CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #307 (06/23/2012) 
Recapped: 06/27/12

Guest announcer is Felino.

Match 1: Ángel Azteca Jr., Fuego ©, Pegasso vs Arkángel de la Muerte ©, Hooligan, Skándalo 
Arena Mexico, 06/15/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:47
Rating: ok
Notes: Angel Azteca got himself a new shiny jacket. Kind of surprised they still let him use the same music as Angel de Oro. Is Fuego jacket supposed to be a bomber jacket to match Stuka? How come I just figured that out? Tuareg enter as a group with their new shoulderpads. Referee is Rodolfo.

1: Skándalo and Fuego start with slow mat work. Fuego speeds it up with a bounce up the corner armdrag, but Skándalo clotheslines him to slow it back down. Fuego revers a whip, Hooligan flips his buddy to safety, and Fuego rolls thru a sunset flip for a plancha. Fuego's quebrada must be getting stronger, because he can knock Hooligan down with one it here. Then again, it's Hooligan. Hooligan rolls thru a 'rana for another two count, then whips Fuego out with a heel count. Pegasso leaps in with a plancha. Shoulderblock, off the ropes, Hooligan is bent over, Pegasso jumps on his shoulders and – I'm not sure. It looked like he was going to just backflip off Hooligan's back, but Hooligan starts to bend up like he needs to feed himself for a headscissors. That seems crazy. Hooligan bending up throws Pegasso off, and his flip turns into him going first into the mat. He got his hands up (or down, as it were), but it's ugly impact. Hooligan finishes thru on the headscissors, and Pegasso gets up like nothing has happened, which is just as a crazy. Azteca tags in and picks up thinks with Arkangel, missing on one armdrag but getting the next. Pegasso is moving his head around to heck his neck, but doesn't seem to be in pain. Arkangel land a discuss clothesline, which gives them time to show the replay of Pegasso landing on his head. It's not what you want to see twice. Back life, Arkangel is trying (I guess) for an armbar, but more just kneeling and holding the arm with nothing in mind. Skándalo tags back in, Azteca flip over his back and still gets elbow dropped. Skándalo shoved into the rudo corner, kicked a few time, whipped t the técnico corner, and tripping Skándalo up as he comes in. Angel Azteca drags Skándalo out of the corner a bit, Pegasso lands the 450 splash fine, one two three.

Hooligan in, Azteca ducks his clothesline, 'rana takes him over. Hooligan escapes a flipping armdrag, then puts on a leg grapevine with armbar and Azteca gives.

Pegasso dropkicks Hooligan, but Azteca drops him with the discus clothesline. Fuego misses a clothesline, Arkangel spams the discuss clothesline a third time, Fuego ducks , La Flashina one two three.

2: Announcers said the doctor checks Pegasso out during the commercial break. Right now, Tuareg are disabling Fuego with a combo. Skandalo dropkick to the knee, Arkangel inverted facelock, and Hooligan dropkick to the face. Pegasso slapped down by Hooligan as he comes in. Pegasso and Arkangel get into a chop fight. Arkangel off the ropes, into a Pegasso hiptoss, but Hooligan stops Pegasso from more with back elbow. Azteca rushes in and grabs Hooligan's legs, but his partner eventually turn up to help. Tuareg hold Azteca in the corner for Skandalo's low blow dropkick, though the camera have more trouble showing it than usual. Fuego fights Skándalo, but gets whipped into Hooligan's boots, and Arkangel lands a low blow elbow drop. That's enough to beat him.

