AAA on Televisa (Regional) #22 (04/08/2012) 
Recapped: 04/13/2012

Match 1: Alex Guajarado & Golden King vs Galaxy & Von Draker 
Auditorio General José María Arteaga, Queretaro, 03/30/2012

Winner: Galaxy & Von Draker
Match Time: 6:54
Rating: eh
Notes: You know they have a lot of time to fill when they're showing dark match entrances. Referee is Ray Gonzalez – local ref for the local match.

Galaxy and Von Draker turn out to be the rudos, and start the beatdown after a bit of Glaxy and Alex mat work. Beatdown is not a lot notable, though not horrible. Golden King takes a big double back drop. Galaxy does the Skándalo dropkick as a sliding one to a seated Golden King. Comeback spot is Alex ducking a clothesline, stopping immediately to kick the opponent who has also stomped, and then tossing Galaxy with a belly to belly suplex. Flapjack for Draker, and holding his legs for Golden King to add the Sangre Azteca low blow dropkick. These guys love tercera tag matches. Rudos stall on the outside before coming back. Alex top rope armdrags Galaxy and follows with at ope con giro which barely gets any distance. Golden King uses standard CMLL técnico moves to send Drake rout, then does a rope grab version of Brillo Dorado. Not as impressive. Alex and Galaxy chop, Galaxy kicks Alex, and spikes him with a Michinoku Driver.

Match 2: Cuervo, El Elegido, Ozz vs Chessman, Silver King, Último Gladiador 
Auditorio General José María Arteaga, Queretaro, 03/30/2012

Winner: Chessman, Silver King, Último Gladiador 
Match Time: 10:58
Rating: ok
Notes: Hey, a lineup graphic before the match. Chessman has a separate entrance than the other two. Maybe Ultimo Gladiador just doesn't get an entrance. Chessman really wants to headbutt the camera. Piero is ref. Maniacos rush the técnicos, with mixed results.

Gladiador and Cuervo are left in when everyone else is taken out and sent to their corners, and Cuervo powerslams Gladiador shortly. Silver kicks Cuervo coming off the ropes, Gladiador superkicks him, and the rudos all stomp Cuervo down while they direct Piero to keep the técnicos out. Elegido makes it in, just to be punched by Gladiador. Whip, reversed, Elegido quebradora. Sect attack the other rudos, and all the técnicos stomp Gladiador. Silver charges over, and get tossed out. Chessman grabs Elegido so Ultimo Gladiador can mistakenly dropkick his partner, then take a DDT from Cuervo eventually. Pause,. Elegido backdrops Gladiador out, Ozz follows with a tornillo on UG, Cuervo does – pescado into Silver's feet? That was nonsensical. Chessman pulls out Elegido while he tries to go for a dive, and smacks him. Break

Ozz & Silver evasion leads to Ozz belly to belly suplex. Ozz sets up a pumphandle - Ozz Driver ? And chessman turns to break it up with a chair. Guess that's legal this week. Gladiador adds a dropkick. Ozz whipped into a chair shot. Silver adds a hanging DDT. Cuervo in, but Chessman chucks a chair at him to knock him down. Chair to the back, loaded up to Silver king for a super bomb (or more a just a drop) on the chair. Silver hits Elegido with the chair, upside down. Chair shot to the back. This is not doing much for me. Everyone's been hit, so it's time for the comeback – Ultimo Gladiador accidentally springboard dropkicks his partner this time. Elegido dropkicks him out, and the técnicos triple tope the rudos. Everyone slow back in, Silver comically slipping on the way in, but he still makes it first. Cuervo and Silver chop back and forth, then stop to get the crowd to cheer for them. Moderate success. Silver flips Cuervo to the apron, Cuervo blocks the chop and does a lame armdrag/headscissors back in. Dark Family with monkey flips of limited value. Dropkick sends the Manaicos out. Técnicos can't decide if they're faking a dive or posing, so they they do a bit of both. Chessman chops Elegido around, then casadora armdrags Chessman. Elegido seems to forget what spot he's supposed to do next, and even Chessman can't make it work. Crowd clip for the trunks pull spot. Ozz gets Gladiador with a headscissors, Chessman superkicks him, and slingshot tornillo for a near fall. Cuervo breaks that up, and he and Silver stare at each other for a bit until Silver just leaves. Cuervo dropkick Chessman in the knee and DDTs him, and now it's time for Silver to come in. Forgot your spot, I see. Three move setup to a death valley driver on Cuervo, Elegido Samoan drop on Silver king, backdrop and clothesline for the rest of the rudos. Chessman and Silver King put a top to it with a double press slam on Elegido, and Gladiador finishes with a top rope legdrop.

