CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #345 (06/30/2012) 
Recapped: 06/30/12

Dragon Lee -> Místico bit airs.

Announcers are Miguel Linares, Juan Carlos Castellanos, and a new guy who's name sounds like Carlo Coinco. He has a very distinctive voice. Julio Cesar Rivera replaces him in the second match.

Match 1: Blue Panther ©, Sagrado, Super Porky vs Averno ©, Pólvora, Vangelis
Arena Coliseo, 06/24/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:31
Rating: good
Notes: Averno is billed as “el terrifico infernal!” True. Ref is Terror Chino

1: Captains start back and forth on the mat. Averno liberally pulls Panther's trunks on a tirabuzón, then lets go to grab his leg for suástica. Panther slowly reverses to a tirabuzón of his own. Vangelis thinks about breaking it up, but Averno is able to get out by his own. Battling armbars lead to a Panther step over armscissors. Crowd approves. Vangelis makes it clear he's not impressed. I don’t know why Vangelis is on my TV so match, but that's where we are. Averno escapes, and traps Panther's arm on the mat. Panther slips free and ties up Averno's legs. Averno tries to make the tag, but Panther pulls him back. Armbar, Averno reverses to his own, and tags in Pólvora to kick the arm. Slap the arm. Pólvora looking at the crowd. Kicks, and another look at the crowd. Whip, back elbow, one two no Pólvora does not win on back elbow. Kicks. Pólvora yells at poses. Pólvora charges Panther, Panther trips him on the ropes, Sagrado kicks him off the ropes. Sagrado tagged in, slingshot plancha for zero. Pólvora misses a clothesline, Sagrado headscissors him out. Pólvora spins and drops Pólvora with a quebradora. Sagrado charges again, quebradora and reverse into a gutbuster. Seated dropkick to the head, one two Vangelis rushes into break it up and gets back out. Sagrado looks over at him, only for Pólvora to dropkick him back in the head. Whip, flapjack, Pólvora kick to the chest. One two NO. Corner whip, Vangelis corner clothesline, Vangelis runs into a double boot, Sagrado out with a clothesline. Tag to Porky, off the ropes, big splash connects. One two both rudos break it up. Porky pulled to his feet. Whip, double drop down, and Porky splashes both. Rudos are in world of hurt now. Averno gets right back up, Sagrado ranita, one two three. Técnicos cleared out the other, allowing Sagrado to pin the captain and take the fall.

2: Vangelis shoulderblocks Porky over, a bit to his own surprise. He still runs into Porky armdrags. Porky knocks Vangelis over his with his stomach, but Averno kick him from outside and Pólvora dropkicks him. Rudos all stomp Porky, risking the count. Referee gets Pólvora out, and Sagrado springboard dropkick Averno out. Headscissors sends Vangelis out, and Sagrado 's tope – is cut off by Averno swing kick. Panther urns in, Pólvora takes him down, ties up the legs, grabs the arm – its' sort of a bow and arrow, and that's enough to call it.

