CMLL En Busca de un Idolo (06/22/2012)
Recapped: 06/30/2012

Match 1: Titan vs Euforia in the final
Arena Mexico, 06/22/2012

Winner: Titan
Match Time: 12:46
Rating: very good
Notes: The judges desk is set up, but they have trophies and flowers for the top four guys. Franco Colombo and Atlantis accompany Titan. So, in a fashion, does Euforia. Titan didn't walk down the stairs, so Euforia makes do by kicking Titan in the back. Titan's face smacks into the camera. Camera lives, not so sure about Titan. Ref is Bestia Negra. Ultimo Guerrero and Tony Salazar turn up in Euforia's corner.

Euforia pounds Titan while Titan takes of his entrance gear. Press slam into the ring. Chop, and Titan goes down. Corner whip, Euforia charges in, and lands a corner clothesline. Choke on the ropes. Euforia forearms Titan in the back. Whip, clothesline. Euforia, in a new mask,s tares at the crowd. Whip, clothesline misses, back elbow misses, leapfrog, roll over, Titan hand walk, and Euforia dropkicks him in the chest. This is what happens when you face off for the third. Stomps. Atlantis leads the cheers for Titan,s and Euforia threatens him in very Ultimo Guerrero like fashion. Chop. Whip, Titan grabs the ropes, Euforia charge, and Titan hiptosses him to the ramp. Titan takes a look, start to turn, takes another look, runs, off the ropes, rolling over the top and over Euforia. Titan ducks ducks Euforia, spinning heel kick, and a push off headscissors on the ramp, almost sending Euforia into the crowd. Titan backs all the way up the ramp, and pulls of a huge tope con giro over the fans knocking Titan over. That was Diamante's Azul's dive, except maybe a little more over the crowd. Replay. Both are getting counted out. Titan smacks Euforia in the back a few times and throws him in. Titan climbs on the apron, waits for Euforia to get up, and Euforia kicks him before he can more. Euforia tosses Titan in, and trips at his mask. Referee breaks that up right away. That's a bad idea in a match like this. Titan rolls thru the ring and out the other side, Euforia kick him as he goes. Euforia out after Titan, throwing him into the barricade. Chop leaves Titan hanging onto the barricade. Euforia returns in to beat the count. Titan stumbles around and makes it up on the apron. Shoulder to Euforia, springboard dropkick knocks him over. Euforia grabs Euforia's mask, and rips it up. He's warned right away, but doesn’t stop until he's torn a chunk of it off. The top part its all gone. Whip, Titan puts his head down, Euforia steps around and kicks him. Gori Special! Titan in some trouble here. Euforia bends him forward for a pin, one two Titan stands on his head. One two Titan stands on his head again. Titan pulls himself up, and over, sunset flip, one two NO. Titan clothesline blocked, Euforia pumphandle – Euforica Special! Euforia belatedly turns him over for an armbar, Titan pounds the mat, but won't give, and rolls thru to get close enough to the ropes to grab on. Euforia can't believe this is still going on. Titan charge, Euforia leaps over, Titan puts on the breaks in the corner, backwards roll into reverse casadora into a reverse 'rana bridge one two NO. That was different. Euforia chant by the rudo fans. Titan clothesline misses, Euforia kicks him to the ropes, off the ropes, charge, Titan flips him over to apron, Titan swing misses, and Euforia brings Titan down by the mask. Euforia leaps, but Titan knocks him off the apron with a jumping kick. Titan runs, bug tope con giro to knock Euforia over. Atlantis yells words to Titan, while making it clear he's not doing anything illegal. Euforia slowly up, Titan up much quicker and using the stairs to get back to the ramp and then to the ring. Titan takes a knee while Euforia recovers, waiting for the last moment to get back in. Titan charge Euforia, Euforia flips him to the apron and chops him down. Loud chop. Euforia climbs the bottom rope, Titan punches at him from the outside, Titan tries to climb up, but can't get his footing, Euforia climbs to middle rope and superplexes him in! That's unusual one two th-NO. Titan shakes his head. Euforia picks Titan up, TKO, one two NO. Euforia slams Titan. Where is he going? He is going up, like for a moonsault. That is a poor idea. Titan jumps up, pulls Titan off the middle rope, and drops him with a running powerbomb one two NO. Euforia off the ropes, Titan spinebuster, legs tied, sort of a modified figure four. Euforia is in a lot pf in and in the center of the ring. He pulls them to the ropes, pound the mat, pull a little more, reaches, can't quite get there, and finally does. Titan off the ropes, Euforia up – no, blocked and dropped hard with a sit down powerbomb one two NO. Guerrero was sure that was it. Euforia armbar, hammerlock, ties up the other arm, forward cradle into a kneebar. Titan's in pain now, but uses his free leg to kick Euforia in the head and escape. Euforia make the first move, lifting Titan up and ramming him back first in to the corner. Titan hurting. Euforia of the ropes, running kick to Titan's left knee. Titan off the ropes again, another kick, Titan slips out to the apron to avoid, grabs Euforia in an armbar bar, Sole Food foot jawbreaker, handstand rope flip moonsault, sitting on top and hooking both legs, one two three!

Ultimo Guerrero is so unhappy, he almost pulls off his mask by accident! Titan celebrates and collapses, his mentors helping him back up. Titan sign! Euforia just collapses. Guerrero is very sad. Julio Cesar Rivera comes into the ring, and invites the judges into the ring. Negro is not here because of his eye surgery. I guess Miguel can't be here because of TV? Tirantes walks out, smirks. Ah, Miguel is just walking slow. Ultimo is too busy having a sad conversation with Euforia to acknowledge his name being mentioned. Atlantis celebrates with his name is brought up. No Máximo? Diamante is introduced, and given the fourth place cup and flowers. Dragon Lee, in that mask, walks out to get his third place cup and flowers. Atlantis congratulates both. Euforia stands up with a towel over his right arm and takes his flowers and cup. Panico arrives to give Titan his gold first place trophy. JCR mentions his prizes, including the Dragon Rojo title shot, the FantasticMania title shot, and being in the main events. Titan celebrate son the top rope one more time. Fireworks! And it's over.