CMLL on CadenaTres #229 (04/21/2012) 
Recapped: 04/25/2012

Match 1: Astral, Bam Bam, Pequeño Halcón vs Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico, Pierrothito 
Arena Mexico, 04/17/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:56
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Maya.

1: Pairs are Halcón/Olímpico, Astral/Nitro, Bam Bam/Pierrothito. I'm pretty sure Karla remarks on Astral's muscles while he's still wearing a shirt (to hide his lesser amount of muscles.) Bam Bam seems to have gotten a little bit of Astral's missing weight. Crowd decides to boo everything Bam Bam does for whatever reason. It's not for merit, because Bam Bam's looks fine with Pierrothito. Olímpico jumps Bam Bam just after he's faked Pierrothito into throwing himself out. Astral and Pierrothito conspire to screw up the backdrop to the apron bit done in every match, that's not a good sign. Olímpico brings in Bam Bam and does a version of that spot into a flapjack perfectly fine.

2: Rudos backdrop Bam Bam in the ring and Nitro adds a top rope splash to start the fall. No try for a pin, because then this would be a six minute match. Halcón is supposed to land on his feet following a rebound double hiptoss, but is going too fast and falls down. Nitro picks him up so the other rudos can still accidentally clothesline him to start the comeback. Olímpico helpfully dropkicks himself into the ropes for Bam Bam's finish. Crowd strongly dislikes the técnicos.

3: Halcón has a run of strange looking leapfrogs over Olímpico, where he's jumping and bizarrely turning. Bam Bam offense run includes him stopping to stare at the stage for no particular reason (except it let Pierrothito change sides so the rudos could trip him up.) técnicos trip up Pierrothito and pulls him out then coming in with flying armdrags. Tope con giros take out Nitro & Olímpico. Bam Bam back in, but taken out via inverted crucifix bomb. Bam Bam lays on the mat out, and Pierrothito just starts Running back and forth. Bam Bam's head is on the mat, so Pierrothito can't really dropkick it or neck snap it – but it doesn't matter because Bam Bam just pops back to life and kicks Pierrothito on in the back of the leg. Pierrothito oddly falls forward into the ropes. Bam Bam fireman's slams him, slowly climbs up, and monaural into – well, he was suppose to hit Pierrothito's knees, but ended up just going long. Pierrothito puts on the neck crank, and that's it. Everyone decides Bam bam is the captain, even though he clearly was not in the first fall. Let's move on.

Bam Bam eventually recovers to sit on his knees, and Pierrothito just kicks him down as he walks past.

Match 2: Dragon Lee, Rey Cometa, Sangre Azteca vs Cancerbero, Namajague, Raziel 
Arena Mexico, 04/17/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:39
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Rodolfo.

1: Match joined with Rey Cometa demanding not to face Namajague. Cancerberos just ignore him. Standard opening, not sure what he's worried about. C3's logo display thing is broken again. Namajague rolls out after he gets armdragged one too many times. Namajague leans against the rail – which turns out to be the unlocked gate. Namajague is surprised but survives. Sangre Azteca does the Sangre Azteca mat work with Cancerbero, including full nelson from the mat. Raziel is annoyed by Dragon Lee's continued existence. I'm annoyed by his flip bump always looking like a flip and not like a bump. That sends Lee out and Comet in with a plancha, but the other rudos pull him down. Sangre Azteca's rolling wheel kick knocks Raziel down, but Namajague grabs him and suplexes him. Cancerbero sets up his finishing submission with a behind the back face first powerbomb, and the hold looks pretty impressive. Raziel finishes Dragon Lee with a Michinoku Driver after the fact.

2: Triple boot for Dragon Lee. Corner clotheslines and back elbow for Cometa. Sangre Azteca stalls trying to get the rudos to back off, and doe sit for so long that Dragon Lee rushes in and attacks Namajague. Namajague yanks him around the ropes while the others handle Sangre Azteca, and both are whipped into each other. Everyone takes a turn punching Sangre Azteca, but Sangre sidesteps a corner charge and the rudos goof up. Namajague dropkicks Raziel, then misses a clothesline on Sangre who low blow dropkicks Raziel. Dragon Lee gets Namajague with a springboard headscissors, Cancerbero kicks him, Rey Cometa springboard dropkicks him. Cometa and Dragon lee grab Namajague from the floor and brings him up to the stage for a double suplex on the ramp, then pick him up by the legs and drag him to the ropes for a Sangre Aztec a low blow dropkick. Cancerbero back in and shoulderblocking Namajague out, but Dragon Lee get shim with the climb up headscissors, and Cometa goes out with a easily slingshot tornillo.

