AAA on Televisa (Regional) #13 (02/04/2012) 
Recapped: 02/08/12

During the show, there are interviews with Mesías and the Psycho Circus about bounties from TNA on them.

Match 1: Argenis, Atomic Boy, Fenix vs Dark Dragon, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana 
Plaza de Toros Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 12/20/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 12:14
Rating: very good
Notes: Regional = entrances. Jesus is sure Fenix is in Fuerza Aerea. Atomic Boy has the Fuerza Aerea music but isn't said to be a member. This is all vitally important. Argenis is wearing a Karonte t-shirt vest. Ref is Piero.

Atomic Boy and Dark Dragon start, the tecnico quickly getting a double rotating headscissors. Switches to Fenix and Cota, Cota knocking Fenix back far enough to set up Fenix landing a jumping head kick as Cota climbs the ropes. Tito in, evasion, Tito headscissors Fenix out. Fenix seems surprised. Argenis in, and armdragging Tito after a hesitation. Superkick sends the rudo out. Argenis tries to trade chops with Dark Dragon, which is a poor idea. Slap to Dragon, off the ropes, under, over, Dragon poses, misses a clothesline, slides under a superkick, and Cota runs in to slap Argenis down. Whip, clothesline misses, Argenis springboards in to a headscissors a Cota. Dragon knocks him down, and keeps him down with a chop, but Argenis flips to the apron on a whip and comes back in with a turning springboard headscissors. Fake dive handspring and tag. Tito and Fenix in. Chop fight, Fenix back spin headscissors. Tito misses corner charge and Fenix gets him one more time. Screaming running boot connects. Dragon in, Fenix urns by twice, then a crazy entry into a back spin headscissors. Dragon out, Fenix slide out after him, Dragon looses him - they're being more vocal this week – and Dragon runs into a moonsault sideslam on the floor. Fenix rushes back in – but a complicated fake dive instead of the real thing. Atomic and Tito in, Atomic flipping rung, armdrag for Tito, Rope flip armdrag, shoulderblock, hide in the ropes, Tito throws himself thru them. Cota in, Atomic Boy ducks a clothesline and handspring, Cota grabs him, armdrag out of it. That was not the plan but worked out okay. Double rotation headscissors doesn’t go as smoothly as the first time, but it sends Cota out and Atomic Boy spins thru the ropes for a fake dive. Atomic Boy celebrates, but Dragon catches him with a Sling Blade. I'm just going to call anything that looks like Tanahashi’s move by that name, makes it easier. You lose out, but such is life. Dragon slaps Atomic Boy down. Cota in to help. Corner whip into the tecnico corner – bad idea! - and Atomic Boy moves out of the way of Cota's charge. Cota sticks himself in the turnbuckle, so Argenis kicks him as Atomic Boy tosses Dark Dragon towards Fenix for a missile dropkick. Dragon is on his feet before Fenix's gets there, but maybe that was the plan. Odd plan. But these guys are odd. Técnicos all in and dropping the rudos with moves to set them in position for top rope moves: Argenis moonsault, Fenix 450, Atomic Boy [something off screen – maybe his imploding corner senton?]. One two NO. Whips, reversed, técnicos sent into each other, all charge back at the rudos, are all flipped out. Rudos seemed surprised they pulled that one off, but then start running - dives all over the place! Topes and tope con giros, connecting on all the técnicos.

