CMLL Guadalajara #1018 (02/18/2012) 
Recapped: 03/02/12

Match 1: Dalis la Caribeña, La Seductora ©, Lady Apache vs La Comandante, Princesa Blanca ©, Princesa Sugheit 
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 02/14/2012

  1. rudas

  2. técnicas
  3. técnicas

Winner: tecnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 6:58
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Edgar. Seductora is on the técnicas side as a sub.

1: The match starts – or maybe just where we pick up – with Blanca rushing Lady Apache with a knee lift and starting the beatdown. Mostly brawling setting up Blanca's win.

2: Giant swing for Dalis. Rudas casually stomp the técnicas. They should've stuck with that, because trying to do more allows Apache to sneak in the casadora cradle on Blanca for the surprise win.

3: Seductora's tecnica offense needs a bit more practice, or speed. Dalis kicks Comandante a lot before getting the big armdrag. Apache and Blanca are by far the best action, but they may not last a minute before the others get involved. Técnicas spin each other around and drop the others out. Apron dives fail – Seductora jumps into Sugeith's kick, Comandante catches Dalis' silla and backs her into the post. Apache 'rana on Blanca, Blanca rolls thru, and desperately scoops it to the ropes to grab the bottom one for leverage. That's three.

Match 2: Atlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Pólvora, Rey Escorpion, Último Guerrero 
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 02/14/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:39
Rating: ok
Notes: Escorpion has a new large Escorpion tattoo on his chest. UG rushes Atlantis and the rudos take out the técnicos to start. Referee is Millionairo.

1: Atlantis takes the senton de la muerte. Rey Escorpion run up the ropes headscissors sends up Polvora's splash, and Delta's done. Guerrero doesn’t put on the bodyscissors but still finishes Maya.

2: Beatdown goes on. Escorpion lands his wheel kick on Delta. Rudos do the Guerreros huddle celebration. Atlantis ducks a double whip and the others come in with springboard armdrags. Atlantis ends UG out with a running punch, and the técnicos wrap up from there. Delta hangs Escorpion in the ropes as if he's going for the Trueno Special, but does a double stomp instead.

3: técnicos hold off the rudos so Atlantis can kick around UG in peace for a bit. Everyone eventually heads to their corners. Delta & Escorpion head back to their corners, for a chop fight highlighted by one of the announcers microphones failing, making it sound like he's screaming form the other side of the room. Rey Escorpion responds to Delta's flipping around by just turning and clotheslining him. Delta comes back with a back spin headscissors, and out goes Escorpion. They go out, and Atlantis and UG end up in. UG thinks about, leaves, and they end up with Maya vs Pólvora. Maya armdrag run, a springboard one quickly sending Pólvora out. UG in to rush Maya, but Atlantis in and wildly swings at UG. UG backs off instead of getting his jaw broken. Atlantis takes care of Escorpion instead, running him and Pólvora into each other for a bit, then giving both a quebradora. UG has no choice but to come in, and Atlantis monkey rolls him out. Pólvora kicks Atlantis out, the técnicos miss dropkick on the lesser rudos. Whip, reverses, rudos roll out, técnicos after them with a tope con giro and a straight tope from Maya. Captains back in, UG tosses Atlantis and heel foul kicks him. Atlantis goes down, referee missed it, but turns around to count three.

Match 3: La Máscara vs Volador Jr. for the NWA World Middleweight Championship 
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 02/14/2012

  1. Volador backcracker (4:41)

  2. La Mascara campana (1:10)
  3. Volador moonsault side slam (14:23)

Winner: Volador (2-1)
Match Time: 20:14
Rating: ok
Notes: Volador is in his football gear, but no helmet. Rey Escorpion is back out as his second. La Mascara wears his belt to the ring, and is way out ahead of Delta. Commissioner is briefly shown, not identified. Volador does take off the pads before he wrestles. Referee is Edgar.

1: Circle. Handshake! Lockup #1 gets us nowhere, Volador with a waistlock on the second. Máscara battles to a hammerlock. Volador headlock, Mascara front facelock, out to an armbar, Máscara takedown and foot hold. Volador reverses out to an armscissors. Máscara tries to roll free, but Volador holds on for a bit. Máscara finally gets out and outs on a modified STF, but not for long. Volador up to an armbar, then a single leg takedown and a leg hold. Figure four! Máscara in pain here, but close enough to the ropes to get to it. Escorpion messes with Máscara, not that Mascara notices. Volador celebrates his ability to put on a hold. Pause to look at the crowd. Lockup, Máscara flipped over Volador's hip, Máscara armdrag, Volador rolls back, Máscara waves him past, Volador sunset flip but Máscara blocks it and turns it one of his own (!) tone count. Zero leg trips, standoff. Crowd cheers a bit. Volador talks to Escorpion. Off the rope evasion, Máscara headscissors, Volador out, Máscara topes him into the front row. (Those people are amused more than harmed.) Replay of that as Mascara circles around the ring and comes back in first. Mascara misses a corner charge, Máscara misses a clothesline, Volador superkick, slap the mat, pose, wait for it, backcracker. One two three. Máscara kicked out at 3.0001 there.

