AAA on Televisa (Regional) #2 (11/19/2011) 
Recapped: 11/19/2011

Previously: Sting didn't work with TNA, then explained this to Konnan in a vignette we didn't previously see. In one we did, Super Fly was told to shape up, and then was passed up for Los Maniacos. Electroshock won Copa Antonio Pena thanks to a fake Zorro. Octagon angrily yelled at Konnan a bit. Parka and Octagon turned on AAA because AAA turned on them, they explained.

Match 1: Argenis, Daga, Relampago vs Decnnis, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 11/05/2011

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 14:35
Rating: good
Notes: Ref is Pepe Casas. Crowd is LOUD – this is the first time they've given out the thunderstix and people have actually got into it. Assuming that's what that noise.

Arturo figures out – on the second try – that it's Tigre Cota in to start the match, but it's a minute in and I”m still waiting to see waiting name they put to Daga. Back and forth to begin, the two working well of each other. They go two minutes, standoff, and I still don't think they've mentioned Daga's name. Decnnis and Relampago next, Relampago showing off with a cartwheel out of a armdrag and flip to his feet. Decnnis gets in his face. Crowd is loud for Decnnis. Crowd is loud for Tito. Ecatepec is for the hardcores, I guess. Argenis in with him, and cartwheeling out of an armbar. Argenis up on Tito's shoulders, and headscissors him out of the ring. Argenis rolls back in, evading a sliding Decnnis in the process. Decnnis' errant sliding dropkicking takes out Tito, then Tito is again dropped by Daga boosting off Argenis' back for a big tornillo. Decnnis hides up on the apron, but Cota accidentally throws Argenis into a headscissors on him. Cota shrugs it off and just runs – tope con giro onto the growing pile. That leaves Relampago last. He runs up the corner, slips as he springboards off, and his tope con giro misses everyone. They tried, but he wasn't close. That looked like it sucked. Daga checks on Relampago, who's in a lot of pain. Doctor out for him. Rudos in and slapping around Argenis in the meantime. Whip, Argenis kicked in the midsection, Decnnis leg DDT. Wow, Decnnis makes a good partner with these guys. They do call Daga “Roco” when he comes in here, so maybe I just missed it before. He's got a big R on his gear, that's a hint. Corner whip, rudos trip him up and crotch him on the post. Decnnis adds a running kick to the face. Argenis back in, double suplex lift, Cota with a top rope shove. Argenis is tossed outside. Relampago appears to be gone. Roco come sin and chops everyone. Gori bomb for Rocco, and Tito adds a top rope senton con giro. Relampago is back! Rudos slap him around. He's hold off the top rope for Tito's guillotine splash. Crowd very into the rudo. Rudo take time arranging Daga. For the next pot, and actually chop him with out problem – but that lets Argenis and Relampago come in the other side. Argenis' springboard dropkick goes a lot better than whatever it is Relampago tries. HE may be misses up. Rocco sends out the other rudo with a nice dropkick, and then técnicos dive – two topes and a tope con giro in the middle by Rocco. Everyone down on the outside. Argenis and Tito Santana in, Argenis with a springboard armdrag and a double jump headscissors. Tito out, Argenis teases a dive but spots Tiger Cota in. Both miss on kicks a, Argenis drops him with a behind the back powerbomb. Superkick sends Cota tumbling out. Argenis doe a dive fake pose. Decnnis tries to sneak attack, but claps when he's caught. Rudos are all fired up due to this crowd. Relampago in for a chop fight with Tito, except Relampago chop is weak and gets booed. He switches to forearms after Tito misses a a clothesline Tito stands in the middle of the ring weekly misses until Relampago sends him out with a neat headscissors. Relampago gets Decnnis with a springboard headscissors of lesser quality. Tito slaps down Relampago and stomps him down. Whip, reversed, Relampago clothesline. Relampago out to the apron – springboard splash back in. An actual pinfall! Two count, Tito breaks it up, then blasts him with a dropkick. Rocco (let's go with it) in, spin flipping to evade a slide. Tito still dropkicks Rocco in the corner. Corner whip, Rocco evades nicely, kick is blocked, but he keeps spinning to land the enziguri. Chop for Decnnis. Whip, reversed, Rocco slides under and lends a jumping leg lariat. One two, Cota breaks it up. Knife edge chops back and forth, machete slaps, Cota forearms to the face, Cota backs up, charges, no one home. Daga with hard slaps and kick to the midsection. Rocco spinning cross armbreaker, but the rudos break that up. Decnnis and Tito drop Rocco with a two man package powerbomb. Crowd wants one more. Argenis hopping on the apron waiting for his spot, but the rudos have Rocco loaded up on the apron. Rudos finally turn around and charge the técnicos, who hiptoss them back out. Argenis goes up – moonsault to the floor on Cota. Daga gives Tito a brainbuster on the apron. Relampago seems to have disappeared – this is where they must've cut out his botched dive. Argenis and Cota in, Cota springboard backflip into a elbow driver. Cota up top – top rope moonsault meets boots. Argenis drags him into place, Argenis run up the corner moonsault one two three.