3: Tuareg still doing combos on the técnicos, some of which on Pegasso we see when not looking at the ring girl. Skándalo backdrops Fuego, sets him near the ropes, has Arkangel hold the legs, and lands an elbow drop. Akrangel blocks Fuego from making a tag, putting on an armbar instead, throwing him down, and then just letting him tag anyway. Nice work there, Fuego. Fujiwara on Azteca as he comes in, but not enough for the submission. Arkangel lets Azteca walk near his corner, but Azteca doesn't even try to make a tag. Hooligan walks Azteca over to his corner to make a tag, but not quite. This is an attempt to get the crowd annoyed, but the crowd does not much care. They react more to Hooligan's arm wringer. Azteca hung on the outside of the middle rope, and Skándalo lands another low blow dropkick to knock Azteca to the apron. Camel clutch/dropkick on Pegasso, and another dropkick to sebd him out. Arkangel Northern Lights Suplex on Fuego, but he declines the count. Azteca tagged in, missing a dropkick but reversing a charge to a quebradora con giro. Corner whip, charge, Skándalo lifts him up and drops him with the Skándalo Driver. Azteca is out.

Fuego missile dropkicks Skándalo, and follows immediately with a tope. Pegasso whipped to the ropes, tripped up into them, and held for the Hooligan tope con giro off the top. Hooligan covers one two three.

Match 2: Atlantis ©, Diamante Azul, Rush vs Rey Escorpion, Último Guerrero ©, Yujiro 
Arena Mexico, 06/15/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:56
Rating: ok
Notes: They've changed Atlantis' music again! Party Rock had a nice run. UG does the UG sneak attack and we're off. No sign of Dragon Rojo. Ref is Tirantes.

1: Rudos beat up the técnicos around the ring. Drop toe hold/legdrop combo on Rush. Escorpion pulls Azul off Yujiro and whips him into a kick. UG has found some non-blue gear, but Rey Escorpion has not. Senton de la Muerte on Azul. Flying sit on Rush. Pulpo Guerrero finishes him. Escorpion win with a top rope rana, which is at least better than the quebrada.

2: Rudos work over Atlantis , who is still left free to roll and make a tag. Azul and Yujiro have an interesting grappling battle on the mat that UG is in a hurry to rush and break up for no obvious reason. Triple boot sends Azul out. Rush charges all three, who are still in. Tirantes is slowly counting here. Escorpion and Rush have a slap fight, until Escorpion slaps down Rush. Corner clothesline by Escorpion. Rush and Yujiro have a slap fight, and Yujiro wins via back suplex. Rush gets up and goes after him, but Yujiro drags him to the rudo corner and gets some help. UG shoulderblocks Rush out of the ring. Atlantis in, UG corner charge, Atlantis moves out of the way, ducks a Yujiro clotheslines and gives a quebradora to Rey Escorpion. Yujiro kicks him, Azul superkicks Yujiro, UG shoulderblocks Azul, Rush dropkicks UG out , Atlantis topes UG. Escorpion back suplexes and sentons Escorpion, pinning him with a knee on his throat. Yujiro and Azul battle over waistlock, and Azul wins via German suplex

Rush and Azul chop Escorpion hard on the outside.

3: UG runs from Atlantis, who fakes a dive in his direction. Azul gives Yujiro a huge headlock takeover and superkicks him to dead. UG comes in, stands up to Azul and Azul immediately press slams him. Escorpion runs and gets UG tossed on him Escorpion does manage to kick Azul, but misses a charge and takes a monkey flip, and a second. Rush and Yujiro can't get each other down with clotheslines, can't get each other with chops. Yujiro kicks, off the ropes, and right into a Rush superkick. Yujiro gets nailed by kicks all the rime. Replay of that one. UG clotheslines Atlantis and goes fro this mask. Whip, clothesline misses, Atlantis plancha. UG charges in, Atlantis ducks down, and UG takes the knee bump out. Atlantis runs for the dive, both rudos come in, Atlantis holds up, walk back to his corner, and Azul planchas them both. Azul ducks an easy double clothesline, and Rush missile dropkicks them both. Rush runs, Azul ducks down and the last second, and Rush tope con giro both rudos. Azul climbs up to the top rope, and planchas the two rudos to top it off. Rush looks at the crowd instead of helping. UG and Atlantis in, Atlantis fired up, UG charges into Atlantis, slips down the back for the cradle, Atlantis rolls free. Atlantis casadora cradle one two three.

Rush celebrates big. Replays and they're done.