CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #342 (06/09/2012) 
Recapped: 06/13/12

Match 1: Fuego, Sagrado, Stuka Jr. © vs Pólvora ©, Sangre Azteca, Vangelis
Arena Coliseo, 06/03/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:54
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Terror Chino.

1: Pairs are Sagrado/Vangelis, Fuego/Pólvora, and Stuka/Sangre. First two are long even battles. JCR brings up Miguel's less than kind commentary of Pólvora in the Busca tournament, but they don't expand on that. Crowd loud for Stuka when he comes in to face Sangre. They shove, don’t brawl. Stuka gets in a flying headscissors, but springboards into the anti-air dropkick. Stuka's partners don’t come in, so that's the fall.

2: Rudo dominate singles now. Pólvora flapjacks Sagrado. Sangre takes Fuego out with a single slap. Sangre kicks down Sagrado, but a second is deflected and Sagrado superkicks him. Fuego tags in, elbow drops him and adds a quebradora. Vangelis takes the rudo's place, ducks a clothesline and spears Fuego. Pólvora tagged in, double whip, double flapjack, Pólvora adding a kick to the chest and covering for two. Crowd gets behind Fuego as Pólvora knees him in the head. Corner whip (to the técnico corner), Fuego kicks the charge and tags in Stuka. Stuka dropkick Pólvora out. Sangre in, regretting it immediately. They both look around. Stuka misses a dropkick and gets chopped. Corner whip, Sangre charge in expecting something other than for it to work, and holds up short before chopping Stuka. Corner whip the other way, clothesline, corner whip back to the start, Stuka moves, and Sangre misses the corner dropkick this time. Sagrado in with a springboard dropkick, Stuka torpedo splash, three count.

Pólvora immediately dropkick out Stuka, but Sagrado gets him with a headscissors and follows him with a tope. Fuego breezing quebrada on Vangelis, 'rana one two three.

3: Fuego offense run ends with Pólvora sent out via the over the back armdrag. Vangelis places Sagrado on the top rope, takes a flying headscissors for it. Vangelis ducks down to avoid the dive and takes the quebradora on the floor instead. Stuka stands around listening to the Stuka chant, and Sangre wheel kicks him over. Stuka chops Sangre away, Sangre comes back with a 'rana that took a lot of work, Stuka rolls thru, one two no. Stuka sat on the top rope, but bodyscissors Sangre out and follows with the Asai moonsault. Fuego plancha Vangelis and kicks him thru the ropes, then lands his own tope. Pólvora and Sagrado in, Sagrado casadora partially fails, but Pólvora goes with it and holds on for a pin, then Sagrado reverses for his own two count. Pólvora kick to he midsection, that's it sign, Sagrado up on his shoulders and – nope, Sagrado lands on his feet. Kick sit down powerbomb one two three.

Match 2: Blue Panther ©, Marco Corleone, Valiente vs Felino, Mr. Niebla ©, Negro Casas
Arena Coliseo, 06/03/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:20
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Maya. Zac is with the rudos.

1: Negro and Panther start, and it's a bit more of a spirited battle than those that opened the last match. They don't get much father. Felino helpfully starts a Negro chant for his brother. Felino is in next, facing Valiente. They also have a pretty good battle on the mat, but neither man also get in advantage. Marco and Niebla are next, but Zac cuts in and goes after Marco's legs. Then he dances! Then Marco dances! Then Marco drops to his knees and knocks him out. Niebla is very upset with Marco for hurting his friend and slaps Marco hoard, but Marco just tells him to hit harder. Niebla can't hit hard enough, so Marco punches him in the side of the head around the ring and goes for the big clothesline. Niebla faints before it can hit and rolls out. Marco ducks and jumps over the Casas brothers before plancha-ing them. Felino puts up the stop sign and tries to stink marco, but he just gets punched. Kick for Negro, Valiente pescado onto Felino. Niebla throws around Panther, but Marco springboard clothesline him for the pin.

2: Another Panther/Negro series ends with Negro missing a kick and Panther putting him in a kneelock, then letting go to tag in Valiente. Negro squirms free and tags in Felino, so no advantage there. Valiente stops Felino with a quebradora, Niebla slaps him down, and then Niebla kisses Felino! Crowd is amused. Valiente knocks Felino out of the ring, then gets into a chop fight with Niebla when he Niebla wants to whip him. Corner whip, reversed, Valiente flapjack and Niebla goes flying. Monkey flip back the other way. Zac in – quebradora for him! Casas brothers shoulderblock Marco out, then Negro does the same to Panther. Valiente lures Niebla around with a fake handshake a bit, but Niebla slaps him down and brings him to the rudo corner. Negro knee lifts Valiente, suplexes him, Felino adds a senton, and covers for – two. Marco brings himself back in, but Felino sneaks in a dropkick to the chest, then headbutts Marco over to Marco. Marco puts on a vastly illegal move, judging for Marco's reaction, before whipping him and clothesline him. Niebla puts on a half crab from an odd angle, and that's enough to win it.

