CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #306 (06/16/2012) 
Recapped: 06/22/12

Rey Bucanero is guest announcer.

Match 1: Ángel de Oro vs Olímpico in a lightning match 
Arena Mexico, 04/24/2012

Winner: Angel de Oro
Match Time: 7:19
Rating: eh
Notes: Ref is Rodolfo.

Mat wrestling. JCR talks about Angel de Oro going to Japan, even though we're watching a matched tape more than month before he left. I don't know. Angel de Oro pulls himself out of the ropes to escape a leg hold Olímpico has on. I guess he rather the headscissors then the break. Olímpico is all over him anyway, with clotheslines and a kick. Angel de Oro flipping run, headscissors, out goes Olímpico, Angel de Oro steps to the apron, moonsault form the middle rope. I should just call that Angel de Oro spot sequence #1. Olímpico trips up Oro from the apron, goes back in himself, and gets in his own dive, a slingshot tope con giro. Olímpico gets back in, waits for Angel de Oro to get on the apron, and feeds his chin for the superkick. Outside in moonsault for two! Not excited because it's exciting, but because it's the most Angel de Oro match ever. Angel de Oro runs into a sit down powerbomb for two. Olímpico suplexes him, goes back out, springboard senton con giro misses. Olímpico lays in perfect position, Angel de Oro quebrada, Olímpico gets his knees up but not really and it doesn't look much good. Corner evasion bits end with an Angel de Oro super armdrag. Angel de Oro 'rana, rolled thru for two. Olímpico odd reverse armbar cradle for two. Olímpico adjusts it so they're both pinned, but Rodolfo won' count it at first. And then he does, for two. Olímpico blocks Angel de Oro's shots, off the ropes, Angel de Oro casadora, Olímpico kicks him away, Olímpico spinebuster. Olímpico gives the crowd what for, walks around a bit, and whips Oro again. Right back to the spinebuster. Olímpico tells the crowd off, then slowly grabs the lets, grabs the head, and falls over into the cradle one two NO. Three people are chanting Oro. Whip, Oro armdrag into – hey, it's the cradle he'd use to win all those NJPW matches. I dub the Halo Cradle until something more amusing comes along. It gets three.

Match 2: Eléctrico, Pequeño Halcón, Último Dragoncito ©  vs Demus 3:16, Pequeño Violencia, Pierrothito ©
Arena Mexico, 06/08/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:26
Rating: eh
Notes: Rudos enter as a group, Violencia & Pierrothito in full Puerto Rico coat and giant top hats, holding a banner of what looks like an old Box Y Lucha poster of them with Pierroth. Demus helpfully holds up the flag. He's got his belt too. One of the edecans is also in Puerto Rican colors. Pierrothito's mask is half yellow/black and half Puerto Rico colors.

1: Pairs are Eléctrico/Demus, Dragoncito/Pierrothito. Demus makes faces, fights back, gets casadora armdragged out, and the fans loudly boo poor Eléctrico. Dragoncito and Pierrothito are in far too short, but look good in their three spots. Halcón does basics springboard headscissors and armdrags before Violencia throws him down with a chokeslam. Sadly for him, Halcón monkey flips him out. Halcón takes forever to set up his dive, and Violencia easily pulls him off the ropes on the Asai. Halcón stand up near the apron, and Pierrothito legdrops him while he's there. Other four in, rudos take it was stereo inverted powerslams.