A team won, so another team has to run out and lay them out immediately. El Consejo rush the ring, four strong (Texano, Toscano, Mascara and Semental), and take out the Maniacos. Cuervo and Ozz check on Elegido and just watch this going on. Chessman sells the bullrope shot like death. Técnicos walk off, Maniacos walk off, Consejo pose in the ring.

Match 2: Drago, Electroshock, Heavy Metal vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Texano, Toscano
Auditorio General José María Arteaga, Queretaro, 03/30/2012

Winner: Consejo
Match Time: 13:03
Rating: good
Notes: Drago has his new red outfit. Piero is referee.

Toscano and Electroshock start, though Toscano's biggest challenges is to get Electroshock to pay attention to him and not the fans. There are Consejo fans here, and Electroshock walks out confront them and get the AAA fans chanting. Toscano shoves him, and they go back in. And then Toscano has to strip. Ready to go? Waistlock gets them nowhere. Armdrag leads to zero trips and a faceoff. Electroshock looks at the crowd again, Toscano hits him in the back, and Electroshock slaps Toscano in the face. Toscano is very shocked to be treated this way. Toscano trip, snap mare, revers casadora into a bridging cradle for two. Electroshock pulls Toscano over for two. Toscano up with a front facelock. Elector heel trips him, and kicks him while he's down. Electroshock jumps around, while Consejo gets in the ring to argue that was a cheap shot. Standoff for a bit, and Texano and Metal stay in. Lockup, Metal shoves down Texano and put on a half crab. Texano goes for his own leg,lock, but Metal isn't having it and hooks a knee. Texano out an armbar, Metal flips to his back and kicks Texano away. Metal seems coherent today, great sign. Lockup, Texano trips up Metal and puts on wristlock, Metal out to a knee grab, and yelling at the referee to keep out. Texano rolls it and tries to a put on a cross armbreaker, but Metal blocks it and hooks a half crab around the head with a armbar. Consejo tease coming in a few times but, but Piero stops them. Metal trips up Texano and they chop and headbutt each other while locked together on the mat. Metal headbutts Texano down, Texano holds him in an angelito, and lets go when he's counted down for two. Texano drops Metal onto the mat and breaks free. Faceoff. Tags to Drago & Mascara Año 2000. Mascara rips off his shirt, tosses it tho the crowd, and poses. Pose off, with a Máscara chop to the chest. Drago reels, then slaps Mascara in the face. Off the ropes, under, jumping and rolling over a backdrop, and back up with a headscissors. Mascara blocks a chop, kicks to the leg, and an enziguri to knock Máscara into his own corner. Drago charges, Máscara flips him to the apron, and Texano kicks Drago there. Máscara rushes over an forearm both técnicos on the apron, bringing in Metal so Toscano can forearm a lot more. Whip, rebound into a triple flapjack and follow up dropkick. Electroshock in, swinging at Texano but punched and stomped won by all three. Whip, triple boot sends him out. Drago in and hitting everyone with forearms, but Texano swats him down. Whip, drop toe hold, dropkick to the head, double elbow drop, cover, and Texano pulls up Drago at two and tosses him out. Consejo waits for someone to come back in, so Drago (clip?) goes up top. Drago leaps over Toscano and gets Mascara with a bad headscissors. Texano misses his senton, Drago gets up, and goes out with a tornillo that Mascara can't quite keep up to. Heavy Punch for Toscano, Electroshock quebradora for Texano. Crowd into it. Metal press slams Toscano (!), then grabs him in a tirabuzón. Texano steps in, looks, bounces off the ropes, and kicks Metal down. Metal seems to be shaking as Texano covers him for two. Metal pulls him and out of the ring. Crowd into this. Electroshock get to the side of Texano, takes him down tho his knee, then rolls him around with a nifty cradle. Doesn't matter, Mascara breaks it up with stomps. Whip, spinebuster, crab. Perfectly generic submissions for him. Drago kicks Máscara in the face to break it up. Drago shoulderblock, off the ropes, headscissors into a DDT, maybe? Didn't look good and Drago knows it, because he adds an elbow drop and covers. Toscano breaks it up. La Rosa suplex, Toscano rolls back to cover it, one two Metal breaks it up. Toscano and Metal face off, Metal quickly stopping him with leg kicks. Corner whip, charge, Metal takes the knee bump can quite get over. Toscano is happy to shove him the rest of the way. That was not good. Toscano off the ropes for a dive, then backs off, and Electroshock and Drago pull him out anyway. If he just dived, that wouldn't have happened. Oh well. Those tecnicos miss dropkicks on the rudos, Texano and Mascara take them to opposite corners. Texano keeps chopping Mascara and giving him a testicular claw, while Máscara just stands there. Técnicos rammed into each other, down goes Drago. Electroshock sent into the corner, Drago in after him, Electroshock flips Drago to the apron, Máscara grabs Electroshock from behind, Texano dropkicks and gets his partner. Quebradora for Texano, and Drago in with a top rope 'rana. Rudos roll out, Electroshock fakes the dive and tosses Dragon into a tornillo but the Consejo guys catches him and runs him into the post. Electroshock waits for Texano to come around the side of the ring, and obliterate him with a tope that's nearly missed by the camera. Toscano in, and waiting for Metal to does something, I think, but the camera shots are all odd again. Metal misses a dropkick, Toscano misses a corner splash, Metal rolls him off the corner and drops an elbow. Toscano sneaks in a shoulderblock, but Metal hiptosses him out, and follows with his dropkick thru the ropes. Mascara back in, pulling Metal up to the apron by his head, then yanking him in with a reverse suplex. Máscara rolls Metal over one two three. Clean.