3: Sangre breaks Raziel with a quebradora, then takes out Cancerbero with a running Tornado DDT, a monkey flip and a springboard dropkick. Cometa pulls off the backflip handwalk headscissors on Raziel, then dares Namajague to come in. Namajague not interested until his arch rival Dragon Lee comes in. Namajague and Dragon Lee shot off their marital arts pose. Namajague wild kicks, Dragon Lee high kick, Namajague does the splits under a Dragon Lee kick, Dragon Lee sweeped rolled away from, Dragon Lee spins back around for a sweep the other way and gets Namajague, standing shootings star press one two no. Namajague tries jumping kicks, but Dragon lee blocks him and kicks him down. Dragon lee flipping run, under a clothesline, spinning headscissors ends Namajague out and a nice tope con giro follows. Cancerbero two to double team Sangre Azteca, but that fails right way. Fireman's drop sets up Cometa, and Cancerbero jumps into Sangre Azteca's dropkick for the loss.

Match 3: Ángel de Oro, Diamante, Hijo del Fantasma vs Mr. Águila, Olímpico, Psicosis 
Arena Mexico, 04/17/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. Invasors
  3. Invasors

Winner: Invasors (2-1)
Match Time: 11:04
Rating: eh
Notes: Diamante has a personalized rap song? Fantasma is wearing his DF Lightweight belt and a old looking Fantasma mask. Mije is with Psicosis. Ref is Tiger Hispano.

1: Pairs are Fantasma/Psicosis, Angel de Oro/Olimpico, and Diamante/Aguila. Diamante sends Aguila out with the triple jump headscissors, Psicosis back elbows him, Fantasma rolling jumping clothesline him, Olímpico boots him, Angle de Oro flying armdrags him, Aguila kicks him, Diamante back elbows him. Everyone? Everyone! Diamante whips Aguila to the corner, Aguila slides out, Diamante chases, Diamante is a corner clothesline, and Aguila steps into the path of Angel de Oro's moonsaults while Olímpico crushes Diamante with a tope. Psicosis and Fantasma left in, Fantasma 'rana finishes this quick.

2: Fall devolves to chaos rather quickly. Fantasma clears out everyone, Mije includes, but Olímpico put a stop him with high kicks and Aguila adds his jumping heel kick to give the rudos the advantage. Psicosis drops Olímpico with an Atlantida slam, and Olímpico submits Fantasma for the win. Super quick fall.

3: Rudo beatdown includes Mije splashing Fantasma and then pounding him on the ground. Rudos immediately miss a corner charge. Fantasma superkicks Aguila, but the others kick him down. Angle de Oro runs in to help, only to get pounded, and the rudos maintain the advantage. Olímpico tosses Mije on top for the usual pin, but he Invasors opt to keep going. Angel de Oro sneaks in a quebradora on Aguila, but the rudos quickly recover again and work over Diamante. Diamante held over ht ropes for Psicosis and Aguila to hit from opposite sides. Diamante kicks away the rudos on a corner charge, then struggles backflipping over them. Rudos stop him with back elbows, which works given the set up. Aguila takes a clothesline meant for Diamante. Rudos kick Diamante down, but Fantasma takes them out with the Phantom Lariat. Angle de Oro back in, rudos just trip him and pull him out, Diamante and Fantasma tope the rudos, and Psicosis get up to tope Angle de Oro. Everyone down on the camera side. Fantasma and Psicosis back in, Fantasma plancha, casadora cradle one two NO. Fantasma reverse rolling cradle with bridge, one two NO. Fantasma removes the shirt, Psicosis charge again, Fantasma trip, casita - no, Olímpico and Aguila return to break that up. Técnicos rush in, but rudos kick them around, then hold them up for a flying clothesline from Psicosis. Invasors cover, and hat's it.

Al Otra Lado de la Mascara: Rey Escorpion, who talks about his start in lucha libre and his son's illness.

