AAA on Televisa (Regional) #15 (02/18/2012)
Recapped: 02/26/12

Previously: El Consejo invaded AAA (the office.) Also, they invades AAA (the ring). Sexi beat Mascarita Dorada. LA Park and Konnan had problems.

Today: matches.

Match 1: Argenis, Atomic Boy, Relampago vs Ángel Mortal, Gran Apache, Tito Santana
Gimnasio Municipal de Zumpango, Estado de México, 02/10/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 12:40
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Pepe Casas. Joined with everyone in the ring. Argos is outside the ring, into the técnico corner

Argenis and Angel have an even armdrag exchange that the crowd goes nuts for. Relampago appears to have spend the law few months getting more tattoo. Nice odd headscissors to send Santana out aver a chop exchange. Each cheap shots him, eventually misses a chop, Relampago goes for a springboard, slips onto his feet, and he ends up jumping on Apache's shoulders for a headscissors to send him out. Relampago knocks Tito off the apron for no real reason, but it does set up a tope. Relampago runs around ringside before collapsing. Angel Mortal chops around Atomic Boy, Atomic Boy flips out for an armdrag, then springboard armdrags Atomic Boy out. Swinging thru the ropes headscissors spot is neat. Atomic Boy celebrates, Apache sneaks up behind him, and does nothing with it – they both look at the crowd. The crowd is either really well miced or more into the show than any crowd in a while. Counter spots end with an Atomic Boy dropkick and a swing in the ropes. Back to Tito and Argenis, Argenis eventually flipped to the apron, kicking Tito away, and spinning around on the top rope headscissors on Tito. Apache stops Argenis with a head kick, slipping over and falling on top of him in the process. Argenis breaks thrown a double clothesline, and has problems with a rebound armdrag, but they sort it out. Apache dropkicks Mortal by mistake, Argenis has a tiger mask fake out armdrag bit (which needs some timing work), and then tope con giros both vets. Argos is very excited by his brother's work. Back inside, Relampago puts Tito in a hold, and Apache decides to start slapping everyone start the beatdown. Relampago takes the worst of the chops and the stomp. Rudos take turns taking out Relampago on charges, with Relampago over flipping on a Mortal clothesline. Atomic Boy takes a press slam. Tito and Apache seem to be carrying the load for their team. Crowd very into Apache's slaps. Rudos accidental backdrop Argenis into a sunset flip on Angel Mortal, then Tito kicks his partner by mistake. Other técnicos hop in, chaos breaks out, Atomic Boy and Apache seem to get lost, but it's just a complicated set up for a surprise Atomic Boy tossed to the corner plancha on the other rudos. Relampago comes back in for Apache – and gets armdragged into a cradle. Oops. Argenis break it up, gets his own hold, but we've gotten to the place where everyone is just breaking up everyone else’s move. Pepe Casas doesn't even bother checking for a submission on Tito's. Angle Mortal appears to be puling Atomic Boy’s arm in the direction it’s supposed to go. Relampago has a confusing cradle on Mortal, and Apache breaks it up. Slam, duro chant, and Apache lands the flying senton con giro – for two. Relampago fires back for a chop fight. Tito and Atomic Boy dropkick them both out. Atomic Boy back spin headscissors on Tito, and an Asia tornillo almost overshoots Tito. Tito did a heroic job of catching there. Mortal and Argenis back in, Argenis superkicks Mortal out, Apache in, helping Argenis to the ropes for a springboard on Angel Mortal. Relampago dropkick Apache, goes to the apron, points up, and his springboard Asai moonsault actually connects this time. Apache being there helps. Tito jumps into an Atomic Boy dropkick one two NO. Tito really had no plan on that one. Argos has a chair for some reason. Devil's Wings on Atomic Boy for two. Atomic Boy casadora cradle for three, that does it.