3: Vangelis runs over Panther with a clothesline, which freaks out everyone in the front row. Whip, Vangelis misses a clothesline, Panther clothesline him. Panther tries to make a tag, but Averno knocks him down from behind with a clothesline, and argues Vangelis to grab him. Vangelis gets up and does that, forearming him in the back. Tag to Averno. Averno trash talks Panther – while standing on his hands! Averno is the best. Slap to the chest, taunting Panther by puling up his trunks. Averno and the referee have a discussion about the legality of this, and Averno gives his slow stare at the crowd. Panther up to his feet and trying to rally. Averno slaps him right down. Panther chant starting. Averno looks around at the fans. Corner whip, Averno charge in, no one home, Panther tags Sagrado, Sagrado gets Pólvora with a plancha as he runs in. Sagrado stands up near the rudo corner, Pólvora swings, Vangelis takes it the slap, and Sagrado superkicks Pólvora out. Averno is still down in the técnico corner. Sagrado charges him, Averno moves, Sagrado hits the corner, Averno charges in, Sagrado boots him away, and charges out with a cartwheel backflip over Averno. Sagrado back to the corner, and off with a middle rope headscissors. Sagrado ducks a clothesline, dropkick to the knee, casita, one Pólvora breaks it up with a dropkick, then calmly leaves. Averno demands the fans chant for him. Averno waves Sagrado into the ropes, Sagrado blows the ranita, Averno turns it into his own pin, one two no. That was full on Sagrado there. Both up, Sagrado quebradora, up to the middle quebrada, both rudos break up the pin. Whip, double back elbow, double elbow drop. Averno crawls back on top one two Panther breaks it up. Referee has about had it with these break ups. Sagrado tags in – Panther, even though Porky is right there. Sagrado holds Averno in an armbar while Averno begs not to let Panther at him. Sagrado chops him. Averno spits at Panther, who chops him down. Whip, double running tope. Sagrado leaps on Panther's shoulder, Panther drops him down for a splash on Averno, then covers himself, one two Pólvora breaks it up. Averno pushed Panther down, covers, and Porky breaks it up with a kick. He and the ref have an animated submission. Panther puts on ah old, Vangelis break it up, and then time stand in to chop. Northern lights suplex, ref counts it one two NO. That doesn't seem legal, but you have to count the Vangelis Northern lights suplex, ti's right in the rule books. Panther sunset flip, one two no. Vangelis sunset flip, one and Panther breaks it up by crashing Vangelis with a plancha. Both Panther and Porky roll out, then Panther comes back in to tag Porky. Whip, fat attack. Splash, one two Averno breaks it up. Vangelis whip, Porky reverses, Vangelis sunset flip, Porky sit, but Vangelis moves out of the way. All the rudos rush in and kicks Super Porky. They're warned, but not for long. Corner whip, Porky has so much trouble running. Vangelis corner clothesline connects, but he lingers and Porky pulls him in the way of Polvora's charge. Porky fat attack to Averno, to Pólvora, and a chop with Vangelis. Double clothesline spot, they both go down (???) Averno covers Porky, Panther breaks up the pin, Averno ignores it but the ref stops counting. Panther covers Vangelis, Averno keeps covering Super Porky, one two three. A girl is very sad about this.

Averno is pulled into the farmer's roll right away, and Pólvora break sit up with a dropkick. Averno pins Panther with a foot on the ropes, one two NO. The girl is very sad. Whip, F5, one two Sagrado break it up. Sagrado superkicks Averno out. Sagrado stands in front of the ropes and backdrop Panther into a pescado on Averno, though it didn't seem like the pescado came close to hitting him. Pólvora clotheslines Sagrado, the only two left in the ring. One two NO. Pólvora slaps Sagrado. Whip, Sagrado slides out, Pólvora slides out as Sagrado slides back in, Sagrado tope direct to Pólvora's head. The girl is looking in a slightly better mood. Captains back in. Crowd chants for Panther. Averno misses a clothesline, but still kicks Panther. Devil's Wings, no, Panther escapes, Panther elbow lock, Averno gives right away. Crowd approves. The girl's dad makes her clap, but she's still not very happy.

Match 2: Terrible vs Yujiro for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship
Arena Coliseo, 06/24/2012

  1. Terrible Dos Caras clutch (2:58)

  2. Yujiro reverse figure four (2:20)
  3. Terrible Air Raid Crash (7:07)

Winner: Terrible
Match Time: 12:25
Rating: good
Notes: Ref is Pompin. JCR has joined the announcers. Seconds are Namajague (in shorts) and Averno.

1: Lockup. Terrible waistlock. Yujiro works out to an armbar. Terrible checks the arm rolls thru, and trips up Yujiro. Leg grab, Yujiro works to his own, and around into a reverse headlock. Terrible out to a hammerlock, and Yujiro get the ropes to break. Lockup, Yujiro armdrag, pose. Terrible up and they circle. Lockup, Terrible armdrags Yujiro away. Lockup, Terrible backs Yujiro into the ropes, Yujiro put his hands up, and then kicks Terrible for the not clean break. Face rake. Kick to the midsection. Whip, reversed, Yujiro off the ropes, back with a shoulderblock. Yujiro stares down Terrible. Yujiro claps his hand and calls Terrible up. Terrible clothesline misses, and Yujiro runs into a hiptoss. Yujiro kicks Terrible. Corner whip, Yujiro charges in, Terrible kicks Yujiro away, Terrible with a Dos Caras clutch one two three. Yujiro can't believe that was three. He and Namajague argue, then storm to the ringside area for a moment.

