CMLL on CadenaTres #227 (04/07/2012) 
Recapped: 04/11/12

Match 1: Dalis la Caribeña, Lady Apache, Marcela vs La Seductora, Princesa Blanca, Tiffany 
Arena Mexico, 04/03/2012

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Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 12:29
Rating: eh
Notes: ref is Maya. I guess Seductora's new playboy bunny gimmick is permanent? Important questions.

1: Pairs are Seductora/Marcela, Tiffany/Apache, Blanca/Dalis

The first seems to be going okay until a tricky backflip armdrag spot goes badly and Marcela trips. Marcela decides Seductora is getting no offense from there, Seductora taking a hard slap, the dropkick and a gutbuster. Announcer forgets Tiffany's name, so no one's the uptake that these are archrivals who have just been missing each other the last couple of years. They're smooth with each other. Lady Apache finishes a comeback with a springboard armdrag and a cartwheel. Crowd boos, while Bucanero talks about the applause for Lady Apache. Or maybe he meant Apache applauding the crowd? She did do that. Blanca works over Dalis with knees, Blanca comes back with kicks, then they have a very choreographed exchange that goes on despite Dalis slipping on the run the rope armdrags. Other técnicos come in for no obvious reason, which backfires on them quickly. Submissions all around.

2: Maya threatens a disqualification based on hairpulling, which seems like it'd be a first. Flying axhandles work on lady Apache, back fire on Marcela, and the técnicas all go after the rudas. Marcela and Dalis with quebradaoras. They put on the Star, and Lady Apache drags Blanca in position to put on the tapatía sort of in the middle. Maybe. That's fall.

3: Cascading técnicas and rudas, highlighted by a bit where no one can seem to get a double underhook move to work (until Marcela gets hers) and Blanca and Tiffany having a brief though typical ruda miscommunication argument. Seductora actually manages to get a move in on Marcela this time, only to be taken apart by all three técnicas. Marcela and Apache look to add running dropkicks, but the other rudos break that up. That leaves Dalis and Seductora alone, and is immediately a bad idea when Dalis is way low on a top rope plancha. Dalis kick, double underhook suplex, one two three (though Dalis stops covering before three.) Announcers say Seductora was captain, which makes absolutely no sense.

Match 2: Dragon Lee, Pegasso, Sangre Azteca © vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Hooligan, Skándalo 
Arena Mexico, 04/03/2012

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:19
Rating: ok
Notes: Entrances. Which they might have been able to use to fit in a lighting match, but oh well. Referee is Pompin.

1: Pegasso and Hooligan start for a bit, but then Sangre Azteca tags in to do the mat opening instead. Tags go to Arkangel, then Dragon Lee. Arkangel can't stop Dragon Lee and backs down from him after being armdragged out. Pegasso quickly sheds Skandalo from the ring and follows with his dive. Remaining rudos cut of Dragon with a clothesline and avoidable boot. Sangre ducks their double clothesline, and turns a boost into a slow 'rana on Hooligan. That one had Hooligan Clash written all over it, but no such luck, but didn't. Announcers are very impressed by Dragon Lee's SSP.

2: Pegasso armdrags and headscissors around Hooligan, who jumps the rail to stay clear of a dive. Crowd boos him heartily. Dragon lee and Arkangel have a chop battle. Dragon Lee could use some work on that. Arkangel stops him with a headbutt. Flipping run, Arkangel stops him with a spinning clothesline on his next run and chops him hard into the corner. They take turns chopping each other in the corner, and Dragon Lee is better of sticking with kicks. Arkangel misses the corner elbow drop, flips Dragon Lee to the apron, and Dragon Lee comes back in with a springboard headscissors. Arkangel out. Sangre drops Skandalo with a quebradora, and the Tuareg attack him from behind. Double axhandle to the midsection, triple dropkick, and pinned.

3: Time for the low blows. Dropkick for Pegasso, dropkick for Dragon Lee. A non-lowblow axhandle to Sangre Azteca's arm. He actually crawls over and makes the tag to Pegasso, but ref doesn’t allow it because – uh, he was too slow to stop it form happening, I guess. This turns into another bit of the rudo remaining in control while taking turns and mostly standing on the apron, until they decide not to stand on the apron anymore. I don’t know why this happening, but it’s happening. Sangre lets the rudos hit each other, and then adds his own low blow drop to Skandalo. Pegasso takes out Hooligan with a flying armdrag, Dragon Lee takes care of Arkangel with a springboard headscissors. Técnicos set Hooligan on the ropes for a revenge low blow dropkick, who crawls into the crowd. Sangre takes a huge bump to the floor thanks to Arkangel, who in turns takes Dragon Lee's springboard in headscissors. Tope con giro out. Pegasso drops Skándalo and finishes him, while Hooligan springboard to set up Sangre.

