CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #328 (03/03/2012) 
Recapped: 03/04/12

Match 1: Fuego, Mr. Cacao ©, Titán vs Arkángel de la Muerte ©, Hooligan, Skándalo
Arena Coliseo, 02/26/2012

  1. Tuareg

  2. técnicos
  3. Tuareg

Winner: Tuareg (2-1)
Match Time: 7:46
Rating: eh
Notes: Tuareg have jumped the técnicos. Referee is Pompin.

1: Arkangel rips up Cacao's mask for the cameras. Nice of him. Tuareg keep Fuego and Titan out of play as they boot Cacao. Fuego tries to make the save, but Hooligan headbutts him back out. Lots of Arkangel going after the mask, which does get ripped. Skándalo is not paying attention, so Arkangel accidentally whips Cacao right into him when heading for the corner. They figure out it, and Hooligan adds a swinging low blow dropkick. Triton rushes in, no luck for him. Rudos throws out Cacao and set up Titan in the ropes, so Hooligan and lands the big guillotine senton. Cacao back in for Arkangel low blow elbow drop, and that's ll do it.

Arkangel rips up Cacao's mask some more. I think he's got the ideas. Rudos continue beating up on the técnicos in between falls.

2: Cacao ducks a double chop to start the comeback. Hooligan and Skándalo whip him, double clothesline misses again, and Cacao just clears the apron on a tope on giro to Arkangel. Fuego glances Skándalo with a quebrada, then finish him with a 'rana. Palacio Negro Special takes care of Hooligan.

Cacao goes after Arkangel's mask and the brawl continues. Titan slams Hooligan on the ramp. Has the third fall actually started? Ah, here we go.

3: Joined with Titan taking Hooligan down with a waistlock, Hooligan getting an armdrag off the mat, but Titan walking on his hands and backflipping to escape it. Tricky. Titan does the Fuego back bend under a clothesline with Fuego standing right there – he's totally going to realize you've stolen it now. Titan springboard headscissors, out goes Hooligan, out goes Titan backflipping after him. Fuego flips over Skándalo's back, but takes the clothesline. Skándalo slaps Fuego into the ropes. Whip, reversed, big hiptoss. Skándalo shoulderblock, but Fuego pulls him down by the mohawk. Off the ropes, over the back armdrag, out goes Skándalo. Fuego chase after him and spins around on the floor. Cacao and Arkangel in. Chop fight, down goes Arkangel. Shoulderblock, Arkangel catches up to Cacao and dropkicks him. Arkangel covers after a moment, two count. Whip, Running tope by Cacao, another, and a jumping enziguri breezes Arkangel. Cacao throws him out, but the other rudos are on him with kicks. Cacao out, rudos turn around, Fuego and Titan in, rudos run them out too. Rudo run, técnicos flip in ore them, Palacio Negro top rope moonsault connects with hooligan, Fuego pescado – misses Skándalo, Skándalo moving out of the way! That's not good. Cacao wheel kicks Arkangel back in the ring and goes for the mask. He rips it up pretty good here. Arkangel up to his feet, Whip, corner whip, charge, Cacao tossed up, Arkangel holds him hanging from the top rope – and Arkangel headbutt fouls him! That's a new one! Skándalo in to help stomp, but it's a DQ.

Tuareg run off Fuego and Titan again and beat up Cacao some more.

Prince Devitt is coming.

Match 2: Ángel de Oro, Guerrero Maya Jr. ©, Sangre Azteca vs Mr. Águila ©, Olímpico, Vangelis
Arena Coliseo, 02/26/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 17:03
Rating: good
Notes: referee is Terror Chino. Aguila has a Captain America Venom deal going on. Who knows. Mije is with the rudos, but quiet.

1: Sangre & Olímpico start off with a battle over arm holds then switches to the mat. Armdrag standoff. Fall graphic, and Maya and Aguila are in. They have a nice hold vs hold back and forth. Vangelis and Angel de Oro are last, Angel de Oro flipping out of armbars. Vangelis tries a kneebar just to take a headscissors out of that as well. Vangelis gets in his wheel kick and clothesline Angel de Oro in the corner. Angel de Oro reversal whip and sends Vangelis out, Oro catches him out, and others jump in – Maya tope on Vangelis, Olímpico apron tope con giro and Oro. Sangre armdrags Aguila twice , Aguila bails out on the third and clotheslines. Aguila of the ropes, into a Sangre flapjack, casita, one two three.

2: Angel de Oro gets Olímpico with a superkick, and the outside in moonsault for two. Quebradora, quebradora, and out goes Olímpico. Oro teases the dive and poses. Maya armdrags Vangelis around, rolls to a headbanging pose. Sangre and Aguila have a loud chest slap battle. Aguila slaps Sangre in the face to knock him down and stomps him there, then runs around the ring celebrating. Whip, reversed, Sangre drop toe hold and dropkick Olimpico runs in and boots hm, then brings in Vangelis. Whip, double boot. Kicks for Angel de Oro. Whip, double back drop for him. They wait for Oro to get up, and boot him. Maya kicks as he comes in, and whipped into an Aguila kick. I'm not sure Olímpico was expecting that, but he adds a Running elbow drop. Corner whip, Olímpico rolling back elbow, Vangelis running back elbow, Aguila wheel kick. Maya tossed out. Sangre taken down, and Vangelis just gets there with a middle rope legdrop. One two three. Angel de Oro comes in, is of no help. Aguila runs around more to celebrate.