Los Maniacos rush the ring and lay out Consejo. Hey, where's Semental? Again, the técnicos aren't so much interested. Chessman makes sure to hit Texano with the bullrope to get revenge form earlier. One shot for each Consejo guy.

Match 3: Perro Aguayo Sr., Villano III, Villano IV vs Cibernético, Octagón, Psicosis in a relevos increíbles match
Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, 07/15/1996

Winner: Cibernético, Octagón, Psicosis
Match Time: 7:43
Rating: ok
Notes: Referees are Tirantes and Pepe Casas. Match appears joined in progress. Cibernético is wearing a lime green mask and black gear. Those colors do not work well together.

Octagon's partners want nothing to do with him. Perro decides to avoid Octagon and slap Psicosis into the ring. Perro knocks Psicosis down on the run. Corner whip, reversed, Perro moves, and Psicosis charges into the corner at full speed. Perro kicks, slams, chinlock, and Cibernético breaks it up. Psicosis and Cibernético stomp down Perro. Perro tries to tag, but the Villanos don't want to help him. Perro and Cibernético down down Perro. Villanos are still refusing to make a tag, and Tirantes keeps Octagon out. Cibernético holds Perro, and Psicosis hits him with a second rope punch. Octagón gets in and tries to save Perro but sending him out. Psicosis remedies by going out and rolling Perro back in. Cibernético back elbow. Crowd starting to get behind Perro. Cibernético suplex. Ring is loud, but so is everything at ringside. Psicosis snaps Perro's head over the ropes. Perro rolls back to his corner, but Villanos are checking on each other's masks. Rudos tag Octagon and tell him to go up. Psicosis slams Perro, and Octagón does go up, but tells Everyone top clear out of the way. They do, and Octagón drops down to roll Perro out. Crowd knows what's going on enough to cheer for that. Octagon argues with his partners, and Psicosis forearms him and throws him out. Perro rolls back in (??) while the Villanos start beating up Octagón on the outside. Cibernético press slams Perro into a Psicosis gutbuster. Pose. Cibernético already has big kneebraces, those must never been good. Rudos hold Perro for Octagón to hit, and then are dim enough to let go when Octagón says he want's Perro himself. Again, Octagón rolls Perro out, but this time the rudos are okay with, and wave the Villanos in to beat up Octagón. High five to the Villanos, and Cibernético & Psicosis are heading back to their corner. Whip, clothesline by V3, legdrop by V4, Octagon pulled up at two. Corner whip, reversed, V4 bounces out, and Octagon drops him with a quebradora. V3 in to chop Octagón down. Psicosis comes in to high five, V3 and kicks his own partner. Perro back in, and Octagón and Cibernético on him with chops. Cibernético slams Perro in the rudo's corner, and Psicosis crushes him with top rope knee drop to the midsection. Cibernético slams Psicosis again. Psicosis poses on the top rope. Villanos slam Octagón. Psicosis drops another knee. Villano knocks around Octagón in the corner. Cibernético and Psicosis come over to help, hey, look, Perro is bleeding. V4 holds Octagon up, and Psicosis goes up. Top rope wheel kick to Octagon's back, one two three. All the rudos celebrate.