CMLL on CadenaTres #236 (06/09/2012) 
Recapped: 06/13/12

Match 1: Ángel Azteca Jr., Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro, Skándalo 
Arena Mexico, 06/05/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 19:13
Rating: okay
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra

1: Pairs are Nitro/Azteca, Arkangel/Bala (though Bala has second thoughts) and Skándalo/Pegasso. Azteca & Nitro battle on the mat for a while. Bala has new gear, or his Halcón matching gear just looks a little different his week. Arkangel plays head games with the rookie. Pegasso gets in his tricky armdrags right of the bat, then surprisingly traps Skándalo in a crucifix for the sudden pin. Arkangel dropkicks Pegasso out, but quickly is hit by Bala's reverse tope. Nitro ducks out on Azteca and runs for the apron.

2: Azteca gets the better of Nitro, headscissors and ducking down to let Nitro throw himself out. Nitro comes back in and backdrops Bala, so it's now time for the rudos to take over. Azteca smacks Bala with right hands him in the corner, then sends him cross right for a back elbow and more right hands. Bala promptly reverses a whip and armdrag Azteca around for a while. Bala chops, escapes a corner charge, dropkick Aztec back in the corner, and gets in his diving corner tope. Skándalo clotheslines Pegasso, spinebusters him, and set him near the ropes enough for Nitro tho hold for a low blow elbow drop. Backdrop on Azteca. Rudos look like they'll really take over this time, though Arkangel has to battle back against Azteca chops. rolling back elbow, tag to Nitro, Azteca charge out into a trip and a camel clutch, and Nitro adds a flying dropkick. Nitro dumps Bala in front of the rudo corner, then stands him up and has the rudos hold him while he chops. Tag to Skándalo. Nitro set up the legs, and leaves just as Skándalo adds the low blow dropkick. Rudos all come in to hold Pegasso down for Arkangel's middle rope elbow drop, though Arkangel can't actually make it all the way on the leap. It's not that far. Oh well. Announcers aren't sure who the captain, but the referee doesn't actually count anyone else out.

3: Skándalo is an English professor! That man is busy. There's also a danger he might win this. Skándalo wonderfully sets up another Arkangel low blow elbow drop, and another Nitro dropkick to the face. Pegasso takes the dropkick to the ramp. Bala slips in a sunset flip on Arkangel, but Nitro break sit up and Arkangel puts on a STF. Tecnicos break that up up, but Arkangel still gets a two count on a suplex. Bala 'rana, Arkangel rolls thru, two count again with the técnicos breaking it up. Azteca charges, kicks, is caught and whipped and back elbowed. Rudos all come in with Pegasso and boot him out. Rudo section seems long. Bala avoids a corner charge from Nitro, clothesline the other two, and kicks Nitro as he still stand in the corner. Rudo fans boo as técnicos punch the rudos a bit. Tecnicos try triple bulldogs, rudos shove them off into each other, inside cradles, two counts all around. Some back out, Skándalo chops Pegasso in the corner and whips him the other way, Bala flips his partner to safety, then trips Skándalo in crotching the middle rope. Pegasso slaps Skándalo free, Bala drags him in position, 450 splash (Pegasso landing non his feet then covering), one and Arkangel dives to break it up. Chop fight goes Arkangel's way for the most part. Arkangel kick, whip, Bala tries a torito, Arkangel blocks and powerbombs him.

Bala is no captain, because this goes on. Azteca missile dropkicks Arkangel out. Then sunset flips Nitro. Nitro rolls thru, miss the kick the front kick, but comes back for a kick. Pegasso in, 'rana, Nitro rolls thru, one two NO. Pegasso off the ropes ,tin a powerslam, Nitro sits him back up and then rolls him over for a crucifix, one two three.

Rudos run around, then pose together.

