CMLL Guadalajara #1016 (02/04/2012)
Recapped: 02/10/12

Match 1: Black Metal, Starman, Triton vs Èvola, Shigeo Okumura, Vangelis 
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 01/31/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:52
Rating: good
Notes: Okumura has his title match. Referee is Samurai.

1: Starman and Okumura go to a standoff to start. Starman ends up near the rudos, and he and Vangelis have issues, leading to everyone yelling at each other. Metal runs thru Evola, with a headscissors and a double springboard armdrag part of his bit. Vangelis kicks him out, which brings Triton in with a plancha. Quick to the fireman's drop, almost too quick to the 450 splash. Starman keeps the rudos out, and Vangelis is apparently the captain. Triton kicks at Evola, which the rudo announce declares is a foul. Not so much.

2: Starman and Vangelis are a bit slow together. Triton looks spectacular versus the other two rudos, sending Okumura out with a walk up the ropes headscissors, and dropping Evola with the guillotine legdrop. Evola slowly gets back up from that to take a many bounce headscissors. Metal misses a charging plancha (maybe?) and gets stomped by the rudos in their corner. Crowd gets on Evola with a Porky chant. Okumura and Vangelis slap around Metal for a moment. Triton tries to help, gets knocked down, rudos try to whip the técnicos into each other, técnicos turn it around, Triton boosts Metal into a dropkick on both, técnicos slide out after the rudos, rudos drop them both on the floor. Clothesline, quebrada. Starman and Evola left in, Starman off the ducks a clothesline, off the ropes, Rafaga has run in and kicked Starman in the back. Evola puts on a half crab. Rafaga goes thru the crowd to hide. Starman wants to give up, but the ref is out with the guys on the floor. Samurai comes back in, and calls for the submission.

3: técnicos are knocked around. Corner charges on Triton end with a Vangelis bulldog. Rudos leave to soon on the wheelbarrow spot with Okumura, and Black Metal rolls him up for the fall. Vangelis cares not at all. Evola kicks Metal out, Triton springboard dropkicks Evola out, Vangelis misses a senton and triton headscissors him out. Triton walks up and turns on the ropes for a moonsault to the floor. Crowd approves. Starman and Evola again. Starman backdrops Evola, then accidentally sends him into the referee. Starman grabs Evola, and Black Metal goes up top for something. Rafaga runs in again – different shirt? - and crotches Metal. Rafaga in the ring, Evola grabs Starman, but Rafaga dropkick gets Evola by mistake. Starman cradles Evola, Samurai recovers, one two three. Announcers are very amused.

Match 2: Pólvora vs Titán for the Mexican National Welterweight Championship 
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 01/31/2012

  1. Titan headstand rope flip moonsault (3:42)

  2. Pólvora counter dropkick (2:08)
  3. Pólvora Driver (6:56)

Winner: Pólvora (2-1)
Match Time: 12:46
Rating: good
Notes: Triton in Titan's second, of course. Vangelis is back out to be Pólvora's second. Pólvora wears his belt to the ring. Referee is Loco.

1: Mat wrestling between two guys who don't do a lot of it leads to a lot of knee bars. Pólvora pulls off a headscissors from the mat, and things speed up from there. Titan backflips out of a corner charge, off the ropes evasion, handing walk backflip headscissors sends Pólvora all the way across the ring at out. Titan teases dives, jump to the apron, and lands the rope flip moonsault to the outside this time. Pólvora back in first. Titan poses on some seats before hiding back on the apron – springboard frog plancha, for two. Pólvora flips Titan to the apron, Titan snaps his neck over the top rope, Titan slowly lands the headstand rope flip moonsault for three.

2: Chop fight is even. Crowd is behind the técnico. Titan off the ropes, into a flapjack. Titan knees, and Pólvora manages to hit him with a running dropkick from underneath. Pólvora going at Pólvora speed now. Chop to Titan. Whip, Titan flips him to the apron, slap for Pólvora, springboard dropkick in, and Pólvora is propelled out of the ring. Titan poses, looks around, rungs – slides out at as Pólvora slide in. Pólvora is proud of himself, and calls Titan back in. Titan misses him with a shoulder from the midsection, sunset flip, Pólvora grabs the rope and won't go, Titan runs the ropes, Pólvora pushes him by, and Titan throws himself to the ramp. Pólvora charges him, Titan kicks him from the apron, springboard – into the counter dropkick. Three count.