Immediate cut to ringside. A couple seconds later, El Consejo is making their way in. It's amazing how the production people knew they were going to be there before they were! The Roldan's better check that Consejo isn't controlling them. It's just Texano and Terrible. They get in the ring (as does Argos), walks right past the técnicos, and Texano superkicks Apache. Mortal charges Texano, Texano clotheslines him, and the técnicos generously move out of the way so Toscano can bounce off the ropes for a legdrop. Very sporting of them! Tito is tossed to the floor. Texano Tornado on Apache, Toscano's good ol' suplex finishers on Mortal. The técnicos all stare at the invaders, Argos smacks his chair off the mat, and then wallops Argenis. Shot for Atomic Boy, short for Relampago. Announcers do not realize anything is up until Argos has hit everyone. Texano and Toscano stomp down the bodies as Argos goes to the middle rope to show off his el Consejo shirt. Announcers are slow on that too. Cut to the técnicos all outside, and Argos tossing his AAA shirt to Argenis will superkick him. Crowd with a loud “FUERA!” chant as Texano welcomes the newest member of El Consejo. Relampago is the one who tries to get back in the ring, but they keep it him out.

video package: highlights of El Consejo invading the office from last week.

Match 2: Dinastía, Mascarita Divina, Octagoncito vs Mini Chessman, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis 
Gimnasio Municipal de Zumpango, Estado de México, 02/10/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 9:19
Rating: good
Notes: No intros. Referee is Hijo de Tirantes – with NO suspenders. Everything I know is wrong!

Octagoncito wastes no time flipping up and down from the mat like a fool. This necessitates a pause in the match for Mini Psicosis to collect himself. Their bit is clipped, though perhaps they should’ve cut 5 seconds more to spare a slip. Rope flip armdrag sends the champ sliding out. Dinastia introduces himself by doing a slight front roll thing. Mini Chessman kicks him into a roll the other way. Dinastia gets Chessman with a spinning armdrag, Chessman knocks him down, Dinastia back flips over a sweep and sweeps Chessman. Standing shooting star press, two count, back bend into a headscissors, nice. Divina in last, but tripped up by Histeria and taking corner charges quickly. They’re going thru this one at a sprint pace. Nice triple dropkick/kick to the head bit on Octagoncito. Lesser rudos lift up Dinastia into a powerbomb from Psicosis. That looked good as well. Divina is held for some chops, but ducks the double clothesline. Psicosis boosts him into a headscissors on Chessman, and Divina hamstring kicks Psicosis all the way out. Histeria sneaks in and kicks Divina from behind before doing a longer dance than usual for him. No time for long dances! Chop fight goes Divina’s way when he does a jumping spinning heel kick. Springboard plancha for two, nice double rotation headscissors to send Histeria out. Dorada & Demus would be happy with that one. Divina poses, tag in Dinastia. He flips into face Mini Chessman. Dinastia can't walk the ropes, must flip or roll. Handwalk backflip casadora armdrag leads into another celebration. Rope flip armdrag sends Chessman out. Dinastia celebrates, and Psicosis dropkicks him. Psicosis smacks Dinastia down. Corner whip, Dinastia flips up and out, a couple front rows, back and back for a spinning headscissors into armdrag. Histeria in, big clapping for Chessman. Octagon with neat escapes leading to a springboard tornillo for two. Springboard headscissors sends Chessman out, Psicosis clothesline misses, jumping armdrag sends Psicosis spinning around. Octagón stops Psicosis with a dropkick to the knee. Crowd shot. Octagon escapes to the outside on a corner charge, then springboards back in with an armdrag. Histeria puts up a stop sign to show up his karate skills, Octagon stops him with a toe kick. Headscissors, spinning armdrag, out goes Histeria, and Histeria runs away to avoid a dive. Psicosis in, but Divina comes straight in off the rope with a headscissors to send Psicosis out, then steps to the apron for a Asia moonsault, landing right on Psicosis’ shoulders. Chessman easily handles Chessman, sending him out, and slipping to the apron for an Asai tornillo. Histeria knocks down Dinastia and celebrates again. Thumbs up for Tirantes! Dinastia breaks in a headscissors from the ground, pulls himself up, and pulls Histeria down for a 'rana! No count, Tirantes not getting down in time. Dinastia gets his hands up, so Histeria just kicks him in the midsection. Slam, and Histeria is going up. Histeria standing on the middle rope, and Dinastia catches him with a running kick. Dinastia up top, moonsault side slam, one two three.

Mascarita Dorada is upset about his loss in Couzmel.

Rey de Rey vignette.

LA Park is a problem. For everyone, but mostly Konnan.