Relampago is limping as he gets back in the ring.

Recap: the return of Casandro. I Will Survive is actually a great song for some comeback spots.

Match 2: Casandro, El Brazo, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Nygma, Pasion Kristal, Yuriko
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 11/05/2011

Winner: técnicas
Match Time: 10:48
Rating: good when people weren't getting hurt.
Notes: Pimpi introduces Casandro back to the crowd. Casandro explains it's International Day Out Of the Closet, and introduces their partner – La Braza. It's El Brazo playing exotico, of course. Rudo exoticos are appalled, then attack. Ref is Hijo de Tirantes.

Rudos break out their team moves, which is a lout of holding people up so other people can hit them. Double missile dropkick on Brazo not to well timed. Pimpi slaps everyone and goes after Tirantes, who's completely innocent this week, but that a sort of a double armdrag spot on the rudos. Pimpi boosts Casandro into a dropkick on both, Casandro boots Pimpi into a sort of pescado on Nygma & Kristal. Yuriko dropkick Casandro out and follows with a tope con giro. Braza teases a dive for a while, then steps out to the apron and tope con giros off. Casandro climbs up the light tower, and crawls to the middle of it. Casandro is crazy. Plancha, Everyone goes down, and Nygma is immediately grabbing his head, and Casandro looks non-responsive with security checking on him for a concussion. Replays seem to indicate Casandro's knee connected with Nygma's head, and no one caught his head to prevent it to go flying into cement. Match grinds to a half while they sort it. Weird editing bit – instead of whatever shot they want, we get a shot of the Octagon match. AAA travels thru time! Pimpi picks up with Nygma & Kristal, and do okay after some initial trouble. Casandro back in his corner, but looks to be hurting. Rudas go tumbling for Braza for a bit. Casandro immediately does front flips coming in, so I guess he's as good as he ever is. Nygma takes a headscissors. Yuriko and Casandro have a face slap fight, Casandro gets in a off the top rope headscissors and a top rope tornillo armdrag. Casandro makes the tag, then collapses to his knees. He's not doing well. Pimpi walks the ropes in his bit, then the rudas are all tossed in the corner so Braza can squash them. They build it up for a while before the sit. Técnicas all celebrate, though Braza is thrown by Pimpi's kiss. Rudas move out of the way of another sit.. Pimpi dropkicks Nygma & Yuriko out, placnhas them both. Casandro and Nygma left in, Nygma set on the top rope, Casandro tries a top rope 'rana, Nygma superbomb, one two NO! How is that not your finish? Casandro looks about finished. Michinoku Driver by Nygma. Si Se Puede chant as Nygma heads up. Casandro stops Nygma, climbs up, and casadora bombs him off the top rope. One two three.

Técnicas celebrate.

