AAA on Televisa #1040 (04/15/2012)
Recapped: 04/22/2012

Match 1: Argenis & Fenix vs Argos & Semental 
Auditorio General José María Arteaga, Queretaro, 03/30/2012

Winner: Consejo
Match Time: 9:21
Rating: good in parts
Notes: Entrances. They have a graphic for Argenis! Oh, Fenix too, they must be working on them. They're not the rotating thing the main guys get, but better than just the names. Pepe Casas is referee. Argenis occasionally remembers he and Argos aren't friends. Hard camera faces the fans,, which is the prefered look.

Fenix and Semental start. Fenix armdrags and shows off with multiple kip ups. Semental armdrags him after that one, but Fenix holds on an armdrags him. Dropkick, cover for zero. Semental trip for zero, standoff. Argos in, and Argenis jumps in to face him. They yell at each other and pound their chests. Circle. Lockup, break, Lockup, Argos around to waistlock, Argenis out to a headlock, Argos top wristlock, out an armbar, Argenis rolls thru and armdrag him, Argos flips thru on to his feet. Standoff. Argos grab a hammerlock, Argenis reverses, Argos headlock, Argenis flips him over, Argenis side kick si too high, next headscissors bit is messed up. Argos poses, Argenis shoves him, Semental dropkicks Argenis from behind, which catches Argenis by surprise but the cameras even more. Fenix charge in, but Argos just trips him onto his partner and Semental adds a kick. Rudos hang Argenis on the ropes and kick him off. Whip, kick to the head. Whip, Fenix duck under a clothesline, spinning DDT try on Argos is stopped by Semental, who powerbombs him instead. Rudos ties Fenix in the ropes, goes up, and clumsily dropkicks him in the head from opposite sides. I think Argos slipped jumping, it did not look good. Corner clothesline for Argenis, and he’s set up top for an Argos boosted 'rana, which cause Argenis to leap to Semental, who catches him and powerbombs him. That was absurd. Whip, Fenix flips over a trip, rudos misses a clothesline, and Argenis springboard dropkick both. Técnicos run as if they’re going to dive, Argenis slides out, Fenix gets dropkicked out by Argos on the apron, Semental blows up Argenis with his tornillo dive, and Argos moonsaults Fenix. Rudos get back in, and kick Fenix as he comes in. Argos grinds his boot into Fenix's face. Semental slaps down Argenis. Whip, rope flip hiptoss, Argenis lands on his feet, ducks a double clothesline, and boosts Fenix into a 'rana on Argos. Semental kicks Argenis to the corner, charges, Argenis movies, and Semental takes the UG knee bump out. Argenis runs out to the apron where Fenix is, and runs into a backdrop into a tope con giro on the floor. Fenix climbs up the buckle – tornillo moonsault onto Semental. Técnicos are limping, but fired up. Argenis in, but no one to face him. Argos slowly walks in, his brother waiting to face him. Argenis starts a Triple A chant. Argos chops Argenis, who is falling down before he’s even hit. Argos clothesline ducks, Argenis light superkick. Argenis ducks a non-existent Argos clothesline (who's holding his right arm in like it's hurt – he did trying to one arm catch Argenis), evasion, Argos grabs his right shoulder, off the rope evasion, Argenis dropkick to the knee misses by so much it looks like he's sliding and Argos is rolling for no reason. Argos misses a quebrada, and now they’re both hurting. Argos superkicks Argenis to the ropes, but is in a lot of agony. They yell at each other, and Argenis superkicks his brother back. Argenis rolls Argos to the ropes and kicks him out. Semental smacks Argenis in the back of the head so they can move on. Whip, clothesline misses, Argenis double rotation headscissors. Out goes Semental, and Argenis handspring dive fakes. The doctor out to check on Argos and his shoulder. They're acting like his shoulder popped out. Fenix and Semental seems clipped up. Fenix sends Metal out with a flipping armdrag, poses, and follows with a tornillo fosbery flop dive! That was crazy, tight spin on it too. Argos rushes in to take a spinebuster, which can’t feel great on normal circumstances. Definite clip here, Semental's gone from being wiped out by the dive to standing in his corner in a matter of camera switch. Argos teases doing something on the apron, waits, waits, and Hombre en Negro is out to knock him off the top rope. Hombre en Negro tries to hide. Fenix has spotted him, but Hombre en Negro takes care of him with his cane. Argos gets Argenis with an awful looking backcracker while Semental distracts Pepe Casas, and Pepe gets free to make the three count.

Semental & Hombre el Negro celebrate, than they help a very much hurting Argos up to raise his good arm.