2: Yujiro kicks Terrible as the match is picked up. Headlock. Terrible jabs Yujiro and takes over. Shot off, back with a shoulderblock. Yujiro taunts Terrible. Terrible off the ropes, Yujiro won't go down. Terrible off the ropes, under a clothesline, landing a flying shoulderblock. Terrible fired up, waving for support. Some Yujiro signs are in the audience. Yujiro picked up, and battling with a chops slaps. Yujiro slaps Terrible, Terrible slaps back, Yujiro flurry of slaps in the face, Terrible responds with a couple of his own, and dropkicks Yujiro down. Terrible poses on his knees as Yujiro crawls around on his own. Whip, reversed, Yujiro dropkick to Terrible's knee. Kick to the back side of the right knee. Kneebreaker! Yujiro has a plan. Yujiro carefully starts to a hold, stops to do his pose, and puts on a reverse figure four. Terrible gives, but Yujiro won't let go until four. Announcers debate if Pompin knows Japanese. Namajague comes in with a orange drink, but Yujiro hands it back – and stomps on Terrible once more

3: Yujiro goes after the right knee, yanking his leg around. Snap mare, sets Terrible near the ropes, and Yujiro puts his full weight on the leg, then sits down on it. One more sit on the right knee. Averno rallies the crowd. Crowd shots. I wonder if the Fake Terrible is in the crowd. Yujiro trips up Terrible and splashes the leg. One two NO. Yujiro lets Terrible up. Clip? Yujiro puts his head down too soon, and Terrible kicks it. Terrible limps around, but blocks a Yujiro clothesline and lands a short one. Crowd into this. Quebradora by Terrible! Terrible limping around, but doing another one. Probably shouldn't do those on his bad knee. One two NO. Slow counting here. It's so annoying. Namajague is freaking out. Terrible climbs up, which seems a poor idea, but the plancha connects. Terrible kicks Yujiro, suplex no, blocked, Yujiro fisherman's buster one..two...NO. Namajague wants to know what the deal is with that count. Olympic slam! One two NO. Namajague tells Yujiro to go get him. Yujiro and the referee debate the cadence of the count. Yujiro waits for Terrible to kick up. Kick. Forearm. Punch to the face .Yujiro yells at the crowd and backs up. Charge, Terrible drops down, and Yujiro throws himself up. Namajague checks on his man and helps him up. Terrible goes up top, plancha onto both! Averno pours out his water on Terrible's head to refresh him. Crowd is LOUD for Terrible. Pompin tells Averno to get out of there. Terrible and his newly wet hair come in. Namajague may be broken. Yujiro is very slow to get up., but makes it back in. Whip, reversed, Yujiro telegraphs a clothesline, Terrible gets a crucifix cradle, one two NO. That didn't go quite the way he wanted, but it worked out. Terrible can't believe it was three. Crowd way into this. Terrible casadora cradle one two NO! Crowd freaking out. Terrible 'rana – no , Yujiro powerbomb, feet on the ropes, one – Pompin spots him. Yujiro shoves him, and argues, Terrible inside cradle one two NO. Yujiro sets up clothesline, big clothesline, one two NO. Obvious edit here. Yujiro lifts Terrible off the mat – into a German suplex one two NO. Yujiro can't believe it. Tokyo Pimps – no, , Terrible slips out the back way, kick blocked, Terrible left handed slap, right handed slap, Air Raid Crash, one two THREE. Cut to celebrating crowd.

Terrible gets his belt pout back on. Looks like Gustavo is the commissioner. Miguel suggests Yujiro try facing Marcela next! Terrible poses with the belt.