Rudos brings the técnicos back in and organize. Atomic Boy held over the top rope for a guillotine senton. Atomic Boy a guillotine splash. Argenis in tossed to Tito and Cota combines for a powerbomb/clothesline. Fenix hits everyone, is slapped down. Dragon is boosted into a low blow dropkick to Fenix. Rudo toss Atomic Boy to the top rope for Dragon to hold, but he flips away and Cota's swing kick hits his partners. Técnicos come in with armdrags for the others and charge towards them as Atomic Boy stands on the apron – stereo tope con giros with an Asai moonsault in between, nicely. Crowd helps count everyone out. Piero is counting fast, but Fenix and Dragon make in at 17. They charge, and Dragon flips out Fenix with a clothesline. Dragon slaps Fenix down. Corner whip, Dragon charges in, Fenix puts him on the top rope, Dragon slap blocked, Fenix land the jumping swing kick and the inverted crucifix powerbomb. He holds on for the pin, but Cota breaks up the pin. Cota gives a Fenix a behind the back powerbomb sort of into the corner, though it didn’t come off well. Sit down powerbomb, but Argenis tells Piero to stop counting and breaks up the pin with a kick. Oh, we're on this section. F5, run up the ropes moonsault one two no Tito breaks it up. Whip, Tito clothesline, Devil's Wings, Atomic Boy's turn to break up a pin. Tito slapped into the ropes. Whip, reversed, Atomic Boy with a handspring into a casadora cradle, one two Tigre stops the count, then breaks up the pin. Argenis already in on him. Técnicos whipped to opposite corners. Rudos charge, miss, and dive out of the ring in the process. Técnicos with walk up the ropes dives, Atomic Boy a bit trickier. Back to Dragon and Fenix, Fenix about killing Dark Dragon with an inverted 'rana. Top rope double knee to the face, one two three.

Psychic director cuts to a shot of El Consejo jumping the rail. Two of them, anyway. Texano and Mascara attack Fenix and Atomic Boy from behind, then press slam Argenis right out of the ring. Big moves for Atomic Boy and Argenis. Rudos are untouched and walk off. Consejo leave the other way, going back thru the crowd. Announcers talk about how these guys aren't even in AAA.

Match 2: Dr. Wagner Jr. & Extreme Tiger vs LA Park & Octagón 
Plaza de Toros Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 12/20/2011

Winner: Dr. Wagner by DQ
Match Time: 17:36
Rating: ok
Notes: Joined with everyone brawling, seemingly right after Wagner arrived in the ring. Ref is Tirantes.

Park gives Wagner a couple belt shots, which slows him down slightly. There is NO crowd noise, it's disconcerting. Slow brawling. A scroll on the bottom sends condolences to Chessman and Extreme Tiger for the recent passing of their moms. It is a nice sentiment, though an odd moment to express it. Tito Santana runs into make a save that's not really needed. I guess he was getting bored too. Park goes thru the crowd, finds a giant plastic drink tub, and brings it in the ring. They don't get around to doing anything with it, but it does sit in the ring. Tiger makes his comeback with Park and Octagon, and finds it a bit tough to do his moves. Rudos clothesline him down, but that sets up Wagner for his own comeback, and he powerbombs Park onto (thru!) the side of the tub. Wagner breaks thru part of it on impact, but it does not look like it was the intention. Park lays on the ground for a while Wagner flips it over with the non-broke side up. Park charges, and Wagner backdrops him onto the tub. Only the legs seem to hit, but it looks painful. Just because they haven’t done enough, Wagner hits Park with his own belt a few times. Security takes the tub away as the técnicos pose.