Match 2: Fuego, Hijo del Fantasma, Sagrado vs Niebla Roja, Raziel, Sangre Azteca 
Arena Mexico, 06/05/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 17:26
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Fuego & Niebla Roja, a new combination that might work out well, have a good mat battle to begin. Sagrado and Raziel are also competitive, ending with Sagrado hiptossing Raziel near to submission. Niebla Roja protesting the hiptosses is fun. Crowd is loud for Fantasma for some reason. Rudo announcers are so happy to have Sangre Azteca back on the side of evil. Tecnicos are so happy to monkey flip him across the ring again. Sangre flips him Fantasma to the apron the second attempt, Fantasma slaps him and head up, and Fantasma leaps into a counter dropkick. Three count, first fall to the rudos. Fantasma doesn't move for a while.

2: Rudos take out the técnicos. Niebla Roja throws Fuego in to the barricade, then steps on him to yell at some front row fans. Sangre suckers Sagrado into a sneak attack from Raziel. Niebla pulls Fantamsa's mask half off on the outside. Sagrado recovers to quebradora Sangre, but Raziel boots him out and slaps Fuego down. Raziel's flapjack sets up Niebla Roja's kick to the chest. The entire Cancerbero's unit love of the flapjack really benefits Niebla Roja for that spot. Fantasma kicks a begging Niebla Roja and goes for an armscissors, and Raziel has to rush in and stomp it to break it up. Dropkick to the face is on target, but only gets one. Sangre repeatedly kicks Fantasma in the chest. Sagrado gets a double spinebuster, legs split, and dropkicked in the face. Raziel covers again, only gets two. I wonder if they're going to have more near falls with the current tag format. Sagrado whipped into the rudo corner, tripped up, Sangre clears off the tecnicos corner, then lands the esctacs aztecas. Raziel covers, only two. Raziel kicks Sagrado down, poses, off the ropes, boot deflected, Sagrado superkicks him and tags in Fuego. Fuego elbow drop one two NO. Fuego kicks Raziel in the chest, Niebla Roja kicks him in the back. Rudos whip Fuego, he ducks a double clothesline Raziel boots him, 'rana on Niebla Roja one two three. I have no idea where Raziel disappeared to there, but Niebla Roja really could've used some help getting out of that pin.

Sangre in, Fuego runs past him, flips thru backdrop, armdrag, Fuego charge, and Sangre dumps him over the top. Fantasma but Sangre gets the better of him with the wheel rolling wheel kick. Fantasma goes out, Sangre after him with a plancha. Raziel misses a dropkick on Sagrado, trips him, starts for the casita, stops on the way over, Raziel rolls thru after a second. Both up, Sagrado slaps Raziel, scoop, slam, springboard moonsault. One two three.

3: Fuego gets his armdrags in on Raziel, and Raziel spins around on the outside to make sure he's not dived on. Crowd very anti-tecnicos. Sagrado headscissors Niebla around for a different angles, then quebradoras him on the floor. Sangre gets caught on the ropes facing Fantasma. Fantasma lands a roll thru dropkick for two. Sangre runs past Fantasma, 'rana, Fantasma roll thru for another two count. Sangre flips Fantasna to the apron, Fantasma slaps him once, hurries to the stairs, runs back, and Niebla Roja puts him down with a back elbow! Good, that should not have worked. Raziel over to help with the pressing powerbombs, and lift in position for Sangre Azteca's low blow dropkick. Sagrado dropkicks out Sangre, headscissors Raziel, and topes Raziel for good measure. Fuego takes care of Niebla Roja with a flying armdrag and hiptoss. Niebla flips him to the apron, slide out after him, Fuego flips in as Niebla Roja goes out, then flips back out with a tope con giro. Sangre up and hopping around the ring to get ready for a dive, but Fantasma is up and running too. Phantom Attack, one two three. Announcer kind of going crazy.

