CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #330 (03/17/2012) 
Recapped: 3/19/12

Amapola is the guest announcer.

Match 1: Fuego & Stuka Jr. vs Hooligan & Skándalo for the Arena Coliseo (DF) Tag Team Championship
Arena Coliseo, 03/11/2012

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Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 18:07
Rating: good
Notes: They show the belt presentation, so they must have plenty of time. Looks like Gustavo is the commissioner. Bestia Negra is referee.

1: Skándalo and Stuka start slow on the mat. Stuka are trapped in an armbar, uses the ropes to flip out of it, but Skándalo just holds on. Stuka tries a standing headscissors, gets thrown off. Stuka steps over Skandalo's head, flips, and finally hiptoss free. That took almost two minutes. Skándalo goes right back to the armbar – it was working! - but Stuka rolls and armdrags out much quicker this time. Hooligan takes his time, tags in, and so Fuego comes in. Chop fight between the two, Hooligan wins via shoulderblock. Fuego backflips to escape on the run, gets clotheslined anyway. Hooligan yells to the rudo fans. Whip, Stuka flips his partner to safety, then ducks a Skándalo clothesline which hits Hooligan instead. Duck another clotheslined, Rebound hiptoss is caped, rudos kick Stuka down, Fuego in with a springboard plancha on both, técnicos rush for finished – and go right into the rudos finishes. Skándalo Driver, Hooligan Crash, one two three. That turned.

2: Técnicos are still recovering on the outside when the whistle blows. Rudos wait for Fuego to come in, whip and kick him out. Stuka kicked coming in, then held for slaps. Stuka breaks free, but just long enough to be ripped in the ropes for Hooligan's guillotine senton con giro. Fuego held in the ropes for Skandalo's dropkick, which is really going to hurt when there's no apron to land on, but Stuka trips up and pulls out Skándalo anyway. Hooligan off the ropes, into a quebradora con giro. Fuego turns, sees Stuka Hooligan Skándalo charge – and Skándalo moves! Fuego nails Stuka, who goes flying up the ramp. Fuego has a mini fit, but Skándalo is on him and throwing him in. Looks really bad for the champions right now, but the Tuareg slap Fuego rather than going for the kill. Corner whip, Skándalo whipped in after, Fuego sidesteps, out with a, uh, botched torito on Hooligan, who falls backwards into it for a pin. Meanwhile, Stuka is back in, Skándalo charges him in the corner, and Stuka lifts him up and over into the Skándalo Driver. Stuka's not quite as used to being on the other side of this, same with Skándalo, so it looks a bit more head crunching than probably intended. Tied up with that pin.

3: Rudos take over the ring quickly. Stuka send out, and Fuego slapped in the corner. Whip, spinebuster, Skándalo low blow elbow drop. Stuka in, shoving the ref for allowing the double team, but then the double team gets him. Stuka set up in the corner, and Hooligan gives him a running low blow dropkick. Hooligan was moving on that one. Fuego in and getting in one shot on Skándalo before Hooligan gets him. Whip, backdrop. Kick, Fuego sent out. Whip for Stuka, he ducks a double clothesline, quebradora on Hooligan, bodyscissors takes him and Skándalo back out. Chop fight there, Hooligan topes (sort of) Stuka and Fuego topes Skándalo. Fuego's tope looked a lot better, but then Fuego's got a good tope. Hooligan may have just run about two steps to set up the dive. Replays. Fuego and Hooligan make it to the apron, start punching in there, then go inside to break the count. Hooligan gets the better of hat fight, snap maring Fuego over, threading a leg thru his arms, then rolling him over for a pin one two NO. Fuego kicks Hooligan. Whip, Hooligan sunset flip, two count. Hooligan kicks Fuego, yells at the crowd, double underhook - double underhook lay back headscissors submission? Stuka breaks it up with a legdrop. Stuka chops Hooligan. Corner whip, reversed, Hooligan charges in, Stuka flips him the apron, Stuka shot blocked, Hooligan strikes him back, Hooligan climbs, Stuka climbs with him - top rope superplex! Stuka rolls on top one two Skándalo breaks it up. Skándalo covers Stuka one two NO. Skándalo and Stuka on their knees, chopping each other. Skándalo knocks over Stuka, then stands up and whips him. Reversed right away, Stuka fireman’s carry drop, and he points up. Going to the corner, but taking his time looking around. Crowd is a concerned, Fuego is very concerned, hands on his heads. Stuka almost slips then jumps – right into Skandalo's boots. One two Fuego break sit up. Fuego pats Stuka and rolls him towards the apron, then bodyscissors cradle Skándalo, one two NO. Fuego with a high kick to send Skándalo away. Hooligan rushes in to clothesline Fuego, then kicks Stuka in the corner. Hooligan backs up, charges, Stuka moves, and Hooligan spears the post. Fuego fireman’s slam Skándalo and holds him in position while Stuka goes up – Stuka torpedo plancha to the floor on Hooligan. Stuka fired up. It'd be kind of annoyed at Stuka, but Fuego instead ducks a chop, kicks Skándalo in the ropes and charges. Skándalo flips him on the apron, charges, and slide out as Fuego hops in. Fuego kicks him down, off the ropes, and thru the ropes for a crazy senton con giro on Skándalo. That's a good spot to save for this match. Stuka is immediately over checking on his crazy partner. Replay of the most recent dives. Hooligan in, so Stuka comes in to face him, and is immediately slapped down. Corner whip, reversed, Hooligan kips up in the corner, but Stuka slips under him and spinebuster him to the mat one two NO. Hooligan chops Skándalo in to the ropes. Stuka misses a clotheslines, Hooligan hiptoss blocked into a tirabuzón, but Skándalo breaks that up with a shove. Skándalo celebrates for a second, then goes out to pull Fuego in. Whip, drop toe hold, elbow drop, Fuego tries to roll away, but Skandalo stops him and elbow drops him again. Skandalo slam – no, Fuego small package one two three.