Momento Estrellas:

Novato: Super Halcon Jr. moonsaults Cholo
Sensacional: Diamante & Valiente whip out Cancerbero & Mephisto with topes.
Castigo: Niebla Buca Storm on Fuego
Combination: Raziel and Volador with tope con giros
Spectacular: Triton top rope springboard moonsault on Bronco

Match 4: Dragón Rojo Jr., Último Guerrero, Volador Jr. vs Blue Panther, Diamante Azul, Máscara Dorada 
Arena Mexico, 04/17/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:59
Rating: eh
Notes: Dragon Rojo is very happy to be back. He's got a new green shirt, which mgiht be dragon scales? Referee is Maya.

1: Panther and Dragon Rojo have an extended battle on the mat, which is just Dragon Rojo trying to keep up. Crowd excited for Mascara Dorada (Rosa) and Volador to face off, and they do briefly. Azul & UG are in even shorter before everyone else starts butting in. Dorada planchas UG and headscissors Volador out, Diamante Azul missile dropkicks Dragon and Diamante, Dorada tope con giros Volador. Panther knocks down UG in the corner for Azul's rolling senton, and takes care of Dragon Rojo himself.

2: UG wants no part of Diamante Azul. Panther goes after Dragon Rojo’s mask, and UG immediately breaks it up with a kick. Their double teaming fails, and panther puts UG in a fujiwara – but tag so Diamante can get him instead of going for the win. UG turns it around with an armbar of his own and kicks, and tags right out to Volador. Volador flipping run, double rotation headscissors missing the headscissors part, and Diamante Azul throws Volador cross ring with a huge monkey flip. Dragon Rojo in, and a Diamante Azul slide under Dragon Rojo ends up being a slide into Dragon Rojo's boot. Diamante is a bit shaken by it, and Dragon Rojo covers after a moment. Whip, reversed, and Diamante Azul drops Dragon Rojo with a bad looking quebradora con giro, getting more of Dragon Rojo's head than back. UG comes in, and he takes the monkey flip too. Quebradora goes better with him. Diamante goes after the mask, but UG escapes. Dorada and Dragon Rojo chop it out, Dorada off the ropes, flapjack into an armdrag. UG spins out Dorada with a shoulderblock. Whip, clothesline misses, Dorada flipped to the apron, but back with a springboard headscissors. Dorada rolls to the apron, but Volador is waiting for him to superkick him, and then whips him into UG's boost into Dragon Rojo's dropkick. Volador dives back in to ward off the other técnicos and get the pin himself. It doesn't make much sense, because Diamante Azul is standing right there, and Maya gives up counting at two. Rojo throws him out like he's been limited anyway, and the rudos finish the other técnicos.

3: Rudos brawl around. Volador's superkick comes up to the middle of Diamante’s chest. Senton de la muerte there. Panther ducks a double clothesline to set up a Dorada springboard dropkick, but he slips on the ropes and falls into the ring. Panther forearms UG out, and Dragon Rojo kicks Panther out as they collect. Diamante rushes in and chops Dragon Rojo, Volador dropkicks him, Dorada dropkicks him, and UG returns to dropkick Dorado. UG goes right back out, and brawls with Diamante as panther and Dragon Rojo also right. Dorada wander out to fight with Volador. Rudos are still in control, and everyone seems a bit lost because of Dorada's slip. Diamante and UG come back inside to slap each other. UG wins via eyepoke. Corner whip, corner charge, UG takes the knee bump out. Diamante Azul goes for the dive, but Dragon Rojo cuts him off with a back elbow. Blue Panther in to face him. Dragon Rojo kicks and chops Panther, but he won't go down. Panther chops Dragon Rojo once, and down he goes. Panther goes for Dragon Rojo’s mask, which Dragon Rojo is not keen on, and he kicks Panther the head. Dragon Rojo charge, Panther drops down, and Rojo throws himself out. Dragon Rojo drags Panther out with him before he can dive. Dorada and Volador in, dueling flipping runs, Volador headscissors, out goes Dorada, tope con giro after him. Diamante back in, top rope plancha on UG, 'rana, one two NO. Panther posts Dragon Rojo on the outside. Both look at the crowd. UG shoulderblocks, Diamante Azul grabs him before he can get away, German suplex – no, UG low blow kick. UG can't believe they're calling a DQ here, but of course they are.

Diamante Azul demands a rematch for next week with same teams. Dorada repeats it, but yells it more. UG accepts, does not say his catchphrase!(!!!!!)