CMLL on Televisa #1068 (02/18/2012)
Recapped: 02/23/12

Match 1: Super Halcon Jr. vs Puma King in a lightning match 
Arena Mexico, 02/10/2012

Winner: Puma King
Match Time: 5:59
Rating: ok
Notes: Show starts right with this. Halcón is in his shiny gear from the mask match. If you look very closely, you can see the bit with Puma and the mascot. Referee is Terror Chino

Picked up with both still going back and forth on the mat. Announcers do mention Puma's animal friend stopping bye. This is about a couple minutes of even spots until Halcón misses a plancha, then flips Puma to the apron. Puma slaps him away, then comes off the middle rope with a missile dropkick. Off the ropes evasion, Halcón rolls, Puma dropkick him in the backside. Halcón out, Puma crushing him with a slingshot tope con giro. Puma makes it back in easily, waiting for Halcón to rejoin. Puma chops him. Leg kick combo doesn’t look at neat here. It sets up Halcón landing a leg lariat too many boos. Corner whip, reverses, Halcón tornillo armdrag. Another corner whip bit sets up a low speed spinning to kick from Halcón. Puma out, Halcón after with a tope con giro. Halcon takes side trip to the ramp coming in, so he and Puma are in at the same time. Puma strips off his t-shirt. Chop fight. Puma of the ropes, flipping over Halcon's backdrop, both running, Puma with a very Felino like trip slide, and back in fro the fast dropkick. He's not quite his dad's speed, but who is? Puma covers, thought he ref doesn’t count until he hooks a leg. One two NO. Halcón points to the sky, but he's not going there yet. Fireman's carry lift, Halcón slips behind, switch by Puma, switch by Halcón – someone make a move – Puma back elbows away, runs to the ropes, and leaps into a bad looking heel kick from Halcón. They showed it from a charitable angle and it still did not look good. One two no. Kind of wondering where all this Halcón offense was in the mask match, but many of it’s not it’s not any good. Halcón does a training school handspring, rolls around someone, and eats a Puma enziguri. Halcón drops to one knee and stays there. Puma points up, grabs Halcón again. Whip, press into a sit down backcracker. One two tree.

CMLL Cartela: Sunday.

Como estas amigos? Soy un Prince Devitt.” Please try to sound excited. The english part of his promo is a little better.

Match 2: Dark Angel, Estrellita ©, Goya Kong vs Amapola ©, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit 
Arena Mexico, 02/10/2012

  1. técnicas

  2. rudas
  3. técnicas

Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 13:56
Rating: ok
Notes: Estrellita, this week in a lingerie football player, starts dancing on stage. Amapola puts a stop to that. They keep playing Estrellita’s music as Amapola throws her into the CMLL sign and kicker he down the stairs. I guess the other técnicas have arrived first, because they’re at the bottom of the stage, waiting for the rudas to attack them. Referee is Tiger Hispano.

1: Estrellita, thrown in the ring, has a moment to remove her entrance gear, then Amapola dives thru the ropes to spear her. Replay does not make that look as good as it did live. Princesas keep Dark Angel and Goya busy, then help out holding Estrellita for shots. Corner charging clothesline for Dark Angel, then they run Goya into her! That's harsh. Princesa double suplex Goya, which is always impressive looking. Estrellita set up for an Amapola suplex, princesses walk away, Estrellita sneaks in a small package, one two three. Not a big reaction to this.

Técnicas do a bit of celebratory dancing between falls.

2: Amapola and Estrellita start, Amapola dropkicking her rival right away. Off the ropes avoidance, Estrellita lands a clothesline, another clothesline, and covers. One two no. Estrellita kicks Amapola. Whip, Estrellita with a big spinning spinebuster. Estrellita puts on – a kneebar? I'm not sure. Amapola gets her own hold, and neither will let go. You are not Negro Casas and Blue Panther, but they do have a lot hair to grab. All the other women stomp those two and try to pull them part, but that takes quite a bit of work and time. Plus, they all fight each other after, so Amapola is right back on Estrellita. Rudas clear the ring for all but Estrellita, Estrellita kicks Amapola on a corner charge, then tries again, but Amapola catches it and throws her down by her hair. Princesa trip up Goya and land a camel clutch/dropkick. Dark Angel teaks a quebradora and a Sugheit kick. If Magadan got a dime every time he said “Ladies de Polanco”, he'd…..have a lot of money, I'm not sure where I was going with that. Crowd goes crazy for one slap to the back side of Goya. Double boot for Estrellita, sending her to the ramp. Blanca lifts Dark Angel up in a wheel barrow for another Sugheit kick. These look better than they sound, I think. Corner whip for Goya, Princesas do the multiple corner whip reversal but to set up a splash. That one does not look better. Rudas all set up Goya on the top rope, and then toss her off. Cover, one two three. They won on a beel! Estrellita in, a backcrackers for her. Técnicas are very sad.

Sugheit reposes the card, as required. She really misses Hiroka keeping her focused and/or being crazier.