Match 2: Fabi Apache, Lolita, Mari Apache vs Cinthia Moreno, La Hechicera, Sexy Star in a lumberjack rules match 
Auditorio General José María Arteaga, Queretaro, 03/30/2012

Winner: Cinthia Moreno, La Hechicera, Sexy Star
Match Time: 8:33
Rating: ok
Notes: Cinthia Moreno is a ruda and wearing a officer's hat for no reason. Sexi Star has her belt and wings. She's doing the perfume bit again, after a couple year break. Maybe she lost the bottle. Tirantes is ref. Lumberjacks are Fenix, Gran Apache, Ozz, Elegido, Cuervo, Argenis, Semental and Konnan. Not sure why Semental is here, but I presume this means Argos is getting treatment.

Cinthia starts a chant for her good friend Sexi. Sexi reaches out of the ring to kiss Konnan, and Mari shoves her from behind. I think she'd just like to fight. The two almost collide on the first spot, Sexi's roll near into Mari's drop down. Sexi quebradoras her and boots her out, which Sexi quickly realizes is not a place to be. Lolita dropkick Cinthia around before they switch to chest slaps. Fancy armdrag, rope running something bit misses so Cinthia just kicks Lolita and sets her up for the next spot. Corner headstand headscissors ends Cinthia back to the center of the ring, up in time to take a facebuster. Cinthia rolls lout after taking a dropkick, and runs around ringside to evade the lumberjacks. Konnan cuts off the chasers to protect Cinthia, and the lumberjacks almost turn on him. Fabi headscissors Hechicera to the ropes, who holds up, yells at the lumberjacks, and gets dropkicked out anyway. Fabi grabs Sexi buy the hair, then Tirantes grabs her by the hair and the rudas take advantage. Rudas work over Fabi for a moment before taking care of all the tecnicas. Cinthia focuses on Lolita. Hechicera users her weight on Fabi. Sexi wipes her backside on Lolita and send her out, then kicks her to keep her out a few times. Mari sent out, but the técnicos don't even try to hit her. Konnan and Semental do hit her. I know there is women on men violence on this show all the time, but the visual of men standing over women and hitting them with a strap as hilarious violence isn't quite working for me. Fabi's tossed out last, and the técnico actually made the save for her against Konnan and Semental. Rudas are busy destroying Lolita. Mari sent out again, and the técnicos start to attack her before realizing they’re not. Fabi makes her own comeback by kicking Cinthia way, flipping Lolita to safety, and standing there while Mari kicks the other people. Sexi whipped into a Lolita flying armdrag. Mari waits for Sexi to get back up, but she hugs the bottom rope instead. Fabi slides to dropkick her out to the lumberjacks. Tecnicas try to keep her out, but Tirantes blocks them. Konan comes in the ring, and the técnicas all yell at him. Sexi goes to hug Konnan and gets kicked in the backside by the tecnicas. Tirantes gets involved, and fabi dropkicks him out so he can be hit by everyone. Gran Apache gets him good. Tirantes begs off. Konnan back in, Fabi dropkicks Konnan out, and the lumberjacks all chase him to the back. I'm glad we had that, that really had a point. Back in the ring, Apaches double dropkick Hechicera out, and Lolita follows with a tope con giro. Lumberjacks have come back. Cinthia back in, Fabi grabs her, Mari kicks, Cinthia ducks, and Fabi takes the foot to her face. Cinthia and Sexi roll up the Apaches, immediately, fast three count.

Mari and Fabi are quickly arguing and shoving about this. Gran Apache probably should get in there to discuss this, but he appears to be gone and Lolita just lets them yell at each other for a while.

Match 3: El Mesías, Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans vs Halloween, Héctor Garza, Nicho el Millionario 
Auditorio General José María Arteaga, Queretaro, 03/30/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 16:35
Rating: ok
Notes: Nicho has his Psicosis mask, wearing it on top of his head. Halloween is still wearing the black shirt and not the Perros del Mal shirt. Tirantes is with the rudos. Halloween has one of the Reinas del rings with him, and gets her to do his dance. Extreme Tiger is announced as “Rey de Monster's Ball”. That's not a good sign. Jack has his belt. Mesías has a phalanx of torch bearers.