3: Pólvora runs the ropes, Titan keeps missing, and Pólvora tackles him. Two count. Pólvora questions the count, which seemed totally fair, and nearly grabs the ref. Small package by Pólvora, one two NO. Now that count seemed messed up, referee Estrada hesitating after two, and Pólvora argues again, grabbing the ref by the shirt. Back to business. Knee to the head. Loud slap to the chest. Whip, Titan tossed up, down with a 'rana, one two NO. Pólvora complaining about the count again, and stomping Titan down. Knee to the midsection drives Titan into the corner. Pólvora has to look around between each move. Pólvora yells at Triton, and Vangelis sneaks in a cheap shot on Titan. Corner whip, Pólvora charges in, Titan swings out of the way, and Pólvora spears the post on the way thru. Titan off to the ramp, backing all the way up – and charging down with a tope con giro off the ramp onto Pólvora! That looked great, just as good in slow motion. Titan throws Pólvora back in, springboard splash, one two NO. The ref is doing the weird motion on every count, at least. Titan knocks Pólvora in the corner, corner whip, reversed, Titan sets up Pólvora up top, slaps him, backs up, rolls, leaps to the middle rope, backflips off (I guess Pólvora shoved him?), Pólvora dropkicks, Titan catches him in a powerbomb, one two NO. Pólvora hangs Titan in the ropes, dropkick to the backside, and Titan tumbles out. Pólvora waves his hands and climbs up – plancha to the floor. Seconds check on their men – or, if you’re Vangelis, you just poke at the other guy. Pólvora climbs up to the apron and kicks Titan, but Titan saves his life by breaking up the Asai. Titan up to the apron – top rope springboard moonsault connects. Titan back in first, smart enough not to stay kneeling. Pólvora breast the count. Titan misses a clothesline, casadora – but Pólvora gets to the ropes. Pólvora knows to get out of that hold, he's seen it enough. Fireman's drop, springboard rope flip tornillo senton, one two NO. Pólvora up, weak clothesline totally lays out Titan. Pólvora must be really strong. Pólvora sets up and lays out Titan with another one. Whip, reversed, quebradora con giro by Titan. A second! Titan is fired up, charges, jumps on Pólvora shoulders– and Pólvora drops him forward for a Pólvora Driver, one two three.

Match 3: Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Tiger vs Hijo del Fantasma, Rush, Valiente 
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 01/31/2012

  1. TRT

  2. técnicos
  3. TRT

Winner: TRT (2-1)
Match Time: 14:37
Rating: ok
Notes: Graphic still has Tiger as Tiger Kid. It's been a six months, they just need a little bit more time. Bucanero charges Fantasma and beats him in the aisle for no particular reason. It must've been a long van ride from Mexico City. Everyone starts back in their corners like normal. Referee appears to be Edgar with a different hair cut.

1: Terrible and Valiente start on the mat. Valiente gets the best of the champ. As soon as they standoff, Bucanero rushes across trying to attack Fantasma again, knocking him all the way off the ramp and to the end of seats. Everyone else just kind of watches for a while as Bucanero throws Fantasma back into the ramp, then forces him down to the top rope and goes for his mask. Terrible and Tiger eventually decide this must be the beatdown and go with it. Brawling for a while, then corner charges for Valiente, Bucanero’s catapult into Terrible’s fireman's drop and Tiger's top rope splash. Rush runs in attacking everyone, everyone attacks him, and they all powerbomb him. Double submission with Tiger posing on top.

2: TRT still in control, including Fantasma taking corner clothiers and Terrible licking Valiente again. Valiente turns a corner whip into a backflip escape, and Terrible and Tiger accidentally chopped down Bucanero. Rush dropkicks both of them, and Rush and Valiente lift T&T up for the Phantom Lariat. Bucanero headscissors out by Valiente, and Fantasma topes the rudo. Valiente sends Tiger over to Rush for the back suplex as the two finish up. Valiente and the referee have an argument about something. Fantasma gets his hand raised, then runs out after Bucanero.

3: Rush tosses Terrible with a belly to belly suplex. Tiger manages to superkick Valiente, but ends up trapped in the corner and slapped hard repeatedly by Valiente. Bucanero breaks that up, taking Tiger's place – until he takes a few Valiente chops and subs Tiger back in. Tiger is not amused. They try to double clothesline Valiente, miss, and Valiente armdrag Bucanero out of a plancha. Quebrada for Tiger too, and Valiente goes for the mask. Referee tries to tell Tiger to stop, but Valiente wont' listen. Terrible tries to tell him to stop, but Valiente says no. Terrible hits Valiente, and that works. Terrible back to licking Valiente’s head, though they can’t find away to actually show it. And then Terrible licks Valiente’s pec? Terrible is WEIRD. Valiente gets him with an off the top rope headscissors, and swings thru the ropes to chase him on the outside. Terrible begs off. Bucanero wont' face Fantasma, so Fantasma goes thru the other two. Bucanero in, Bucanero slide out. Fantasma runs for a dive, but Tiger cuts him off with a superkick. Valiente misses a dropkick, Tiger dropkicks him, Tiger corner clothesline, back the other way, corner clothesline again, back again, and Valiente catches Tiger with a clothesline this time. Valiente sunset flip one two NO. Valiente bottom rope springboard meets Tiger backcracker, one two three.

Rush wheel kicks Tiger out of the ring. Terrible charges Rush, Rush dodges and superkicks him into the ropes. Rush charge, Terrible flips him to the apron, they exchange slaps, Rush falls off the apron, Terrible rolls into a pescado! Fantasma left with the other two rudos, Bucanero back elbows Fantasma into a Tiger wheelbarrow, but Fantasma turns that into a casadora cradle as Bucanero walks off to celebrate.

Bucanero is the last to figure out Tiger's been pinned. He turns around, charges, and eats a quebradora, a quebradora, and a third quebradora. Fantasma tries the casadora again, but Bucanero stops it and drops him with the Buca Storm. One two three.