Match 3: Sagrado, Stuka Jr., Titán vs Misterioso Jr., Niebla Roja, Pólvora 
Arena Mexico, 04/03/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:13
Rating: good
Notes: More entrances. See previous point. Niebla Roja already has a video. He also has a hoodie that's about 3 sizes too big for his head and a song that's probably a couple decades old. Stuka decides to charge Misterioso. That backfires, and Misterio dumps him in the ring before kick him out the other side. Everyone else just kind of stands around, then the rudos jump Sagrado.

1: Titan just watches form the apron as Pólvora and Roja beat up Sagrado for a bit, then jumps into get attack himself. Flapajck for both, though Niebla Roja kicks Pólvora on the way down. Misterioso brings Stuka back in, and the other rudos layout so Misterioso can keep stomping his rival. Whip, reversed, Stuka quebradora con giro. Stuka runs for a dive, duck a clothesline, and gets pulled out by Misterioso. Misterioso holds Stuka, but Titan comes in the other side with a springboard double plancha on the rudos. Sagrado boots Titan into a 'rana on Niebla Roja, and takes out Pólvora himself with the quebradora/gutbuster combo. Sagrado tope – no, Misterioso kicks him on the way thru, and the rudos stomp him. Titan kicks Misterioso off the apron, stomps Pólvora, and then charges Roja on the apron. Roja spins him with a chop and pulls Titan down by the back of his neck. Titan flips up and knocks Niebla Roja off the apron with a jumping swing kick. Titan off the ropes, 'rana – no, hard sit down powerbomb by Pólvora.

Stuka dropkicks Pólvora out, sidesteps Misterioso, and runs – right into the Gori Special. That's the fall.

2: Rudos hold Stuka on his knees for Misterioso to kick in the side of the head. Stuka stood up for a slap to the chest. Stuka's mask is untied. Rudos stomp him down for a bit, then Sagrado comes in to draw their attention. Two man faceslam with Niebla Roja, and another kick to the head by Misterioso. Titan in, looking at all three, and swinging and Pólvora. That doesn’t work. Axhandle to the back, flapjack, with Niebla Roja kicking him on the way down. Second time he's done that, I guess that's his deal. Rudos bully Stuka into the corner. Corner whip, Pólvora charges into a double boot, Misterioso spears the post, Niebla Roja dropped in the center of the corner, Stuka heads up – almost looses his balance going forward, then dives backwards for the moonsault onto Misterioso. Niebla Rojo gets back up, and forearms Titan on the apron, but Titan blocks a turnbuckle smash and stunners Niebla over the ropes. Sagrado dumps Pólvora in the other opposite corner, and they both land their moonsaults for the fall.

Stuka throws Misterioso into the barricade a few times. Sagrado lifts Niebla Roja on his shoulders and drops him face first on the barricade. Niebla Roja begs off well.

3: Stuka and Misterioso start with a chop fight. Misterioso takes one, and decides he’s heading home. Stuka argues, and Pólvora tells him to get lost. Sagrado comes in with Niebla Roja, and Pólvora cheap shots him from the apron. Niebla Roja celebrates big, misses Pólvora being kicked and Sagrado coming back in to headlock him. Rudos bumble, Sagrado eventually gets them with a springboard front flip rebound double armdrag. Rope flip headscissors sends Misterioso out. Stuka and Pólvora in, but Stuka's just passing thru to chase Misterioso. Stuka comes back in, but Niebla Roja is in with him. Shoulderblock knocks down the new mask. Quebradora causes Roja to crawl around grabbing his back. he's got the rudo mannerisms down. Pólvora comes into dropkicks Stuka, but Stuka turns around a corner whip and monkey flips Pólvora. Monkey flip back the other way. Misterioso in, stopping Stuka with a kick to the face and letting the crowd know. Misterioso looks to all four sides of the ring and gets a negative chant going. Misterioso slaps Stuka, and challenges the entire side. Crowd seems to be chanting for rudos now. Whip, clothesline misses, Stuka back with a back elbow. Stuka charges again, monkey flip bounce off the ropes, springboard flip armdrag sends Misterioso out, and Stuka follows with a rope flip dive fake. A fire dup one, but that seemed like a time to actually dive. Titan hops in, Niebla Roja elbows him down and mocks him. Niebla Roja picks Titan up, Titan throws him down. Dropkick misses, off the ropes evasion, handwalk back flip headscissors to a very confused Niebla Roja. Niebla Rojo flips Titan to the apron, Titan slaps him back, springboard dropkicks works despite Titan nearly slipping on the ropes. Misterioso comes in with a dropkick, misses, and Titan leaps off his back for a big springboard tope con giro. Announcers lose their minds. Sagrado misses a dropkick on Misterioso, Misterioso corner whip, charge, Sagrado kicks him down, fireman’s drop to send up his buddy. Pólvora in, Sagrado springboard – oh no, Pólvora dropkick. Stuka splash meets Misterioso boots! Rudos cover for the pin.