Garza throws his pants in Jacks' face, and Halloween throws a chair at him, to cause the sneak attack beatdown. Nicho and Halloween use chairs while Garza just kicks people around. Tiger's hiptossed onto an unfolded chair. Nicho drops Tiger on the barricade. Halloween runs Jack face first into a chair. Nicho randomly dropkick Mesías on the outside. Halloween even more randomly martinete Tiger in the middle of the ring. That's not a DQ. I guess this is his welcome back to Teddy Hart. Tiger sells it just like it’s move, because it's a move. Nicho and Halloween get into a random argument when Nicho is ready to spear Mesías and Nicho cuts Mesías off to DDT him instead. They shove, and Garza takes Nicho's side. Rudos resume beating up the técnicos. Halloween superkicks Jack and low blow double legdrops him. Nicho holds Tiger for Garza's quebrada, but Halloween jumps into do his legdrop, and again there’s an argument over who gets to do what moves. This is the dumbest breakup since the last match. Mesías immediately ducks a double clothesline and clotheslines Mesías and Halloween, who take two strangely different bumps. Nicho tries a 'rana, Mesías holds him up, and Tiger ides him to the ground with a silla. Tiger dives out to dropkick Halloween, and Jack kicks Garza in the head bunch. Mesías clotheslines Nicho all around. Tiger hammers Nicho with a chair to shot to the head. If he got his hands up, it was way late. Tirantes teases a DQ, and the técnicos aren't even putting up with his nonsense. Whip, Mesías quebradora. Halloween and the other two argue some more. Perros return, Tirantes recovers in the corner. Stalling and crowd shots. Halloween F5s Tiger, and Tiger comes back to give him a bad boosted leg DDT. Nicho stomps and elbow drops Tiger, Tiger gives him the guillotine legdrop. Garza kicks around Tiger, Tiger flips out of a German suplexes, spins around him to no aim, dropkicks him in the back, and doesn't dive on him. Nicho kisses Jack’s boot to distract him from a Halloween shot it the back. Jack comes back with a springboard backflip back elbow on both. Huracarrana for Nicho, Halloween knocks down jack and mocks his dancing, Jack knocks him down with the springboard toe kick. Garza kicks Jack in the back to break up the standing moonsault. Halloween holds Jack, which is an even worse idea this match, of course Garza kicks his partner fight in the face. Jack kicks Garza around, Garza takes a physics defying bump, Jack lands the moonsault senton. Nicho tries to break it up, but is late and Garza kicks out anyway. Mesías' turn. Crowd is behind him. Nicho takes over with punches, Mesías spins him out with a shoulderblock. Nicho wheel kicks Mesías and holds him in a chinlock. Mesías tries to draw from the crowd, and the crowd goes with it this time. Mesías tries to elbow up, and Nicho pounds him in the back. Psicosis casadora turned into a huge wheelbarrow suplex. Mesías cobra clutch legsweep? Mesias covers, and Garza breaks it up. Técnicos are doing a lot of arguing from the apron. Garza holds Mesías in the apron, whip, reversed, Mesías puts his head down too soon, Garza kicks him in the chest. Jack in to argue this time. Corner whip, reversed, Mesías charges into a boot, Garza charges out to a powerslam. Mesías covers, but Tirantes is not in position to count. Mesías lets go anyway. Garza miss a corner charge so Mesías can pull his trunks down, then back elbows him away. Mesías gets back up, and Halloween spears him. Crowd chants for Mesías. Chop. Mesías back in his own corner, but no tag. Corner whip, no, yes no, finally they go, it's reversed, Mesías corner clothesline. Halloween ignores it, takes over, corner whip, charge in, corner clothesline of his own. Halloween celebrate. Mesías is right next o jacks' feet but can't possibly make a tag. Corner whip, no, now they’re confused. Corner whip, reversed, Halloween goes colliding into Nicho, who's up on the middle rope with a chair this time. I suppose he was supposed to be last time. Crowd gets on them for the messiness. Nicho tumbles to the floor, Garza shoves Halloween, who runs right into the Straight to Hell. Tiger charge Garza, who tosses him into tope con giro on Tiger. Garza kicks Mesías, Mesías reverses, Garza slides out. Jack in, and he lands his dive on Garza. Mesías backcracker on Halloween, up top, point to the sky, top rope splash, one two three.

Teddy Hart jogs to the ring, and attacks Jack Evans from behind. Mesías and Tiger just watch for a second, then grab Teddy. Nicho rush into help, but still the numbers aren’t good until Halloween and Garza help out. Teddy drops Jack with a sit down powerbomb. Tiger and Mesías somehow turn the tables on the other guys by just punching a lot, and Teddy is left alone with Mesías and Tiger without really realizing. Tiger gets Teddy with a reverse suplex into a stunner, I guess. Mesías spears Teddy, who rolls out clutching his midsection. Really good run-in, Teddy.