3: Marco and Negro get in a chop fight, with Negro standing on the middle rope, and Negro using plenty of kicks. Negro leaps at Marco, Marco catches him, Negro uses an eye rake or something to get to a front facelock and Niebla adds a kick to the backside. It hurts too much for Marco to dance! Panther takes some kicks to the chest and Negro covers, but Maya is too busy with the rudos to count right away. It's only getting two regardless. Negro holds Panther in a chinlock for Niebla to mess with. Panther reverses a whip on Felino for a quebradora, but Niebla breaks up the pin. Niebla slaps around Panther and does the MS dance. Spit is – caught. Niebla finally turns around, and Panther clotheslines him right away. Tag to Valiente, who picks up Niebla to slap him. It doesn’t sem to work, but Niebla just steps himself to the apron and falls off. Valiente crushes him with a tope. Felino follows with his dive onto Valiente. Rudo grab Valiente, but Marco wave and runs – Aero Italiano! Negro and Panther slap it out, casita shoved off, forward roll cradle by Panther shoved away, Negro sharpshooter on – and Panther gives!

Match called though Panther sure isn't the captain and there's no way the other guys were counted out that fast. Negro taunts Panther while his partners dance.

Match 3: Diamante Azul vs Último Guerrero
Arena Coliseo, 06/03/2012

  1. Diamante Azul inside cradle (3:03)

  2. Ultimo Guerrero small package (1:38)
  3. Ultimo Guerrero low blow foul (6:47)

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero
Match Time: 11:28
Rating: bleh
Notes: They're in Arena Coliseo, so no stairs to push Diamante Azul down, but Ultimo Guerrero can still run out and shove him down the ramp. And so he does! I can type this stuff before it happens, it's kind of amazing. Guerrero posts Azul before the whistle blows. Referee, when we finally see him, is Tigre Hispano.

1: Guerrero ducks in to break the count, then goes back out to kick around Azul some more. UG has green and red outfits, but has decided to wear his blue one when fighting a guy named Diamante Azul. Whatever. Stomps inside. Snap mare, and going for the mask. Whip, back elbow, back to looking at the crowd. Judges would be marking UG down hard for this performance. Shoulderblock sends Azul out. Kick to the head. Chop, Azul goes tumbling. I bet that won't hurt as much later. I am turning on this match quicker than I thought. UG brings Azul back in and goes for the mask. They're in rare air here, a UG first fall is breaking the three minute barrier. UG misses a clothesline, Azul superkicks him. Repeat. Azul inside cradle one two three. Guerrero can't believe it.

2: UG clotheslines Azul. No hurry. Chop. UG pointing to the crowd again. Euforia better not listen to UG too much, it'll cost him the tournament! UG misses a clothesline, which mist mean it's Azul's turn. Giant armdrag looks horrible, if that's what it was. Quebradora looks better. Azul violently rips UG's mask. He gets it done a lot quicker than UG, who's mask now has the middle column ripped up. UG reacts a bit. Clothesline misses (4), Diamante takes him down and tries for a leg lock he never otherwise tries, UG rolls him up for three.

3: Azul charges, and UG trips him into the corner. Senton de la Muerte. Cover for two. The top is off UG's mask. UG stumbles to his feet, but backs Azul in the corner. Chops. UG distracted by the fan's chants. Corner whip, reversed, Azul charges in, UG corner sunset flip one two NO. Azul up first, but UG is laying down and tells Azul to back off. And Azul does! There may have been a clip in here, but there needed to be a clip there. Azul back around and looks at the crowd. Crowd is loud, anyway. Azul kicks UG as he get to one knee, UG blocks the third, Azul 'rana one two NO. UG corner whip, Azul drops down, UG takes the knee bump outside, Azul topes him. Replay.

Both back in. Circling. We missed something. UG clothesline, but Azul won't go down and roars. UG contemplates. Clothesline, same effect. UG checks his mask, actually pushing more off, then looks around at the crowd. Tigre Hispano is impatient, waving UG on. UG off the ropes, into a Azul clotheslines. Azul is fired up. Azul 'rana turned into a UG powerbomb in the center of the ring, so no feet on the ropes. Same two count. Both down for a long time. Corner whip, reversed, UG sits on the top rope and taunts Azul. Azul looks around, joins him, and takes the front superplex. Crowd dies. One two no. UG slams Azul, goes up top, senton con giro misses. Azul covers, one two no. One lady yells. Somehow, UG is standing and Azul is down next week see, so that's probably another clip Azul presses UG, and slams him on the mat. Running elbow drop one two no. Crowd chanting for and anti-Diamante. Azul almost takes out Tiger Hispano with a kick – wrong place – but gets UG only instead. Azul sets up UG on the top rope, 'rana blocked into a super powerbomb this time, but still only two. Azul plants UG with a Hijo del Lizmark style spinning side slam for two. Wrong blue guy. UG ducks a clothesline, Tigre Hispano take it for real this time, UG tosses Azul behind his back for the low blow foul, Tigre Hispano recovers to count three.