Match 3: Euforia, Felino, Negro Casas vs La Máscara, La Sombra, Máscara Dorada 
Arena Mexico, 06/05/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:25
Rating: good
Notes: Whistle takes strongly long to blow. The rudos were surely up to some funny business, but we weren't shown it. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Dorada and Felino start. After the first exchange, Felino strips off his vest and tosses it to Dorada, which usually signals comedy Felino is with us tonight. He does try on the mat wrestling portion, and they battle thru leg locks before going to the arm pit. Sombra and Euforia are barely in, but good when they're in. Crowd loud for Negro Casas as he comes in. Chop fight, Máscara absorbs a few in a row, stops to take off his shirt, and Negro hugs him low. Máscara has to clap him away and kick him a few times. Corner whip, charge, Negro flips Mascara to the apron, lands the heel kick, and runs him into the post. Máscara puts on the breaks, swing kicks Negro away, and flies in with an armdrag. Negro out, Máscara after with a tope. Sombra knocks into Euforia, then lift up Felino and drop him in. Meanwhile, Dorada springboard flips into a torito on Euforia. Pin there for three, Sombra rope flip moonsault for three.

2: Negro misses a clothesline, eats a Mascara superkick. Both tag in partners – they'd been going before we saw – but Mascara stays in while Felino comes in. Felino's joined by Zacarias, who want to fight. Máscara aturns his back on Zac, but Zac swings wildly. Mascara holds him away with one hand, then throws him. Zac lands on his feet, charges for the spear, Máscara leapfrogs, and Felino accidentally kicks him coming thru. Mascara sends Felino out with a headscissors, then dropkick Euforia on a roll thru. Euforia flips Mascara to the apron, but Máscara kicks Negro off the apron, swing kicks Euforia, up the ropes, flying headscissors this time sends Euforia out. Máscara rolls to a stop. Crowd loving Negro Casas. Headlock, shot off, Negro back with a shoulderblock but Sombra not going down. Chop fight turns into a forearm fight, turns into Negro getting a heel kick off the ropes, Sombra slips behind, and clotheslines Negro hard. Corner whip, Sombra charges into a boot, Negro charges out into a powerslam. Felino rushes in, his clothesline misses, and Sombra pulls off a springboard headscissors. Sombra jumps on Euforia's shoulders, spins around, and headscissors him out too. Rope flip dive fake. Fans mixed on Sombra. Dorada push off headscissors Felino, springboard armdrags Negro, and scrapes his skull on the mat on a inside middle rope springboard. No idea what he was thinking on that last one. Mascara kicks next time in, all three rudos in, Máscara quickly ducks a double clothesline and superkicks out Euforia, Casas brothers trip him up and put him in a double crab anyway. Announcers think Mascara has quit, and maybe he has, but Tigre Hispano shakes his finger at the rudos – guess it's not allowed now. Euforia comes back in himself, grabs Mascara, and drops him with the Euforia Special. Euforia holds out to the submission, intended to eliminate Mascara, but Sombra sees this as Euforia attacking Mascara after he's already given, and goes after him with stomps. (Dang it, Tigre Hispano.) Felino grabs Sombra and drops him as Euforia clears Mascara off the apron. Felino top rope elbow drop, one two three. Let's say that's the one that counts. Rudos stomp Sombra a bit after the fact.

Announcers interview Yujiro about his title match, in English “How do you feel about this match, and your enemy, Rush?” Yujiro has not nice thinks to say about Rush in broken Spanish. “Rush comen taco!” Intelligent commentary.