Match 3: Marco Corleone ©, Máximo, Rush vs Kráneo, Olímpico, Psicosis ©
Arena Coliseo, 06/24/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:47
Rating: good
Notes: Ref is Tigre Hispano. This may be joined in progress

1: Psicosis and Rush chain wrestling. Psicosis and Rush battle over chinlocks, though not for long. Rush dropkick Psicosis out, but poses instead of even teasing the dive. Marco shoulderblocks Kraneo for two. Kraneo responds by blatantly kneelifting him low. Urange side slam, and tag to Olímpico to take over. Olímpico chops, Marco swings, Olímpico ducks and chops some more. Suplex! Armbar, tag to Psicosis, tag to Kraneo. That make no sense. Psi dropkick to the knee, handshake double elbow drop, double suplex. Tag to Olímpico, springboard splash one two three! I'm always surprised when Olímpico pins someone. Marco turns out to be the captain.

2: Psicosis knees Máximo in the backside, then kicks him around the mat. Máximo crawls for a tag, but Olímpico puts a stop to that, Máximo set down in the rudo corner, and Mije lands his middle rope splash. Kraneo in, for the triple legdrop with Mije added. Máximo rolls out, and Rush comes in to hit everyone. Kraneo ducks and chops Rush into the corner, his partners coming in and helps stomp Rush out. Kraneo headbutts Marco and tags in everyone. Corner charge, Psicosis flips to the apron and punches him down, double boot the other others, springboard double clothesline. Máximo and Rush come back in to dropkick the rudos, run, and run over the rudos with topes. Marco and Psicosis left in, this ain't going to end well for Psicosis. Psicosis kicks away Marco on a corner charge, misses a clothesline clothesline, and Marco lands the springboard clothesline for three. Olímpico is laid out over multiple seats.

3: Camera shows Olímpico broke the seat back. That's not nice of him. Olímpico dances, Marco stone punches him. Olímpico tries a sunset flip, Marco dances, rudos all attack him. Mije gets trapped behind Marco in the corner. Marco leaps over Kraneo and Psicosis, Mije kicks Marco in the legs for a while, Marco lays him out with a punch. Plancha onto the other two, rolling thru Mije in the process. Marco grabs Mije and tosses him for the giant Mije splash himself. Marco drops down and counts the pin one two - kickout! Rudos yell at Tigre Hispano, who had nothing to do with hit. Rush and Psicosis in. Psicosis chops have no effect, and Rush dropkicks him down. Punches, slaps to the head, knee. Chop, Psicosis just being killed on the ropes. Whip, reversed, Psicosis avoids, Rush still gets him with the elbow driver. They keep showing the same woman in the crowd, but they're doing a lot of crowd shots in general this week. Kraneo runs into the belly to belly suplex. Mije tries to his luck. Rush threatens a punch, Mije covers up, Rush kicks him. Mije hobbles around the outside. Crowd chants for Máximo in against Olímpico. Máximo cartwheels and then the Marco dance. Máximo headscissors Olímpico and puts him in a time killing hold, which Kraneo breaks up right away. There's no time! Marco stone punches Kraneo for two. Inside cradle one two No Psicosis breaks it up. Psicosis kicks Marco, whip, Psicosis spinebuster, off the ropes, dropkick to the side, cover one two NO. Psicosis smacks Marco into the corner. Corner whip, Marco tags to Rush, Rush climbs up, top, Psicosis walks into a missile dropkick. One two Olímpico breaks that up. Olímpico slaps Rush down, Máximo jumps off the top with a plancha on Olímpico. Máximo blocks everything and kisses Olímpico, Olímpico pulls down Maximo's strap and inside cradles him, one two three.. Máximo was more worried about covering up then kicking out.

Olímpico grabs Rush as he comes in, but Kraneo takes him out by mistake. Rush superkicks Kraneo out. Marco and Rush communicate thru flapping gesture, whip, reversed, Marco Aero Italiano onto both rudos. Rush runs, but Psicosis takes him out with top rope dropkick. Psicosis up to an adjacent corner (with Rush wriggling in position), top rope senton one tow three.! Psicosis celebrates like he can't believe he actually accomplished something.