2: Both tentatively reaching for each other – and Volador runs the ropes instead. Flipping run, under a clothesline, back with a headscissors. Volador runs full speed, tope right back into the front section. Crowd a bit more annoyed that time, Volador moved faster than they were expecting. Both slow up this time. Volador rolls in first. Máscara taking his time pulling himself up on the apron. Volador misses on the running kick, Máscara swing kick and top rope plancha. Máscara stand up, casadora, campana, has a little battle for the arms, but that's it. Quick.

3: Volador offers a handshake again, but can't get it. Volador bitterly complains to Rey Escorpion and tries again. Both Máscara and Volador look at someone yelling from the crowd. Máscara reaches out, and Volador kicks him. Máscara heads up with a headlock anyway. Off the ropes evasion, Volador breaks out the multiple kip up spot and Mascara superkicks him right out of the ring. Máscara runs – crowd flees, so does Volador, Máscara slides out, Volador misses a clothesline, Mascara quebradora. Delta is fired up. Volador down on the floor. Escorpion is not allowed to do anything but wave his towel, so a fan walks over and helps Volador up! A woman, of course. Mascara does not ask for a DQ, just waits in the center of the ring for Volador to make it in. Volador finally pulls himself up on the apron, Mascara charges, Volador lands a running shoulder to the midsection, slingshots sunset flip in, Mascara rolls thru for a dropkick, one two NO. Mascara casadora cradle, one two NO. Máscara 'rana, Volador rolls thru one two NO, though Edgar was absolutely not counting three on that one. Delta tries to get the crowd to chant, but it's not happening. Volador shoulderblock, to the ropes, but Máscara catches up with him with the rolling dropkick. Mascara leaps up top – corner plancha to the floor. Replays as they're slow up.

Máscara back in fist, on his hands and knees. Volador sneaks in behind him, takes a look, and puts on the cavernaria. He know it's not going to work, but as a rudo, he just can't resist trying it. Mascara waves, waves, and breaks free. Volador sets up a leg lock, Mascara small package one two NO. Volador up, Máscara throws him into the ropes, charges, and Volador hiptoss Máscara out. Tope con giro looks good, takes out Mascara. Volador in first, Máscara fights him up, goes up, and Volador goes with him – top rope headscissors. One two NO, I think Volador rolled off too soon. Volador dropkick to the knee, casita, no, Mascara rolls thru and puts on his own, one two NO. Another break between action. Delta really trying hard for the Si Se Puede chant. Crowd just not that into it. Mascara waits for Volador get up, Volador tries a sunset flip, Mascara tosses him out, big tope. Mascara ran out of dives! Instead of replaying just the dives, they back up and show some moves. Both slow in. This has been a slow fall, all things considered. Mascara tries an inside cradle, Volador directly out into a double armbar, Máscara in a lot of trouble, kicking his legs against the mat, then pushing off the mat to turn. He's trapped in there a long time, but Volador doesn't have a good grip, and Máscara gets his foot on bottom rope. Volador misses a dropkick, Máscara ‘rana, Volador powerbomb, feet on the bottom rope, referee catches that right away. Volador argues, Mascara inside cradle, one two NO. Volador agues, Máscara crucifix cradle, one two NO. Both lay on the mat. Crowd, what there is of one, starting to get loud. Volador slams Mascara and points to the corner. Taking plenty of time. Máscara is up before Volador's even made the second rope. Swing kick pauses him, and they both head up. Top rope superplex! One two NO. Máscara casadora, campana, no, Volador gets free and hides under the bottom rope. Volador up and superkicking Mascara – right out of the ring. Volador hops to the apron – Asai moonsault. That's dive #6 of this match.

Mascara in first, somehow. He takes off his wrist tape, and smacks Volador off the apron. Volador steps back on the apron, shoulders Mascara way, and springboards in near the corner. Mascara cuts him down with a superkick (to the midsection – it's unclear how close he actually gets.) One two NO. Rey Escorpion giving the referee a hard time on every countout. Delta up on the apron now and finally getting his chant to catch on. Máscara waiting for Volador to get up. Swing, is, Volador superkick, slap the mat, pose, wait for it, inverted Gori, Volador slowly walks around with it, Mascara stands up, cradle into the campana, Máscara can't get the left arm – and Volador gets the bottom rope! Mascara collapses in disappointment. Mascara chant. Máscara charges Volador in the corner, Volador flips him to the apron, Mascara cuts him off with a forearm to the head and climbs, Volador stops him with a swing kick. Both up top, top rope moonsault side slam, going well to the side but landing it. One two three. New champion.

Escorpion carries Volador around.