3: Zac is busy evaluating the ring girl to cheer on the rudos. Negro slaps around Sombra, but gets dropkicked anyway. Euforia in before he can do any more. Whip, Tigre Hispano almost gets taken out, Euforia back elbow. Sombra crawls and tags in Dorada. Euforia kicks Dorada, hands him off to Felino, and Felino immediately misses a clothesline. Dorada flipped to the apron, knocking Felino away, getting a running start, and springboard in – to a dropkick from Felino. Felino celebrates. Mascara wants him,but Felino backs out and Negro comes in. Mascara's kicks are mostly blocked. Other rudo come in to help. Whip, double clothesline misses, Mascara rolling dropkick send Euforia out, Casas brothers kick him down, técnicos springboard dropkick them. Tecnicos with triple topes on the rudos, all landing on their feet. Negro and Máscara back in, Negro miss a clothesline, and stands still as Mascara trips him. Mascara starts for a casita, then stands Negro up instead. Whip, casadora, Negro partially slips away. Everyone is not quite smooth here. Mascara trips Negro again and goes for a tapatía this time, but Euforia break it up before Mascara can grab the arms. Stomps. Sombra flying in with a headscissors sending Euforia out the other side, and laying him out with a beautiful tope con giro. Mascara Dorada misses a dropkick, Felino slams him, heads up, Dorada recovers to dropkick him out, Felino lands hard but gets right back up to take Dorada's moonsault. He lands on his feet there. Mascara and Negro in one, again. Chop fight, clothesline, neither man goes down. Máscara miss the clothesline, Negro drop toe hold, casita, Mascara rolls thru, casita, one two three. Tecnicos celebrate. Zac is sad.

Stellar Moments

Combination: Pequeño Nitro frontcracker and Mercurio springboard double stomp on Eléctrico
Alevoso: Pequeño Nitro fouls Aereo as Aereo pulls Nitro's mask.
Insolito: Goya Kong elbows Referee Maya
Triumph: Ephesto's cradle on Stuka
Spectacular: Guerrero Maya topes Kraneo and end up over the rail

Match 4: Rush vs Yujiro for the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship 
Arena Mexico, 06/05/2012

  1. Yujiro Olympic Slam (3:39)

  2. Rush cross armbreaker (2:04)
  3. Rush double underhook piledriver (11:52)

Winner: Rush (2-1)
Match Time: 17:35
Rating: good
Notes: Yujiro is at least not surprising the women any more. Rush wears his title to the ring. Referee is Tirantes. Namajague and Sombra are seconds.

1: Circle to start. A genuine Yujiro chant. These guys really hate Rush. Lockup, Rush waistlock, Yujiro dramatic armbar escape. The big match up graphic blocks the view for a bit, then they're battling on the mat for a while. They lose hold of each other and just grope in each other's direction for a moment before Yujiro grabs the ropes and they stand back up. Another exchange ends more steady but just indecisive. Rush swoops in for a waistlock for a third time, and Yujiro hammers him with elbows. Chops on the ropes. Whip, reversed, Yujiro over, under, direct into Rush's dropkick. Booms. Yujiro crawls to the corner, and Rush follows with his gut uppercuts. Chop. Corner whip, Rush charge in, Yujiro flips him to the apron, Yujiro slowly swings, Rush blocks it and slaps him back, missile dropkick lands. One two NO. Rush miss a punch, Yujiro doesn't, Olympic Slam, one two three.

2: Yujiro punches Rush around. Yujiro backs off, walks to the corner, and punches Rush some more. Scoop, slam. Yujiro poses and taunts Rush to get up, then drops an elbow before he can. Second elbow drop. Third elbow drop. Yujiro yells at the crowd and poses. He's in a happy mood. Rush up and chopping. Kicks knock Rush down. Rush back up, but clotheslined down. A second clothesline. Yujiro says poses, then taunts Rush to get up again. Yujiro wings up his right arm, off the ropes, Rush drop toe hold, hooks a leg with his own, then rolls him over to a cross armbreaker. That was odd, but it worked. Rush won't let go right away, but does before five. After replays, they show a Yujiro fan club in the crowd.

