CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #341 (06/02/2012) 
Recapped: 06/05/12

Announcers are the usual guys.

Match 1: Stuka Jr. vs Sangre Azteca
Arena Coliseo, 05/27/2012

  1. Sangre Azteca counter dropkick (1:08)

  2. Stuka torpedo splash (4:01)
  3. Sangre Azteca inverted cavernaria (8:20)

Winner: Sangre Azteca
Match Time: 13:29
Rating: eh
Notes: Sangre dances his way to the ring, and Stuka topes him while still in his entrance jump suit. Match starts there. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Stuka takes off his gear, and storms Sangre as he gets off his gear. Back in, quebradora for the rudo. Quebradora con giro again. Stuka flipped to the apron, slapping Stuka away, off the top – and into the counter dropkick. Three count, that's the fall.

Tigre helps Stuka relocate one of his shoulders. Sangre stomps Stuka.

2: Sangre slaps Stuka around on the outside. There seems to be more people in the upper level, this week, but maybe we just get a better shot of them than usual. No one in the much upper level. Sangre brings Stuka in, slaps him in the chest, whips him cross the ring, adds a corner and the low blow dropkick. Corner whip, Stuka reverses and monkey flips him cross ring. Back the other way. Sangre rolls out, and Stuka charges him. Sangre ducks down, so Stuka slides out and monkey flips him onto the ramp. Sangre brought back in, battling trips, Stuka drops toe holds Sangre on the ropes, runs for a 619 – and falls out of the ring instead of hitting it? Stuka grabs his right wrist as if Sangre did something, but it looked like Stuka just threw himself out. Sangre fireman's drops Stuka in the middle, goes to the middle rope, splash, and Stuka just barely rolls out of the way. Stuka picks up Sangre, drops him in the center, goes up himself, and land the torpedo splash. Bet he was trying the 619 to set that up.

3: Stuka flipping run, headscissors, pose. They lost the crowd with that botched spot. Sangre rolls thru a sunset flip for 2. Both very slow up. Stuka has problems with a springboard into a casadora, and Sangre just blocked it into a inverted powerbomb. The técnicos fans are persistent in their Stuka chants. Sangre takes off his gloves to slap Sangre harder. Sangre slaps Stuka back, miss the corner charge, and throws himself out. Stuka follows with an Asai moonsault. Sangre makes it in first and tries to suplex Stuka in, but Stuka reverses it to a small package for two. Chop meets kick, Stuka whips Sangre in the corner and clotheslines him. Sangre sits down, and Stuka gets in his own revenge low blow dropkick. That doesn't have quite the same impact, and only gets two when Sangre grabs the bottom rope. Stuka slams Sangre Azteca, and meanders to the corner. Stuka realizes he's taken forever, and just tries a Running senton instead, but misses. Sangre starts to head to the corner, then lifts Stuka up and drops him closer. Sangre to the top rope, senton con giro misses, Stuka crawls on top, but only gets two. Sangre might have missed that one if Stuka didn't move. Slow motion corner whip stuff ends with Stuka slapping Sangre Azteca off the apron. Stuka gets in his third dive, the turning plancha to the floor, landing on Sangre Azteca and in front of some hysterical women. Stuka gets clotheslines off two counts. Crowd has gotten quiet as this has gone along. Sangre misses a clothesline, Sangre just stands there looking, then runs off the ropes, into a Stuka powerslam for two. Stuka runs into a flapjack, then Sangre puts him into an inverted caverneria. Stuka gives immediately.

Sangre sits down in the corner, looking gassed. Stuka is down in the ring and getting his shoulder checked again.

Match 2: Blue Panther, Shocker ©, Super Porky vs Averno ©, Ephesto, Mephisto
Arena Coliseo, 05/27/2012

  1. Avernos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:16
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Panther and Averno have one of their spirited mat battles. Panther brings in Porky with a tag, knocks down Averno with a Running tope, Porky splashes Averno, and the other rudos have to rush to break it up. Porky flattens Ephesto with a corner splash, and tags in Shocker to kick him in the face. A fired up Shocker gets a two count on Ephesto after a suplex, but corner clotheslines him in the rudo corner. Mephisto tags himself in, and clotheslines Shocker back. Shocker is eventually able to get him Mephisto over with a giant armdrag. Other rudos get in and, although they get lost on a triple team spot (very unlike them), they work it out to give Shocker the triple powerbomb. Mephisto pins, Averno cuts off the rudos, and Ephesto belatedly realizes he's supposed to be doing that. Doesn't matter, Mephisto has it finished.