2: Demus is more interested in waving to the crowd then hitting Eléctrico, which allows Eléctrico to get up and clothesline him. Demus recovers, shoulderblocking and slapping Eléctrico. Whip, big shoulder powerslam plants Eléctrico. Demus runs the ropes himself, Halcón trips him up, and Eléctrico dropkicks him in the face. Darn cheating técnicos. Violencia cuts off Eléctrico with a slap and whips him back towards the técnicos, where Halcón – misses a plancha. Oh well. Violencia stands him up and slaps him down. Whip, reversed, Halcón charges, Violencia lifts him ups and – this time, something seemed like it was supposed to happen, but it doesn't, and Violencia dumps Halcón, then helps him up and clothesline him down hard. Slaps and a kick to the side. Violencia off the ropes, Dragoncito mgiht he tripped him but the camera misses it, and Halcón dropkicks Violencia out. Pierrothito spears Halcon and dropkicks out. Demus stops Halcón away, while Pierrothito stops Dragoncito with a wheel kick. Pierrothito of the ropes, but Eléctrico (maybe?) pulls down the middle and out goes Pierrothito. Camera work is missing a lot of shots here – as they show Pierrothito on the outside, Demus evidently dropkicks out Dragoncito. Eléctrico springboard dropkicks Demus out, then dropkicks Demus again as he comes in. Camera sticks on Demus positioning himself on the mat, and not Eléctrico readying himself for an elbow drop off the apron. It's not quite a Neste Plunge. Dragoncito armdrag Violencia, and dropkicks Pierrothito in his knees. Pierrothito gets up, and walks over to be fireman's dropped by Dragoncito, setting up a Halcón springboard splash. Halcón has the pin, gets up, add an Asia moonsault as Dragoncito submits Violencia, and that's it.

3: Dragoncito barely gets Violencia with a headscissors, rolls, poses, and unenthusiastically tags out. He knows. Halcón in, looking for a big reaction that isn't coming for Pequeño Halcón. He tries and tries, but no one knows your name, son. Pierrothito and Halcón evade until Pierrothito slaps down Halcón a few times. Halcón backflips out of the corner to escape a charge, Pierrothito kicks him down and flips off his knees. Pierrothito feeds himself for a Halcón two step headscissors, which is about one more step than it needs to be, and tags. Eléctrico slingshot in and shows off his front rows, so Demus does his own front rolls, Rayo hop, and karate pose. Demus is the best. Handspring headscissors by Eléctrico gets a few rotations, but the double rotation headscissors comes up about an eighth short. Demus rolls out, throwing up his hands. Dragoncito takes him out with his tope con giro, and is dropped over the barricade. Halcón has trouble being boosted into a powerbomb. Eléctrico has no such problems on his self powerbomb, and Pierrothito finishes it.

Rudos haul Demus back in the ring, who's still dead. Eléctrico is in a hurry to unhook his mask. Replay shows his head bounced off the mat on the powerbomb, that's no good.

Match 3: Marco Corleone ©, Máximo, Rush vs Rey Escorpion, Último Guerrero ©, Yujiro ©
Arena Mexico, 06/08/2012

  1. rudos

  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:28
Rating: not good, and then good
Notes: Tecnicos enter to Rush's music, wearing their belts. And bull mask, where appropriate. Monito trails behind them in Máximo gear. Guerreros enter together. Rey Escorpion hew new matching blue gear. You know, you have a guy named ROJO on your team, maybe you should for some red gear. Yujiro enters last. Rush, being Rush, shoves Yujiro as he comes in and starts brawling. Other rudos attack other técnicos. Tirantes is ref.

1: Rush and Yujiro scare the edecans by brawling on the ramp, and Yujiro get in the big clothesline strike. Guerreros bring Rush in for the senton de la muerte. Máximo tries to stand up to UG and fails. Monito is already in his safe place. Ultimo Guerrero lifts up Máximo for an Escorpion clothesline, though he has to tell Escorpion to do it. UG holds Máximo over his knees, Escorpion goes to the apron, then decided to come back in, got the other side of the ring, climbs up the ropes, and do a frog splash from there. Nice of Máximo to not fight there. Yujiro throws rush into the barricade in the meantime. Marco comes in, Escorpion gets in a shot, and the rudo double suplex him. Ugly quebrada, one two three. Escorpion beat Marco! Rudos wait for someone to come in, no one does, and UG retrieves Rush. Yujiro gives him the olympic slam, Rush starts to roll out, stops, and Yujiro is visibly confused. I don't know, don't ask me. Yujiro covers Rush when Rush is under the ropes, and Tirantes stat to count before changing his mind. Máximo in and kicked. UG tagged, and he puts to to a quick end with the Pulpo Guerrero.

