CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #333 (04/07/2012) 
Recapped: 04/07/12

Guest announcer is Dragon Rojo Jr., of course.

Match 1: Fuego, Guerrero Maya Jr. ©, Triton vs Ephesto ©, Euforia, Pólvora
Arena Coliseo, 04/01/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:07
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Pompin.

1: Pairs are Pólvora/Fuego, Euforia/Triton, and things fall apart from there. JCR recalls the (dropped) storyline of Pólvora & Fuego teaming. Miguel's not really paying attention to him, repeating the same background about which titles those two guys hold 45 seconds after JCR's gone over it. It's not that he's distracted by notable wrestling action. Triton quickly headscissors Euforia out, springboard armdrags Euforia out, and gets Pólvora with a headscissors. Triton then slides out to where all those rudos are standing, and they just all kick him. Miguel says it was a trap by the rudos, but Triton was just not thinking there. Beatdown from there. Rudos beat up the técnicos for a while, then all but Ephesto and Fuego head to the apron for tags. So odd they’re doing this lately. Pompin is just that intimidating, I guess. Fuego takes a flying axhandle and crawls all the way cross the ring, so Triton comes in and hops about. All the rudos just come back in to chop him. Spinebuster, senton, that's three. Pólvora finishes Maya and the rudos have the fall.

2: Rudos slap the técnicos around. Corner charges for Fuego. Rudos don't seem particularly motivated. And then they do a wheelbarrow/double dropkick spot, which is at least interesting. Ephesto gets to break out the veg-a-matic legdrop on Maya. Maya looks so broken that Pompin has to lay on the mat to check on him. Rudos set up Fuego with the triple press slam, but wisely dump him in the ring. Triton and Maya trip up Pólvora and Euforia going for dropkicks, though Maya nearly misses, and Fuego sends Ephesto out and shocks him with a tope. The other four guys are wandering around; Euforia is not interested, so they both beat up Pólvora. Maya and Euforia come in, but are on way different pages. Maya goes up top, drops down to the mat, Euforia tries a clothesline, Maya grabs the arm, then puts on a full nelson and just stands there. Pólvora comes in, intends to dropkick Euforia (?!?), Euforia moves, and Maya gets it. Euforia and Pólvora high ten like that was their plan all along, so they’re much smarter than me. Euforia picks up Maya, Pólvora grabs him by his head, Maya's mask comes off, and that's about it. Pólvora tries to cover it up, then drops the mask and tries to point Pompin the other way, but he's seen it. That looked like an accidental pull, though I don't know if it actually was. Everyone shows various levels of confusion, including Euforia. Ephesto is nowhere to be seen.

3: Ephesto is in the ring to start, so I guess they found him. Showcases go Fuego, Triton, Maya. Triton looks good, has a habit of walking slowly under clotheslines which are going to miss. Maya is breathing very hard after one Euforia boot to the face. Chop fight goes Euforia's way. Maya comes back with the usual armdrag comeback, but Ephesto kicks him off. Fuego boosts Triton into a dropkick on the other rudos, and they take out the rudos with dives. Maya and Euforia in, Maya turns a clothesline into aback hell cradle, one two NO. Euforia clothesline blocked, Maya northern lights suplex, one two NO. Maya off the ropes, Euforia tosses him in the air, and kicks him on the way down. Foul, that's the fall.

Match 2: Atlantis, Máscara Dorada, Prince Devitt © vs Felino, Negro Casas, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Coliseo, 04/01/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 9:09
Rating: good
Notes: Rudos have jumped the técnicos, which means Green Lantern Volador is stomping a mudhole in Devitt. Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Casas brothers have the other two taken care of, so Volador sets Devitt up top and chokes him. Zacarias rushes in to 619 Devitt, who has to roll out and recover from such a blow. Volador kicks him in the face while he sits in the crowd. His partners submit the other técnicos. Volador continues attacking Devitt's right knee.

2: Volador keeps kicking Devitt around while the Casas brothers beat up the other técnicos. Zacarias watches from his perch. Volador throws Devitt in and steps on his hand. Volador not in a hurry to actually hit Devitt, but does load up a big chest slap when he does. Corner whip, Felino back elbow, he goes to all fours, and Devitt again springs off his back for a dropkick on Volador. People should really stop going to all fours against Devitt. Técnicos turn it around a lot, which involves a lot of pointing, and not really a whole much else for a while. Atlantis and Negro are doing the most actual work, which says something. Everyone heads back to the corners, and Dorada ends up with both Casas brothers – for about a second before they whip him back to the técnico corner, and Atlantis flips him to safety. Atlantis kicks the rudos away, and Dorada adds a springboard dropkick after a delay. Topes on for both of them. Volador and Devitt in, Devitt grabbing his right leg. Both charge, Volador kick to the midsection, off the ropes, kick misses, Devitt spinning enziguri, Devitt grabs Volador, Volador fights, Devitt spins him around, Bloody Sunday, one two three. Fans boo.

