CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #344 (06/23/2012) 
Recapped: 06/25/2012

Clips of the CMLL women dancing are shown thru the show, as are the men posting with the edecanes. Thought it was weird that Lluvia was good to dance and not to wrestle, but it doesn't actually look like she moves much. Estrellita joins the announcers for the show.

Match 1: Hijo del Fantasma vs Pólvora in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 06/17/2012

Winner: Fantasma
Match Time: 7:36
Rating: Eh
Notes: Ref is Bestia Negra. Fantasma has his belt.

Match is joined already in progress. Fantasma victory roll for two. Fantasma 'rana, blocked into a powerbomb for two. Hey, here's a fall graphic for a one fall match. Whip, quebradora con giro by Pólvora, one two NO. Pólvora picked Fantasma up, slaps him into the corner. Corner whip, charge, Fantasma has trouble flipped Pólvora to the corner, and gets him there. Shockingly loud kneelift send Pólvora to the floor, and Fantasma follows with a tope. Clock stays 2 minuets, so we missed about 20 seconds. Pólvora in, Fantasma slaps him from the apron, suplex to the floor does not happen, Pólvora has trouble suplexing Fantasma in. Fantasma gets caught gets on the top rope coming over. Pólvora pulls him off and slaps him. Second slap misses, Fantasma under for an inside cradle one two no. Fantasma off the ropes, into a Pólvora flapjack, one two NO. Pólvora raises his hand towards crowd and stops to yell at him. Stomp. Off the ropes, dropkick to the face, Fantasma appears to be dead. Corner whip, Pólvora charges in, charing clothesline. One two NO. Pólvora scoops Fantasma up, and drops him with a Michinoku Driver. Pólvora misses a clothesline, Fantasma off with a headscissors. Pólvora out. Fantasma claps, runs l, and slide and Pólvora slide in. Fantasma tries to get back in, but Pólvora dropkicks him away. Pólvora to the apron, tope con giro bowls over Fantasma. I dunno why Pólvora is doing dives, but we get a replay of it. Pólvora is very tried. Pólvora throws Fantasma in, lets him roll ab it, then covers him for two. Can't believe that didn't work. Pólvora small package, one tow NO. Fantasma seemed to have his far shoulder up, not that it matters. Pólvora gets up to yell at the crowd. Walking around slowly. Grabbing Fantasma. Pólvora Driver. Pólvora covers one two no. No particular reaction. Replay of it. Pólvora waving his arms about again. Going for a second, Fantasma flips out on his feet, clothesline misses, and Fantasma drops him with a back cracker. One two No. Fantasma claps his hands to try and get the crowd to clap. They do not. Fantasma takes off his shirt. Pólvora kicks Fantasma back, charge, Fantasma sets up Pólvora up top, climbs up to join him, tope rope 'rana works. Thought that was Pólvora driver set up. Fantasma waves, goes out to the ramp, jogs a bit up, sets himself, poses, walks then runs back, Phantom Lariat connects. Pólvora takes a roll on it. One two three.

Match 2: Rey Bucanero, Terrible ©, Tiger vs Kráneo, Namajague, Yujiro ©
Arena Mexico, 06/17/2012

  1. Team Yujiro

  2. TRT
  3. Team Yujiro

Winner: Yujiro (2-1)
Match Time: 10:57
Rating: eh
Notes: Yujiro is already throwing Terrible around as they pick up. Ref is Pompin.

1: Terrible comes back with punches, but Yujiro's masked friends help out with punches. Why is a phone from 1980 ringing in the Arena? Corner clotheslines by the lesser guys, whipped into a Yujiro clothesline. Terrible selling is closing his eyes and laying very still. Maybe Yujiro is a bear? WHAT IS THAT RINGING. Losing my mind here. Team Yujiro decides to brawl for a bit, and Namajague just drops Tiger in the corner and frog splashes him. Rey Bucanero just late to break it up. Kraneo has a much safer than usual brainbuster on Bucanero, then tosses Mije down, then goes for the STF. Three finishes for the price of one. Yujiro has walked Terrible up the ramp, down the ramp, and down the stairs. He watches as Mije gets in some shots on Terrible. That's not a good idea for Mije's long term health.

2: The ringing continues periodically. Rudos continue to keep Terrible in the ring. Announcers discuss the cage match and Britney Spears. That actually happened. Devesating chinlock by Yujiro, with Namajague distracting the técnicos and getting in a kick. Elbow drop. Kraneo and Namajague give Terrible a double chop, whip him to the opposite (técnico!) corner. Namajague runs in for a clothesline, and then everyone is confused for a moment. Terrible kneels in the corner, close enough to his partners to lick them but not making any tag. Yujiro and Namajague and Kraneo (and I guess Mije too) try to have a discussion about what they're doing, getting nowhere. Kraneo comes in, starts to walk towards Terrible, backs up to the rudo corner so he can get as much room to get up to speed (…), Namajague whips him for the corner charge, and Terrible moves. Thank you Terrible for moving. That might have been the intended comeback spot, because Terrible ducks Namajague clothesline and dropkicks Yujiro out. Namajague, hesitant and looking off, misses a dropkick on Terrible, and Bucanero kills him with a big clothesline. Kraneo clotheslines him, Tiger flying armdrags him and Terrible adds aka couple kicks to Kraneo's legs. JCR says “Damian el Terrible”! Slingshot, superkick, rolling senton on Kraneo, and he's done.

Namajague kicks Bucanero, celebrates, and Tiger missile dropkicks him. Tiger dropkick to the backside, and three.