Wagner's showcase includes a lot of solid Tito & Park bumbling. Octagón comes in to be unhelpful as well. Wagner clears the ring, poses. Octagon comes in and is equally no help. Clothesline for him, dragon screw for Park. Wagner starts his own Wagner chant. Tag to Tiger. Octagon tries to get the crowd to calm down, then gives Tier the top spot. That goes nowhere, Tiger armdragging him anyway. Tiger charges for more, but Octagon just slides out, and Tito comes in with a clothesline that flips Tiger. Tiger poses, then collapses. How odd. Tito stomps Tiger down. Tito off the ropes into a wheel kick, dropkick, top rope tornillo moonsault to the floor. Park and Wagner back in, and posing. Chop fight, all going park's way. Park strut. Headlock, Wagner shoots him off, Park shoulderblock, Wagner is unbudged and coming back with his own chops, including one to the back to payback for before. Shoulderblocks and pins for zero by Park, Chop misses, and Wagner enziguris him. Whip, Park slides all the way out. Park goes out, and Wagner lands his apron tope con giro. Octagón in, taking an armdrag into a double arm scissors cradle by Tiger. This is a lot of work for a one count. Octagon small package for two. Octagon sunset flip for two. Octagon blocks everything, but Tiger still spins and lands a dropkick to send him out. Tiger sets up for a dive, but Octagón just moves and Tiger bots. Suddenly, Joaquin Roldan is out and shoving Octagon. Octagon shoves back. Security gets involved, dragging Joaquin back. Why? Why now? Everyone stops while that’s sorted out. Park and Wagner back in, Park about landing on his head after a missed corner dropkick. Wagner charges, gets tossed into the corner. Park charges, gets tripped in the corner. Everyone stop charging, maybe. Wagner woks over Park with punches long enough for Tirantes to complain, and pull him back. Tiger pulls Tirantes off and they argue about it. Octagon stops in, fouls Wagner, and steps back out. Wagner lays on the mat shaking a bit, but Tirantes keeps arguing with Tiger. Park eventually wanders over to punch Tiger so Tirantes will turn around, but Tirantes distracts himself with Octagon for no obvious reason. LA Park is busy strutting, but Tiger spins him and fouls him. Tiger drags Wagner over Park, goes out, and waves Tirantes over. Tirantes thinks about, but Octagon’s now standing the ring. Octagon stops the count, turns over the pin, one two NO. How is there not a finish? Tiger slaps Park in the back and starts a Wagner finish. Wagner sunset flip, Octagon stops the count and helps Park reverses on top, Tirantes start to count, Tiger turns it back over, Tirantes starts to count, Octagon turns it back, Tiger dropkick him and turns it back once more, one two no. Tiger is already running – turning pescado, which Octagon almost catches. (Tito is standing nearby, waiting for something else.) Park lightly shoves Wagner into Tirantes, which causes Tirantes to fall down, roll backwards, and roll out of the ring. Wagner set up for another dragon screw, but Texano Jr. and Mascara Año 2000 Jr. run out stomp Wagner down. Superkick to Wagner. Tirantes (suddenly alive) comes back in and awards Wagner the match, though I'm not clear why and you have to strain to see it. Mascara runs Octagon into the post on the outside. Texano grabs Tiger from outside, and throws him into Mascara’s boot. Psycho Circus run out, and Texano and Mascara suddenly have better places to be.

The rest of AAA is out too, though everyone just hangs out in the ring. They don’t go over the rail – Texano gets the microphone, yelling that El Consejo is better than AAA. Texano promises more guys, all world class guys. This does get people to chant for AAA, the most they've chanted for anything. La Sociedad are regroup on the stage. Wagner suck up to the crowd, and seems to spend more time yelling at the Socidead/Perros than El Consjeo. He challenges Octagon to a mask vs mask match because why not. Wagner goes around talking yelling the AAA guys names – it turns out he does know Fenix and Argenis! - but for no particular reason. Dr. Wagner is just a fan of yelling. Segment ends with Joaquin Roldan getting yelled to last.

Match 3: Cibernético, Extreme Tiger, Joe Lider vs Chessman, La Parka, Nicho el Millionario
Estadio José Aguilar, Maya de Guanajuato, Guanajuato, 01/21/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 14:52
Rating: ok
Notes: They've made the video screen wider. Big improvements for 2012. They still can't manage to put up an entrance video for most of their wrestlers, but it would look nice if they had them. La Parka has an evil-er robe. What a técnico side this is. Jesus calls Tiger Cruiserweight Champion; maybe he meant “former”. Why does Cibernetico's video start with a thumbs up from Octagon? Tirantes is ref, and he gets a hug from Nicho. Parka attacks Cibernético.