2: New style beatdown, with tags and awkwardness. Rudos hold Panther just long enough for Averno to race in and hit him, and the like. Ephesto's double rebound hiptoss splash on Panther takes a little bit longer to set up, but surprises everyone by actually getting 3.

Porky rushes over, but Averno and Mephisto are barely able to suplex him over. Pehost sits down on Porky, Mephisto adds a senton, and – Bestia Negra calls it for the técnicos. Ten count. Referee yelled the count, though the announcers are still confused. Rudos can not believe he called that.

3: Rudos remain in control, thought hey almost blow it when Shocker loosely bodyscissors cradles Ephesto on a triple faceslam. The other rudos make the save, but leave, and Shocker just armdrags Ephesto around find. Double chop sends Ephesto, but Porky sends him back in so Porky can bounce him around Other two in, and splashed on the back by Porky. Panther shoulderblocks Averno out, then gets Mephisto with a middle rope headscissors. Running plancha knocks Mephisto over for two. Ephesto breaks it up, and Panther forearms him off the apron. Blue Panther gets Mephisto in the farmer's roll, one two three. Crowd very much likes that hold working.

Averno back elbows Panther for two. Averno argues the count, picks Panther up, and Panther puts on the Fujiwara. Ephesto races in to break it up and get back out. Panther off the ropes, Averno scoops him on his shoulders and throws him down with a – I don't know, Panther just took an odd angled bump. Shocker's turn to break up a pin. Averno slaps Shocker out, Panther misses a dropkick. Averno's Devil's Wings one two three. Tied up.

Averno celebrates, and is slightly stunned to see Shocker behind him. Slap fight, Shocker winning via running kick to the face. Shocker stomps his feet, and clotheslines Averno out. Ephesto boots him out. Porky backdrops Ephesto and tries for the big sit, Ephesto moves and covers, one two NO. Ephesto jumps at Porky and just falls down, then rolls out fast so Porky can plancha him there. Back to Averno and Shocker, both looking around before fighting. Evasion, Shocker short clothesline ducked, but he holds on for a abdominal stretch cradle, and that gets three.

Shocker and Porky dance

Match 3: Diamante Azul, La Máscara ©, Máximo vs Felino, Negro Casas, Último Guerrero ©
Arena Coliseo, 05/27/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 8:47
Rating: ok
Notes: Azul opts to slide out and brawl with Ultimo as he arrives (last) to the ring. The rudos jump the técnicos in the ring. Ref is Tigre Hispano, who has no control of this situation. Zach is with the rudos.

1: Everyone brawls long enough in the ring that it should be near a DQ for both teams, but Tigre Hispano just tells them to leave. UG is left in with a Azul and his newly ripped mask, though Felino is in and helping soon. Felino clothesline sets up the senton de la muerte. Máximo brought in, and repeatedly goosed by Zach as he's held in the rudo corner. UG finishes Máximo, and Mascara is around just long enough to be beat.

2: Highlight of the rudo beatdown is Negro yelling into the camera. Would judge Negro downgrade him for that? Everyone hitting everyone ends with a diamante Azul missile dropkick on UG, then a tope after he rolls out. Other técnicos wrap it up.

3: Usual técnico offense. Negro stops Máximo from the kiss but not much more. Mascara tricks Felino into kicking his parrot friend instead of doing himself. UG doesn't want to face Azul, but has him down and his mask ripped in short order. Azul ducks down on a corner charge, and UG take the knee bum put. Casas brothers knock Azul out before he can do more, but get headscissors and armdragged out. Máscara topes Felino, Maxim planchas Felino, and back to the captains. Diamante Azul nearly loses UG on a backbreaker but still drops him down anyway, then German suplexes UG for the pin.

UG accepts Azul's match for next week before Azul even gets a chance to ask for it. Hmm. Diamante Azul starts to talk about how he's going to win, then just rushes Ultimo Guerrero. That goes badly for him, Guerrero rips off his mask. Negro Casas, the only other one left from the match, comes back to – walk around a bunch, I guess. And that's it.