3: Dorada and Casas slap and kick each other, which goes Negro's way. Announcers note this is welterweight champ versus welterweight champ, for as little as it lays. Dorada springboard armdrags him out, then dropkick Felino in the head when his head drops down too soon. Volador in, Dorada flipped to the apron, smacking Dorada back, and in with the inside springboard headscissors. Zacarias tries slapping Dorada's legs, covers up, and Dorada dropkicks him out. Volador cant' believe he's so mean to this bird. He comes in, but Dorada tags in Atlantis. Volador offers a handshake. Atlantis doesn't accept, so Volador slaps him, and points to the rowdy técnico section, who react to him. Atlantis fights back, armdrags Volador runs him into an carrying Felino, runs Felino into Volador, urns Negro into Felino, and quebradoras Negro. Negro crawls on his hands on knees to hug Zacarias, and leaves. Devitt and Felino in, Felino checking out Devitt's face, then putting his hands down the back of his pants and offering a handshake. Devitt is not down with that. Felino kicks him, then wipes his armpit in Devitt’s face. Corner whip, Devitt slips out, Devitt runs the other corner, kips out over Felino, off the ropes, dropkick to the knee, pose. Negro in, faking a handshake and punching Devitt in the face. Whip, reversed, Negro sunset flip, Devitt rolls thru, dropkick. Zacarias in, Zacarias tries punching, then tries dancing. Devitt holds Zacarias away by the head, then kicks him down. Volador in and spitting at Devitt. They slap at each other, Devitt using chest slaps instead of the normal chops, and Volador winning with a forearm in the face. Corner whip, Devitt charges in, Volador kicks him away, Volador climbs up, Devitt swing kicks him, set his feet and climbs up. Devitt and Volador exchange forearms on the top rope, Volador taunting Devitt in between shots. Volador forearms Devitt off after a protracted battle, Devitt backs to the other corner, Volador charges, Devitt jumps out, Devitt shot to the midsection, springboard in – no, Volador forearms him out. Volador to the middle rope – moonsault to the floor. Dorada in, double springboard casadora cradle, Atlantida on Negro, that's it. Ref was actually too busy counting to actually see Negro give up before Atlantis dropped him, but they'll count it anyway.

JCR asks who'll go to Japan to get the title back, while Volador makes belt motions and gets in Devitt's face.

Match 3: Shocker vs Último Guerrero
Arena Coliseo, 04/01/2012

  1. Shocker reinera (2:24)

  2. Ultimo Guerrero Pulpo Guerrero (1:29)
  3. Guerrero Special (7:27)

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero
Match Time: 11:20
Rating: a bit better than okay, better than expected
Notes: There's no stairs to shove anyone down in Arena Coliseo, so Ultimo Guerrero goes thru the crowd to attack Shocker from the side. Guerrero chops and kicks Shocker around ringside. Referee is Tiger Hispano.

1: Ultimo backs off once in their ring, but resumes kicking Shocker in the head while he's still in his jacket/cape. Not many people can pull off a jacket and a cape, but Shocker's giving it a strong try. Kick to Shocker face. Pause. Forearm to the face. Whip, back elbow sends Shocker out. Chest slap and kicks. JCR talks about UG winning Gran Alternativa twice as a veteran, with Rey Escorpion and Pólvora. I guess Polvora's even replacing Dragon Rojo in the history books now! (And Dragon Rojo is right there!) Shocker shoved into the post. UG finds some rudo fans to do the huddle dance with. Shocker thrown in,. He angrily sits on his knees, which just gets him kicked in the face. Shocker fires up, gets chopped. Coner whip, Ultimo Guerrero splash comes up empty, clothesline turns into a reinera, that's his only move, but that's all he needs.

Shocker takes UG outside and slaps him around.

2: Standoff. Dueling chants. Ultimo Guerrero slaps down Shocker. Shocker gathers himself, gets back up, and gets slapped right down. Shocker gets up one more time, chop misses, Shocker fights back with jabs and a chop of his own. Whip, reversed, Shocker slides under, teeter totter reversal, Shocker clothesline, blocked into a takedown, Pulpo Guerrero. Hey, a short second fall.

3: Shocker has Ultimo Guerrero down, so we've missed some action. Chop, UG in the corner. Shocker backs all the way up, charges, sort of spear in the corner. Shocker backs up again, charges, UG hopes over, corner sunset flip one two NO. Shocker up first, kicks to the chest, Shocker turns the third into a 'rana, one two NO. Corner whip, UG charges in, knee bumps sends him out, Shocker follows with a tope. Replays. Somehow, UG is in better shape when they pick up. Slam, UG goes up (?), Shocker stops him with a slap. Both up on the ropes, Shocker grabs on and UG very slowly and carefully moves his right foot from the outside of the ropes to the inside them while jabbing Shocker. UG sets up Shocker – front superplex, one two NO. Replay. Replays at least are covering up the nap sessions. Shocker back in control somehow, chopping UG and setting him on the ropes. Shocker climbs and sits on Guerrero's shoulders! This is a bad idea. UG stands up, spins him around, and Shocker pulls off the 'rana! One two NO. Replay. Back, and Shocker is putting UG in the corner again. This is the third time in a row for a move up the ropes. Shocker slaps UG and looks around, instead of climbing up, so maybe he won't make it up. Shocker does go up, tries the rana, UG blocks it, leaves him hanging, and superbombs him. One two NO. Crowd seems into it. Replays. UG puts on a leg lock – and does not get small packaged! Shocker to an inverted standing figure four. Shocker pounds the mat, reaches around wildly, and grabs onto Tiger Hispano’s leg. Ref fights him free, and stomps on Shocker's hand, but that's enough to end it. Shocker is in a lot of pain, does not give, does grab on to Tigre Hispano's pants again. Ref knocks him free. Shocker decides maybe he needs to pull himself to the ropes, and dramatically gets it there. That was more dramatic than I made it sound. Nothing to replay, so we're treated to the rest period this time. UG goes back for a leg lock, but Shocker kicks him off. Shocker gets to his feet, fixes his pants, and shakes hi s leg free. Técnicos fans fire back up. Shocker poses for the camera, and pantomimes mooning them. The match? Scoop, slam for UG. Shocker decides he's going up. UG is up right behind him, and Shocker's trying a moonsault for no reason. Trip, Guerrero Special, one two three.