Brawling beatdown. Lider is rapidly bleeding from a pre-existing wound on his arm. Cibernético gets some shots on Parka, but Chessman and Tirantes help him out. Chessman (throwing a chair) and Tiger (catching it in the face) end up together with the other two usual fights. Parka, walking Cibernético around ringside, is distracted by El Consejo. They're standing in the first row (must suck to be in the second row), yelling at both guys. They have drinks and popcorn, but maybe they can bring a next time. Parka stares at them, but ends up back in the ring. Lider and Tiger take chair bits while Cibernético stays outside. Nicho DDTs Lider from hanging off the apron onto chairs, but happily it's a lot safer than it sounds. Crowd chants for Ciber a lot. Chessman misses a corner charge, but Cibernético still gets smacked down. After six minutes of this, Cibernético duck a double clothesline, gets Nicho with a clothesline, and Tiger springboard leg DDTs Chessman. Parka is nowhere to be found, so Lider gets in his backcracker on Nicho instead. Park returns so he and Ciber can chase him slowly outside. Cibernético ends up in front of El Consejo, and Cibernético knocks the drink out of Toscano's hands. I think Toscano was trying to throw it at him. Break.

Tirantes argues with the técnicos about his use of chairs. Ha. Cibernético comes in, prompting the rudos to have a contest over who can take the biggest bump for him. Chessman spins on a shoulderblock, la Parka flips (sort of) on a clothesline, and Nicho spins and flips on a clothesline. He wins! Cibernético tosses Chessman out and screams. Nicho shows his mouth to the camera – he's missing a bottom tooth! That's not cool. Lider and Nicho back in, in a kick off – Lider’s big boot trumped by Nicho's superkick. Nicho crotch chops Lider as he lays out. Nicho is up and kicking, and spinning Nicho in a neckbreaker right way. Crowd shot of El Consejo. Lider quebradora for Parka, who shakes on the mat like she' been fouled. Tirantes thinks about it, but does not calla foul. Why not? You're going to cheat these guys in three or four minutes anyway. Lider reverses a Chessman faceslam into a facecrusher. Tiger gets Chessman with a couple of quick flashing moves, including a spinning DDT. Tiger slide out, Tiger dropkicks him, and follow with the tornillo – almost follows right into the barricade. Lider and Nicho battle on the apron so someone can do something dumb – yep, Lider DVD off the apron onto chairs that have been set up. Lider replays dead, Nicho shakes like crazy. Park and Cibernético in, Park clotheslines Cibernético. Another clothesline, one two NO. Park complains about the count. Chops. Corner whip, charge in, no one home, Cibernético goozle, holding it, and El Consejo is in to attack. Everyone stomps Cibernético. Tirantes fights his way thru to raise Cibernetico's arm.

All of Consejo has a chance to become my new favorite luchador if they just punch Tirantes here. No one does. They all go to pose, then come back to double clothesline Cibernetico, but ducks and Texano takes it. Cibernético takes out all of Consejo by himself, but Parka fouls him. Consejo back up and stomping Cibernético. Chessman and Parka watch – until Texano kicks Parka. Chessman moves out of the way of a charge and pounds Toscano with punches, but the others grab him and hit him. Chessman stomped down. No one hits Tirantes. He just walks off. Parka rolls out, and lets the crowd know he's fine. Cibernético is still down selling, at least. Lider tries to cover him up and gets stomped too. Tiger is down, in a lot of pain, and grabbing his wrist. Lider and the doctor help Cibernético off while security forces Consejo off.

Match 4: El Mesías & Jack Evans vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Héctor Garza
Estadio José Aguilar, Maya de Guanajuato, Guanajuato, 01/21/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 15:40
Rating: fine
Notes: Mild chant for the Perros. Before the match stats, Perro explain to Jack that he's been lucky twice now, but he's got a heart of a great luchador, his father Perro Aguayo (does he keep it in his closet?) and Jack doesn't have his heart. Garza tells Mesías is a former champion, and so is he – he's been heavyweight champion in three promotions. Mesías picks up the mic to talk, and the Perros kick both of the técnicos. They're off. Piero is ref.

