AAA on Televisa (Regional) #29 (05/27/2012) 
Recapped: 05/31/2012

Vignette: Hey, Faby Apache and Cuervo are hanging out. Mary was right all along! They with each other's luck in their matches, but that's not the important thing. The important thing is Cuervo is doomed.

Match 1: Fabi Apache, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito vs Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis, Sexy Star 
Poliforum Zamna de Merida, 05/06/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 8:00
Rating: okay
Notes: It's early enough in the Merida day that the sun isn't yet covering the ring. Everything looks dark except for the patch of sunlight. Champions all have their belts. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

Octagoncito and Mini Histeria start off with a quick even exchange. Dorada has the better of Psicosis until a sudden clip to the women. After all this time, Sexi wants a handshake from Fabi. It is not accepted. Fabi kick her in the backside and headscissors Star out, but Histeria attacks her from behind. Rudas take over the ring. Dorada gets tossed up high, but the triple snap kick bit could use much better timing from the rudos. Side backbreaker flying legdrop combo on Octagoncito. Star has problems setting up for her corner sit but eventually pulls it off. Octagon tosses a charging Psicosis in to the corner to star the comeback. Fabi quebradora Histeria, Dorada springboard placnhas Sexy and treats her to an airplane spin and a slap to the backside. Everyone heads back to their corners so the técnicos can get in offense. Octagoncito looks good against Histeria. Dorada's moves go better with Psicosis this week, though the double headscissors is shot from far away maybe to make sure. Dorada knocks him over with a thru the ropes tope con giro. Octagon comes back in, flipping off Histeria, headscissoring him out, and following with the springboard tornillo. That leaves the women, and Fabi clotheslines Sexi right away. Fabi reverse for a whip to a backslide, bridge works, but only two. Fabi off the ropes, right into a Sexi boot. Sexi goes to the middle rope – wrestling school moonsault misses. Both up, Sexy grabs Fabi, Fabi pulls her in the rolling armscissors, and Sexi gives. Tirantes calls it.

Fabi challenges for Sexi's title. Sexy says Faby just got lucky and no luchadora in AAA is on her level. Maybe if she has another good few months, she can get a shot. Faby brings out Joaquin Roldan. Joaquin disagrees with the idea that no luchadora on AAA is worthy challenging for the title, and deciding Fabi, Mari Apache and Lolita all will get a shot at the title on the next show. Mascarita Dorada brings up he beat Mini Psicosis at the last TV taping he would like his own title shot, and Mini Psicosis has held it for a year. Joaquin agrees, and makes it for the next year.

Upcoming shows.

TripleMania plug.

Match 2: Daga & Fenix vs Cuervo & Ozz 
Poliforum Zamna de Merida, 05/06/2012

Winner: draw
Match Time: 8:30
Rating: ok
Notes: Piero is ref.