2: Maximo's dropkicked around. Flying sit on Marco. JCR is trying to stir up trouble between Bucanero and UG, but I'm not paying attention enough to follow it. Rudos take turns throwing themselves out – Escorpion spears the post, UG takes the knee bump out, Yujiro gets hit in the nose yet again. It's Rush wheel kicking. Máximo topes UG thru the rope, Rush's dive is missed by the camera, and Marco recovers on the ramp. Who's the sucker going in the ring? Who will it be? Marco waits, waits, and does the superman dive off the ramp, over the crowd and to the floor onto three guys. Yujiro and Rush in, and forearming. Rush trips him up, leg and hooked and over to a grounded octopus. Yujiro gives quick, Rush lets go slow.

Tecnicso raise their arms and celebrate, while Tirantes quietly points at Ultimo Guerrero to indicate he's the actual captain. Crowd shot, and then Guerrero and Rush are awkwardly fighting. Rush back suplex, senton, now you're done. Tecnicos now do a wacky group pose.

3: Marco cracks Yujiro with the stone punch. Yujiro is staggered, but Marco whips him and flapjacks him instead. Rush kicks Yujiro in the face, Máximo adds a dropkick, and Marco covers for two. Yujiro tags right out. Ultimo Guerrero in. Marco annoys him with dance. Chop versus punch.. Ultimo Guerrero wins via kick. UG off the ropes, shoulderblock, over, under, UG shoulderblocks Marco. Evasion, Marco spins him around on a blocked kick and punches him again. Rush in to help ram UG back first in the corner and slap him while there. Corner clothesline by Rush, down to all fours for Máximo – to hop over and kiss UG in the mouth, Marco running plancha, and UG thrust kick. UG gets out, Escorpion into face Rush. Rush is still unimpressed with Escorpion, and Escorpion is still refusing to back down from Rush. Chop fight, Rush telling Escorpion to bring it harder and then headbutting him down. Whip, reversed, Rush over, under, waved by, back with an elbow smash. Maximo tagged in, Rush holds Escorpion in a camel clutch so Máximo can crawl over for a kiss, but Escorpion escapes and slaps Máximo. Escorpion messes with Maximo. Máximo reverses a corner whip and lands the double jump butt bump. Marco slingshot into Rush's fireman's carry powerbomb. Tecnicos are a really great team here. Rush double stomp, Marco and Rush lift Máximo to the top rope, top rope splash one two NO. Escorpion flips on a Máximo dropkick to the knee, but move out of the way of the next one. Escorpion springboard dropkick sends Máximo out, and Escorpion follows with a tope con giro. Yujiro in, Marco flips him to the apron, and punches him off. Marco out to the apron himself, jumping clothesline to Yujiro. Rush and UG left in, Rush misses a dropkick. UG sets him up top, Guerrero Special. Ultimo climbs up again (??), argues with Tirantes about it, and Rey Escorpion rushes in to senton Rush and cover. One two three. As usual in these situations, the announcers are sure the guy taking the pin was doing something wrong, when the guy taking the pin won the match.

Ultimo Guerrero is unhappy, Rey Escorpion celebrates, unaware until Guerrero catches up to him. JCR is bringing up their Forjando Un Idolo issues. Máximo tries to instigate. Stay out of it, Máximo! Rey Escorpion doesn't see the problem, and gets his arm raised. Ultimo Guerrero puts his hands on his hips for a while, folds his arm for a while, then uses hand motions to explain the finish to Yujiro. That is actually the best part. Replays. Bucanero thinks Escorpion messed up.

That's it.