3: Beatdown includes clubbing shots to Sangre's face. Olímpico puts on a double stump puller, but Maya arrives to break that up. Maya hold, taunting the rudos to break it up, and Vangelis does. Vangelis fireman's powerbomb, Angel de Oro stops to count to kick Vangelis. Angel de Oro starts the mecedora, but Aguila break that up. Aguila back suplex faceslam, Sangre breaks it up. Corner whip lead to Sangre and Aguila battling on the top – Sangre shoves Aguila off and lands the Estacias Azteca. He cover,s but right near the rudo corner, so Olímpico easily breaks it up. Olímpico puts on a headscissors. Angel de Oro comes in, ask the crowd, and puts on a headscissors to him. Aguila onto Angel de Oro, Maya onto Aguila. Vangelis in – he's got this figured out – no headscissors, Boston crab. This doesn't work out – people can't turn over right, and it kind of breaks apart. Someone's been watching their CHIKARA DVDs. Ring quietly cleans out, with no técnicos in and Vangelis and Olímpico wandering about. They get Angel de Oro and Olímpico, both going down on elbow smashes, both covering, one two NO. Both charge again, Olímpico hammerlock wristlock cradle, one two no, Angel de Oro rolls it so they're both down, one two three.

Sangre and Aguila yanks the two part, then Angel de Oro keeps on punching until Aguila kicks him away. Aguila heel kicks Sangre out, and follows with the slingshot tope con giro. Guerrero Maya goes for his dive, but Mije cuts him off. Guerrero Maya is ready to take him on. Mije off the ropes, kick to the chest. Off the ropes again, Maya 'rana, Vangelis blocks, Mije adds a dropkick, Vangelis sit down powerbomb. Bridging cradle, Mije sneaking on top, one two three. Rudos carry around Mije in celebration.

Match 3: Averno, Pólvora, Volador Jr. © vs La Máscara ©, Máximo, Valiente
Arena Coliseo, 02/26/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:15
Rating: good
Notes: Volador has his new title belt. Referee is Maya.

1: Valiente and Pólvora have a good battle, with Valiente trying to be tricky and Pólvora keeping up with him. Máximo screws around with Volador until Averno has enough and leads the charge. Beatdown. Volador unties Mascara's mask, and almost gets it completely off. Pólvora chokes Valiente a bit. Volador has to save Averno form being kissed by Máximo, but the rudos pull it together to submit him. Averno finishes up.

2: Crowd loud for Máximo, with a lesser anti-chant. Crowd's been into the show all day. Rudos hold Máximo while Averno gets right in his face and yells, which gets the crowd chanting for a kiss. Averno kicks him and yells at him instead. Bite the boot. Valiente argues with the ref for an extended period, until a rudo finally comes around to hit him. Corner whip, loud Volador superkick. Máximo back in, worked over in the corner again. Averno charges right behind him, and lands the double springboard butt bump. Máximo ducks the double clothesline, Valiente top rope planchas Pólvora, and Máscara superkicks Volador out. Volador looks back, and sees Máscara coming at him – big tope. Técnicos wrap it up. Averno gets away with a kiss, for now. Volador fins a Volador sign to hold up.

3: Mascara headscissors Pólvora out quickly. Máscara goes to take off his shirt, but Volador kicks him and sunset flips him while the shirt is still around his arm. Máscara still manages to reverse to to a dropkick. Mascara swing kicks Volador of the apron, slow flying headscissors sends Volador out. Averno in. Máscara waved by, back with a flipping armdrag, Averno out, Máscara chasing after him. Averno misses a clothesline, quebradora on the floor. Rudos check on Averno and complain about Mascara. Valiente in. Valiente ducks a clothesline, flips Pólvora out with a dropkick. Volador miss a charge, and gets monkey flipped cross ring. Volador hops in place waiting for him to get up, monkey flip the other way. Volador leaps thru the ropes to chase Averno up thru the crowd. Averno finally strikes, Valiente ducks, and monkey flips hm on the floor. Máximo in last. Pólvora poses. Máximo approves, then makes some questioning motion about Pólvora. Pólvora slaps him. Máximo screams and slaps him in the face. Máximo off the ropes, skip, ducking, spinning armdrag sends Pólvora out. Volador in, slow to realize Máximo behind him. Máximo misses with him and headscissors him out. Averno in, nearly kissed. Máximo clothesline misses, Averno everything blocked, Máximo goes for the kiss, Averno breaks free, clothesline misses, and Máximo kisses him. Averno tumbles out of the ring, and Máximo follows with his tope. Pólvora in, going for a dive? No, dropkicking Maxim off the apron. Pólvora leaps to the apron and goes for a n Asia, but Máximo pulls him off. Valiente to the corner, running – Valiente Special onto Averno! Volador and Máscara in, Máscara clothesline misses, Volador superkick, Volador smacks the mat, Máscara bent over, Volador pulls him in an inverted Gori, Máscara rolls thru, campana – no, Volador escapes, clothesline misses, Mascara superkicks him and backcrackers Volador! One two three! He got beat with his own move.