Match 4: Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Tiger vs Máximo, Rush, Shocker 
Arena Mexico, 04/03/2012

  1. TRT

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:26
Rating: good
Notes: Shocker has a strong purple robe. No Comandante. Máximo and Rush try to rush TRT, are totally stomped. Tiger doesn't even get to do anything, Terrible and Bucanero have business handled and Shocker is late to the show. Tiger decides to take the fight to Shocker, and he's had better ideas. Terrible rushes in to get in shots, and that helps out. Referee is Maya.

1: Bucanero tries to throw Máximo off the ramp, but Máximo's not going with that. Tiger kicks Shocker around. Terrible kicks and knees Rush around on the stage, while Bucanero beats up Máximo at ringside, then brings him back in and rips up his shirt. Back outside, to throw Máximo into the barricade. Rudos isolate Rush in the ring, Terrible knocking both him and Bucanero (holding Rush) down. Tiger adds a ramp run slingshot senton. Bucanero turns it over to a camel clutch, and Terrible adds a kick to the face. Tiger pins him to eliminate him. Máximo's lifted up by all, kicked and dropped, but Shocker runs in before they can pin him. Tiger gives Shocker a questionably low kick, and then a second. Máximo back in, spinebuster, sentons by everyone, cover for the fall.

2: Rey Bucanero punches Máximo on the ramp, trying to knock him over the railing. Bucanero comes back in, sets up Shocker for something, but Shocker rolls out of there before Bucanero gets back. TRT pose instead, then hold and hit Shocker. Máximo starts the comeback off a corner whip. Terrible and Tiger get yanked out, and Máximo corners Bucanero for a kiss. Máximo doesn't get it right away, so he rips up Bucanero’s shirt and goes in for it again. No luck. Rush grinds his boot into Terrible's face on the outside. Máximo clotheslines Bucanero, Bucanero lands an odd dropkick to the midsection, Bucanero clothesline misses, and Máximo slides him out. Tiger cuts off Máximo with a low block, Rush back suplex Tiger, senton, and Shocker rolls up Terrible at the same time as Rush gets his pin. Máximo throws Bucanero around on the outside, including finding a gate to go thru and get into the crowd for a moment.

3: Tiger tries to chop Rush down. Rush kills him with one headbutt. Terrible and Rush chop it out, with Terrible winning via slap to the face. Rush comes back with the belly to belly and dropkick to the back. Tiger and Shocker chop fight doesn't work out for Tiger either. They’re even on the outside, Shocker offers to bring it back in, and Tiger jut goes back to his corner. Shocker gets the crowd to chant at Tiger until he comes back in, but Terrible tells him he doesn’t have to, and knocks down Shocker himself. Their bit includes Shocker getting in the corner clothesline, bulldog combo. Tiger runs back in to take three straight quebradora. Shocker goes after the mask, Bucanero makes the save, and Máximo rushes in to face him. Bucanero pulls down the straps and chest slaps him, Máximo pulls it up and slaps Bucanero in the face. Shoulderblock, neither man goes down, both wacky dance, Máximo armdrags, Máximo blocks everything, kiss, and Bucanero falls out of the ring. Máximo tope to send him into the rail. Rush misses a dropkick on both. Whip, clothesline misses, Rush dropkick sends them into the ropes, Shocker clothesline sends Tiger and himself spilling out. Rush superkicks Terrible out of the ring, then follows with his own tope con giro. Máximo and Bucanero back in to settle in. Bucanero clothesline misses, Máximo dropkicks the knee, casita, shoved off (well, in theory, Bucanero doesn’t actually do much), Bucanero kicks blocked, Máximo tells him to wait, screams, and falls down to simulate the foul. Maya turns around and isn’t sure what to call. Bucanero argues with Maya, Máximo sits up, Máximo inside cradle, one two three.

Máximo points to his head and makes belt motions. Tiger limps around on the outside. Máximo asks for a title shot. Bucanero tells the crowd to stop chanting for Máximo, then asks the crowd if they want the title match. They do – so Bucanero accepts. Replays and they’re done.

Momentos Estrellas:

Triunfo: Virus beating Triton
Llave: Estrellita casadora inverted figure four
Técnico: Warrior figure four tapatía on Escorpion
Alevoso: Rey Escorpion fouling Black Warrior
Sensacional: Prince Devitt reverse Bloody Sunday on Volador