bottom rope when pinning Virus. Huh.

Match 2: Diamante Azul, La Máscara, La Sombra © vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Rey Escorpion, Último Guerrero ©
Arena Mexico, 06/22/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:55
Rating: eh
Notes: Guerreros enter as a group, aren't color co-ordinated. Dragon Rojo is not wearing blue, he's not a dope. Babe Richard is ref.

1: Azul and Rojo working the mat is a poor idea for all. The signal goes out during this, the best possible outcome. Sombra headscissors Rey Escorpion around before the even exchanges. Guerrero and Mascara stare, then the rudos attack Mascara round. Flying sit on Mascara. Guerrero suplexes Azul, Rojo splashes him for one pin. Guerrero holds Sombra over his knees for a flying legdrop from Escorpion, and that ends it.

2: Senton de la Muerte on La Mascara. Dragon Rojo lands the low blow dropkick on Azul, though it's more to the inside of one knee. Escorpion corner clotheslines Sombra hard. Mascara side steps a corner charge, UG takes the knee bump out, and Máscara topes him. Everyone clears everyone else out until Azul drops Rojo with a quebradora. Azul drops Rojo in front of the corner, and then dances around with Escropion until he's in place for a Sombra missile dropkick which turns into a senton on Rojo. That's enough to finish Rojo (though they can't keep that pin in frame), and Azul supelxes Escorpion at the same time for the other pin.

3: Mascara quickly headscissors Ultimo Guerrero out. Azul monkey flips Escorpion around, which the crowd gets into. UG cheap shots Azul from outside to set up a Rojo clothesline. Sombra confronts him, and dropkick Rojo when tries a dropdown. E Escorpion comes in to help, is less actively the problem then usual. Headscissors all around, Sombra's hide in the ropes spot actually works for the first time in a while, and he lands the springboard moonsault to the floor well. Sombra picks Rojo back up, and they're both bowled over by Azul's usual dive. Escorpion and Azul stand on the apron and discuss for a moment. Escorpion goes in, and does his tope con giro on toe the others. Máscara gets Guerrero in the casadora, but he escapes the campana. Guerrero puts Mascara in Pulpo Guerrero. Máscara gives. After Richard has signaled the submission, but before Guerrero has let go, Escorpion storms in, pulls Mascara's right arm out of the hold, and cranks it in an armscissors. That hold sure is popular. Escorpion ignores Mascara, Guerrero, and Babe Richard putting on the five count to get the DQ. There's no defending Escorpion this time.

Guerrero shoves Escorpion down before Babe Richard even raises La Mascara's arm (which, again, we don’t see, but it's not the story.) They discuss, and Rey Escorpion is going with the story that he didn't know what happened. Escorpion shoves Guerrero back at one point, and Dragon Rojo generally tries to calm things down.

Replay and they're done.