Joaquin Roldan, Zorro, Mesías, Aerostar, Fenix and Electroshock. Joaquin is the only who gets to talk, of course. It's sad that Parka and Octagon have turned their backs on AAA, the fans, and lucha libre. Joaquin brings up the fans chanting for Cibernético and LA Park and these rudos are too happy to chant for LA Park – but I guess Joaquin had his back in that. Joaquin said he didn't send Ozz & Cuervo, they went to Japan to win tag titles for the first time by Mexicans. Joaquin points to each guy, saying La Parka could've teamed up with them. Anyway, AAA will always be #1, even without Parka.

Joaquin and Dorian come to the ring to rebutt. Dorian doesn't know Zorro's name, but does know Mesías' catchphrase. Octagon & Parka are with them, and they'll be new rudos here in Ecatepec. Goodbye, AAA. TNA-Mexico is coming. Konnan rips the fans for doing You Can't See Me and counting in English. Joaquin disagrees.

LA Park pleads to Konnan to give him Wagner. I don't why Konnan would have a problem with that, but apparently he does, wanting Park to take out Zorro & Electroshock first. LA Park wants Wagner or he's leaving. Konnan promises him soon as he takes out Zorro. Konnan walk off and Park is not happy.

Match 3: Dr. Wagner Jr. & Electroshock vs Chessman & Octagón
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 11/05/2011

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 14:39
Rating: bleh
Notes: Octagon now has sticks, and is doing a lame version of Drago's routine. Tito and Tiger are with him. Also, new evil music and an evil mask. Wagner has his belt and Is joined by a Kid Wagner complete with Wagner gear. Referee is Tirantes.

Militia attacks the técnicos, with no pretense of staying out of the ring or hiding it from the referee. Chairs and sticks are used. Fans are into Wagner. Cota & Santana just leave the ring randomly, though the beatdown goes on with chairs shots and such. Tirantes is rudoing it up to help out. Chessman whips Wagner into a chair shot, then takes a seat in the chair. Beatdown is not particularly interesting, but keeps going. They do a big dramatic segment about Electroshock not being able to make a tag because he's kept away in an armbar, that the crowd doesn't totally seem to get into, then Octagon and Chessman randomly look into the crowd, and Electroshock rolls to make the tag. Doesn't count, because Wagner is standing in the ring for no reason. Chessman hits Electroshock hard in the knee with a chair, which can not be fun. Electroshock throws Chessman down by the hair on the next whip and goes to make the tag, but Tirantes blocks his arm. Electroshock opts to go after Tirantes instead of just using his own arm. Chessman puts Electroshock in an armbar, Electroshock makes a tag anyway, Tirantes does not allow it. And then the rudos just pull in Wagner to work on him. What was the point of the last three minutes? Crowd is chanting Wagner just as they always were, louder now since Wagner is in. Wagner lifts Chessman up in the corner for a complicated bit with Electroshock that doesn't look right. Chessman is dumped out, and Octagon is left in with the two técnicos. They tease do anything to him for a while, misses on clotheslines, Octagon rolls out, and Electroshock clotheslines Chessman weakly. Dragon screw on Chessman. Tito in and beat. Cota beat up, and técnicos run around him to pose. Técnicos wander around outside, with Electroshock giving people chair shots. Will this match end? Everyone goes back to their corners, and Wagner and Octagon come in and out without actually taking moves, so back to normal for him. Running tornado DDT sends out Chessman. Tag to Electroshock. Octagon in, Electro puts up his fists, Octagon checks out. Lots of armdrags and superplex, and a powerslam for Chessman before Octagon breaks it up. Dropkick sends Chessman out, and Electroshock follows with a tope. Crowd cares about Wagner 10X as much as they do Electroshock. Wagner and Octagon in, but so is the Militia. They're destroyed again. Octagon tries his kick block bit, Wagner blocks it, Octagon shoves him, Wagner gets the chair, and LA Park runs out. Forearm to the back of the head, stomps, and kicks on the ground. Tirantes looks the other way as Park clotheslines Wagner. Electroshock gives his cutter to Chessman, but Chessman is up two seconds later to spear him after an Octagon maybe low blow kick. Wagner dragon screws Park, and then Chessman. Wagner set up for the Wagner Driver, Octagon belatedly come over to foul him, Park gets in some punches, and Octagon covers. They miss the three count showing Zorro running out, even the the normal shot would've gotten both.