Cuervo and Daga start, with everything Cuervo trying being reversed into an armdrag. Off the ropes evasion seems to include both getting lost, but Daga clotheslining Cuervo. Cuervo misses a corner charge, Daga German suplexes, and Cuervo rolls thru to his knees so Daga can get in a shining wizard. Ozz breaks up the resulting pin and takes over with a slap. Ozz kicks Daga over and lands a standing moonsault, but now it is Fenix's turn to break it up a pin. Running big boot in the corner, running boot to the face. Fireman's carry cuter, one two Cuervo’s turn to break it up. Off the ropes evasion, Fenix goes for a handstand, but Cuervo is right there to dropkick him. Fenix misses a clothesline and Cuervo drops him with a reverse spinning DDT, one two no. Cuervo complains about the count. Whips lead to Fenix charging Cuervo in the corner, and Cuervo hiptosses Fenix into an update down bump in the corner. Cover for two. Replay of the DDT seems to cause something else to be missed, and now all four are in. Team '12 take control, Daga dropping Ozz with a Spinning forearm, then both working to position everyone just right for a Fenix flip off Cuervo into a moonsault on Ozz while Daga German suplexes Cuervo. Two counts. No surprise, Cuervo rolled out of the last one,. Ozz is up first, somehow, kicking Daga and clotheslining him out. Fenix ducks under clothesline, and Oklahoma stampedes Cuervo in the corner. Ozz breaks up the pin and suplexes Fenix. Pumphandle faceslam, one two Daga breaks it up. Daga goes the middle rope for a double stomp on Ozz's back ,and the drops him with a fireman’s carry double gutbuster for two. Fenix leaps off Daga's back to kick Cuervo away from breaking it up, though I think he broke it up himself doing it. Daga holds on for a Fenix jumping toe kick, then holds Daga on the ground for Fenix to – uh, roll over both of them on the way going up to the corner for a top rope tornillo onto Cuervo. Daga holds onto Ozz as they both get back up, but Ozz rolls free. They get up and do standing switches and escapes from suplexes, then just dive out onto the other two. Replays. Everyone is slow to get back in, but that's partially because Cuervo is getting some furniture. Daga's DDTed on a chair, Fenix jumps off the barricade to kick Cuervo in the head, then goes down grabbing his left wrist. I have no idea why Ozz is out, but he's out. Piero is counting loudly. Fabi runs out to check on Cuervo and help him get back in. he's the only one crawling, but then he stops just long enough not to make it in. Double countout of the ring.

Music guy plays Dark Family's music they have Fabi and so won? It's a theory. Everyone crawls back in, they raise each other's hands, and the crowd does applaud. Handshakes.

Nicho -> Psicosis vignette repeated from last week. He's the original Psicosis, don’t you know.

Match 3: Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Halloween, Héctor Garza, Psicosis 
Poliforum Zamna de Merida, 05/06/2012

Winner: Psycho Clowns
Match Time: 12:07
Rating: ok
Notes: Halloween is wearing a rainbow afro wig for some reason. Maybe to make sure Nicho doesn't look silly. Everyone welcomes back Psicosis; he's introduced with both names. Psychos wear their belts to the ring. On screen graphic lists him as “Monster Clown”, they should consult with the person who runs the website. Garza & Halloween rush out to attack the Clowns, while Nicho waits for Psycho to get in to dropkick him and hit him with his own belt. Referee is Piero.

Perros bust out the chair spots early. Announcers recap the history between these sides, though not directly these two sides. Replays include Halloween tossing a chair on top of Psycho Clown. Halloween busies himself setting up a chair table. Psycho's laid on top, and Psicosis legdrops him thru. Half of it is sent in a corner, and Garza drop toe holds psycho thru it. I don't know how that works, but it's what happened. Spear for Mini Clown! Psicosis puts a bucket on Murder's head and smacks it with a chair. Murder is crotched on the top rope, and Psicosis tries a something, but just falls off the top rope and lightly kicks Monster. Psicosis goes back up again, and lands the dropkick to a chair to Monster they wanted in the first place. Why didn't they clip out the first try? I can't believe I'm complaining about AA not editing enough. Psicosis gets pulled off the apron to start the comeback, which grinds to a halt while everyone waits for Monster to take off his belt and hit people. Clowns dropkick Psicosis off Murder's press slam. Rudos threaten to leave, but the clones brings Garza back. Flying sit on him. Double suplex, partway thru the wood panel for Psicosis. Psicosis lays on the mat for a bit, Psycho stomps him, clears off the other rudos, poses a bit, and Psicosis is standing behind him fine. Fine work there. Psycho drops him with an Air Raid Crash for a two count, letting up at three to stop Garza from breaking it up. Monster goes thru the Perrors, until Halloween sneaks out of a press slam and spears him. Murder takes a horrendous bump. Halloween covers, Psicosis comes in, realizes it's not time for him to be in, stands there a moment, and walks backwards as Monster breaks up the pin. Monster straps Halloween, cradles him, and Psicosis return to break that up. Strap shots for everyone. Perro try to double suplex on Monster, Mini blocks it, Garza clotheslines him, Psycho clothesline him and tries the suplex the other way, Garza blocks it and gets in, Murder slaps the rudos, and the Psychos get the suplex. Ring is cleared of everyone but Monster, who tries to slide a dropkick a chair in Psicosis' face. Psicosis grabs the chair and moves, then smacks Monster in the head with it. Psicosis back in, and toping slowly into a chair shot to the head. That's smart. Replay of that. Back live, Halloween is down in the middle and Monster sets up some chairs. Halloween sat on top. Everyone is fighting on the floor. Halloween crotches Murder, but Mini hits Halloween with a chair. Halloween is more annoyed then hurt, and chases down Mini Clown. Spear! Halloween goes up to Murder Clown, top rope 'rana blocked, and Murder powerbombs Halloween thru the chairs. One two three.

