CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #332 (03/31/2012)
Recapped: 04/05/12

Guest announcers is Dragon Rojo, who seems to have a sore throat.

Match 1: Ángel Azteca Jr., Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso vs Bronco, Hooligan, Nitro
Arena Coliseo, 03/25/2012

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  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 13:40
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Rodolfo.

1: Pairs are Angel Azteca/Bronco, Pegasso/Hooligan, Bala/Nitro. Bronco and Azteca are even for a long while, Azteca gets in two armdrags, and Bronco threatens leave. Armdrags are just crossing the line. Bala is doing a corner headstand bit. Bronco and Azteca end up back in so Bronco can be a fool, and a fool is quickly pinned. Azteca gets his submission before Bala can get his new cradle, so Azteca counts

2: Hooligan in to take Azteca's armdrag/headscissors run. Pegasso slips on the front flip, but still headscissors and armdrags Bronco. Step on the top rope tornillo flipping armdrag looks nice. Pegasso oddly cheapshots Nitro on the run from the apron, Bronco trips up a surprised Bala, Azteca missile dropkicks Nitro, Hooligan kicks him out, and chops Pegasso as he comes in. Hooligan's punch to the face is nice. Double boot, out goes Pegasso. Rudos hold Bala for Nitro to slap down and stomp. Low blow elbow drop. Azteca is kicked down by Hooligan, who adds a middle rope fist drop to the Tuareg's array of low blows. Pegasso backdropped, then finished by a Bronco top rope splash. Dragon Rojo forgets Bronco's name!

3: Corner charges for Azteca. Backdrop, camel clutch, dropkick to the face for Bala. Pegasso is given a double back elbow and a low blow dropkick. Bronco messes with Azteca a bit, Hooligan trips up Azteca, Nitro goes to the middle rope and dropkick him in the face. Rudos taking their time. Hooligan has a good punch. Flying axhandles to the midsection for Bala. Bronco spinebusters Azteca, and the other técnicos walk away for no obvious reason. Pegasso sets to the top rope and headscissors Bronco without problem. Nitro kicks Pegaso out, Bala gets him with an armdrag. Azteca gets Hooligan in here, but gets tripped up going for a dive. Bronco tosses Bala to Hooligan, who blocks the 'rana and drops him with the Hooligan Crash. Nitro rolls thru a rana from Pegasso and pins him too. That was a short comeback.

Match 2: Blue Panther ©, Máximo, Super Porky vs Ephesto, Terrible ©, Vangelis
Arena Coliseo, 03/25/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:24
Rating: ok
Notes: Ref is Terror Chino. Blue Panther's hair has grown back much more on the back of his head than anywhere else. Monito is with the técnicos.

1: This starts Terrible vs Panther, but breaks down after that. Panther's bit is spirited, with the rudos rushing into break up a wristlock. Instead of doing that again, the bit ends with Panther nearly sunset flipping Terrible into a kiss. He holds up, they fight, and everyone else ends up in one by one. Porky ends the flurry splashing Vangelis & Terrible on a drop down, but Ephesto gets on him with stomps and the rudos take control from that point. It doesn't last too long this fall. Terrible beats Panther, then splashes Monito.

2: Terrible takes delight in stomping and kicking Panther. He's a bit lax at the end, and gets caught in a wristlock. Other rudos are busy beating up the Brazos and don't notice their partner is in trouble, and Terrible gives before anyone else notices. The other four guys are very confused.

3: Máximo gets a brief showcase with Terrible and Vangelis. Crowd very into Porky when he comes in, and he does his usual bit. Panther quickly gets Ephesto in an ankle lock, and Vangelis stomps him to break it up. Vangelis celebrates, and Panther gets him in a fujiwara. Terrible leisurely breaks that up and chops Terrible around. Panther planchas him and yanks Terrible around by the hair. Panther holds down Terrible for Maximo's kiss, Ephesto makes the save, Ephesto nearly gets kissed., Máximo spinning armdrags him out. Tope on him looks good. Vangelis looks at the mess form the apron and porky belly bumps him off. Porky planchas all three, and Máximo gets out of the way to let the other two catch. Panther fired up to face Terrible, the last two left in. Panther a clothesline caught into an armbar, but Terrible rolls free. Terrible boots Panther, but throws himself out of the ring, and Panther follows with a tope. Brazos back in, Vangelis takes the kiss, Ephesto the sit. That’s it.