Perros destroy the técnicos for a while. Mesías and Garza bring in a chair to use on Mesías, but they’re mostly focused on setting guys on the mat and kicking them hard. Jack takes some corner clotheslines. They try the same with Mesías, and Perro's hits, but Mesías moves one second later to make sure Hector misses. Mesías pulls down Hector's trunks – apparently you can do that in AAA, but you still can't show it. Jack rushes in and kicks Hector while he's fixing things, and punches him out of the ring. Jack beats up Hector while Mesías chops Perro around. Jack brings Hector back in, but Mesías throws him out and they both pose in the ring. Perro Jr. goes after a cameraman as they regroup on the outside.

Mesías vs Garza is slow, both looking around after every move. Mesías dominates, but gets caught going for a kip up and out in the corner when Garza has stopped running, and Garza kicks him in the leg and clotheslines him. The Facebook and Twitter logos come up on the screen, with no addresses or names in the box. The announcers do say them. Mesías & Garza exchange shots, and Garza gets a crucifix for two. Garza tries to German suplex Mesías can't get it, Mesías elbows out, ducks a clothesline, and drops Garza with a backcracker. Mesías asks the fans if they want to see Jack. Three girls chant for Mesías. Mesías tags in Jack anyway. Perro in. Loud Perro chant. Perro surprises Jack with a clothesline, and goes to town with stomps and punch. Kick to the back. Perro swings thru the ropes at a cameraman. (They don't have the shot.) Perro clothesline kicked away, and Jack nails him with a swinging kick to the head. Viva Mexico standing moonsault one two Hector breaks it up. Garza argues with Piero and Hector about coming in, as Perro leaves. Whip, Garza clothesline misses, Garza tosses Jack up, Jack comes down with a 'rana. Garza begs off, and Perro attacks Jack from behind. Perro with rabid rabbit punches, Garza pulling him off and failing. Perro slows down enough to taunt Mesías and pull Jack away from the técnico corner. Garza gets in a kick. Perro walks Jack over and teases a tag – he actually makes a tag, but I guess Piero was looking the wrong way. We couldn’t see Piero, we could only see a tag, so that made no sense. This director kills me, every time. Garza and Perro screw around with Jack more. Jack tries to crawl away to make the tag, and does again, and again Piero won't allow it. This time Garza was distracting Piero for sure, but they made sure you couldn't actually see it. Maybe you can see it in HD and the people in charge don’t realize a very small percentage of the audience is seeing it in HD? There's the Twitter/Facebook logos again, which makes me lean just to screwup. Jack's whipped into the corner, but he flips out over Garza, runs by Perro, flips off that buckle, and tags Mesías. No reaction to the tag, little reaction to the clotheslines for everyone. Dropkick for Perro, and there’s no one left to hit. Crowd reacts a bit when he poses. Mesías tosses Garza. Off the ropes, clothesline, and Garza goes tumbling out. Waistlock for Mesías, Perro breaks free, low bloc kick blocked, Mesías slaps him and drops him with a frontcracker. Garza kicks Mesías, corner whip, no one home, Garza flips to the floor, Mesías goes up top – plancha just gets there. Jack and Perro back in. Perro kicks Jack, double underhook, lift, reverse into a 'rana, one two NO. Jack sunset flip, one two NO. Perro kicks Jack. Crowd loud for Perro. Perro sit Jack on top and climbs up. Punches. Jack punches back, pounds him on the back, and pulls him off with a sunset flip bomb. Jack shoves Perro over, and yells to the crowd. Point up. Jack up top, tornillo moonsault eats knees. Nice timing on that. Perro double underhook piledriver, off the ropes, double stomp one two three.

Perro taunts Jack and kicks him down.