TripleMania promo

Recap: Juvi and his Michael Jackson jacket return to AAA. Konnan is unhappy. Joe Lider & Juvi win the tag team match at Rey de Reyes and did a backstage challenge for the tag belts. (They did?). Previously, Chessman & Abyss won the tag team title match. Hey, they explained it well.

Match 4: Abyss & Chessman vs Joe Lider & Juventud Guerrera for the AAA World Tag Team Championship 
Poliforum Zamna de Merida, 05/06/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 8:09
Rating: bad
Notes: Kids jump the rail to dance with Lider & Juvi. Chessman and Abyss enter separately. Hijo de Tirantes is ref.

Lider and Chessman briefly start with chain wrestling, Chessman is great at that, and then he decides he'd rather just slap Lider in the face. Shoulderblock, Chessman runs into a Lider belly to belly suplex, Lider runs into a powerslam, one two no. Slap fight, ending with Lider taking a big fall of in a normal bump situation. Crowd shot, and Juvi and Abyss are in. Abyss stumbles all over the place for a Juvi jumping forearm, then timbers to the mat off a drop toe hold. Kick sends him out. Juvi runs for a dive, but Chessman beheads him with a superkick. Juvi comes back with a jumping snap are into a headscissors, and slings out with a headscissors. Lider forearms Abyss off, and Asai moonsaults on to him. Abyss still can't catch a dive, he turns to his side and gets hits in the shoulder here.

Chessman and Lider make it back in. Lider gets in some kicks to the head, Chessman tosses him up, Lider somehow turns into a frontcracker. Abyss breaks up the pin. Someone is on a computer, fixing the graphics on the video screen right behind the ring. It's directly in the middle screen and so distracting, but they just turn it off quick. Lider has bruised chest somehow. Chessman drops him with a big front slam, but Juvi breaks it up., then reverse a whip and gets Chessman with another frontcracker. Juvi conversation, covers, one two NO. Juvi runs, Chessman flips him, slams him, lifts him back up, and drops him with an Atlantida into a front backbreaker. That was nice. Lider breaks up the pin. Abyss in, clothesline misses, técnicos chop and dropkick him. Corner whip the other way, Juvi charge in, Abyss flips him to the apron, Lider stalls, Abyss turns around and take a stunner over the ropes. Lider forearms him into the back. Técnicos set something up, but this is all clipped up. Lider backdrops Chessman, and Juvi 450 splashes Abyss. Tirantes decided to stall instead of counting, great. He counts one, then says Abyss has his foot on the ropes when he doesn't. Juvi threatens to punch Tirantes, who threatens to DQ the tecnicos. Match just goes on. Chessman superkicks Juvi, Lider DDTs Chessman and covers again. Tirantes counts normal this time, because its' not a finishing move. This is stupid, I'll see you at the finish.

After some wackiness including Juvi fouling Abyss and accidentally hitting Tirantes with a chair, Juvi lands a top rope legdrop on the chair and Abyss while Lider uses the third frontcracker of the match on Lider. Técnicos count their own pins, not that it helps. Psicosis attacks Lider and throws him out of the ring. Rudos superbomb Juvi, then Lider runs back in to take the Black Hole Slam, and the rudos win on simultaneous pins.