Match 3: Máscara Dorada, Prince Devitt, Shocker vs Averno, Último Guerrero, Volador Jr.
Arena Coliseo, 03/25/2012

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Winner: técnicos  
Match Time: 9:25
Rating: good
Notes: They join in on the end of entrances, mostly to show Volador smacking Devitt with his title belt in the side of the head, and that's got to be what caused his bleeding. That's one sharp belt! If only they kept the old ones, Devitt would be safe. Volador stomps Devitt out of the ring, then pulls him in a headlock, scoops him up, and slams him back first into the post. Volador is wearing the Team Mexico jersey. Ref is Maya

1: Averno beats up Dorada while UG kicks around Shocker. Volador and Devitt brawl around outside for a bit, then Volador brings Devitt back in and chokes him over the ropes so the camera people can get a good shot of the cut. Volador is a professional! It's not bleeding much yet, but it seems a decent size. Devitt whipped into the corner so he can be brutalized. Volador smacks him with the superkick, UG follows with the senton de la muerte. Volador pulls Devitt out into thte middle of the ring, and the rudos boot him down. Devitt eventually figures out he's supposed to roll out. Shocker chopped around, the finished by Guerrero. Averno & Volador take care of the other two.

Volador taunts Devitt from inside the ring, then he and Averno decide to just go out and beat up Devitt more. UG suplexes Shocker on the ramp while the rudos crotch Devitt on the post. Not a DQ this week!

2: Devitt and Volador brawl on the outside. Devitt tries to grind Volador's face into the seats, but women sitting nearby try to pull Volador away (and to safety), while screaming. Volador traps Devitt's leg in the seat and kicks it, and I think Devitt back elbows one of the girls while trying to stay on his feet. They are all freaking out, and security tries to get Volador & Devitt out of there, or the girls out of there if that won't work. Devitt finally free himself. Averno crotches Dorada on the post in the meantime. Devitt brought back in and chopped. Corner whip, Volador clothesline, he goes to his knees for Averno to do something, but it's Devitt who jumps off Devitt’s back for a dropkick. Volador kicks Devitt out, Dorada springboard headscissors Volador out, UG shoulderblocks him down, Shocker quebradora him and goes for the mask! Shocker rips that up pretty good right away. Maya warns him, but Shocker is too fired up to care. UG gets up and stumbles around trying to fix his mask. Crowd into it. UG boots Shocker in the corner charges, Shocker moves at the last second, UG takes the knee bump out, Shocker tope looks good. Volador back in with Devitt, Devitt knocks him down with a spinning enziguri and finishes him with Bloody Sunday while Dorada takes care of Averno.

Devitt collapses in the corner, and checks on his cut. Dorada and Maya check on him, and get him back up to get his arm raised. Volador consults with Averno.

3: Crowd LOUD for Volador. He's in with Devitt, then he's out and tagging in Averno. Dorada in for him. Averno poses, tags, and Guerrero comes in – but then so does Shocker. UG's mask is shredded. He leaves, and Shocker decodes to chase. They slap it out of the floor, Shocker getting the better of it and punching UG into the front row as fans scurry. Shocker taunts him back in. Volador calms down UG and offers to take his place, but convinces Shocker to tag in Devitt too. Volador stops to take off his jersey. Volador off the ropes, over, waved by, flipping run, Devitt off the ropes, leapfrog over a bent down Volador, dropkick back. Averno rushes in and kicks down Devitt, then kicks, knees and punches him in the corner. Averno and Volador hold Devitt in the corner while Averno yells at the crowd. Corner whip, Devitt kips out over both of them and dropkicks both of them. Devitt out to the apron and the to top rope – missile dropkick flattens Volador. He goes out, Ultimo in, Shocker in. Ultimo slap, down goes Shocker. Shocker gathers himself back up, and Ultimo slaps him back down. Shocker slaps the mat, waves to the crowd, and gets back up. Ultimo just waiting. Chop – ducks, Shocker with a jerseys of jabs and a slap to the face. Boos. This is a pro-rudo crowd. Shocker whip, reversed, Shocker back under, Shocker? UG reversal spot, UG duck the shoulder clothesline, Shocker clotheslines them both out. Técnicos in, missile dropkick on the rudos. Rudos headlocks, shot of into each other, Devitt boosts Dorada into a dropkick on both. Técnicos set up, run, tope con giro in stereo! UG and Shocker in, Shocker booting UG in the face. Shocker kick blocked, UG straight foul kicks him. Maya yells at UG, UG says he doesn't care, and May raises Shocker’s arm

Shocker does the laying down promo, though he gets to his knees before challenging for a mask vs hair match. He's very passionate about this. Ultimo Guerrero does the catchphrase. Shocker mocks him for talking too much. UG offers a singles match next week, mano y mano for his people. Shocker still wants the hair vs mask match after he wins.