Hooligan in, Fuego punch blocked, and Hooligan carefully sets up from behind – backcracker. One two three. There was a big reaction to Fuego's pin, no reaction to this one.

Stuka back in, crowd chanting for him. Stuka shoulderblock, off the ropes, Hooligan dropkicks him out. Hooligan to the apron. Asai moonsault! Not the prettiest thing you'll ever see, but it did drop Stuka. Replays of the pins and latest dive. Hooligan dizzy in the ring, Stuka heading up, plancha, Hooligan rolls thru, one two NO. Stuka rallies from the crowd. Stuka off the ropes, 'rana – no, Hooligan crash! He didn't get all of that, but he rolls it into a pin, one two NO. Replay. Hooligan clothesline blocked, Stuka lifts him up, fireman's drop, Stuka going for the finish again – torpedo plancha one two three!

Match 2: La Sombra ©, Super Porky, Valiente vs Pólvora, Rey Escorpion, Último Guerrero ©
Arena Coliseo, 03/11/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:27
Rating: eh
Notes: The cameraman taking pictures of the edecans gets leveled right of the bat. UG threw Sombra out, and Sombra took him out. Amapola is amused by the whole thing. Referee is Maya.

1: Guerrero slams Sombra on the apron, then celebrates with the rudos. Porky argues with them while Valiente checks on Sombra. Pairs are Porky/Pólvora, Sombra/Escorpion, and Valiente/Escorpion again. UG's focused on not getting in with Sombra, though the técnico is not in too long with Escorpion either. Escorpion and Valiente have a loud chop fight. Sombra comes backing after, UG immediately knocks him out of the ring with a shoulderblock, and so the beatdown starts. Porky finds a fan to fall on before he's brought in for a double suplex. Pólvora just makes it, and probably should've picked the other corner, but they have him do it again from another corner to finish Valiente

2: Rudos still in charge. Valiente takes the senton de la muerte. Porky belly bumps his way to start the comeback, which peaks with a Sombra springboard headscissors and tope con giro on UG. Técnicos finish. Sombra goes after UG's mask on the outside.

3: Porky spots. UG and Sombra are in next, UG charges, Sombra drops down, UG just leaves. Valiente and Escorpion fight instead. Escorpion's trying to be more serious of late. Valiente eventual gets him with a headscissors. Valiente slaps Pólvora very hard, and monkey flips him back and forth. UG comes in, so Sombra comes back in. UG back elbows Sombra, and points to the Sombra chanting fans. Whip, Sombra flips off UG's chest, and back for a headscissors. Sombra off the ropes, UG moves out of the way of a dive, and Sombra slowly chases him to the rudo corner. Valiente and Rey Escorpion in, Escorpion spears the post shortly, Valiente slips going up on the Valiente special, tumbles off the inside of the ropes but lands, recovers, and does the Super fast tope instead. Pólvora look at that, turns, and runs right into Porky's got. Porky Asai tease, plancha off the apron. Inside the ring, UG tosses Sombra up, heel foul kicks him on the way down, and covers him for three.

UG claps and poses to his song! Sombra gets the microphone to challenge him to a singles match for next week. UG says if Sombra wants to challenge a luchador of an otra nivel, he'd like to face him, in Arena Mexico next week.