Psicosis tapes Lider to the ropes, taunts him with a Perros del mal shirt, and then cuts his forehead with a knife. They zoom in to show the blood, but give us the long shot when he's actually doing the cut. I have no idea where Juvi went.

TripleMania promo.

Match 5: Cibernético & Dr. Wagner Jr. vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & LA Park 
Poliforum Zamna de Merida, 05/06/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 7:15
Rating: bad
Notes: A kid jumps the rail to high five Cibernético. Cibernético is not wearing his Bizarros gear. Entrances go Cibernético, Perro, Wagner, and LA Park which doesn't quite make sense. Park is out with his belt and his apron. Everyone seems confused by LA Park. LA Park gets the microphone, explains the Jarretts angered him at the last show, so he made Karen dress up like a witch. He had not forgiven Jeff either, so he stole his passport, and Jeff can't get into the country. Park shows the passport to the camera, very briefly, and either Jeff has a Mexican passport with a photo that looks nothing like him, or maybe it's not actually Jeff's passport. Park tells all three guys they're true stars of lucha libre. Perro gives him a look. Park seems about to tell us that that Joaquin is not a star when Perro attacks him. Piero is ref.

Cibernético and Wagner evaluate the situation. Cibernético decides he might as well help stomp Park. Perro gets in Wagner's face, and Wagner makes Wagner hand motions. Perro relents and stomps Park more. What a main event we have here for you! Perro chokes Park on the apron for a while. Wagner asks Cibernético what exactly they're doing here. Cibernético expresses disinterest in pulling Perro off Park and just walks away to a corner to turn his back on this. Wagner waits for Perro to turn around, and punches and kicks him. Wagner gets Perro with a sunset flip roll thru kick, then does his pose. Suplex for Perro. Wagner looks in on Park, who's still down. Wagner stands up park, though it's not clear with what intensions. Park assumes Wagner is coming for him, and slaps and kicks him down in the corner. Stomps. Wagner yells at Park from the mat, but Park just kicks him to shut him up. Perro gets up and dropkicks Park, then kicks him on a the mat. Crowd really not sure what to make of this. Cibernético is just hanging out and watching. Park armdrags and quebradoras Perro. Cibernético charges Park, then stops because it's not his turn. Park hits Wagner first, then Cibernético spears Park. Chokelsam – no, Perro saves both of them with a kick. Perro kicks Cibernético and holds him in the corner. Spit at Wagner, who gets to react to something. Kick to Park, who just gets back up and faces him. Perro slaps him down, then picks him up. Wagner comes in and kicks Perro. This match, dropkick to the head, one two NO. Wagner rolls out, and gets into an argument with a random cowboy hated fan. Perro tries to go after Wagner, but Cibernético holds him up. Wagner kicks Perro off the apron, and gets in his tope con giro. Cibernético sets up on the apron for something of his own – a dive? - but Perro doesn’t get up. Park helps Perro out, but to send him into the crowd to brawl instead. Park this Perro with the wrong side of the chair, Perro throws a beer at him, and Pro shoves Perro down in the crowd. Wagner pulls Perro back over, and holds him for a Par kick, but Park starts brawling with Wagner instead. They both agree to take it inside, but Wagner goes inside while Park brawls with Perro more. Wagner, annoyed, goes out to try and get Park’s attention, but Park just slaps him away as he’s fighting with Perro. It turns into a three way slap fight, Park winning on two guys. And then it just stops. What is this match. Perro stalks a cameraman. Park and Wagner back in, but park demands Perro come in or maybe the fans to be quiet. Park clotheslines Wagner’s, trust, look around some. Wagner runs the ropes, Park miss many times, and Wagner knocks him over with a jumping clothesline. Everyone else is in their corner. Crowd shot, clip – now you clip? - and back in time to see Perro foul Park. Piero was distracted but not really, and Cibernético covers for the pin. Cibernético is happy. Wagner is Wagner. Perro stomps Park out of the ring.

Replay and they’re done. Show replay include bits they didn't show in the main event.