3: Rush throws Yujiro from the apron to the ring, so Yujiro must've been up to no good with the card girl. Rush with kicks, punches and chops. The card girl is just here, so perhaps Yujiro was just planning to be up to no good and never got to it. Rush kicks Yujiro in the face to knock him down, then stands over him and punches a bit. Chop fight turns into a forearm fight, and Yujiro wins that. Yujiro kicks Rush, forearms to the face. Whip, reversed, Rush leaps over, both off the ropes, Rush duck under clothesline and knocks Yujiro with the elbow smash. Yujiro grabs his chest, and Rush kicks him on the floor. Yujiro charges Rush, Rush flips him over the ropes, Yujiro barley hangs onto the ropes to land on the apron, Rush easily superkick him off. Yujiro falls to the floor, and Rush runs – tope makes it despite Rush hitting the ropes. He's so strong that kicking the ropes couldn't stop him. Replay. Rush stomps Yujiro and throws him back in. Namajague pounds the mat. Rush backs Yujiro I the corner and slaps and chops him more. Corner whip, charges in, clothesline lands, and Rush pulls him out ofr a bulldog. Tirantes circles around, counters, one two NO. Rush northern lights suplex – from his list! - one two NO. Rush jumps and Yujiro catches him and spinebusters him, leg lock of doom, Rush reverses to a small package one two NO. Namajague has an interesting shirt on. Both men up, clothesline, but neither man goes down, a second time, neither man down. A third time, and down goes Rush. Yujiro is just a little tougher. Cradle suplex, one two NO. Both pull themselves up. Yujiro is dazed, but off the ropes and booting Rush. Yujiro pulls himself together, off the ropes, and into Rush's belly to belly suplex. Rush dropkicks Yujiro in the head, and Yujiro rolls/flash out of the ring. Rush climbs the ropes, and the camera people hurry around to see it. Need not hurry, it takes a moment for Rush to get up there. Big plancha to the floor on Yujiro. That gets a replay from the other side. Rush in first, but Yujiro crawls in unstopped. Rush now taunting Yujiro to get up. Both standing, Yujiro looking more dazed. Chop fight, Yujiro slipping in an underhand punch to drop Rush to his knees, but Yujiro doing the same. Their slaps to the chest turn in to slaps to the face. Rush headbutts Yujiro, then they both slap each other in the face at the same time and fall over. Tirantes checks both men, and urges them both up. Rush stirs a little bit first, but both get on their feet at the same time. Yujiro misses a clothesline, Rush lands his wheel kick. Rush drags Yujiro, stops to stomp him, and switches to dragging him to a different corner. Middle rope senton connects! One two t-NO. That Yujiro chant pops back up again. Rush up and kicking first. Yujiro dumped near the ropes. Double stomp by Rush, and Rush looks out at the crowd before heading all the way up. Top rope senton – misses! Yujiro crawls back on top, one two NO. Yujiro poses, grabs Rush from the mat in waistlock, pulls him up, and deadlifts him over for a German suplex one two NO. Announcers were amazed by that one. Both down, but Yujiro seems to be eying Rush and waisting for him to get up. Yujiro stands up first when Rush will not. Scoop, slam. Yujiro gives the crowd a derisive arm gesture, and climbs up, but Rush cuts him off with a punch. Top rope superplex! Yujiro on his side in pain, but Rush pull him back over, senton, one two NO. Sombra thought that was it for sure. He recovers to yell advice to Rush. Rush up first, back to the underhanded punches to the midsection. Scoop,s lam, Rush going to to climb to the middle rope right in front of Namajague. Rush stops to pose, greatly annoying Namajague, double stomp – misses, Yujiro inside cradle one two NO. Crowd into the near falls. Rush kick blocked, Yujiro lays him out with a clothesline. Yujiro walks around posing, picks up Rush by the hair, up for the Tokyo Pimps, but Rush hammers his way free. Rush superkick takes off Yujiro's nose again. Sombra feels that one from the outside. Double underhook sit down piledriver, one two three. Crowd cheers big, after all. I don't understand you at all.

Announcers call it a variant of the martinete because it is. Yujiro grabs his head, but doesn't need a neckbrace. He stumbles to the back while Rush is still getting the belt strapped on.