Zorro gets Park with the cane, with the Milica miraculously escaping with taking shots. Rudos wander away, though not without Tito stopping to kiss one of the girls in the bunny ears. Hmm.

Octagon and Konnan have a brief meeting about Octagon being a rudo.

Match 4: Aerostar, Fenix, Sugi San vs Dark Dragon, La Parka, Súper Fly
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 11/05/2011

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 20:03 (9:46+10:17)
Rating: good
Notes: Joined with everyone but Parka in the ring. Parka again refuses to dance, and yells at Marisela. He's got a dark version of his gear to go with his mask. Referee is Piero.

Aerostar & Super Fly start as the announcers bring up the Super Fly/Octagon history. After some basic stuff, Aerostar armdrag Super Fly to the apron. He hesitates, then rolls out. Dark Dragon tells at Super Fly to go in, but parka actually walks over to Super Fly, slaps him in the face, and throws him back in. Aerostar and Super Fly continue, crowd actually chanting for Super Fly. Aero gets a couple of cradles, Super Fly not able to accomplish much more than momentarily holds. A jumping snap mare sends Fly tumbling out again. His partners ignore him this time. Fenix and Dark Dragon in. Crowd chants for “Dragon”. More complex reversals for them, until Dark Dragon sneaks in a heel kick to the midsection and a face kick. Second done is ducked thru to a rana, one two no. Kick misses, Dragon inside cradle, one two no. Counters, Fenix doing a standing moonsault for zero, zero trips, rolls to their feet, and face off. As they're staring each other down, parka runs thru and clotheslines Fenix, then knocks Sugi off the apron. Beatdown. Sugi smashes into the barricade by Parka. Crowd now chanting for Parka. Rudos beat up other técnicos on the floor. I think Arturo just noticed Sugi San is in this match. He's happy to see him! Parka chucks a chair in Aerostar's face in a Violent looks bit. Chair brought in for shots to the back. Parka sets Sui onto the op rope, punches him a bit, and tosses him off by his pony tail. Aerostar gets the chair to the back. Crowd now chanting at the rudos. Catapult sort of into a Super Fly missile dropkick, though Super Fly is about two weeks late on that. Whip, spinebuster for Aerostar, and Dark Dragon adds a top rope – headbutt low blow? They shot it from the most impossible angle to tell. Crowd chants for one more. Fenix held for Parka punches, which does get the crowd to beat parka – then another Parka chant comes up. Parka holds Fenix for springboard dropkicks from the other two, but the other técnicos pull them down. Parka runs from Fenix, and oddly timed crowd shot – break, I guess.

Last week: horrifying replays of Drago's injury, with the announcers explaining he'll miss Guerra de Tirantes.