Match 3: El Elegido & Fenix vs Alan Stone & Dark Dragon 
Gimnasio Municipal de Zumpango, Estado de México, 02/10/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 10:04
Rating: ok
Notes: Everyone's in the ring, but first, a word from dear leader Konnan. Hey, Dark Dragon has new red gear! He looks like the big version of Mascarita de la Muerte now. Tito is here too. Konnan explains to Alan that La Sociedad is not like AAA – if you are repeatedly bad in La Sociedad (like “Latin Lover #4” - points to Elegido) they will kick you out. Alan needs a win. Referee is Piero. Alan is sad.

Fenix is already rolling around in Dark Dragon's direction before they get around to blowing the hustle. These two do holds just to throw everyone off. Fenix puts on a bad Indian deathlock with a bridging facelook, and Lana just breaks it up with a big elbow slingshot elbow drop. Alan chops Fenix down and screams at – the world, I guess. One more chop. Alan holds Fenix for Dragon’s Sling Blade. Cut to the crowd – where El Consejo is showing off their front row tickets. How do they get such good tickets? Fenix spinebusters Dark Dragon, but Alan breaks that up with a sunset flip. Dropkicks propels Fenix back to his corner, though he does think to make a tag. Alan sets him up, and tosses Dark Dragon into the double stomp to the backside. Elegido in, swinging wildly, and stopped with a double chop. Clothesline by Dark Dragon can't get Elegido down, but an Alan one can. Alan stopping to pose. Focus! Talking strategy with Alan, then distracted by the crowd. Chops knock down Elegido. Action has slowed down with Elegido in, what a surprise. Alan holds Elegido on the mat for a bit while waiting for Fenix in, and Dark Dragon tricks him into a front face first powerbomb onto his partner. Crowd is mild. Alan dancing now. Fenix whipped in, lifted up in a press, and flipped into a powerbomb. Dropkick for Elegido. Break.

Fenix is pressed and tossed out of the ring. Not a DQ here, even though poor Fenix has no one to catch him. Announcers do discuss a possible disqualification. El Consejo should really use that rule somehow. Rudos keep on beating Elegido, because it's so much fun. Elegido whipped into him, Fenix slides out at the last second, Alan misses a charge, Elegido kicks Dragon. Fenix does the tope off Alan's back into a headscissors on Dragon, then leaps off Dragon into a big splash on Alan. Fenix toe kicks Alan out while Elegido clotheslines Dark Dragon until he leaves. Double pose, Elegido tope takes out Alan, Fenix walk up the ropes and off the ring post tope con giro lands on Dark Dragon. Piero counts out everyone. Fenix and Dragon make it back in first. Fenix's chops have no effect. Dragon sets him and knocks him down with a chop. Fenix chop duck under, and Dark Dragon drops him with a half nelson powerbomb. Elegido quickly breaks that up. Dragon staggered as he gets up, and his clothesline is turned into a face first down powerbomb one two Alan breaks it up. Alan stopping to pose and dance. Alan waiting for his spot – and Fenix springboard dropkicks him again. Consejo shown at ringside. Fenix fireman's slams Dark Dragon, double knee to the face for him. Alan in, Fenix runs into an Atlantida into a side backbreaker. Elegido in, and Alan drop toe holds him on to his partner. Elegido slow up, but Alan gets him with aback cracker. Alan has this one, but Konnan is up on the apron - and yelling at him? Why is he yelling? Fenix sunset flips Alan, one two three.

Konnan says Alan lost, has no talent, and is out of La Sociedad. Alan calls all of Sociedad and Konnan names and says he quits. Alan shoves Konnan and his Cosby sweater. Alan seems to be waiting, and finally Dark Dragon attacks. Alan evades and spins him out with a slap, but Konnan takes him out with a chair to the back. Tito gives after Fenix, and Konnan gets Elegido with a chop.

Joaquin Roldan, unconcerned with all of this, calmly walks to ringside with security. Konnan informs Joaquin he's paying none of the fines, ever. Joaquin says that's okay, he's going to throw Konnan out of the building. Konnan is not impressed by the security Joaquin has brought, but they're not doing it – the AAA undercarders from the earlier matches walk him to the back.

Joaquin turns to El Consejo who are showing off their tickets. We don’t see much of this before the AAA luchadors return to chase El Consejo out of the crowd. Joaquin tells them they reserve the right to refuse admission. Alan, still around, asks to be back in AAA. Fans are mixed about this. Joaquin says everyone makes mistakes, and asks the fans – whoa re a little bit more positive, but there are people definitely saying no.

