CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #331 (03/24/2012) 
Recapped: 03/29/2012

Amapola is guest announcer.

Match 1: Marco Corleone, Máscara Dorada ©, Rush vs Averno, Mephisto, Negro Casas ©
Arena Mexico, 03/18/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:54
Rating: ok
Notes: Entrances! No Zach. Ref is Terror Chino, who has a new shirt. Fashion Watch, always on duty

1: Averno is quickly sent out by Dorada, is unhappy about being treated that way. Averno gets armdragged to the ropes, gets annoyed, spits at Marco, and runs when Marco decides to come after him. Negro and Rush n next, battling for holds. Rush sticks with chinlocks and headlocks, Negro keeps getting free, Rush keeps putting him back in them. Shoulderblock, down goes Negro. Back to the headlock. Rush shot off, back with a kick when Negro puts his head down too soon. Averno & Mephisto kick out Rush, Marco in, clothesline misses, Marco springboard double clothesline misses, rudos fleeing and coming back to kick them. They seem surprised to have the work. Dorada manages a flying armdrag for one, but they catch him on the next try for a double powerbomb. Negro dropkicks Rush in the ankle to set up the other win.

2: Rudos pull apart Marco's legs. Dorada whipped into a heel kick. Rush slapped around, then Averno drags him around by his hair. Rush fights back against Negro, but Negro stops him with a kneelift. Announcers talk about Devitt's injury. Marco's whipped into a kick and slapped down. Averno hiptoss Dorada to the ramp, which does not look fun. Marco crawls over to check on him. Rush held. Very calm match, but obviously about to have an explosion. Double chop for Rush gets Negro instead, Rudos kick Rush, Dorada in with the floating headscissors. Mephisto kicks Dorada, and Marco gets him with the Aero Italiano. Negro knocks Rush out of the ring and tires the silla, but Rush catches him easily and rams him in the post. Rush beats Negro around ringside. Rush tosses Negro in the barrier, which Negro finds to be very painful.

3: Marco tries slapping Negro from the top rope. That doesn’t work. Negro does manage to duck one stone punch, but points to his head, and that's where Marco hits him with the second. Averno tries a sunset flip on Marco, that doesn’t work. Mephisto stops the dance, punches and leapfrogs his way out of that. Averno hurts his hand trying to slap Marco, and Marco asks fro another. Averno tries again, still no. Averno tries a third, and Marco dances. Averno tries a fourth time. Points for effort, none for effect. Marco runs the ropes, and Averno runs, jumping over the barricade to escape. A fan in a red shirt with a big drink in his hand grabs Averno's wrist – Averno is too busy yelling at the crowd to react for as long as we stick in this shot, but that's not a thing to do. They don't go back to that shot, Negro and Rush exchanging strikes in the corner instead. Negro gets his foot up on a corner charge, but charge out into powerslam. Dropkicks sends him out. Mephisto runs into the belly to belly suplex. Averno comes in, waits, and Rush messes with Mephisto instead. Corner whip, reversed, Rush superkicks Averno, and wheel kicks a stunned Mephisto. Dive tease, many boos. Dorada run slowed by the rudos figuring out what they're doing, but they all end up taking headscissors. Dorada takes out both Avernos with a running slingshot tornillo. Rush grabs Negro in a full nelson, Marco lands the Aero Italiano on Negro while Rush celebrates, Negro turns it over and covers one two Rush just makes the save in time. Rush superkicks Negro, Marco suplexes him, Rush double stomp, and he gets the pin.

Match 2: La Sombra vs Último Guerrero
Arena Mexico, 03/18/2012

  1. Sombra Brillante Bomb (4:19)

  2. Pulpo Guerrero (1:34)
  3. Guerrero Special (10:13)

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero
Match Time: 16:06
Rating: okay
Notes: Sombra enters first. Ultimo Guerrero does the Ultimo Guerrero thing, rushing from behind to shove him down the ramp. Referee is Tiger Hispano.