3: Terrible dropkicks Yujiro off the apron. Namajague tripped on the ropes, and Tiger tosses Rey into a giant flying sit on him. Kraneo slaps all of TRT, but Terrible turns a whip around and clothesline him in the corner, and everyone gets in slaps of revenge. Half crab/armbar, Yujiro hits Terrible to break it up. Loud chop fight, won by Terrible kick. Whip, charge in, Yujiro moves, Terrible bounces to the floor, Yujiro tope, forearming Terrible pretty well. PHONE. Bucanero drops Namajague with Tormenta Bucanero. Bucanero stomps Namajague a little closer to the corner, climbs up, and misses the rolling senton. Wow, two in one match, that's unusual. Namajague goes up, missile dropkick sends Bucanero crawling out. Namajague fires up, runs, and knocks Bucanero down with a tope con giro. Kraneo and Tiger in, and Kraneo clotheslines around the smaller guy. Quebradora con giro, one two no. Pompin really slow counting there. Kraneo slaps Tiger. Whip, Kraneo puts his head down, Tiger kicks him up, ducks a clothesline, and superkicks him. Tiger looks at the crowd, discus kick to the head sends Kraneo out, and tornillo follows. Terrible, looking hurt, limps pas the camera, around the corner, and back in where Yujiro is waiting for him. Terrible waves for support, and the crowd does come with him a little. Terrible ducks a Yujiro clothesline and lands one of his own. One more. Terrible pulls himself up, looking in a lot of pain. Yujiro loaded for the Air Raid Crash, but Mije is in and kicking Terrible's legs. Terrible distracted and that gives Namajague enough time to properly break it up with a kick. Namajague still runs right into a dropkick, but Yujiro is up and waiting. Kick, Tokyo Pimps. Yujiro poses on top one two three.

They bring the doctor in to check on Terrible, who isn't moving. Yujiro declares he wants the title. They bring out the stretcher for Terrible, as Yujiro says he eats tacos. Bucanero gets the microphone, sets up the challenge, and hands the microphone over so Terrible can accept as he's being carried off. Terrible will defend the title – or Mexico!

Match 3: Diamante Azul, La Sombra ©, Máscara Dorada vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Último Guerrero ©, Volador Jr.
Arena Mexico, 06/17/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:46
Rating: okay
Notes: Entrances. Guerreros enter together. Dragon's leg is still taped. Referee is Maya. Volador is in his Captain America gear.

1: Dragon and Azul have a few seconds of mat wrestling. Sombra has his shirt off before he starts with Volador, how unusual. Dragon Rojo gets in the cheap kick at the first chance, and UG chops Dorada out when he tries to help. Dropkick to the shin, Volador kick to the face. Azul in, but hit by Volador and Rojo. Rojo works over Azul with dropkick. Double boot with UG sends Azul out. Guerrero flapjacks Dorada, then throws him to the ramp. Volador whips him back, UG tosses him, and Dragon Rojo lands his missile dropkick. Volador Spiral – JCR “Mark a Diablo” (??) - takes out Sombra for the fall.

2: Senton de la muerte and flying sit on Azul. Dorada takes the hiptoss to the ramp. Rudos send up the flying sit on Azul again, but Dorada hits Volador, Azul hits Dragon Rojo, and Sombra whips UG to a hiptoss back in. Dorada runs, and Sombra boots him into the ring into a headscissors on UG. Dorada runs up the ropes, and lands a plancha to UG on the floor, landing on his feet. In the ring, Sombra hits Dragon with with a plancha, then pins Volador with the big wheelbarrow suplex. Dragon Rojo tries to break it up, but Azul pulls him into the German suplex of his own.

3: Dorada's offense includes a nice rope bounce headscissors on UG, Volador shutting him down with a superkick and stepping over him to pose, and Dorada coming back to inside springboard headscissors him out. Azul and Rojo have a chop fight that turns into a clothesline fight that ends with Azul turning while Dragon Rojo clotheslines him in the side of the head. Oops. Azul superkicks Rojo in the corner, and turns a whip form UG into the corner senton. Press slam on UG, which is no small task. Volador tries a headscissors on Azul, and Azul throws him off and monkey flips him. Second monkey flip goes a lot farther, sending Azul almost into the opposite corner. Volador rolls out, then rolls back in, but can't get up. UG comes in to check on him, but lets him get up to face Sombra. Volador is insisted on a handshake, and Sombra eventually ole's him. Volador gets annoyed on the third time. Dueling flipping run, Sombra looks better, Sombra inside springboard back spin headscissors. UG knocks Sombra down, Sombra flips off him on the run, then goes over his shoulder for a headscissors. Rojo dropkicks Sombra down, then picks him right back up. Corner whip, Sombra kip up and over, off the ropes, under a clothesline, back with a headscissors, out goes Rojo. Sombra runs, holds over near ropes, holds up, and springboard plancha to the floor. Azul misses a dropkick on the other two, and they springboard him to the ramp. Dorada in, but kicked as soon as he is. Corner whip, UG corner charges, Dorada moves, UG takes the knee bump out. Dorada headscissors Volador out the other way. Azul up, running, and landing his tope con giro on UG as Dorada walks up the ropes for a top rope moonsault on Volador. Sombra and Dragon Rojo in, and hyper. Sombra off the ropes, 'rana, one two NO. Sombra casadora cradle, one two NO. Dragon Rojo up and arguing the count, Sombra inside cradle, Dragon Rojo roll thru to his double armbar – and Sombra gives.

That's it.