Parka is busy backing away from Fenix, as the other rudos are begging off and the técnicos are not doing all that much. Stalling. Everyone ends up back in their corners. Sugi and Super Fly pick it back, up, with Sugi getting in a nice springboard headscissors. Dark Dragon in, Spinning armdrag to headscissors for him. Dragon stays in, gets flipped to the apron, swing kicked over, and Sugi jumps to the middle rope (slipping a bit) for the the run the ropes headscissors. Parka wants off to find some kids to yell at. Fenix in and kipping up for fun while waiting for Super Fly. Evasion, from corner to corner, and a big boot spins out Super Fly. Dark Dragon trips up Fenix with a kick to the hamstring. Whip, clothesline misses, Fenix spinning DDT on Dark Dragon. Parka in too, but Parka checks out. Dark Dragon back up, Fenix flipped into a headscissors on Dark Dragon, and out he goes. Fenix off the ropes, dive tease, and bonce off the ropes. Park trips trying to come in and rolls out before Fenix can get him. Super Fly tries to clam Parka down and Parka shoves him away. SO that didn't work. Aerostar and Dark Dragon in, Aerostar's top down for a hard Dark Dragon machete slap. That was LOUD. Announcers are hurting. Aerostar is dropped to his knee, but blocks a kick before a of evasion and handspring back elbow. Top zipped back up, Aero tossed by Dark Dragon, but lands on the top rope and flips off. Springboard headscissors sends Dark Dragon out, but parka get sin a cheap shot from the outside and comes into kick Aerostar down. Crowd booing Parka now. This crowd might have booed him as a técnicos too. Punches, and Aerostar thrown out. Park goes to the corner to pose as Super Fly goes to collect Aerostar. Whip, clothesline misses, double rotation headscissors sends Super Fly out. Aerostar poses. Fenix an Super fly in, Fenix tires for the double knee drop, but Super Fly evades and German suplexes him well. Sugi tumbles into break up the pin. Enziguri sends Super Fly to the ropes, 619 knocks Super Fly back, and Sugi lands a top rope quebrada for two, but Dark Dragon breaks it up. Whip, pumphandle lift into off the shoulders powerbomb, one two Aero breaks it up with a dropkick, one two, Parka stops Piero from counting and then slaps the pin to break it up. Whip, side slam, one two Parka lets go to spinebuster Fenix, one, Park lets go and Fenix gets out. Super Fly in and kicking Aerostar. Whip, clothesline misses, Aerostar rope bounce casadora armdrag and out goes Super Fly. Aero points up, runs off the ropes, Brillo Aerostar! Super Fly got crunched on the end of that one. Fenix with a backspring headscissors to send Dark Dragon out. His turn to poibt up and urn – run up the ropes while turning, super tornillo the floor. That was crazy. Sugi and Parka left in. I don’t like the técnicos odds, but Sugi does evade and land in a heel kick. Parka is bent over, and Sugi boosts off him into a big tope con giro onto Fenix and Dark Dragon. That was unexpected. Parka bonces as if he's going to dive, runs – and actually doe tope, getting Fenix and Dragon. Sugi fled. Parka up and sending Fenix into the rail. Aero and Super Fly in, both end up standing on the top rope very carefully, Aerostar standing on the top rope 'rana, one two three. Crowd goes NUTS.

Parka continues to beat up on Fenix. Aerostar and Sugi eventually notice but just sort of point over there instead of helping. Piero kind of makes the save, and the técnicos help their partners to the back. After they leave, La Sociedad come to the ring. They've got Konnan, Dorian, Decnnis, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana, and Octagon out with them this segement. Dark Dragon is wasting no time pointing at Super Fly and making it clear it's his fault. Konnan tells the story about Octagon & Konnan being the first guys to join AAA after being the biggest stars in Arena Mexico (mentioned by name this week.) Konnan says Pena promised to give Octagon part of the company after he passed, but the Roldan's have been stalling on him the last three years. Dorian respects legends (!) so he's all for helping Octagon out. Octagon is wearing his white mask here. Dorian does the bit about TNA taking over and gets polite applause. This is such a crowd. Parka and Octagon hug Dorian. So many cuts to Marisela. Konnan says the Milicia will get a new experienced leader – Octagon. They're happy about it – Decnnis is so happy about it, he forgot he's not really in the group any more. Super Fly not so happy. Octagon finally gets to talk, saying the first thing he's going to do is get some blood – and the Milicia and Dark Dragon, who may or not be in) jump Super Fly. Chair shot to the head, stomp down. Mask ripped up and he is bleeding. Rudos pose around a bleeding Super Fly. That beatdown lasted about 15 seconds, how weird.

That's it.