1: Stomps and a slam on the ramp. No need to wait to get in to blow the whistle. Plenty of time to taunt the fans before doing much more. Sombra thrown in, Ultimo Guerrero following to do some more pointing. Stomp. Whip, back elbow. Whip, flapjack, kick to the head. Ultimo Guerrero goes for the mask, which seems early. Tigre Hispano agrees, pulling him off and threatening the DQ when UG argues. UG relents and chops down Sombra. Announcers talking about this being Laguna vs Laguna. Guerrero goes after Sombra's mask again, gets pulled off again, and decides he's had enough of this officiating. Ultimo walks out! This is little action even by the standards of the Ultimo Guerrero's shallow opening falls. He's back. Whip, drop toe hold, elbow drop. Whip, dropkick, out goes Sombra. Sombra held on the barricade and slapped. A slap for a different side. UG brings it back in, plants Sombra on top, and goes fro the mask again. He unties it this time, which is more successful than his previous attempts. Mask almost comes off all the way, but Sombra holds it front of his face and Tigre Hispano pulls UG back again. You're not going to disqualify him for this if you haven't done it yet, stop playing the tough ref. Corner whip, Sombra sidesteps the charge, Brillante Bomb, one two three. Well, then. Really sad this isn't a one fall match, that would've been perfect.

2: UG stalls, then comes back in. Sombra flipping run, UG stops him with a back elbow, UG grabs his legs, Sombra flips to his feet, off the ropes, flip off UG's chest, over into a headscissors. UG out, Sombra after with a tope con giro. Sombra looking good, UG pulling himself slowly up. UG looks around at the crowd before coming back in. Clothesline misses, Sombra charges, spinebuster, Pulpo Guerrero. We've learned you're better off being beat for most of the match so you can get in the surprise win.

3: UG stalls, then comes back in. They reach for a Lockup, but Sombra stops to get his chants going and UG stops to react to the chants. Sombra takes off his shirt. UG shoves him in the corner and slaps him around. Sombra back with slaps of his own. Sombra charge in, no one home, UG trips Sombra into the corner. UG backs up, takes a step, then runs, Senton de la Muerte. Rudo fans want a second. UG tries it, but Sombra sneaks out, pulls UG onto his shoulder when UG's headstanding, and drops him with a short of shoulder powerslam. One two NO. Sombra argues the count. Nah, this fall doesn't end that quick. Sombra waiting for Guerrero. UG up, and back elbowing him. Corner whip, reverses, Sombra charge in, UG hops up for a corner sunset flip one two NO. Guerrero is already exhausted. It's two minutes into this fall, I don't how he can't be anything but tried. Sombra up and kicking Guerrero, UG blocks the third kick, Sombra 'rana, one two NO. Up a little bit faster this time. Corner whip, UG charges, Sombra moves, UG take the knee bump out, and Sombra follows with his moonsault to the floor. Both slow to recover. Sombra in first, on his knees. I wonder what will happen. UG pulls himself up, looks at the crowd, walks over, and by then Sombra is actually up so no cavernaria. Whip, reversed, Guerrero sets up for the Gori special but Sombra can't get up on the first try. He does well on the second. Sombra will not give up in the hold he put himself in. Sombra fires up, sits up, backs UG's in the head, and spins around into a 'rana one two NO. Corner whip, UG sits on the middle buckle. Sombra thinks this over and ask UG down. UG fakes it, sits back up, Sombra tries to rush him, UG jabs him in the side and drops him with the front superplex. One two big kickout. Both slow up. Sombra with a fireman’s drop, moonsault into a moonsault lands one two NO. Sombra waves for support. Crowd is with him. Sombra shoulders UG in the gut and sets him on top. Sombra steps to the top rope, climbs up, middle rope 'rana blocked, UG hangs on for a moment, then drops him with the superbomb. One two NO. UG up first, slamming Sombra and going up. Sombra stops him with a punch. Both on the top rope, top rope superplex, one two NO. Crowd making noise, but mixed. Sombra fireman's drops Guerrero in the corner, crowd shot. Sombra taking his time climbing up. Rope flip moonsault meets knees, UG covers, one, two no. UG stands Sombra up, but it's Sombra who slams him. Sombra goes up, UG crotches him, Guerrero Special, one two three. Mixed reaction.