QPPC final video, part 1: I wonder who wins! This could really use names on the screen, rather than just a lot of people talking who I vaguely remember. La Magnificia has a lot of medals.

Rey de Reyes video package.

Previously: Cibernético vs La Parka.

Match 4: Cibernético, Daga, Electroshock vs Chessman, La Parka, Último Gladiador 
Gimnasio Municipal de Zumpango, Estado de México, 02/10/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 19:24
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Tirantes.

Chessman springboards in, faces off Electro, listens to the Electro chant, and leaves. A fine start. No one else comes in, so Chessman sot continue. Chessman decides to beg for handshake. Electros take the hands, but his leads into armbars and the sort. Chessman celebrates a hiptoss. Basic back and forth includes Electroshock trying headscissors. He should try not do them in the future. Parka makes the save with Chessman in an ankle lock (though Electroshock seemed to have the knee – who knows.) Chessman tags out to Parka, but Parka doesn't want to face Cibernético. Does Parka really want to face Daga instead? Parka stalls for long enough for me to really consider this. I don't think I want him to face Daga. Parka reluctantly comes in, walks to the other side of the ring, and steps out. This is the opposite of the minis match. Parka is cajoled in, Cibernético bounces off the ropes once, beatdown there. Gladiador works Daga, of course. Front cracker and the like. Parka takes Daga to the floor, taunts fans, and drops Daga with an urange. Or as close he can without actually dropping down to the floor. Crowd does chant for Daga a bit as he gets beat. Another frontcracker! Corner charges for Electroshock. Slingshot into Chessman's dropkick, Gladiador springboard legdrop, and Chessman top rope frog splash, going two-thirds of the ring and actually making it. Cibernético is chopped around, but Parka's belt shot is blocked, and Cibernético belts the other guys. Parka begs off, and Tirantes takes away the belt. Parka misses a corner charge, and Cibernético clothesline the lesser two. Quebradora for Chessman, quebradora for Ultimo Gladiador. They are heroes in this match. Daga comes off the top with a tornillo armdrag, Chessman diving into position to take it. High ten with Electroshock, both run, both tease dives but stay in.

Park bails rather than face Cibernético, then waits for UG to distract to attack Cibernético from behind. Cibernético evades a corner charge and boost Park out. Powerslams for Ultimo, kick stunner for Chessman. Cibernético makes a gesture to the rudos, which they show form far away. Electroshock is next in, and Chessman goes back to trying a handshake. This time, Electro just slaps him. Evasion, armdrag, slap to the face. Clip to the two botching a leapfrog. Such an odd part to leave in. Crowd laughs, and Chessman slaps Electroshock out. Electro gets back on the apron, just in time to step throw and backdrop Chessman out. Gladiador in, tilt-a-whirl slam looks way he's kicked down, and Electro steps over him to enziguri Chessman as he steps on the apron. Electro backslide on Gladiador, but Gladiador way in the ropes. Double underhook backcracker takes two tries. Parka slaps Electroshock causes hi to fall all the way into the corner. Crowd yells at Parka as she dances. Sunset flip wackiness. Counter spot ends with another Electro slap and another fake dive tease. Daga in, working over Gladiador with kicks. UG dropkicks him. Whip, reversed, UG spins thru the ropes but gets dropped by a discuss clothesline. Shining wizard. Crowd is very into Daga. He celebrates, Chessman in, punch escapes, spinning toe kick tot he head, dropkick, kick to the chest, charge, Chessman and him with and Atlantida breaker. Chessman brings Daga back from the ropes, but Electroshock breaks up the pin. Electroshock slaps Chessman around. Whip, Electroshock back with a flipping fujiwara armbar. You are not Místico. La Parka just rolls it free. Parka and Electro get lost for a moment, and Parka DDTs Electroshock. Cibernético's turn to break it up. Parka wants out again. Stalling. Parka charges, clothesline misses, Cibernético hiptosses him. Scoop, Michinoku Drier. Chessman in, clothesline misses, Chessman spear! Electroshock in, short clothesline for Chessman, clothesline again, and Chessman into the corner. Electroshock cutter, cover, then up to se UG waiting for him on the top rope. Super front cracker. Ultimo Gladiador sure loves that move. Daga in but UG slaps him. Daga comes back with a slap, a heel kick, and a brainbuster. Cover, kick out at zero. Corner whip, reversed, Gladiador rushes with a high knee. Gladiador charges again, and Daga drops him with a high kick. Both up to the top rope, staying, carefully brawling for control – super “Mexican Destroyer”, one two three. That was a crazy finish.