3: Rudos hold the ring for a while longer. Técnicas get the comeback by tripping the Princesas as they go for dropkick. Estrellita’s left in alone with Amapola, and immediately dropkick her. Choke on the ropes for the photographers. Whip, head down toss on, sunset flip, Estrellita rolls thru and dropkicks her, but Amapola gets up and dropkicks her back. Corner whip, but Estrellita off the middle rope with a headscissors. Casadora armdrag sends Amapola to the ropes, dropkick sends her over the bottom rope. Estrellita pulls Amapola back, rolls her over, covers, one two no. Such a slow count. Corner whip, reversed, Amapola charge in, no home, and she goes spinning around the post out. Estrellita follows – silla to the floor. No one's quite sure who’s coming in next, and they're off to replays when they finally do. Dark Angel is now doing the stop sign bit for dance moves. She has to, on this trio, she wouldn’t fit in otherwise. Blanca stops her flipping armdrag, knees her a couple times, and spins her out big time on a hairtoss. Corner headscissors, rolling up headscissors to send Blanca out. Goya next. This match is going loooong. Sugheit takes a spinning armdrag and a giant hiptoss. Sugheit blocks a second and starts kicking Goya down to size. Suplex doesn't quite work. Goya suplexes her the other way. Goya drags Sugheit to the center of the ring, but Blanca trips up her up and Sugheit adds a kick. Both princess stomp Goya down. Whip, clothesline misses, Goya's clothesline does not miss. Rudas scoot together, then scoot out of the way for Goya's splash. Goya falls oddly – as if she got tripped by an monster living in the canvas. Sugheit kicks her in the face, Dark Angel dropkicked her, ducks a Blanca clothesline, and lands her tope. She made it! Goya runs over Blanca, and Dark Angel holds the princesses for Goya's apron plancha. Blonds back in, Amapola takedown, hand on the ropes, ref catches it. Amapola argues, Estrellita inside cradle one two three. Couldn't tell from that angle, but it seemed like Estrellita had the ropes.

Replays finally get to a good shot of it – Estrellita did have her hand on the ropes on the cradle. Estrellita celebrates with the tecnica fans.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday

And next Friday.

Match 3: Felino, Mr. Niebla ©, Negro Casas vs Blue Panther ©, Guerrero Maya Jr., Máscara Dorada 
Arena Mexico, 02/10/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 7:49
Rating: eh
Notes: Peste Negra dance out together. Zacarias is in his Niebla gear. Felino is in trunks and is wearing is mask. Ref is Tirantes.

1: Cut to the técnicos all stomping down Negro Casas. Felino and Niebla make the save, and Negro is up and booting Panther immediately. Niebla's the captain, how odd. Panther grabs Negro's foot and goes after his face, but Felino breaks it up. Panther goes after Felino’s mask, but Niebla breaks that up and slaps him. Negro headbutting Panther repeatedly. Felino’s mask came off somewhere in here, but he seems fine with it. Rudos stomp down Panther, then stand him up to slap him some. Whip, backdrop. Felino off the ropes, kick to the head. Why does the audio have this phone ringing noise in it? I am so confused. Maya rolls in fine until Niebla spits at him. Slap takes him down. Negro goes out to slap around Panther. Kicks and such. Into the post. Felino holds Maya down in a headscissors for a while, then goes off to help his brother. Both pelt him with chest kicks from the apron. Felino scoops Dorada and slams him in position for Niebla top rope splash, only Niebla slips off the apron in comic fashion. Dorada gets up, bounces off the ropes, and leaps over Felino for a tope con giro on Niebla. Técnicos immediately finish things, though Maya slows it down a bit by adding a hold after he's already landed the springboard reverse tope. Panther lets go so he can chase Negro around more, and they brawl into the crowd. Panther brings him back to get posed. Replays.

2: Negro wanders to the announcers to complain Panther is not in his category. Everyone else to their corners. Maya gets Felino with some armdrags. Maya steps under one Niebla slap, but Niebla gets him with the other hand. Pose. Spit is caught! Crowd is thrilled. Niebla clothesline misses, Maya double springboard armdrag and rolling pose. Get out before the fans really start booing. Tag to Dorada, but Negro steps in, so Panther steps in. Negro hops back and forth before starting the slap fight. Panther switches to chops. Whip, clothesline by Panther. Negro picks him up, but Negro catches him with a jawbreaker. Kicks, Panther catches one, spins him, and clotheslines him. Time killing hold, broken up by Felino. Felino shoulderblocks Maya as he comes in, but Maya dropkicks him out. Maya runs – thru the rope tope. Maya grabbing his head after. Niebla stands on the ropes – and crotches himself on the ropes. Niebla off the ropes, huge springboard tornillo, flying over everyone but landing on his feet, somehow. Panther and Negro in, oddly timed shot of a kid giving the hook ‘em horns sign to the crowd from two inches away, back to the ring, Negro off the ropes, Panther leapfrogs, Negro fouls him.

Negro rants at Panther. His técnicos partners try to check on him, but Negro stops yelling to kick both of them out of the ring, and then resumes taunting Panther. Felino starts a Negro chant as Negro walks out. Announcers wrap up.

Bobby Bonales video package to end it.