No replay of the finish?

QPPC final video, part 2: Brief interviews with the winners, with the honorable mentions being called out.

Rey de Reyes.

Match 5: Dr. Wagner Jr. & El Mesías vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Halloween 
Gimnasio Municipal de Zumpango, Estado de México, 02/10/2012

Winner: técnicos by DQ
Match Time: 15:35
Rating: eh
Notes: Joined with the rudos already having jumped the técnicos. Referee is Piero

Halloween brawls with Mesías inside the ring while Perro leads Wagner on a tour of ringside. Chairs and such. Perro unmasks Wagner, and the mask comes completely off, but the match is not going to end two minutes in. Mesías starts the comeback when Wagner holds him up on a corner whip. Kicks for both guys, spear of Halloween, camel clutch/dropkick to the face for Perro, huge slide out for Halloween. Pose. Brawling, brawling, chair shots. Halloween has taped ribs or something odd going under his shirt, which the técnicos pulled up to get a clear shot at him. Mesías drags Halloween to the ramp to slam him, while Wagner climbs up the light tower but safely climbs back down. Wagner and Perro do staggered selling, which is probably not too meaningful six minuets in. Crowd into Wagner. Announcers into talking about Jeff Jarrett & LA Park & Dixie Carter and lots of people who are not on this show. Mesías and Perro stare at each other a while Halloween and Wagner find out they're standing in the wrong corners.

Mesías gets a showcase versus Perro. Wagner gets one versus both (though mostly Halloween), just as soon as he and Wagner get done doing their poses. Wagner almost pulls Perro's trunks now – he's no longer got a shirt under his own shirt. Wagner and Halloween have a long chop fight. Wagner goes after Perro's trunks a second time at the end of their exchange, but gets tripped going for his dive. Extended sequence with Halloween sets up Mesías landing his backcracker, but getting kicked on a second rope splash. Halloween DDTs Mesías and head sup, but Mesías stops him and tosses him off for a two count. Perro breaks that up, but Wagner gets him, and odes jumping jacks in time to his chant. Wagner lifts Perro up for a Mesías front cracker. Halloween kicks Wagner and spears Mesías. Spear on Wagner misses, Halloween hits the post, stumbles, back and Wagner drops him with the Wagner Driver. Mesías goes up - an el Consejo jump the rail. Mesías apparently did land the splash, but the cameras miss it. Wagner is posing the wrong way, and doesn’t see the guys come in. Pin broken up, Texano and Toscano waiting and waiting and waiting for Wagner to turn around. Double clothesline is high, but Argos still lands the missile dropkick. Two man spinebusters for Mesías. Argos goes up – senton con – legdrop? I don't know. Piero calls a DQ.

Texano gets the microphone and reminds Perro he used to be in Consejo, as did ”champion of the champions” Hector Garza, and offers them back home. Toscano is so great waving Toscano over to his side. Perro tells Texano to listen – he remembers them attacking Halloween in Chilpanicgo. The family of the Perros is with the people, not Consejo. Fans chant for Perro. Texano says the fans need to respect Consejo, because they are World Class. However, he realized they also apologize when they're wrong. Toscano apologizes to Halloween, and ask the crowd if they're okay with it. They are not. Toscano wants a yes or no answer about joining. Consejo all are asking for the handshake. Perro polls the crowd. They are too high on this idea. Texano is so angry, he stomps Mesías. Perro says he doesn't need to be CMLL or AAA -they are Perros del Mal. . Perro strikes first, but the numbers work pretty poorly on that part. Rudos rip up Perro's shirt – the second one around his waist – and toss it into the crowd. Electroshock's music signals the AAA guys to the stage, and they charge to the ring for the save. Consejo jump back in the crowd, though Toscano is in no hurry. La Sociedad walk to the ring, and are in it behind the CMLL guys while they’re pointing at Consejo. Those two sides tart yelling at each other – Alan is with Team AAA here – but there's just standoffs until the break.